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  • Thursday

    9/29/2016 3:27:07 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had my appointment this afternoon and the told me that in that week I had the monotor on ther was a lot of time my heart was racing even at night... Read more

  • Thursday

    9/29/2016 3:27:01 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had my appointment this afternoon and the told me that in that week I had the monotor on ther was a lot of time my heart was racing even at night... Read more

  • new gym new me

    9/28/2016 6:29:43 AM, by SUNSHINE582

    on Friday my gym will cease to exist as I know it and it will reopen as the PCYC. they are not changing much but you can see the changes already... Read more

  • Weight No More: Productive Day

    9/27/2016 2:27:57 PM, by CTYONIT

    Every now and then a fire gets lit under me and I get mucho stuff done. Not just stuff--but you know the kind of stuff that doesn't really have ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    9/27/2016 2:48:10 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had a good day today one of the girls is back from leave so she is with me every morning but Friday as we only have lists in the morning in 2 the... Read more

  • Monday

    9/26/2016 2:15:06 AM, by JTREMBATH

    All my hard work got a mention today when we had a meeting as I was presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers for all the hard work I did in p... Read more

  • Weight No More: An Uneventful Day; This Week's Menu

    9/25/2016 11:47:19 PM, by CTYONIT

    Today was an uneventful day and that I can respect. We went to church and then spent the day at home. No walk today because we are letting... Read more

  • Motivation!

    9/25/2016 12:58:57 AM, by WBERRY57

    My favourite saying at the moment is from Jessica Smith TV Walk and Talk Video. "Whether you think you can or you can't you're always right." Lif... Read more

  • Sunday

    9/24/2016 10:44:41 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Have not done much today as I have not seen so much rain in a long time it has pelted down so far all day.... Read more

  • Weight No More: Blog Hop #1-Intro

    9/24/2016 7:06:43 PM, by CTYONIT

    I am uber excited to see Sirblogsalot is here and and hosting hops once again. If you have not had the chance to friend Sirblogsalot please do s... Read more


    9/23/2016 11:30:38 PM, by JTREMBATH

    I was lucky this morning went for my walk really early as it was going to rain got home did my washing and got everything dry except the sheet be... Read more

  • week 1 of new diet

    9/23/2016 7:44:54 PM, by RKOTTEK

    17 September 164 kg following day on Sunday 166.6kg 24 September 165.1kg(1.1 kg(2.4 pounds) higher than Saturday, 1.5kg(3.3pounds) lower than S... Read more

  • Weight No More: Indiana, What a Trooper!

    9/23/2016 12:37:04 PM, by CTYONIT

    Quick blog this morning. I wanted to say to all who read and commented on my blog yesterday. I missed checking in yesterday h... Read more

  • Shake Up!

    9/23/2016 4:22:00 AM, by WBERRY57

    I'm really trying to shake up my fitness by trying new strength routines and incorporating balance moves as well as trying different fitness vide... Read more

  • Friday Yah!

    9/23/2016 3:55:13 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Well a good day very busy but we managed our Charge Nurse let me finish half an hour early because of my hectic 2 weeks, where as all the other d... Read more

  • We went up to Mount Baker

    9/22/2016 2:11:57 PM, by PHEBESS

    Gorgeous views, fresh clean air, and hiking around! Had a wonderful time, and probably need to do this more often! rollingluggagers... Read more

  • Weight No More: Do I Love Myself Enough?

    9/22/2016 12:25:03 PM, by CTYONIT

    That's right Otis (the scale god) is down for the count. Wednesday morning weigh in showed an incredible loss of 1.8! Day 13 of no sugar, no re... Read more

  • Thursday

    9/22/2016 3:24:25 AM, by JTREMBATH

    A great day today I had help so hoping tomorrow will be the same.... Read more

  • Wednesday

    9/21/2016 3:56:53 AM, by JTREMBATH

    It came to a crunch today I was rostered to work with someone today as Wednesday is always busy only to be told that someone was off sick so they... Read more

  • Weight No More: Fall Feels Good

    9/20/2016 4:38:07 PM, by CTYONIT

    Well, I seem to run out of time at night to blog--so I am doing it now. First off today is Day 11--no sugar, no refined carbs! Tomorrow i WI ... Read more

  • Just for laughs

    9/20/2016 6:23:40 AM, by GOANNA2

    A man who had been stranded on a desert island for 10 years all alone sees an unusual speck on the horizon. Its certainly not a ship, he think... Read more

  • Time for a clean out

    9/20/2016 5:56:21 AM, by ROZNME01

    I'm really sleepy today. I have been getting up before 6:30am the last few days and it's catching up with me I think. I've been very active durin... Read more

  • Tuesday

    9/20/2016 3:02:58 AM, by JTREMBATH

    I think they got the message on Friday last week as the next 3 days I actually have help all day so I am happy with that even one of the Dr's sai... Read more

  • Weight No More: Relaxing Sunday; Questionable Menus Ahead; Sausage Recipe

    9/19/2016 8:14:15 PM, by CTYONIT

    Great Sunday today--I went to church, did the usual Indiana walk and even puttered some around the kitchen some and revamped my Pumpkin Granola ... Read more

  • A productive day

    9/19/2016 4:43:26 AM, by ROZNME01

    I feel like I got lots done today. I had everything planned ahead and written down, so all I had to do was tick it off, and the reminder was ther... Read more

  • Monday

    9/19/2016 3:29:10 AM, by JTREMBATH

    I did get a bit of help today we only had a list this morning I stayed there were as the rest had to go to the other hospital but I had an appoin... Read more

  • When to eat and when not to eat, that is the question

    9/18/2016 3:37:28 AM, by ROZNME01

    I'm a great fan of Dr, Jason Fung. If you have never heard of him, check him out on YouTube, there are some great lectures of his there. He also ... Read more

  • Weight No More: Day 8 Near Misses & Chocolatey Strawberries.

    9/18/2016 2:58:23 AM, by CTYONIT

    Day 8 no sugar, It feels really good to be able to say that. Today I think was the hardest day for me. I cleared out my sugar items around th... Read more

  • Sunday

    9/17/2016 11:34:16 PM, by JTREMBATH


  • 9 week and end-of-year challenge

    9/17/2016 1:23:43 AM, by RKOTTEK

    Whilst I fully intend to continue with my low-Nickel, low-alcohol diet I now have a new objective. In 1 of my Sparkteams a member pointed ou... Read more

  • Weight No More: 1 Week and Some More Kitchen Play

    9/17/2016 12:49:53 AM, by CTYONIT

    Yep, today is one week since I stopped all sugar & sweeteners. It has also been a week since I stopped all processed carbs except Fiber One cer... Read more

  • A small step for some, a giant leap for me.

    9/17/2016 12:40:59 AM, by ROZNME01

    I have been feeling so good lately about this way of life I am going for, that I decided to invest a little more into it. I actually ordered a fi... Read more


    9/17/2016 12:19:15 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Todayyou would think it was Winter again it is reall cold and the rain has not stopped all day have done most of my walking inside on the treadmi... Read more

  • Joke of the week

    9/16/2016 8:43:10 AM, by GOANNA2

    There was an elderly couple who in their old age noticed that they were getting a lot more forgetful, so they decided to go to the doctor. ... Read more

  • Feeling the burn

    9/16/2016 5:21:09 AM, by ROZNME01

    I had a deviation from my usual walk today and spent time indoors just moving to music. I did a range of movements, no real pattern, from lunges,... Read more

  • A New Me!

    9/16/2016 4:38:39 AM, by WBERRY57

    Wow! I am so happy about the changes I have made in my life since joining Sparkpeople. I have so much more energy and have regained my positive m... Read more

  • Friday

    9/16/2016 4:21:24 AM, by JTREMBATH

    I think we all had a shocing day today as the way the list was we just all got put out I know it was the worst day for me to think we have to go ... Read more

  • Weight No More: Today's Menu--Day 6 No Sugar

    9/16/2016 1:42:48 AM, by CTYONIT

    Today was a high food prep day for me. That doesn't usually happen to me, but since I have given all sugars the boot, I have had to re-invent th... Read more

  • FAILURE What is it?

    9/15/2016 9:08:58 PM, by IGNITEME101

    ramblings: Pics from 2 weeks ago. Yes, I'm acting... Read more

  • What's the one thing I wish I could change about my body?

    9/15/2016 4:28:54 AM, by ROZNME01

    It was interesting. I just watched a SparkPeople video with the above title, where they ask two groups of people that same question. One is a gro... Read more

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