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  • Wow It's really been five years

    10/24/2016 11:08:28 PM, by DIPLOMATICENVOY

    So today was the day that I decided to come back to the Spark...again. I can;t believe that my last blog entry was almost five years ago. ... Read more

  • Sunday, October 11

    10/11/2015 6:43:24 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, Art on the Avenue was another fun day where I showcased my art. Overall, a sale of a small print to my dentist. My mom, cousin, brother and... Read more

  • Friday, October 9

    10/9/2015 10:02:15 PM, by TENNISJIM

    It may become every other day on my blogs (diary) now. The days I am missing were due to being tired and overworked. I found out today from ... Read more

  • Wednesday, October 7

    10/7/2015 7:08:02 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, I have been doing my SP stuff when I get home from work since we came back from our vacation. I had been oversleeping - getting up at ... Read more

  • Monday, October 5

    10/5/2015 7:00:25 PM, by TENNISJIM

    Another busy work day - I did leave at 4 PM to come home to work some more... Cooked Pacific cod for dinner with some couscous. I will ... Read more

  • Sunday, October 4

    10/4/2015 10:54:59 PM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, we canceled tennis today because the courts would have been wet with lots of puddles. Hubby and I decided to go see The Martian. It wa... Read more

  • Saturday, October 3

    10/3/2015 5:00:34 PM, by TENNISJIM

    Well, the hurricane missed us and it has been a rainy day. I made eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast. Then, hubby and I went to Costco and got ... Read more

  • Friday, October 2

    10/2/2015 7:37:44 PM, by TENNISJIM

    Another busy day at the office...I tried to leave at 3 PM to avoid the predicted heavy rain. I finally left around 5:15 PM. Commute was not too b... Read more

  • Thursday, October 1

    10/1/2015 8:00:34 PM, by TENNISJIM

    Wow - another busy day at the office. I am still working... and will until 10 PM EST. We are getting ready for the hurricane that will ... Read more

  • Wednesday, September 30

    9/30/2015 2:17:27 PM, by TENNISJIM

    Last day of the month and, for some businesses, the third quarter. For the Federal Government, the end of the Fiscal Year. hopefully, the FEDS wi... Read more

  • Tuesday, September 29

    9/29/2015 7:37:55 PM, by TENNISJIM

    Another very busy day at the office. So busy that I forgot to eat lunch. I am going to eat dinner now. One of our friends stayed at the hous... Read more

  • Monday, September 28

    9/28/2015 9:07:31 PM, by TENNISJIM

    We got home a little after 11 PM last night. Played with Roger, our cat, for a bit. Then, finally fell asleep after midnight. Woke up at 5:3... Read more

  • Sunday, September 27

    9/27/2015 8:41:45 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, the cousins spent the day at the Octoberfest in Hankinson ND. We spent a few hours and headed off to the gravesite of their relatives.... Read more

  • Saturday, September 26

    9/26/2015 8:55:58 AM, by TENNISJIM

    We spent yesterday with the cousins. We went to Bagg Bonanza Farm and then the rest of the day at Harold and Marlene's house. We played several g... Read more

  • Friday, September 25

    9/25/2015 8:20:13 AM, by TENNISJIM

    We are in Wahpeton ND for the cousin's reunion. There is a 11:30 AM tour that the group will do. Afterwards, there will be some free time and the... Read more

  • Thursday, September 24

    9/25/2015 12:14:35 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Today was a travel day. We started in Custer SD at 7:30 AM and arrived in Wahpeton ND at 8:30 PM. We stopped at Wall Drug for breakfast. After br... Read more

  • Wednesday, September 23

    9/23/2015 7:41:29 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I didn't get to do my SP yesterday because we drove from Jackson to Devil's Tower (DT) at 6:15 AM. After a couple stops plus lunch, we got to DT ... Read more

  • Monday, September 21

    9/21/2015 9:14:16 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, was an incredibly beautiful fall day in Jackson Wyoming. Sunny and warmer (in the low 70s). We did the Mad River Boat Trip - whitewate... Read more

  • Sunday, September 20

    9/20/2015 9:20:02 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, we had a wonderful time doing the Grand Teton tour. Our guide Michael was kind, friendly, and knowledgable. He showed us spectacular v... Read more

  • Saturday, September 19

    9/19/2015 8:16:22 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday's travel included Yellowstone National Park. If you are interested in my travel, follow this site: http://www.travelpod.com/memRead more

  • Friday, September 18

    9/18/2015 8:05:54 AM, by TENNISJIM

    For yesterday, we did the Beartooth Highway scenic drive and got up to Rock Vista - elevation 9,190. It was cold (low 40s) and light flurries. We... Read more

  • Thursday, September 17

    9/17/2015 7:07:38 AM, by TENNISJIM

    We woke up at 3:30 AM MST. It's 5:30 AM for us. Hubby said he had been up since 2 AM. Our travel plans for today is to go to Billings and then to... Read more

  • Wednesday, September 16

    9/17/2015 7:02:57 AM, by TENNISJIM

    So our journey began at 4:50 AM EDT and we arrived in Miles City, Montana at 6:13 PM MST. We flew from WDC to Minneapolis-St.Paul airport for a o... Read more

  • Tuesday, September 15

    9/15/2015 6:02:51 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I was worried yesterday when my boss assigned me to a new project to start on Wednesday. We fly out Wednesday morning. I mentioned to him that I ... Read more

  • Monday, September 14

    9/14/2015 5:38:23 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Two more workdays and we are off on our 10 day vacation. We will be going to Montana and Wyoming. Then back to North Dakota for a cousins reunion... Read more

  • Sunday, September 13

    9/13/2015 6:45:34 AM, by TENNISJIM

    It rained yesterday, so tennis got canceled. We did go over to John and JJ's house to watch the women's final. Flavia won and then retired. ... Read more

  • Saturday, September 12

    9/12/2015 5:47:19 AM, by TENNISJIM

    It was a fairly busy at work yesterday. That's a good thing. I left around 4 PM to play tennis with Michael, Arthur, and hubby. We split sets. Mi... Read more

  • Friday, September 11

    9/11/2015 5:59:07 AM, by TENNISJIM

    In remembrance of 9/11/2001 ... Read more

  • Thursday, September 10

    9/10/2015 5:55:34 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I started working at 6 AM yesterday and ended the day around 10 PM. A long day. For dinner, I made lemon pepper chicken with walnuts over pa... Read more

  • Wednesday, September 9

    9/9/2015 6:07:09 AM, by TENNISJIM

    A very busy day at work yesterday. I left a little after 4 PM and got back online around 4:45 PM and had a bunch of work to do. I think I ma... Read more

  • Tuesday, September 8

    9/8/2015 5:48:05 AM, by TENNISJIM

    8 days and counting before hubby and I go on our 10 day vacation. woo hoo. Yesterday, we played Michael and Arthur so they can prepare for a... Read more

  • Monday, September 7

    9/7/2015 6:52:17 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday's tennis was just JJ, John, hubby, and me. We played 10-point tiebreakers from 9 AM to 11:30 AM. John and JJ had errands so hubby and I... Read more

  • Sunday, September 6

    9/6/2015 7:24:29 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Getting to know me….. I copied this from Steve's blog, and think it is really fun. Copy it and fill in the answers or add your own!! This i... Read more

  • Saturday, September 5

    9/5/2015 5:58:48 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Wow, the weekend is here and I need it. It was a long week. Getting up early and getting to work earlier than most daya. jesse asked me if e... Read more

  • Friday, September 4

    9/4/2015 6:08:23 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, I got into the office around 6:30 AM - I wanted to be there in case some of the RGNext customers call after the maintenance. I also sp... Read more

  • Thursday, September 3

    9/3/2015 5:42:35 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I was so busy at work yesterday that I finally left at 6 PM or 6:30 PM - on the way home I picked Popeye's chicken because I had more work to do ... Read more

  • Wednesday, September 2

    9/2/2015 5:44:45 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I had a very busy work at home day yesterday - lots of support requests, dentist appointment, bring Scamper's ashes home, and haircut appointment... Read more

  • Tuesday, September 1

    9/1/2015 7:20:44 AM, by TENNISJIM

    New month - new challenges... Some old ones are still hanging around. Working till 10 PM Monday through Friday. So, I thought that the ... Read more

  • Monday, August 31

    8/31/2015 5:44:00 AM, by TENNISJIM

    It's the end of the month. Wow another month gone. I think I will be very busy at work today. Changes were being made in on our company's ne... Read more

  • Sunday, August 30

    8/30/2015 7:00:44 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Well - we had drama on the tennis court yesterday. John and Denny - what a surprise. right? Hubby and I defeated John and Denny 6-4. Then, D... Read more

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