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  • Thursday

    8/13/2015 3:10:42 AM, by JTREMBATH

    I can't wait for our temperatures to rise it is so cold hubby feels it moe than me as he is on blood thinners and he is so cold that he goes to b... Read more


    8/13/2015 12:06:11 AM, by HYE101

    A good life is when you assume nothing , do more , need less , smile often , dream big , laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are .... Read more

  • I think I am developing a foot fetish!

    8/12/2015 8:31:30 PM, by DAVIDPRESCOTT

    I decided this week that if I am going to become serious about walking and then running (awww he's like a cute little baby taking his first steps... Read more

  • My Anchor

    8/12/2015 6:44:28 PM, by TREKPURRSON

    This is my anchor; Please share yours! ... Read more

  • Growth

    8/12/2015 1:20:19 PM, by SOCAL_LADYBUG

    So last week was really freaking hard. I was experiencing some through-the-roof anxiety that just kept building all week long. The majority of my... Read more

  • Update on new house and my health

    8/12/2015 11:04:15 AM, by PSEYMOUR1970

    Well we bought the house on the 21st of July and I finally have everything unpacked and put away. It was very stressful and exhausting, which lea... Read more

  • A small loss this week, but at least it WAS a loss.

    8/12/2015 1:30:43 AM, by MONTROSE28

    I had really high hopes this morning as I walked through the front doors to our local TOWN Club to weigh in. This was to be my first meeting in f... Read more


    8/12/2015 1:19:13 AM, by HYE101

    Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful .... Read more

  • Wednesday

    8/11/2015 11:16:50 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Another very cold morning I have never known Auckland to be this cold in Auckland when we are getting close to Spring, so hope it warms up soon.... Read more


    8/11/2015 12:56:43 AM, by HYE101

    When times are difficult , remind yourself that no pain comes to you without a purpose .... Read more

  • Tuesday

    8/11/2015 12:20:30 AM, by JTREMBATH

    I have never known Auckland to be so cold it was that cold this morning that because I was finishing work at 12 o'clock decided to go for my walk... Read more

  • Monday

    8/10/2015 3:23:10 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Went to work this morning and the temperature was only 2 deg. Celsius very cold but when you walk into the hospital the warm temperature was so n... Read more

  • Some old greek lady wants me committed!

    8/10/2015 3:00:32 AM, by DAVIDPRESCOTT

    As some of you may know i have nice low key job working in a second hand bookstore. Its all part of my plan to seachange my life. Not quite the u... Read more


    8/10/2015 12:46:26 AM, by HYE101

    Sometimes we have to let go of what’s killing us , even if it’s killing us to let go .... Read more

  • It was more than the blood pressure meds

    8/9/2015 4:30:53 AM, by LIBERTY_JOY

    Last Sunday I wrote about the issue with forgetting my BP meds and how my heart rate was up; and I was feeling a bit funny which I thought was as... Read more

  • You know this won't last forever....right?

    8/9/2015 2:26:02 AM, by DAVIDPRESCOTT

    I was listening to a podcast yesterday and one of the hosts - a female figure model - was talking about how now she had finished a competition sh... Read more


    8/9/2015 12:30:29 AM, by HYE101

    One day, someone is going to hold you so tight that all your broken pieces fit back together . ... Read more

  • Thank you!

    8/8/2015 8:33:36 PM, by MONTROSE28

    To those wonderful Spark friends who left comments on my previous blog, a huge THANK YOU! I'd actually reached the point where I was beginning to... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/8/2015 7:32:26 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Another cold day the sun was out, now it has faded and I am trying to get warm.... Read more

  • I went to the zoo for my birthday

    8/8/2015 2:10:04 AM, by PHEBESS

    I'm a Leo, and an animal lover, and was so upset about poor Cecil the lion. So in solidarity, I went to the zoo for my birthday. ro... Read more


    8/8/2015 12:13:39 AM, by HYE101

    When other people treat you poorly , keep being you . Don’t ever let someone else’s bitterness change the person you are .... Read more

  • You CAN bark that craving away!

    8/7/2015 11:44:32 PM, by DAVIDPRESCOTT

    I never used to be a big fan of chocolate. I could eat it. Heck I could eat a LOT of it. But meh there were other things that flew... Read more

  • Back and being honest

    8/7/2015 4:55:53 AM, by DAVIDPRESCOTT

    Well its been a long time since I started my Spark journey but this feels like its the real deal. I have NEVER shown weakness or asked for h... Read more


    8/7/2015 1:28:00 AM, by HYE101

    You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you . All you can do is change how you react to it . ... Read more

  • I haven't disappeared from Spark People, well, not really.

    8/6/2015 10:17:38 PM, by MONTROSE28

    To the Spark Friends I haven't been able to keep in touch with for the past weeks (feels like forever to me), I am still here trying to lose t... Read more

  • Friday

    8/6/2015 3:19:59 PM, by JTREMBATH

    The cardiologist is going to keep an eye on me and if in the mean time if I get a serius pain I have to go straight to hospital. It showed up on ... Read more


    8/6/2015 1:41:11 AM, by HYE101

    Someday , everything will make perfect sense . So for now , Laugh at the confusion , smile through the tears ... Read more

  • Happiness Part 2

    8/6/2015 12:29:45 AM, by RKOTTEK

    Feeling good about yourself can be a major motivator and doesn't need to be postponed to be a future result. https://www.morethanmed... Read more

  • BLC 28 Reflections

    8/5/2015 8:11:35 PM, by POPSY190

    This is the last week of this round – our Panther Captain has written a thought-provoking message to take with us for the break.... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/5/2015 5:29:15 PM, by JTREMBATH

    I am on A/L today and managed to get an appointment this afternoon to see the cardiologist by luck as some one cancelled there appointment so I g... Read more

  • Wednesday

    8/5/2015 3:24:58 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had to delay my walk this morning it was to wet so I went at lunch time as it had stopped but then not long after it just poured down. My Daughte... Read more

  • I Deserve Love

    8/4/2015 4:05:46 PM, by SOCAL_LADYBUG

    Alright, hugely personal sharing moment here. Therapy has been a part of my life for a couple decades now. Sometimes it's on and off, but I have ... Read more


    8/4/2015 10:53:10 AM, by HYE101

    Living zen . this list kind of reminds to yourself ZEN THINGS: 1. Do one thing at a time 2. Do it slowly and deliberately 3. Do it... Read more

  • Tuesday

    8/3/2015 3:10:37 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Suppose to be a very wet day today it is not raining yet as I just got in from my walk and it was not dad out there at the moment very mild, Well... Read more

  • Monday

    8/3/2015 4:00:06 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Hubby did go back to work today and his blood sugars were not bad but not good either as they were 12.2 so they might come down as the week progr... Read more

  • Here I am yet again.

    8/3/2015 1:13:20 AM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    I had been doing so well. I had lost weight, then got my knee replacements, all was good. I was walking, because I could now, then my ankles st... Read more

  • Blood pressure meds

    8/2/2015 8:46:08 AM, by LIBERTY_JOY

    I was walking this morning; and heading out for what I knew was going to be a very emotionally difficult and stressful walk (long story behind th... Read more


    8/2/2015 1:17:13 AM, by HYE101

    Never explain yourself . You friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it . ~ Belgicia Howell ... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/1/2015 7:40:10 PM, by JTREMBATH

    I think hubby will be going back to work tomorrow he has been off 3 weeks sick and it has been s struggle with his diabetes all the ups and not s... Read more

  • Happiness

    8/1/2015 1:47:09 AM, by RKOTTEK

    I am certainly a lot more happy, in myself, these days with interactions and info on the Sparkpeople site. The good thing is you can tailor you... Read more

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