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Restricted Diet 2014
3/13/2014 10:32:56 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I get asked very often - how are you? This has become a loaded question, because depending on the time of day, my answer will vary. I have IBS. ...  Read more


RE: I'm Back, After A, Very Very, Long Break.
1/31/2014 10:50:36 AM,  84 COMMENTS

RE: I'm back, after a very very, long break, i'll be, very very, honest with, you now, i have not had the energy to go out much, so have been hiding...  Read more


Get out of the rut! A 2014 Anthem.
1/2/2014 5:14:17 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Whoop, whoop! It would be remiss of me not to make an effort to post a blog to start off the year. So cliche but w...  Read more


Hunger Games - New Spark Team
12/29/2013 10:09:49 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Keep Calm and Get in FIGHTING Shape! Run like your in the Hunger Games! Join me in the VICTOR circle! Hey there! I need some SP friends to join m...  Read more


Victory is MINE!
12/29/2013 5:26:53 PM,  4 COMMENTS

1 Corinthians 15:57 - But thanks [be] to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. So I have come under the conclusion that...  Read more


You are God's
12/28/2013 5:23:26 PM,  2 COMMENTS

You are custom-made. There's nobody like you in the whole world. And the gifts, the abilities, the talents, even the interests you have -- they were g...  Read more


Let Go of the Past...
12/27/2013 7:15:12 PM,  8 COMMENTS

"When the past comes calling, don't pick it up. Just let it go to voicemail because it's got nothing new to say anyway." What in your past is hol...  Read more


2014 Goals!
12/26/2013 8:57:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS

STAY ON TRACK!!! How to Stay on Track. Eat more veggies Eat More Fruit Drink Water Lean Meats Stay in the Calorie Range that is req...  Read more


Well it's for my health!!!
12/25/2013 11:51:06 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I am 32 going on 33 and know I have high blood pressure because I can lay in bed at night and my heart is beating so fast I can hear it In my ears! ...  Read more


Ok now I know I can!!!
12/20/2013 9:23:12 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Our preacher preached a sermon Sunday that stuck in my head. It was about when they train the Marines on Hell day. He told of how they went through vi...  Read more


RE: Yesterday Was My, Tribunal Hearing It, Did Not Go, Well !!!! !!!!.
12/13/2013 8:27:28 AM,  103 COMMENTS

RE: Yesterday, was my Tribunal Hearing it, did not go, well !!!! !!!!, as i got asked, all kinds of personal questions !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!, most of wh...  Read more


Anybody want to be my weigh in partner?
12/10/2013 9:17:51 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I read that if you have a buddy that encourages and helps you stay accountable that you are more likely to succeed. I actually would love to have some...  Read more


Big News!
11/30/2013 9:20:02 AM,  27 COMMENTS

Hi Everyone, I've been missing on here for awhile. Things have been a little crazy and stressful, but they are starting to sort themselves out no...  Read more


RE: Last Weekend, I Celebrated, My 10, Year Anniversary, In &, @ My, Flat (Sunday 23rd, November 200
11/28/2013 7:48:21 AM,  49 COMMENTS

RE: Last weekend, i celebrated, my 10, year Anniversary, in &, @ my, Flat (Sunday 23rd November 2003 - Saturday 23rd November 2013). I cannot, be...  Read more


RE: My Upcoming Tribunal Hearing.
11/21/2013 7:31:44 AM,  93 COMMENTS

RE: My upcoming Tribunal Hearing, as many of you, know i am dreading, this day which i, have now got a, date for & that, date is 12/12/2013 Thursday,...  Read more


Going strong.....
11/17/2013 10:00:34 AM,  18 COMMENTS

Doing well with my training for the week. Staying strong and taking it day by day.... Friday - Hill intervals on the bike - DONE!! 61 mins Sat...  Read more


An update on my progress and new goals for this next week...
11/15/2013 6:11:59 AM,  13 COMMENTS

I am doing well, working hard and trying my best to stay on track. Logging on my blog and spark has been another story. I have been posting on my FB p...  Read more


RE: My Spare Bedroom, Refurbishing Plans Went, Up In Smoke.
11/8/2013 12:06:03 PM,  76 COMMENTS

RE: My Spare Bedroom, refurbishing plans went, up in smoke, as i have, soooo not been, able to start, doing it yet, as for the, past few days, i have...  Read more


RE: So Far In, My Downstairs Cupboard, aka My Newly, Refurbished Kitchen Cupboard.
11/8/2013 11:23:14 AM,  30 COMMENTS

RE: So far in, my Downstairs Cupboard, aka my newly, refurbished Kitchen Cupboard, i have got, so far the, following (cheap Budgeted), tems from the,...  Read more


So far so good. Results 11/7....
11/8/2013 4:37:24 AM,  60 COMMENTS

Yesterday I did well. I was unable to get my walk in due to the weather but I will make up for it today. Food wise, I did great. Water was on tra...  Read more


Time for new goals!! Ready to finally MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!
11/7/2013 5:42:45 AM,  19 COMMENTS

We are back from Paris and it is time for me to get back on track with my program. This is going to be a short and sweet post for today. My focus righ...  Read more


RE: My Next Project, (My Spare Bedroom).
11/1/2013 9:27:39 AM,  56 COMMENTS

RE: My next project, (my Spare Bedroom), i now know, exactly what i, am going to, do with/, about my Spare, Bedroom i am, going to make, it into my, p...  Read more


RE: I'm Ok, I Really, Really Am Ok.
10/28/2013 11:08:06 AM,  75 COMMENTS

RE: I'm ok, i really, really am ok, yesterday was the painful anniversary, of my break up from my EX Boyfriend, you all know his name, by now for thos...  Read more


RE: I Finally Did It.
10/25/2013 9:58:02 AM,  79 COMMENTS

RE: I finally did it, i finally finished clearing, out my Downstairs Hall, Cupboard (next to my, Front Door !!!! !!!!), which i am well, pleased about...  Read more


Goals for today...
10/24/2013 4:52:11 AM,  23 COMMENTS

I am really wanting to get back to strength training, I miss it so much!!! Obviously with my back injury I cannot do too much at this time, but I can...  Read more


What a cruddy 8 months....
10/15/2013 9:42:39 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Where to start? These past 8 months have been the WORST in my life. My mom passed away in February after falling and having a hernia twist and ruptu...  Read more


Not Without a Fight
10/2/2013 2:25:32 PM,  3 COMMENTS

A quick follow-up to yesterday's blog since so many folks commented on it. Thanks for the kinds words and support. Apparently, my complacent, ap...  Read more


RE: My Fitness Times, & Routines On, Sparkpeople.Com.
10/2/2013 10:00:42 AM,  67 COMMENTS

RE: My fitness times, & routines on, some of you, do not believe, me about what, i write down, on my Fitness Tiimes, & Routines on, Sp...  Read more


BLC 23 Fitness Test
10/1/2013 5:55:04 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Week 1 - 9/25/13: Crunches = 29/60 secs Squats - 27/60 secs Pushups (knees and barely bending arms) - 22/60 secs Plank - 51 secs Wall Sits -...  Read more


To Me and All The Other Knuckleheads Out There
10/1/2013 1:26:23 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Sometimes I write a blog with the intention that I have a message or experience that I think a particular group may benefit from hearing. Occasionall...  Read more


Damn you, cold virus!
9/30/2013 9:12:23 AM,  0 COMMENTS

There is nothing like getting sick to derail any momentum you might have had in the eating right/exercise department. Bleh. I'm starting to pull out...  Read more


RE: Losing The Plot.
9/27/2013 10:22:14 AM,  57 COMMENTS

RE: Losing the plot, 2day i don't know, whether i am coming or i am going !!!! !!!! !!!!, as when i woke up this morning & made myself a big mug of Ho...  Read more


RE: 2 Days Ago, (Wednesday) 11/09/2013, (English Way) Or, 9/11/2013 (American Way) Was, The 12th An
9/13/2013 9:08:07 AM,  21 COMMENTS

RE: 2 Days ago, (Wednesday) 11/09/2013, (English way) or, 9/11/2013 (American way) was, the 12th Anniversary of 9/11. I still have, very very cle...  Read more


RE: Yesterday 10/09/1970, (English Way) or, 9/10/1970 (American Way), I Celebrated, My 43rd, Birthda
9/11/2013 8:12:30 AM,  35 COMMENTS

RE: Yesterday 10/09/1970, (English way) or, 9/10/1970 (American way), i celebrated, my 43rd Birthday. I got a text, from my Mum (Mary), @ 10/09/2...  Read more


RE: Being In Pain, Is Such A, Pain In The, Behind Etc Etc, !!!! !!!! !!!!, PT2.
9/5/2013 10:21:51 AM,  40 COMMENTS

RE: Being in pain, is such a, pain in the, behind etc etc, !!!! !!!! !!!!, this is PT2, as you already, know i wrote a Blog about, this story on the 2...  Read more


RE: An Old Friendship, Rekindled (From Many Years Ago).
8/23/2013 9:34:47 AM,  45 COMMENTS

RE: An old friendship, rekindled (from many years ago), has recently started up again, on/from (15th July 2013), this person who i am on about, is som...  Read more


RE: Finding It Hard To, Ask For Help, When You Need, It Is Very, Very Hard.
8/21/2013 9:52:19 AM,  50 COMMENTS

RE: Finding it hard, to ask for help, when you need, it is very, very hard which, in my case is what i am going thru at this very moment in time. ...  Read more


RE: How To Cope, When Your Feeling Low.
8/19/2013 7:48:45 AM,  44 COMMENTS

RE: How to cope, when your feeling low, my way of dealing with this, situation was to Self Harm, (cutting my arms) on both sides. This has now le...  Read more


Getting back into the swing of things
8/10/2013 12:54:38 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well, I've managed to lose 6 pounds since that disastrous 165-lb wake-up call at the end of June, so that's good! I'm not really "feeling it" yet, if...  Read more


Time to Start Planning the Fall Garden
8/2/2013 5:35:51 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Since I live in Sacramento, I have another season of planting and harvesting available to me and this year I plan to take full advantage of it. I...  Read more


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