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  • Today's Inspiration

    4/27/2016 3:09:20 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " The Eye-of-the-Storm. Surrounded by the winds and the rain, yet peaceful in its own worldly way - an unnaturally ruddy-cloudy misty-brigh... Read more

  • 27th Day of April thingy

    4/27/2016 2:24:43 AM, by ODDLASS

    I was sure I had blogged on Monday! 139lb 9st 13lb BMI 29.11 Monday and Tuesday 137lb 9st 11lb BMI 28.69 Wednesday OOOP... Read more

  • 4/26/16

    4/26/2016 9:12:53 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, my work for tomorrow is planned. We had some big storms this afternoon. One of my older trees lost a very large limb and small limbs are ... Read more

  • A non scale victory!!

    4/26/2016 5:31:46 PM, by MELSMIMI

    Yesterday, I put on a size 26 shorts because it was getting hot. I hate tight jeans or shorts. They were so huge they kept falling even with th... Read more

  • I love to watch my grown daughter ... she inspires me!

    4/26/2016 2:16:19 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    Our daughter has run competitively, since she was nine. In recent years, running has kept her sane as she has met a lot of challenges with her t... Read more

  • Slacker

    4/26/2016 12:43:13 PM, by MLIEN913

    I feel like I've been a slacker this week. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were all crazy jumbled days. I did not eat well, mostly because I forgot t... Read more


    4/26/2016 12:13:44 PM, by JOANN25

    I have had some off-track time the last couple of weeks due to several things....sick, tired, etc. Today I am getting back on track...eating in... Read more

  • Aid to Drinking Problem

    4/26/2016 10:48:54 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Mighty helpful. ... Read more

  • runaround

    4/26/2016 1:41:50 AM, by UNAWICCA

    Well, a totally crazy day is over; about all I managed to eat today is cornbread, and since the package lists "dry mix" nutritional stats it's to... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    4/26/2016 1:19:54 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Find a time and place of solitude. Look into the distance, and into the future. Visualize the tomorrow you are going to build - and begin... Read more

  • Hotel event night

    4/25/2016 11:00:43 PM, by MLIEN913

    I did well at Tour Connection, the major hotel event I attend each year. While I didn't eat I did keep well hydrated. This year they had tables ... Read more

  • Thankfully, I have learned lots over the years.

    4/25/2016 9:42:23 PM, by CTUPTON

    Today hubby barked at me about something. It did not affect me at all. In fact later I told him I was glad he got mad. It showed his spunk-which ... Read more

  • 4/25/16

    4/25/2016 9:29:03 PM, by RHOOK20047

    This afternoon, I met my friends for lunch and dominoes! Fun time! I ordered a club sandwich and could only eat one fourth of it! So since M... Read more

  • Personal Goal Met

    4/25/2016 7:38:47 PM, by KATHYGBENNETT

    When I discovered in the last of January that I had lost weight to 222 pounds it gave me motivation to lose more. It gave me hope to get under 20... Read more

  • 60.8 gone for good!!

    4/25/2016 3:07:58 PM, by MELSMIMI

    My friend forstlittle taught me the gone for good" GFG. She said that your subconscious will help you FIND things you LOSE. When you say you lo... Read more

  • We did it!

    4/25/2016 2:41:53 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    Both my daughter and I had events Saturday. I walked in a charity event and ended up walking more than 8 miles. I was so excited to be able to ... Read more

  • Caught in the Act

    4/25/2016 8:41:13 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Have a great Monday.... Read more

  • Days 3-7

    4/25/2016 4:10:28 AM, by STEPH-KNEE

    After this post I will just do them weekly. I should really stop calling it 2 shakes + 1 meal because that very rarely happened. I think instead ... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    4/25/2016 2:52:00 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Choose to celebrate life. Celebrate family, celebrate friends, celebrate love, celebrate adventure and discovery. Celebrate and give th... Read more

  • freezer, burned

    4/25/2016 2:48:43 AM, by UNAWICCA

    Well, my first freezer find was pesto sauce I froze last fall; that was fine. The second, two chicken breasts, was freezer-burned and complete... Read more

  • Blessed day

    4/25/2016 1:56:35 AM, by MLIEN913

    Seeing Third Day was fantastic. Hearing the messages if their songs has made my heart sing. The new dog is not settling in very well on her fir... Read more

  • This Journey Is Amazing!!!

    4/24/2016 11:14:30 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    One day...One Decision at a time! No one sizes fit all approach and this journey requires patience whiling living one day, one choice at a time... Read more

  • 4/24/16

    4/24/2016 10:32:28 PM, by RHOOK20047

    There is no place like home. I left the conference early and went to the pool and swam for an hour before we drove home. Just felt like acting ... Read more

  • really ugly rugs, too --a link

    4/24/2016 7:09:53 PM, by CTUPTON

    ely-poor-taste/ Read more

  • Really ugly living rooms!

    4/24/2016 7:03:58 PM, by CTUPTON

    I was poking around looking for décor ideas. Then I... Read more

  • A new dog

    4/24/2016 5:38:17 PM, by MLIEN913

    What a day! We found our new forever friend. She's a black lab/weimaraner mix and she just turned 1 on April 7th. Right now she's a bit if a hand... Read more

  • April 24, 2016 picture

    4/24/2016 4:26:15 PM, by KATHYGBENNETT

    Had my husband take some picture of me to docum ent my ... Read more

  • April 24, 2016 picture

    4/24/2016 4:26:15 PM, by KATHYGBENNETT

    Had my husband take some picture of me to docum ent my ... Read more

  • Sunday

    4/24/2016 2:39:18 PM, by ALLTHECUPCAKES

    It's been a busy day and I'm doing my best to catch up on everyone's blog posts, status updates, and accomplishments. I have to say, I received s... Read more

  • Low protein

    4/24/2016 12:28:07 PM, by UNAWICCA

    I had no idea I'd been getting so little protein in my diet until I started Sparkpeople again.It's appalling. So I'm going to be making a concert... Read more

  • Oh NO!!!

    4/24/2016 12:10:17 PM, by CATFANDU

    I weighed myself today, put on like 8 pounds last week and yes I know it's water, but I'm over 290 now and running up on 300 pounds like a freigh... Read more

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