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  • Wednesday

    9/2/2015 2:31:37 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Another afternoon off with list moved to the other hospital as they lost the computer screening that is vital for patients. Also found my young s... Read more

  • 10k training

    9/1/2015 12:04:16 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    I am really busy, all the time, but have found a prett... Read more

  • Tuesday

    9/1/2015 12:01:28 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Another day no list this afternoon so asked for A/L and got it so it will help me to get some strength back as still not 100 % tomorrow have an a... Read more

  • Monday

    8/31/2015 1:50:10 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Came home at lunch time today as I really was not feeling great I was feeling a bit wobbly standing most of the time as I never had time to sit d... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/29/2015 9:46:03 PM, by JTREMBATH

    We were going to go down to the farm today but the weather is not the best so Sherry said it would be best to wait until the weather warms up.... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/28/2015 9:00:39 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Would really like to go down to see ZJUSKA, as she s home with her mum but because we are both not 100% we cannot travel that far in a short time... Read more

  • Friday

    8/27/2015 7:18:41 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Got some sad news this morning my sons ex partner's Daughter passed away she was only 21 she had RET syndrome, she was rushed into hospital on Su... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/26/2015 6:23:52 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Did not blog yesterday as I was not well I went to work and came home at lunch time and just wanted to go to bed still not well I have a tummy b... Read more

  • Tuesday

    8/25/2015 2:41:23 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Hubby was a bit better today he went to work where they told him he was really missed which probably made him feel better his big boss said they ... Read more

  • 2 workouts today

    8/25/2015 1:19:01 AM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    Just an overall great day.. a run, taught 2 classes, ... Read more

  • Monday

    8/24/2015 3:19:05 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Hubby was really sick this morning his blood sugars dived to 4.1 so had to give him jelly beans 8 took his sugars 4.5 he was very irritable and a... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/22/2015 11:03:15 PM, by JTREMBATH

    It as turned out to be a beautiful day as if we are already into Spring which is not far away but we are due to get wind and rain tomorrow so mak... Read more

  • Saurday

    8/21/2015 10:05:09 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Not a very nice day weather wise very dull not raining though but is cold was alright for my walk which is the main thing.... Read more

  • Yay Friday

    8/21/2015 3:31:07 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had a real stressful day today every scope I put in the machine this morning aborted as the water temperature was to low so tried to get the plum... Read more

  • Update on Aha Moments...

    8/20/2015 12:11:12 PM, by DOING4ME2015

    So it's been about 3 weeks instead of two but here are some themes I found when tracking.... 1-I really stay in my calorie range but usually... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/19/2015 3:07:39 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Had the afternoon off yesterday as in the morning we found out we did not have a list in the afternoon not very good planning especially when the... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/19/2015 3:07:34 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Had the afternoon off yesterday as in the morning we found out we did not have a list in the afternoon not very good planning especially when the... Read more

  • Wednesday

    8/18/2015 2:59:09 PM, by JTREMBATH

    One thing that came out of our planning day is that there is a lot of unhappy people within the department which did not sound good so it is not ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    8/18/2015 3:29:42 AM, by JTREMBATH

    A very busy day today I think they made up for what we didn't do yesterday, I am pleased I went for my walk early today because just before lunch... Read more

  • 10k training

    8/17/2015 8:17:21 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    I can't believe that I just wrote that blog title. But yes, it's true... I am training to run a 10k!!! I've been doing 10 minutes of exercise a ... Read more

  • Monday

    8/17/2015 3:04:01 AM, by JTREMBATH

    We had a busy morning then the rest of the day was meetings until we finished at 3:30 pm it was a really nice early finish.... Read more

  • tracking is key

    8/16/2015 10:40:32 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    Have been thinking for a while that it was time to track our spending... ffriends of ours just bought a house and I'm jealous. So the last few d... Read more

  • tracking is key

    8/16/2015 10:40:13 PM, by ROYADEDEAUX

    Have been thinking for a while that it was time to track our spending... ffriends of ours just bought a house and I'm jealous. So the last few d... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/15/2015 11:58:57 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Went for my walk early as it was a pleasant morning went out and did the grocery shopping then went into Auckland City I can't remember the last ... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/14/2015 10:24:35 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Today has turned out great weather wise, it was overcast when I went for my walk but now it has dried up and it is starting to warm up. My daught... Read more

  • Yah Friday

    8/14/2015 3:25:14 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Well it is nearly over had terrible day at work talk about people leaving work up to some one else was very much what happened this afternoon one... Read more

  • Day 1: Balanced Life Challenge

    8/13/2015 12:46:17 PM, by DOING4ME2015

    Why do I feel unbalanced lately..... First, what is the definition of unbalanced: "not evenly or properly distributed"... Well this is ... Read more

  • Orange Belt

    8/13/2015 11:26:34 AM, by EILEA73

    Yesterday I tested for my orange belt in Tang Soo Do and I blew it out of the water! I even had to break two boards (I actually ended up breakin... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/13/2015 3:10:42 AM, by JTREMBATH

    I can't wait for our temperatures to rise it is so cold hubby feels it moe than me as he is on blood thinners and he is so cold that he goes to b... Read more

  • Wednesday

    8/11/2015 11:16:50 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Another very cold morning I have never known Auckland to be this cold in Auckland when we are getting close to Spring, so hope it warms up soon.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    8/11/2015 12:20:30 AM, by JTREMBATH

    I have never known Auckland to be so cold it was that cold this morning that because I was finishing work at 12 o'clock decided to go for my walk... Read more

  • Monday

    8/10/2015 3:23:10 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Went to work this morning and the temperature was only 2 deg. Celsius very cold but when you walk into the hospital the warm temperature was so n... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/8/2015 7:32:26 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Another cold day the sun was out, now it has faded and I am trying to get warm.... Read more

  • Friday

    8/6/2015 3:19:59 PM, by JTREMBATH

    The cardiologist is going to keep an eye on me and if in the mean time if I get a serius pain I have to go straight to hospital. It showed up on ... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/5/2015 5:29:15 PM, by JTREMBATH

    I am on A/L today and managed to get an appointment this afternoon to see the cardiologist by luck as some one cancelled there appointment so I g... Read more

  • Wednesday

    8/5/2015 3:24:58 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had to delay my walk this morning it was to wet so I went at lunch time as it had stopped but then not long after it just poured down. My Daughte... Read more

  • Tuesday

    8/3/2015 3:10:37 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Suppose to be a very wet day today it is not raining yet as I just got in from my walk and it was not dad out there at the moment very mild, Well... Read more

  • Monday

    8/3/2015 4:00:06 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Hubby did go back to work today and his blood sugars were not bad but not good either as they were 12.2 so they might come down as the week progr... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/1/2015 7:40:10 PM, by JTREMBATH

    I think hubby will be going back to work tomorrow he has been off 3 weeks sick and it has been s struggle with his diabetes all the ups and not s... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/31/2015 10:14:49 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Today has turned out to be a warm day, very cold this morning though I have all my washing out on the clothes line so hoping to get it all dry.... Read more

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