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  • Day 3

    3/31/2016 11:28:53 AM, by DSBRIDE

    Day 3 of not sleeping thru the night! My legs/feet are killing me! I can get in 1-2 hrs of sleep and then my legs hurt so bad I have to sit up ... Read more

  • It's working !!

    3/30/2016 11:59:43 AM, by TERRITHINA

    I am down another 2 lbs !! All by just walking and keeping in my calorie range! 3 more lbs and I will fit into the next size down,, I'm so encou... Read more

  • Free Pass

    3/29/2016 11:05:31 AM, by FITWITHIN

    Just 3 weeks ago we started a Family and Friends Biggest Loser Challenge. The first week everybody lost weight, and the second week only one per... Read more

  • Day 13

    3/28/2016 8:24:24 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Ok, I'm a failure! I just don't have it in me to finish this challenge. The Easter bunny came and I've been feasting on my goodies plus eating ... Read more

  • The Snow Can't Keep Us Down!

    3/28/2016 5:24:03 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    We were a little afraid to walk outdoors today due to the spring snow and my husband's back. So, we did get to the gym and while he did a little... Read more

  • Resurrection Day Adventure

    3/27/2016 8:19:41 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    This afternoon I took my husband to our daughter's house about 45 minutes from here. I was nervous for him to go so far because of how limited h... Read more

  • Day 13

    3/27/2016 4:36:55 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a great day. My company just left and I want to sit a minute before I start the cleanup. We ate and at... Read more

  • Losing and winning :)

    3/26/2016 11:19:35 PM, by TERRITHINA

    So ,,, I'm not going to weigh myself til I feel like I've lost about 2-3 lbs each time. Just gonna eat healthy 1200-1300 calories a day and walk... Read more

  • Easter Eve

    3/26/2016 9:27:47 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    There is so much in my heart and spirit today. I was blessed to prayer walk through nearby streets and trails today. Though it was a different ... Read more

  • Day 12

    3/26/2016 8:04:22 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Today is Day 12 and I woke up so sore I could hardly move. My legs just won't hold me up today. I guess it was too much yesterday. I manag... Read more

  • recipes and jokes

    3/26/2016 7:53:24 PM, by CANDOK1260

    March is National Nutrition Month, so write about three healthy meals or snacks and share three healthy recipes. I love mac and cheese and ver... Read more

  • Day 11

    3/25/2016 9:08:37 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Today, Day 11, was a really tough day. It's 9 pm and I... Read more

  • Cleanercise?

    3/25/2016 7:39:04 PM, by KHADEEJAH1

    Peace, Okay, I'm trying to keep up with the articles, but you would have to be a real exercise nut to do this. Read Today's Top Story for ... Read more

  • Cabin Fever!

    3/25/2016 6:14:42 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    DH has been stuck here for more than three weeks now since his double fusion back surgery. We do walk every day and today I took him to the gym ... Read more

  • Day 10

    3/24/2016 10:48:46 AM, by DSBRIDE

    Today is Day 10, a rest day for my exercises but lots of work to be done today. The replies are coming in as to who is coming for Easter. All t... Read more

  • She joined me...

    3/24/2016 8:10:07 AM, by LILSHINE

    Good day sparkies Hope you had a success day yesterday. I did pretty good. I felt really great yesterday. My body had a bit more energy. ... Read more

  • Day 9

    3/23/2016 7:20:56 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Today is Day 9 and last night wasn't so great. I finally finished everything about 9 pm and went to bed very sore. I woke up two hours later ac... Read more

  • Get Your Fitness On

    3/23/2016 11:21:41 AM, by KHADEEJAH1

    This me yesterday . This is me today . Just having fun! ... Read more

  • A bit late but I'm here tee hee

    3/23/2016 10:27:33 AM, by LILSHINE

    Good day to ya Well I've been MIA for a teensy bit but I thought about you... I went last week to have my Assessment done at YouFit. Me... Read more

  • 2nd strength blog with jokes

    3/22/2016 9:44:14 PM, by CANDOK1260

    Our second blog of the week is about strength training. Since March is about Strength Training, do you do any Strength Training? I usually do ... Read more

  • Oops!

    3/22/2016 5:57:04 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I missed my 10,000 steps goal yesterday. I was so tired with caring for my husband and then a migraine hit and I was operating on very little sl... Read more

  • Day 8

    3/22/2016 4:07:00 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Here it is Day 8 and I'm only half done for today. It's after 4 and I've gone grocery shopping today for the things I need to do my Easter bakin... Read more

  • TV

    3/22/2016 9:27:36 AM, by KHADEEJAH1

    Try to find this article on Sparkpeople. 10 Signs You're Watching Too Much TV. If I can I will get back to you with the link. Right now I h... Read more

  • Watching the Healthy Ones!

    3/21/2016 5:49:18 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    In recent months I've been watching more closely the actions of those who are fit and healthy to see what they do that is different than what I d... Read more

  • Day 7

    3/21/2016 12:02:16 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Today is Day 7 and I just finished doing them all. Here is today's list : 20 jj's 10 squats 10 push ups 10 bend over rolls 25 sec plan... Read more

  • Day 6

    3/20/2016 12:44:05 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Today is Day 6 after the rest day yesterday. It consists of 15 jj's, 8 squats, 8 push ups, 8 rows, 20 sec plank and 15 more jj's. I've gotten ... Read more

  • Challenges

    3/19/2016 9:19:31 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I love the various SP Challenges and am currently enrolled in several that I started at different times. They help me focus on areas where I hav... Read more

  • Day 5

    3/19/2016 9:11:36 AM, by DSBRIDE

    Today is day 5 of my 30 day challenge. How quickly the days go by. Today is a rest day which means I'll only concentrate on my steps. Yes... Read more

  • Day 4

    3/18/2016 11:58:26 AM, by DSBRIDE

    Today is Day 4. It presents another challenge as it calls for a 20 sec plank. The plank isn't the problem although I've never tried a plank. G... Read more

  • Stress Walking?

    3/18/2016 11:01:22 AM, by GRANDMABABA

    At least that's what it seems like. I've been walking more than 10k steps per day for more than eight weeks...ever since the day before a huge t... Read more

  • Devastating news...

    3/18/2016 4:08:16 AM, by LANCE992

    My brother called last night from Indiana. He and I are very close now that my mother (God rest her soul) has been gone 2 and a half years. He sa... Read more

  • bsg strength blog and jokes

    3/17/2016 10:17:50 PM, by CANDOK1260

    : If someone is just starting out with exercising do you have any recommendations for incorporating Strength Training into your exercise routine?... Read more

  • Birthday Treats....

    3/17/2016 6:31:10 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I ate a yummy cupcake a friend brought in honor of two ladies in our group with upcoming special days. I sometimes say no to such treats, but to... Read more

  • My Sister!

    3/17/2016 2:39:23 PM, by TPETRIE

    I am sorry to have to tell my Spark friends that my sister has passed. She died on March 9, 2016. Shae had down syndrome and she also had dementi... Read more

  • Day 3

    3/17/2016 10:58:03 AM, by DSBRIDE

    Yesterday was such a great day. I finished my challenge early and I had time to cook my 10 heads of cabbage. This is the time to stock the free... Read more

  • Read the Articles on Sparkpeople

    3/16/2016 7:56:59 PM, by KHADEEJAH1

    I just read this article on Sparkpeople and it spoke to me. Sometimes I feel like, what the heck. However, I keep pushing and remain positive.... Read more

  • Day 2

    3/16/2016 3:37:00 PM, by DSBRIDE

    Yesterday I made a startling discovery. I thought I really couldn't do the jumping jacks but I found it it it was only fear that was stopping me... Read more

  • Science Projects

    3/16/2016 2:56:11 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I went up to the university to see my 5th grade grandson present his science project after winning school and district awards. Tomorrow his 7th ... Read more

  • Wish it was me instead of him...

    3/16/2016 12:22:45 AM, by GRANDMABABA

    Two weeks ago my husband had some serious back surgery. Since then he has lost 12 pounds and he was not overweight to begin with. Wish I could ... Read more

  • New challenge, Day 1

    3/15/2016 7:56:03 PM, by DSBRIDE

    I was going thru last months Redbook magazine and they had a 30 day change your body. Being game for anything, I decided to try this. I did not... Read more

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