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    1/29/2015 10:35:43 PM, by GONABFIT

    These are today's stats! ;) I am really proud of myself. did a 2 hour work... Read more

  • Went to the Gym!

    1/29/2015 9:22:33 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    My last time at the gym was last week, Saturday. I jogged 3 miles at a good pace. Then Aunt Flo and Uncle Tom came for a vi... Read more

  • omg class was a killer!

    1/29/2015 7:59:29 PM, by JAMBABY0

    Now please understand Cheryl's class is after 90 minutes of alpha steppin which is really fun, really intense cardio. Her class is a total workou... Read more

  • Who is Tess Munster?

    1/29/2015 2:15:22 PM, by TRIANGLE-WOMAN

    I wanted to get this article out to my Spark Peeps because "KA BOOM" it kind blew me away. WARNING: If you have no tolerance for profanity,... Read more

  • Quote of the day 01/29/15

    1/29/2015 10:41:40 AM, by KIPSTER52

    "Careful thinking and hard work will solve nearly all your problems. Try and see for yourself." Ullery... Read more

  • Today's Thought

    1/29/2015 9:58:57 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Today's thought is: Nothing is so bad that relapse won't make it worse. --Anonymous The stories we hear in meetings often shock us. It seems ... Read more

  • Whose Life Are You Living?

    1/29/2015 8:54:10 AM, by MIRAGE727

    MY wife and friends support me, encourage me, inspire me, and motivate me to be the healthiest person I can be! I become a better person because ... Read more

  • it's thursday

    1/29/2015 8:44:09 AM, by MOMMY445

    another wonderful day. it is calling for some snow later this afternoon. it may or may not affect my commute home, as it is supposed to snow late... Read more

  • Long day... new location

    1/29/2015 7:56:18 AM, by DSCROW

    Yesterday was a long day. It was not uneventful. We had gracious over night guests who are related through past marriage. Then I had a 5 mile ... Read more

  • zumba was good

    1/28/2015 8:22:50 PM, by JAMBABY0

    Zumba class was good, got a good workout in and now I am doing a little walking on the treadmill. Good day... Read more

  • 30 Day Home Cross Fit Challenge

    1/28/2015 6:23:47 PM, by CIPHER1971

    I decided to investigate Cross Fit a bit more, and found this 30 day home cross fit challenge, there is also a more difficult one to follow on. ... Read more

  • Just not Feeling It

    1/28/2015 5:52:42 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I am feeling a bit ragged this week with work. Getting up early and coming home late. Plus, my TOM is visiting which is just making me feel bla... Read more

  • 2015 Belleair Sunset 5K!

    1/28/2015 3:59:13 PM, by MIRAGE727

    I was so excited to do this for all the RIGHT reasons! I've wanted to do it for 4 years but my race schedule conflicted. My Tri Team was having i... Read more

  • Quote of the day 1/28/15

    1/28/2015 1:25:04 PM, by KIPSTER52

    "Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success." Dale Carnegie I have a few ... Read more

  • Challenge to improve your self confidence ending 2/21/28

    1/28/2015 11:43:06 AM, by OLDEROWL

    I posted this challenge in the Message Boards SparkPeople Challenges. I also posted it under the Forum "Self-Esteem, Self-Action Challenges" of ... Read more

  • You need to only compare yourself to yourself

    1/28/2015 11:37:24 AM, by LILBLKDRESS09

    Sometimes it's hard to remember that you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. I find it especially hard when people start comparing... Read more

  • True Property

    1/28/2015 11:18:07 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Today's thought is: When a, man leaves off believing in imaginary property, then only will he make use of his true property. --Leo Tolstoy The ... Read more

  • Getting over sickness

    1/28/2015 10:52:34 AM, by MATHISC4464

    Winter is always hard for me because I get sick a lot. I had a really bad allergy problem last week, part of it was I missed one of my allergy sh... Read more

  • Finally homeee

    1/28/2015 9:38:20 AM, by MUNCHCANDO

    Ugh. Stupid winter storm Juno. Since I work in an ER we're required to get to work no matter what the weather is. So since I had morning shifts M... Read more

  • Today we remember and say goodbye.

    1/28/2015 8:54:58 AM, by DSCROW

    Today we say goodbye to a fixture in our family, all of us (the next generation) and our children have been hugged, swung, aggravated, cheated at... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/28/2015 8:44:29 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm making great progress in both of my online courses this week. the job is going well. my daughter is enjoying school these days. the job,schoo... Read more

  • Things are Improving

    1/28/2015 5:11:46 AM, by DAVEYSHADOW

    Well things are starting to improve. All the formalities are dealt with for FIL and although she is not being very amenable MIL has her visits fr... Read more

  • Time to try something new . . .

    1/28/2015 12:41:54 AM, by KPETSCHE

    I purchased myself a new yoga mat as my first step to (attempting) yoga. Small steps, I guess, will eventually get me to where I want to be. ... Read more

  • classes were good

    1/27/2015 8:01:16 PM, by JAMBABY0

    Even though I am starting to feel like crap (thank you kids) classes were good and I only felt like I was dragging. Tomorrow and Thursday should ... Read more

  • Quote for the day 01/27/15

    1/27/2015 6:19:07 PM, by KIPSTER52

    "The most effective way to do it, is to do it." Amelia Earhart Every journey starts with the first step, take it. ... Read more

  • Janurary is almost over

    1/27/2015 12:29:33 PM, by LILBLKDRESS09

    I am so ready to get February started! I am hoping that it will be the month that I am finally under 210lbs in over 2 years... :) I know I can an... Read more

  • Flu A positive

    1/27/2015 9:31:42 AM, by DYANNE4293

    On Saturday- the last day of my cruise I woke with fever, body aches, chills, sore throat, and vomiting. The FLU! On Sunday, I got off the ship.... Read more

  • Today's Thought....

    1/27/2015 9:23:05 AM, by DYANNE4293

    Today's thought is: Where is God? AA members have always had a difficult time explaining the "God business." We didn't want to be considered ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    1/27/2015 8:58:19 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm still in training for my new job. that is fine with me. i am happy to have a job. my daughter is doing well and says hi. all the birds say ch... Read more

  • Tuesday day all day

    1/27/2015 7:14:43 AM, by DSCROW

    I am feeling tenderness and in my hips and hamstrings. I plan to run but hmmm....I don't know if I need to rest or move. I woke up thinking 5 m... Read more

  • Musings . . . and such

    1/26/2015 11:55:09 PM, by KPETSCHE

    I've been slowly getting back to normal (luckily!!!) but I'm having a hard time getting in as many calories as are listed in my suggested nutriti... Read more

  • To Gym...or Not To Gym

    1/26/2015 10:36:18 PM, by DEBORAH2180

    I really want to go to the gym...but it is that nasty time of the month. ugh! Why do I always feel so blah and sluggish? Read more

  • Life is good..

    1/26/2015 9:37:13 PM, by RAIMA426

    You know it's REALLY good when you start to drift off to sleep and smile as you think about that delicious green smoothie you're going to have in... Read more

  • sore throat

    1/26/2015 7:54:47 PM, by JAMBABY0

    Yes I know it was logical that I was going to get sick with all the germs around me, but I was hopeful. Sadly I have a really great immune system... Read more

  • “What do I gain from being overweight?”

    1/26/2015 2:44:29 PM, by BOYDCJ4477

    “What do I gain from being overweight?” Losing weight is a very important goal in my life. Looking great would be wonderful but more imp... Read more

  • An Amazing Lesson from a Frustrated Rage

    1/26/2015 12:28:20 PM, by GONABFIT

    So... here's the story. I'll try to make it brief. I even had to wait a day before writing it because... well, I was pretty mad. Once you see why... Read more

  • Thought for the Day

    1/26/2015 12:12:38 PM, by DYANNE4293

    Today's thought is: Accepting Every Task Dear God, Help me find the strength to be effective and accept responsibility. I am asking you for... Read more

  • Successful Monday Start!

    1/26/2015 11:23:24 AM, by GONABFIT

    I burned 550 calories this morning in my morning workout!! I decided to go ahead and workout when I awoke at 5 am. I could have slept a who... Read more

  • it's monday

    1/26/2015 9:20:46 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week is well underway. my daughter says hi and sends hugs. all of the birds are doing well and say hi. another week of work starts for me t... Read more

  • Run, loss, and love

    1/26/2015 9:02:16 AM, by DSCROW

    It was so nice running in the sunshine...but wait this is Alabama and the weather will change drastically again. We actually had sunny and 60 de... Read more

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