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Blogs by Members of SP Class of January 23-29, 2011

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  • It's time

    2/21/2017 6:32:33 AM, by AUSSIEDOG3

    Gosh, I'm tired of excuses. I know that this will be good for me physically and mentally. Thank you for providing this site.... Read more

  • New New New

    2/2/2017 6:33:23 PM, by IRISHFAE12410

    Well it is a new year. Now it is time for a new me. I have started a new job. We have moved into our house and are slowly working on bringing it ... Read more

  • Back to the drawing board

    1/28/2017 8:43:14 PM, by JENNA54

    Here I am again, January 2017 (actually it’s nearly February!) and my New Year Resolutions have fallen predictably by the wayside. Every morning ... Read more

  • Mall rat

    12/29/2016 2:37:30 PM, by KRAZYKATT581

    My daughter Ali is 16 and 42 years younger than me. Sh... Read more

  • One Day at A Time

    7/11/2016 6:49:17 PM, by JENNA54

    It seems like I have been battling all my life with my weight. Actually it isn’t “seems”, it’s reality. I am sick of it. Somewhere inside me ther... Read more

  • Stop and breathe

    6/29/2016 11:01:53 AM, by NDMOM73

    Summer! Beautiful days at the lake, the peaceful quiet... Read more

  • Not a race

    6/7/2016 10:57:59 AM, by NDMOM73

    One of the hardest things about getting healthy regard... Read more

  • Weekend Fun & Games

    6/6/2016 10:11:35 AM, by NDMOM73

    So this weekend was hit and miss for healthy eating. N... Read more

  • Weigh in

    6/2/2016 11:14:32 AM, by NDMOM73

    So last week I posted about the"E"rror message on my ... Read more

  • Making a plan

    6/2/2016 10:23:20 AM, by JESSI337

    To get back to health, I'm going to phase out carbs and sugar (can't go cold turkey because I've got to finish the groceries). I'm also going to... Read more

  • Summer of 2016, be good to me

    6/2/2016 2:26:03 AM, by JESSI337

    ... Or should I say, "Jessi, be good to yourself." Today, I was not good to myself. I ate like crap and had next to no physical activity outside... Read more

  • Summer Bucket List

    5/30/2016 4:28:36 PM, by NDMOM73

    When you live in North Dakota it often feels like summ... Read more

  • Error

    5/28/2016 9:41:50 AM, by NDMOM73

    So I finally decided to face the music and step on my ... Read more

  • Graduation season & tornados

    5/28/2016 12:37:21 AM, by NDMOM73

    It's that time of year. Grad parties left and right. Events are hard in general when you are trying to eat healthy but when you add multiple part... Read more

  • Moderation

    5/26/2016 10:51:55 AM, by NDMOM73

    Today is the last day of school. Our family tradition... Read more

  • Good Intentions

    5/25/2016 12:22:15 PM, by NDMOM73

    There are so many beginnings. We all feel them. That ... Read more

  • Once again

    5/23/2016 4:41:22 PM, by NDMOM73

    So once again I find myself here. At that place where I begin again a journey that I somehow can never seem to complete. I won't even try to make... Read more

  • Race Goals 2016

    1/29/2016 12:11:57 PM, by SNOWKAT2

    Its that time of year again to post my race goals for the upcoming racing season. I finally got back on my treadmill after putting it away to ma... Read more

  • Time to Reignite the SPARK

    1/3/2016 11:15:11 AM, by REEBADABEEBOOS

    I used SparkPeople in the past to lose 100 pounds. But, obviously, I wasn't able to "maintain". I had heard rumors that maintaining was just as o... Read more

  • Farron Marie

    8/26/2015 10:53:27 PM, by REEBADABEEBOOS

    ... Read more

  • Day 49 ~ Low Carbing it REALLY works!

    5/13/2015 5:51:19 PM, by SANDYDOLLAR201

    I have never been more pleased with how this new style of eating is finally agreeing with my body. I have been losing weight for the first time ... Read more

  • New beginnings

    4/22/2015 8:28:46 PM, by JENNA54

    I fell off the Spark wagon about 16 months ago after my Mum died. I went into a bit of a downward spiral and lost my way. I wouldn’t say I was... Read more

  • Lowest weight in years

    4/22/2015 10:26:35 AM, by RAHOYLES

    I have been on vacation the last couple weeks which means I haven't been working out like a crazy person. I have also been eating food that would... Read more

  • Weight Loss )( with pics!

    4/1/2015 8:58:56 AM, by SANDYDOLLAR201

    So after 3.5 years of being on a plateau; or as I prefer to think of it as acing maintenance I am finally starting to have success a... Read more

  • New goals and frustration

    3/22/2015 9:18:03 PM, by RAHOYLES

    Hello fellow sparkers. After moving across the country and gaining some weight back I was back to weighing 200 pounds. Keeping in mind I hadn't h... Read more

  • who signs up for an ultra relay on a whim?

    3/1/2015 7:00:48 PM, by SNOWKAT2

    ME! I got so caught up in the excitement that I did it! Don't quite know what possessed me... maybe the challenge of something way outside ... Read more

  • Beautiful morning in Maine

    2/1/2015 9:47:43 AM, by SNOWKAT2

    The sun is so bright this morning on the new snow! It is so nice to see in the middle of winter, even if it is cold outside. I am looking forwar... Read more

  • Race Goals 2015

    1/31/2015 9:10:26 AM, by SNOWKAT2

    3/28/2015 Flattop 5K...................32:02 4/12/2015 Bridge the Gap 5K......31:46 4/25/2015 Kauffman 5K...............31:12 ... Read more

  • Race Goals 2011-13

    1/31/2015 9:08:23 AM, by SNOWKAT2

    2011 RACES: 3/26: Flattop 5K, Lamoine, 29:31! 4/20: Healthy High 10K, Orono, 1:02:41 5/15: Sugarloaf 15K, Kingsfield, 1:36:42 6/11: MDI Y... Read more

  • Cleaning up

    1/31/2015 8:55:01 AM, by SNOWKAT2

    I decided to come back to SP after a long break from it. I have been using other tracking and fitness programs to keep an eye on my workouts but... Read more

  • Nowhere to go but Up

    1/12/2015 11:19:01 AM, by LADYWRITER09

    So far, 2015 has been wonderful but healthwise it's kind of rough. I haven't been to the gym in two months and I've not been eating healthy for l... Read more

  • where was it hiding?

    1/11/2015 10:05:32 PM, by RAINBOWCHOC

    So having lost 100 lbs at my "best" I seem to have found about 50 have come back to live with me. I'm not proud, just being honest and a bit unh... Read more

  • Round 1 Getting Healthy for Dad and Mom

    12/19/2014 10:25:40 AM, by RLH101971

    Today is the start of a new beginning of a new life. After much thought I realize how important my health is. And it is steadly declining. I'm d... Read more

  • Big News...

    10/28/2014 12:09:29 PM, by REEBADABEEBOOS

    I haven't been active on Spark for awhile, but I owe it to my dear SparkFriends to let you know the big news... My husband and I are expecti... Read more

  • WoooHooooo

    9/5/2014 1:20:21 PM, by FATSOO51

    I had my first Weigh-in today and I am soooooo happy.....I lost 4.7lbs Yayyyyy lol Its a start, and I believe a very important one....the b... Read more

  • Finally!!

    9/3/2014 9:49:54 AM, by FATSOO51

    I have finally gotten back on track 'again' after letting myself go for about 2 years. I joined WW last week too. I know that along with this ... Read more

  • I'm Making Progress!

    8/24/2014 4:13:24 AM, by COURTNESS81

    As the title says, I'm making progress. I haven't been recording or even really tracking what I've been eating lately. I've just been so hungry a... Read more

  • Wish Me Luck

    7/13/2014 5:05:29 AM, by COURTNESS81

    I'm going to try this again. As mentioned in my introduction, I joined the SparkPeople.com site about 3 years ago. I used it for the calorie coun... Read more

  • hello again, I've missed you all

    7/12/2014 3:50:34 AM, by RAINBOWCHOC

    Hi everyone, it's a quiet Saturday morning, everyone else is in bed so I'm free to type! Where have I been and what's going on? My sister live... Read more

  • Under 200

    6/25/2014 10:51:27 AM, by RAHOYLES

    Drum roll please... I am now officially a member of the under 200 club. I joined a group called just that about three years ago on here. I though... Read more

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