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  • 31 July 2015

    7/31/2015 11:54:52 AM, by ANA3400

    I've really regrouped since weigh-in day and I've started putting in much more effort during my walks. I've been moving a lot more briskly despit... Read more

  • Update And Santa Baby Chapter 13

    7/29/2015 1:20:18 PM, by AANGEL3

    So...the diet thing isn't going so well. I've couching and hacking for weeks. Finally went to the Dr. and I have bronchitis. I just took my last ... Read more

  • July Weight & Measurements

    7/28/2015 12:13:37 PM, by ANA3400

    Damn. :( I guess this month just was not my month! ALL of my measurements went up, except for my neck which somehow lost a quarter inch. :( I al... Read more

  • 24 July 2015

    7/24/2015 11:14:03 AM, by ANA3400

    My surgery to put in a power port waa rougher than expected. I spent three days on the couch (per my doctor's orders) and last night I went on my... Read more

  • Santa Baby Chapter 12 - Been Busy Writing And Working

    7/17/2015 4:00:40 PM, by AANGEL3

    I know it's been like forever since I've posted a blog. I've just so busy with life, work, and writing! I'm all the way to chapter 15 now in Sant... Read more

  • Portacath

    7/17/2015 12:38:29 PM, by ANA3400

    I'm having surgery Monday morning to have a portacath put in so that my infisions for my POTS will be easier. My veins are totally shot. :( I'm a... Read more

  • My past month

    7/9/2015 12:56:52 PM, by K1TT3N

    Well to start off , I will say I am still on the down side, as in my weight is still dropping and that is great, I feel good , I am moving alot, ... Read more

  • July 6 2015

    7/6/2015 12:13:59 PM, by ANA3400

    About a week ago my husband and me bought passes at the local rec center for the pool for a month. It is open until 8:30 most nights, so this has... Read more

  • 20 Tips for Becoming a Vegetarian

    6/30/2015 2:34:50 AM, by EARTHSEAME

    From 20 Tips for Becoming a Vegetarian So, if you’d like to become a vegetarian, without too much trouble, here ar... Read more

  • June weight and measurements

    6/24/2015 12:47:03 PM, by ANA3400

    Since I still am really not losing much weight I decided to switch to monthly weigh ins and measurements, until I get off my steroid, anyway. I h... Read more

  • Busy, busy, busy

    6/24/2015 3:08:21 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    It's amazing how quickly life can get busy. Working takes a lot out of a person. I've been actively trying to get my name out there as an ar... Read more

  • Mom updates...sad news

    6/22/2015 5:31:55 PM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    It's been a bit since I blogged. It has been a rough few weeks lately. We found out the beginning of June that the almost year since diagnosis ... Read more

  • Santa Baby Chapter 11 (Frist Draft)

    6/18/2015 7:41:05 PM, by AANGEL3

    Wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes Jamie looked across the table at her best friend. Elbows on the table, hands over her face Kandy was s... Read more

  • TGIF!! And Sanat Baby Chapter Ten

    6/12/2015 7:11:43 PM, by AANGEL3

    Happy TGIF! Not a lot going on. I did get chapter 10 of Santa Baby done. So without further it is! Chris stood in front of the op... Read more

  • 12 June 2015

    6/12/2015 11:40:26 AM, by ANA3400

    My weight is up 2.4 pounds this week to 170.6 that is some discouraging stuff. :( Nothing changed this week except the fact that I'm drinking pe... Read more

  • Santa Baby - Chapter 9

    6/10/2015 7:40:59 PM, by AANGEL3

    So I sliced a bit of one of my pinkie finger last night. Took off a nice little patch. It bled like I'd cut a vain. After I plastered it with 4 o... Read more

  • 5 June 2015

    6/5/2015 12:09:09 PM, by ANA3400

    No weigh in this week, thanks to TOM. But I did have a pretty good week. Thursdays are grocery nights in this house and I didn't need to use my... Read more

  • 6/3/15

    6/4/2015 6:58:33 AM, by VENISEW1

    Wow I can't believe how long it has been since my last blog. I have been pretty busy purging, moving & selling appliances for our new home renova... Read more

  • Story Link - Just Can't Do It

    6/3/2015 7:25:10 PM, by AANGEL3

    I was going to post a link to the first 4 chapters of one of my paranormal romance WIPs. I have them posted at my writers blog. But the it's kind... Read more

  • Another Monday

    6/1/2015 5:43:56 PM, by AANGEL3

    It's Monday again. You all know how I feel about Mondays. And it's hot. Not as hot as yesterday was (it was like 110!) it's only 94 here and part... Read more

  • I walked 3 Miles Yesterday

    6/1/2015 11:03:02 AM, by ANA3400

    I have no idea when the last time I managed that all at once was. Definitely not within the last year. After I got my infusion Saturday morning I... Read more

  • Changing My Weigh In Day

    5/29/2015 11:17:39 AM, by ANA3400

    I've been weighing in on Wed mornings, but since I have started weekly IV treatments for my POTS I have decided to move my weigh in day to Friday... Read more

  • Santa Baby Chapter 8

    5/28/2015 5:09:07 PM, by AANGEL3

    I really don't have much to blog about. So here is chapter 8 of my Santa Baby WIP. The door to Rudy’s Diner opened on a gust of freez... Read more

  • May Measurements

    5/28/2015 12:38:50 PM, by ANA3400

    My upper arm is the same this month as last. My thigh is the same too. I'm down 3" in my waist! (Holy crumbs. How did I manage that??) ... Read more

  • 5-27-2014

    5/27/2015 11:58:45 AM, by ANA3400

    170.2 Up 1.5 pounds this week, which is just depressing. :( I have starting weekly potassium and saline IVs to increase blood volume to help my... Read more

  • Where I've been

    5/26/2015 6:44:37 AM, by CRANBEARIE

    Yet again, I am back. Newest update - I'm working as an OTA, bouncing between buildings as they use me to cover shortages in other facilities whe... Read more

  • 20 May 2015 Weigh In

    5/20/2015 1:07:35 PM, by ANA3400

    I'm 168.7 this week which is down .8 from last week! Yay! That is the right direction! :) Last week was the first time in months that I have bee... Read more

  • BLC 28 Goals

    5/20/2015 4:58:35 AM, by SECONDCHANCE48

    My short term goals is to get through my foot surgery on May 26th and heal up...and get support from my Tigers buddies..... My mid term goa... Read more

  • BLC 28 PAWSE Week 1

    5/20/2015 4:51:25 AM, by SECONDCHANCE48

    Good morning friends it's day one and lets get ready to ROAR let's show them how it's done in the BLC.... I went grocery shopping yesterday ... Read more

  • BLC 28 PAWSE Week 1 Test

    5/14/2015 12:37:56 PM, by SECONDCHANCE48

    Wednesday's Assignment (every week) is to PAWSE! PAWSE Wednesday: Generally a day of rest! Does that mean devouring everything in sight or ... Read more

  • Rolling In The Sh*t

    5/13/2015 7:50:20 PM, by AANGEL3

    You know...I'd really like to make it though just one week at work without rumors of layoffs, closures, sell offs percolating though our campus. ... Read more

  • May 13 2015

    5/13/2015 5:44:16 PM, by ANA3400

    I weighed in the exact same as last week which is a victory! I had food poisoning too, which makes it an extra awesome victory. :) Starting tom... Read more

  • Short One and Santa Baby Chapter 7

    5/12/2015 6:40:42 PM, by AANGEL3

    Not a whole lot to blog about. Our new trees are in, the new robo vac is doing a great job,kitties had their nails trimmed and that about sums u... Read more

  • Hello....sorry i've not blogged in awhile

    5/12/2015 6:52:55 AM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    It's been a bit since I blogged and I apologize for that. Since the spine surgery I've been focusing on my healing and trying to get my strength... Read more

  • Geocaching and Mother's Day

    5/11/2015 6:09:06 PM, by K1TT3N

    1st I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. DH , DD , her friend and I went geocaching for the first time on Saturday, I loved it , even though... Read more

  • Being authentic

    5/10/2015 10:44:28 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    The new year always has many people thinking about what they would like to improve in their life, me included. I read over my goals that I poste... Read more

  • Momma still got it

    5/10/2015 10:49:39 AM, by MSKEESH

    Yesterday I hit the gym like a mad woman. Usually I have sacrifice some of my work out time to take my children to their mentoring program on Sat... Read more

  • One More Day!

    5/7/2015 6:29:26 PM, by AANGEL3 more day until the weekend. I hope Friday flies by! So I didn't get a blog posted yesterday. I just ran out of time. I... Read more

  • 5-6-2015

    5/6/2015 11:59:15 AM, by ANA3400

    Start weight: 168.7 Last Weight: 169.3 Current Weight: 169.5 Well, I'm up another .2, which is okay for a maintain. It's still up, but not by mu... Read more

  • Not So Bad and Santa Baby Chapter Six

    5/5/2015 7:34:50 PM, by AANGEL3

    Last night wasn't too bad in the eating dept. I was just under my top calorie count. And NO after dinner snacking. I did my 60 ... Read more

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