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  • The Starving Artist

    10/9/2015 11:07:42 AM, by LILLIPUTIANNA

    Yesterday, I turned a painting in to an art show. It was an "outsider" art show (in case you are an'll know what that means). It's a... Read more

  • Healthy indulgences

    10/9/2015 7:36:22 AM, by ANNETJE

    This is probably a wide-spread phenomenon - but sometimes I'm jealous of my other half. I'm a lucky woman in that I get to live with a love... Read more

  • beck trek day 43 - achievable vs maintainable weight

    10/9/2015 4:05:16 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    ah - the part about the rest of my life... beck describes the difference between the lowest achievable weight (yippee!) and the lowest maintainab... Read more

  • Day 75

    10/8/2015 5:57:23 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Walked a couple of times today, trying to fit a bit of exercise into a busy day. My eating went a bit because I ate out for both lunch and dinner... Read more

  • A new day

    10/8/2015 10:25:08 AM, by ELLAGURU518

    I was feeling a little apprehensive yesterday about whether or not I would be ready for a 4 mile run on Thanksgiving. I did the math and assuming... Read more

  • beck trek day 42 - practice, practice, practice

    10/8/2015 4:45:44 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    hooray! now we trekkers have learned how to think like a thin person! mostly.... it's interesting for me to see what i highlighted in the bo... Read more

  • "How can you NOT smile?"

    10/8/2015 1:42:04 AM, by CATS_MEOW_0911

    Tonight I tried (and loved) a different jiu jitsu gym out here in Washington. We did a conditioning class (both adults and kids) and one of the s... Read more

  • Day 74

    10/7/2015 5:37:08 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Cycled for just over an hour today, with a break for shopping. Had a bit of trouble with resistance and squeaking because (I think) my gears and ... Read more

  • Perspective

    10/7/2015 3:13:52 PM, by GOOSIEMOON

    “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne... Read more

  • Treadmill: Friend or Foe?

    10/7/2015 2:26:11 PM, by ARIMIETTA

    I made it to the gym today! Before I go on, I don't want to give the impression that I've been too busy or anything that glamorous. I've just b... Read more

  • Home Stretch

    10/7/2015 11:16:41 AM, by ELLAGURU518

    I’m almost a week away from my first 5k run! I’m a really slow runner and calculated that it’ll take me about 43 minutes to run that far. Y... Read more

  • beck trek day 41 - make a new to do list

    10/7/2015 4:19:13 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    amazing - this beck trek is coming to an end; the timing has been perfect, the run-up to my beautiful daughter's beautiful wedding. and this chap... Read more

  • Day 73

    10/6/2015 12:11:23 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Nice walk into the town centre today. Managed to get there before the rain and so missed most of it. Had a lovely vegetarian corn taco for lunch ... Read more

  • Hello, Tuesday!

    10/6/2015 12:06:49 PM, by ARIMIETTA

    Tuesday is typically my "Catch-up" and chore day for the week. Laundry, catching up on weird To Do lists, grocery shopping, list making, men... Read more

  • Before

    10/6/2015 11:23:03 AM, by ELLAGURU518

    Deep breath.... Okay. I wanted to take a before picture to track my progress. Well it's a mostly before photo. I took this at 291 lbs, so n... Read more

  • beck trek day 40 - enrich your life

    10/6/2015 4:22:00 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    people tend to "put off" their lives while dieting; beck says instead to enrich our lives - starting now. at this point, it feels like my life is... Read more

  • Clean Slates, I'm a huge fan!

    10/5/2015 2:42:46 PM, by ARIMIETTA

    Hmm.. huge fan. Pun intended? Probably, my sketchy mind tends to work like that from time to time. Anywhooooo It's been well over a year sin... Read more

  • A Mind is a Powerful Thing

    10/5/2015 12:50:00 PM, by COLACABANA9

    I’ve spent more of my life being overweight and obese that I have at a healthy body weight. I have tried numerous different ways to lose weight... Read more

  • Zombies! Week 6 Day 3

    10/5/2015 11:56:20 AM, by ELLAGURU518

    I finished Zombies, Run! C25K Week 6 last Friday. For the first time ever, I ran all the free form runs! I feel like since I managed that, I can ... Read more

  • Day 72

    10/5/2015 10:57:56 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Miserable weather today, I had to use all my waterproofs and keep wiping my glasses.Glad to be home and dry having done it now though!... Read more

  • beck trek day 39 - exercise

    10/5/2015 4:45:23 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    this chapter addresses the difficulties of starting and sticking to exercise. now, on the one hand, getting out and walking or running about 50 m... Read more

  • Day 71

    10/4/2015 11:55:57 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Long walk today, got my heart rate going and felt good. I saw some people playing 'Quidditch' in the park, which was interesting. I'm not sure wh... Read more

  • beck trek day 38 -- plateaus

    10/4/2015 8:55:50 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    plateaus are inevitable in any weight loss journey, even when you are doing everything right; beck describes four strategies for dealing with the... Read more

  • Day 70

    10/3/2015 4:49:29 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Had a nice day out today at a tabletop sale and plant sale. This evening I did a couple of exercise videos and felt really worked out, which is a... Read more

  • beck trek day 37 -- reduce stress

    10/3/2015 9:42:07 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    stress? what stress?! the day of the wedding... and i wrote my whole blog post and it disappeared. oh well... so beck has 3 rules for deali... Read more

  • Back to my exercise

    10/2/2015 11:28:07 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I was released from physical therapy on Tuesday! Last week she told me to try running and I did 3 times. Started C25K over again for a 4 or 5th t... Read more

  • Day 69

    10/2/2015 11:16:57 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Had a great cycle today where I pushed myself a bit and felt great. When I eat well and exercise I feel so healthy, but when I slip into eating l... Read more

  • Pride

    10/2/2015 10:29:25 AM, by ELLAGURU518

    One of the seven deadly sins. Now I’m not Christian, but I was raised as one. As a Christian and as a woman, I was told that pride was undesira... Read more

  • beck trek day 36 - believe it!

    10/2/2015 6:54:56 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    ah yes. believe it! how many times have i said "i can't believe it" about losing weight well below what i had set as my initial goal? for a while... Read more

  • Day 68

    10/1/2015 11:28:20 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Started out for my walk today full of enthusiasm, but quickly became self concious and unsure. I don't know why, but I suddenly felt fat and ugly... Read more

  • No, your legs won’t give out. Yes, you can breathe. Keep going.

    10/1/2015 10:48:26 AM, by ELLAGURU518

    Monday was a big run day for me. I did my first 10 minute run ever. I am super proud of myself, but I was SORE afterwards. My thighs ached Tuesda... Read more

  • beck trek day 35 - get ready to weigh in

    10/1/2015 4:09:21 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    the beck trek is now 5 weeks in - and it has been a great refresher. the chapter focuses on getting ready to weigh in; i'm always ready to weigh ... Read more

  • Why didn't I do this sooner?

    9/30/2015 10:56:51 AM, by SLIM4LIFE09

    All of these years of trying to lose weight and it's so frustrating because, well, I didn't. And when I get all motivated like this and am doing... Read more

  • Day 67

    9/30/2015 10:28:44 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Nice long cycle in the sun today. Almost seven miles in an hour. Also feeling great today because I managed to fit into some clothes that I could... Read more

  • beck trek day 34 - problem solving

    9/30/2015 5:45:46 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    after yesterday's emotional eating, today beck teaches how to solve the problems that might be at the root of the emotional eating. she says to i... Read more

  • Day 66

    9/29/2015 4:03:24 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Walked for just over an hour in sunshine today. Sat for a little while in the middle to read Storm of Swords (3.1 of the Game of Thrones series) ... Read more

  • 2 steps

    9/29/2015 10:52:08 AM, by GOOSIEMOON

    ... Read more

  • Feeling motivated!

    9/29/2015 10:21:30 AM, by SLIM4LIFE09

    So after a really good "first day back" yesterday, I feel pretty darn good today. The scale is down already, I was organized last night and star... Read more

  • beck trek day 33 - emotional eating + hiking photos

    9/29/2015 6:46:14 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    my immediate reaction to this chapter was "this isn't my problem"; i would never console myself with a half gallon of ice cream (the cure-all in ... Read more

  • Teamwork

    9/28/2015 9:17:14 PM, by GOOSIEMOON

    ... Read more

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