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Blogs by Members of SP Class of February 27- March 5, 2011

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  • Here goes

    12/13/2017 1:24:42 PM, by BABYSTEPSFTW

    Here goes another run at this thing. I have my mom at home who really wants to get healthy, and a coworker to walk with at lunch, so I'm praying ... Read more

  • Daily menues

    11/22/2017 9:38:56 AM, by VJEVANS111

    When I joined sparkpeople years ago the menus were a sensible meal. I just came back. The menses don't make a bit of sense. Like they just stick ... Read more

  • Reaching milestones

    6/25/2017 8:47:01 PM, by TRIPLEGODDESS

    Today is a happy day. I reached one of my milestone goals. The goal was to lose 3 pounds in 3 months. Today I reached that goal. I lost 3.4 pou... Read more

  • Get back up fighting.

    6/12/2017 1:52:11 PM, by TRIPLEGODDESS

    This past week I learned a valuable lesson, no matter what keep fighting. I lost my job on Friday and I almost reverted back to my old habits. I... Read more

  • 30 day walking challenge.

    5/4/2017 10:53:59 AM, by TRIPLEGODDESS

    Today marks day 4 of my 30 day walking challenge. I started walking on May 1st, and asked my neighbor to join me. We both have health issues, t... Read more

  • Isagenix

    4/21/2017 1:32:54 PM, by STOLES2005

    On my second day of my trail pack seem a little hungry today but just need to tough it out 😬... Read more

  • Happy Saturday everyone!!

    11/5/2016 1:48:10 PM, by GLENNA_70

    I hope everyone is enjoying their day. My Saturdays are always an extended family fest. Brothers, sisters, cousins grandparents every Saturday a... Read more

  • Another day

    11/5/2016 9:07:49 AM, by WALKERKENNEDY

    I wish I could stick with dieting and exercising on a regular basis. My back was hurting this week and I did try to walk several times. The exe... Read more

  • Joining a Gym

    10/29/2016 9:41:41 AM, by WALKERKENNEDY

    I have put it off as long as possible but I need to join Goodlife this week. I will be self-conscious and I can start off slowly. I can start w... Read more

  • Chicken pot pie

    9/29/2016 8:51:19 PM, by WALKERKENNEDY

    Long day today and ended up eating a frozen chicken pot pie instad of making a healthy salad. I cannot drive to Simcoe and back and after grocer... Read more

  • Fall committment

    9/28/2016 7:51:32 AM, by WALKERKENNEDY

    We are going to a wedding on October 14. I would like to look fitter and be less heavy. I was scared by my father's colon cancer diagnosis yet ... Read more

  • Motivation, where are you?

    9/23/2016 4:49:35 AM, by TRIPLEGODDESS

    Lately I've been dealing with empty nest syndrome. Both of my step children are out of the house and my dear husband works midnights. I have been... Read more

  • Focus on the now

    9/9/2016 9:46:22 PM, by GLENNA_70

    I was watching my little nephew at football practice yesterday. He is five and he would continuously look behind him rather than focus on where ... Read more

  • Staycation

    9/7/2016 12:30:22 PM, by GLENNA_70

    I was gonna go out of town. But family is coming to town for my niece's wedding. There's a lot to be done around the house with that and the en... Read more

  • Starting today.

    8/17/2016 3:47:32 PM, by TRIPLEGODDESS

    Today begins my journey to a healthier, more vibrant me. This is where I begin to take care of my body, mind, and spirit. I am looking forward t... Read more

  • Happy Hump Day!!

    8/3/2016 12:28:18 PM, by GLENNA_70

    Off from work today and hanging with my sisters and nieces. I am so blessed by my crazy family. We are not perfect by any means. We do support... Read more

  • Self doubt

    7/7/2016 3:12:23 PM, by GLENNA_70

    I am my own worse enemy. I have accomplished so much in my weight loss journey only to put the I can'ts back in my head. It really makes me mad... Read more

  • Spending too much eating out!!

    5/17/2016 11:42:44 PM, by ALLIEALLIE2

    We ate dinner out yesterday and again today...this is not only awful for my weight loss efforts but also for our budget!! The price for a dinne... Read more

  • Ok... Im back...and just signed up to join BLC

    5/2/2016 3:09:07 PM, by ANTHONYSGAL

    Time to get back to it...get back to me...redefining a... Read more

  • Trying to own my life

    4/18/2016 9:16:42 PM, by GLENNA_70

    For years, I gave my time away to my job, my family, t... Read more

  • Vacation Time

    4/10/2016 12:18:42 PM, by GLENNA_70

    What is it about vacation time that makes us toss everything to the side. This year, I did the staycation (aka stayed home). When we go to work... Read more

  • Jenny Craig Week's Worth of Meals Day 3 and 4 quick review

    3/10/2016 10:36:34 PM, by ALLIEALLIE2

    Same thing on day 3 and 4 I followed the plan for breakfast and lunch...also didn't drink as much water, just too busy the time gets away from me... Read more

  • Jenny Craig Week's Worth of Meals Day 2 quick review

    3/9/2016 12:28:11 AM, by ALLIEALLIE2

    I'm being honest about this I only followed the meal plan for breakfast and lunch today, then when I picked up DS and DH this afternoon they were... Read more

  • Jenny Craig Week's Worth of Meals Day 1 quick review

    3/8/2016 9:30:44 AM, by ALLIEALLIE2

    Yesterday was day 1 it wasn't bad I was not hungry all day but around 9pm I felt hungry and decided to eat a bowl of cereal that was not included... Read more

  • Jenny Craig Week's Worth of Meals Kit?

    3/6/2016 11:17:27 PM, by ALLIEALLIE2

    So we decided to go to Sam's Club today and while we were there I saw a Jenny Craig week's worth of meals kit on sale! Has anyone tried this?? ... Read more

  • Endorphin High!

    2/2/2016 5:52:58 PM, by ATINAZEN

    I just finished my second mile today. I get faster from 26 minute mile to 21 minute mile. I just love how I feel afterward! Who else loves nat... Read more

  • January flew by!!and took 3lbs with it!!

    2/2/2016 9:11:37 AM, by ALLIEALLIE2

    So January came and went in a blink of an eye! I guess that's what happens when you are busy, busy, busy! I started 2016 at 150.9 and yesterday... Read more

  • Popcorn

    2/1/2016 9:49:40 PM, by ATINAZEN

    Popcorn is my weakness I have found recently. I discovered smart food delights white chedder. Unfortunately I began munching it on the way hom... Read more

  • I'se Gettin' Married!!

    1/31/2016 10:18:02 PM, by MAD4MILES

    Going to the beach on March 20th to marry my partner of 12 years. It will just be the two of us - but - I want to look absolutely beautiful and h... Read more

  • Feeling optimistic!

    1/16/2016 9:09:52 PM, by GIMMEBRAINZ

    I was actually really discouraged with my drinking in September even though I was so pumped and ready to lose weight! Never ever ever post on an ... Read more

  • Slow and steady

    1/5/2016 10:54:36 AM, by KIEFERKIT2

    So i keep starting and stopping. I'm hoping to gain some momentum and keep going without stopping. I'm going to start with small changes i can ke... Read more

  • Need some Elves!

    12/14/2015 1:44:22 PM, by MCSWIGAN

    Was doing great baked cookies for nursing home, teachers and concert. I was al decorated and presents all wrapped. Then someone in need moved i... Read more

  • I could have left...

    12/8/2015 11:17:10 PM, by ALLIEALLIE2

    So I had this grand plan this morning of hitting the gym for the weight loss bootcamp class at 4:30. I took my gym bag with me and planned my wo... Read more

  • Getting my ELF on

    12/7/2015 7:16:17 AM, by MCSWIGAN

    Walked to Starbucks with my husband to get the new flat white holiday spice low fat latte. They kept sending me ads all week. It tasted like Chri... Read more

  • Gingerbread Men Calling My Name

    12/3/2015 8:12:56 AM, by MCSWIGAN

    It is getting to be my favorite time of the year and I still have about 5 pounds to lose to get to my "desired weight" from the onl... Read more

  • Day 10/11

    11/4/2015 3:19:36 PM, by KIEFERKIT2

    Ugh is all i can say. Been on a major food binge. I'll start again at dinner... Read more

  • Day 9

    11/2/2015 2:39:39 PM, by KIEFERKIT2

    Day 8 was mostly sleep after the 14hour shift because if the time change. Today I'll walk and enjoy my day off.... Read more

  • Day 6/7

    10/31/2015 10:13:32 AM, by KIEFERKIT2

    Day 6 was my Halloween celebration with my daughter. Scary movies and junk food. I was able to stay within my calories. Today is work so naps tod... Read more

  • Day5

    10/29/2015 6:09:27 PM, by KIEFERKIT2

    Slept most of today as i work nights. I was able to stay within my calories night at work. Ready for another night. Have a good day everyone. In ... Read more

  • Day 4

    10/28/2015 3:40:13 PM, by KIEFERKIT2

    1St day back to work. Packing my lunch and snacks so not to cheat. I'll take some stairs at work tonight. Now for a nap. Have a good day everyone... Read more

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