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  • 7/26 & 7/27 Blog

    7/27/2016 11:39:51 PM, by MBETTIS3

    I didn't blog yesterday but I will recap it here for you... On the food front I blew it yesterday... I felt so bad about it that I took a... Read more

  • Blog 7/25

    7/25/2016 11:46:31 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Today was a "search for motivation"... I went to work less than motivated and I ate like "meh". I didn't workout in the pool, but I did do danc... Read more

  • Blog 7/24/16

    7/24/2016 10:25:45 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Had a wonderful time in the Lord at church this morning. Sunday school began with a reminder that we are Not Without Hope. That is encouraging es... Read more

  • #lose100 July 23

    7/24/2016 12:20:40 AM, by MBETTIS3

    Today was a strange day. You know when you WANT to do something but you have no idea what that something is.... well that was today. I didn't end... Read more

  • #Lose 100 - Blog 7/22

    7/22/2016 10:01:42 PM, by MBETTIS3

    I have been back for a while now, but I figured I better start blogging again because I want to remember this journey. Speak those things that ... Read more

  • Life After Pregnancy... almost there

    7/19/2016 3:05:13 PM, by NAMBRA

    Wow it has been a while since I have been online. After I got pregnant I kind of didn't feel like I fit in here. Everyone trying to lose weight a... Read more

  • What does thin mean?

    7/15/2016 10:33:35 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I've hit a point where apparently I look very good in terms of people noticing. And truthfully, I notice too. I have calf muscles! My thighs are ... Read more

  • Sad truth

    6/18/2016 9:20:21 PM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    As much as I worry about maintenance, I still have a hard time just losing weight. Haven't lost any weight this week. Which.Is.Okay. Normal... Read more

  • The green tea cup exercise

    6/17/2016 7:25:29 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Try this exercise out. Andy Shaw in his book "Using a Bug Free Mind" describes the result of imprinting your mind with the general image of a gr... Read more

  • Don't dispair, you have the power

    6/16/2016 9:43:50 PM, by OLDEROWL

    I haven't walked your journey, but I am sure you are a worthy and powerful person. God, or the universe, or however you define it made you human... Read more

  • Flat tire

    6/9/2016 11:37:04 PM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I love quotes and sayings and wisdoms... Lately, I've been leaning on the "flat tire" thinking. If you have a flat tire, you don't sta... Read more

  • 50% of me gone

    6/5/2016 11:06:05 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    Woo HOO! This morning I hit a tipping point: I weigh exactly what I've lost in the last 18 months. I've lost FIFTY PERCENT of my starting weight!... Read more

  • Walking

    6/1/2016 9:00:02 PM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I'm trying to log 24 hours of walking this week. I walk approximately 3 miles an hour. It's a LOT of time walking...and I'm a ginger and the high... Read more

  • Sabotage...

    5/24/2016 1:22:34 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Why did, just this morning, a retiree decide to bring doughnuts and juice around to everyone in our department...AND a student came around offeri... Read more

  • Retooling: Week one...

    5/18/2016 12:21:23 AM, by MBETTIS3

    I went to the Dr. last week after not being there in quite some time. I went in very confident because I had begun some very good changes in my d... Read more

  • more non scale victories

    5/1/2016 8:14:54 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I keep a chart of my weight loss statistics every week and there is space for a non scale victory as well. BUT I feel like I have so many N... Read more

  • Back to the Blog...

    4/6/2016 10:40:48 AM, by MBETTIS3

    I used to do this alot... but then I just stopped. First of all I like to think I can be hilarious. At least my kids and students think so... but... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Dance Rehearsal

    4/5/2016 1:46:41 PM, by MBETTIS3

    This in one of my motivations... i want to be able to do MORE in MOVEMENT for God. Trying to work some choreography for a pc...... Read more

  • Slay your dragons

    3/29/2016 6:52:06 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Some things that you need to do are not things you enjoy doing. These tend to be put off and put off until your life suffers too much and you ju... Read more

  • reasons why people make weight loss a big struggle

    3/18/2016 8:59:28 PM, by OLDEROWL

    White-1602 just posted a translation of an article giving reasons why many people make maintaining a healthy weight a bigger struggle than it sho... Read more

  • New Jeans

    3/18/2016 8:10:18 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I can get my current jeans on and off without undoing the button and zipper. Even though I don't like "skinny" pants...that is a bit excessive fo... Read more

  • Took a day off and

    3/14/2016 8:39:57 PM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    the world didn't end! I am on break, and decided to up my walking game last week. Ended up with huge hot purpley blister on my bottom foot-... Read more

  • I'm no longer Democrat, but Trump scares me.

    3/13/2016 3:09:57 PM, by OLDEROWL

    On March 11, someone said to me you have a big day coming up in May, what are you going to do about it. He was talking about my seventieth birth... Read more

  • Down 150

    3/10/2016 9:16:09 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    So. I'm down 150 pounds from my recorded high. I'm trying to sit with it for awhile, before concentrating on my next shorter term goal, but it's ... Read more

  • Faith

    2/25/2016 10:29:00 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Faith is the key to success. The key to success is to be grateful and happy no matter what life brings you. If you are unhappy because of what ... Read more

  • so much of this is mental

    2/9/2016 6:58:57 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    Yesterday I had two dinners---one with several extra helpings of veggies. And an hour or so later...about 8 ounces of cottage cheese. Maybe... Read more

  • Down 100 pounds since...

    2/6/2016 7:54:02 PM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I am down 100 pounds since my surgery almost 8 months ago. What a feeling to realize that! It has been tough, and the mental game is getting hard... Read more

  • Lean Habit 2, Mastering the hunger pain (satiety clue)

    1/25/2016 7:15:51 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Doug Lisle created a video called “Losing weight without losing your sanity” www.youtube.com/watch?v=
    xAdqLB6bTuQ . eating is... Read more

  • Frustrated

    1/24/2016 7:28:30 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    On Monday, after basically staying the same weight for two weeks, I promised myself I wouldn't weigh again til Sunday. The last six days I ... Read more

  • Other successes this week...

    1/15/2016 5:27:08 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Well I weighed in and I don't want to get too side tracked by the scale, but it wasn't down. On the other hand I have more energy than I have had... Read more

  • I actually exercised today...

    1/13/2016 10:05:39 PM, by MBETTIS3

    I have been so ANTI exercise... my days and times were all occupied or I was too exhausted to do anything but there is nothing to it but to do it... Read more

  • Teaching made me fat...

    1/10/2016 10:50:05 PM, by MBETTIS3

    I wrote two blogs about this on my other teacher blog "all math everything" but I am convinced that teaching is one of the biggest culprit of my ... Read more

  • Reflect and move on.

    1/9/2016 6:24:36 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Ok, so I came back... like many others and like I have done so many times before.... In 2007 I was 207, in 2009 I was 225, in 2013 I was 250 an... Read more

  • I'm on track!

    1/6/2016 12:42:14 PM, by DALPONTEP1

    I've been working hard trying to figure out this type 2 diabetes thing. I'm not sure I have any answers, but I do feel better. Things that used... Read more

  • SparkPeople - tracking food and working out while pregnant?

    1/3/2016 4:42:22 AM, by NAMBRA

    OK I have been figuring this out for the last two months, but I can't figure out how to use SparkPeople while pregnant. I know there used to be a... Read more

  • Preparing for a healthier me

    12/30/2015 2:30:49 PM, by MFABER3

    I can do this! I can get moving for 10 minutes a day. I can make healthier choices. I can say "no" to my snack-loving hubby. The new year i... Read more

  • Overthinking

    12/29/2015 9:14:29 AM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    So, i got to a "tipping point" where the weeks and months of slow and steady weight loss are now visible to most people. and I have receive... Read more

  • Months/weeks/days

    12/17/2015 6:41:41 PM, by REDHEADMOM2U

    I'm so grateful I keep a weekly chart of my weight and non scale victories. Most days I feel so discouraged, many weeks I get mad at the scale, b... Read more

  • Taking the first steps to a writer's destiny...

    12/11/2015 1:08:51 PM, by MAD_WRITER_TAL

    You know, i think i've spent half my life trying to get my writing out to the world. Everything that i could think of made sure to stop me and ho... Read more

  • Intuition

    12/1/2015 6:57:19 AM, by NAMBRA

    I don't think I have ever been a keeper of such a secret that I am now. At this moment we haven't yet told anyone about being pregnant. But I fee... Read more

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