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  • Trip on the Horizon

    10/24/2016 6:59:55 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good Sunday with the GD'S. My 3-year-old definitely has the snack bug. She asks for snacks a LOT. Sometimes, I say okay. Sometimes, I... Read more

  • My First F2F OA Meeting

    10/23/2016 7:58:59 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday was a really good day. I got my kitchen table all sorted out and looking nice again. Then, I went to my first OA face-to-face meeting... Read more

  • Bye-bye fitbit!

    10/22/2016 1:48:39 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    My fitbit bit the dust. It stopped sending some of the data a couple weeks ago and struggled to connect to charge. Today it is dead! So sad. ... Read more

  • Planning the Day

    10/22/2016 6:37:40 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good Friday. Everything went well at work. I continued in abstinence from overeating. DH and I had a good evening at home together. ... Read more

  • Lost day!

    10/21/2016 5:17:01 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I had so many things planned for today. Alas, I got hit with a major migraine early and ended up unable to do any of the planned tasks. Now it'... Read more

  • Anxiety vs. Confidence

    10/21/2016 6:26:27 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Everything went well yesterday. I went to the "big meeting" with the other company that is supposed to be giving us a bunch of business. I was ... Read more

  • Happy Birthday, DH!

    10/20/2016 7:01:45 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Today is DH's birthday! The older we get, the harder the gifting. I got him a subscription to two different magazines that he likes and gift ca... Read more

  • Here we go again

    10/19/2016 10:21:27 AM, by CLOEARIEL

    So far, so good - this week I have gymed. I have eaten reasonably. I have Doctor appts - for good or ill - and getting myself aligned to set t... Read more

  • Positive Returns!

    10/19/2016 6:51:06 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I saw a little drop in weight on the scale this morning. Yay! It's a nice confirmation of what I already knew. When you are being abstinent fr... Read more

  • Climbing back on track...

    10/18/2016 2:25:27 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    DH is trying to get over a sinus infection and then he passed a kidney stone this morning (about 60 since he started struggling with this about 4... Read more

  • Starting on the Next Quest

    10/18/2016 6:32:13 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good day yesterday. The client did not show up for her conflict resolution meeting; but I was able to talk to her by phone and did the m... Read more

  • Under the weather

    10/17/2016 8:39:48 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    Struggling a bit. I find it all too easy to snack on unhealthy fare when I'm sick. Glad it's not a major illness. Should be back on track in a... Read more

  • Stressors...One Down, One to Go!

    10/17/2016 6:39:16 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good Sunday with DH. We did our weekly shopping. He's having a hard time with his left knee. I know how that is. I've had my share of... Read more

  • Cathy 2.0

    10/16/2016 7:43:55 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    So, the garage sale went well yesterday. I sold some stuff and enjoyed my time with my DD's and GD's. Also, DH's parents came over and visited ... Read more

  • What excuse? :)

    10/15/2016 10:11:04 AM, by DAN1964

    ... Read more

  • Feeling Better...Garage Sale!

    10/15/2016 6:30:49 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    So yesterday was a better day. The "problem" from Thursday is still being resolved. I am scheduled Monday with the problem client and am confid... Read more

  • Need more strength training!

    10/14/2016 8:43:48 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    My walking is pretty much on track. I get out there each day or walk indoors. Yesterday was my highest total in awhile...just over 9 miles. Bu... Read more

  • A good day was had

    10/14/2016 10:30:18 AM, by DAN1964

    Yesterday a friend I had not seen in nearly a decade came by for a brief visit. It was nice to do some catching up about him and his family, as ... Read more

  • Rough Day

    10/14/2016 7:00:51 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I survived a not-so-awesome day at work yesterday. I had two criticisms come against me right at the end of the day and was really glad to come ... Read more

  • Too many carbs, too much salt, not enough water....

    10/13/2016 6:47:40 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    These are my main food struggles these days. Whenever I notice a little edema on my legs I realize I'm on a bad trajectory for me. At the same ... Read more

  • Going strong?

    10/13/2016 2:41:37 PM, by CLOEARIEL

    Hi all! Been focusing on eating well and getting some movement. This week has been not as good - with visiting my Mom In Law last weekend, I st... Read more

  • Excited about Weight Loss!

    10/13/2016 7:24:33 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I'm pretty excited this morning. Finally, the 10th pound is gone. Hallelujah! 4 weeks of being abstinent from overeating = 10.8 lbs down! Yes... Read more

  • Still here . . .

    10/12/2016 6:52:14 AM, by DAN1964

    Still in the process of improving. Have a wonderful day everyone! :)... Read more

  • Good-Bye to the Roller Coaster Days!

    10/12/2016 6:33:15 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Today completes 4 weeks...on plan...abstinent from compulsive overeating/emotional overeating/binge eating...ahhhh. Feels good. It's such a rel... Read more

  • Fall Fun!

    10/11/2016 1:52:06 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    We've had some beautiful fall days lately. Walking has been a joy. Life has been so full of a ton of volunteer responsibilities, but I wouldn't... Read more

  • Clarity and Slogans

    10/11/2016 7:03:22 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    One of the biggest changes I have noticed in myself in the last 27 days, of abstinence from overeating, is clear thinking. Many people describe ... Read more

  • No More Slippery Slopes!

    10/10/2016 7:08:30 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Last night, I had a phone call with my sponsor. We went over the Step 3 questions. At the end, she asked me, "Have you made a decision to turn ... Read more

  • Flooded Thoughts...

    10/9/2016 7:20:59 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I awoke this morning from a very vivid dream that I believe had been going on for an hour or two. I dreamt that I was in my old church. There w... Read more

  • Living... Losing... Learning...

    10/8/2016 7:44:59 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had a good day at work yesterday...gotta love Fridays! I'm still on plan. When I eat out, I check the menu for the "light" section. So I can... Read more

  • Finding the Good!

    10/7/2016 6:55:15 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I have started Step 4 with OA..."Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves." A lot of people are afraid of this step and procra... Read more

  • Plan B Day

    10/6/2016 7:22:52 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday was a "curve ball" day...didn't go as originally planned. I was getting ready to leave for work when my daughter called and asked if I... Read more

  • 3 Weeks on Plan!

    10/5/2016 7:26:15 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Today, will complete 3 weeks in...21 days of abstinence from compulsive overeating/emotional overeating/binge eating. It's hard to believe my la... Read more

  • The Comfort Zone

    10/4/2016 7:34:31 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday, I worked from home in the morning so that the oil guy could come and deliver oil and the furnace guy could come and check our furnace ... Read more

  • Moving Forward

    10/3/2016 8:13:02 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    I had my third meeting with my sponsor last night. She is very kind and understanding and insightful. It is still hard for me to call her. We ... Read more

  • Tomorrow is not promised to any of us!

    10/2/2016 9:21:34 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    The past week was hard. There were such highs and lows and I bit off more than I should have in a lot of areas. However, the hardest part was a... Read more

  • Good but Challenging Day!

    10/2/2016 8:18:10 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Had a good day off yesterday. DH and I went out to lunch and then went thrifting. We got some good buys. Then, we went over to his mom's house... Read more

  • Happy Saturday!

    10/1/2016 8:40:05 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Another "on track" day has passed. Yay! Friday was pretty good. I got kind of tired at work but I just kept "doing the next right thing" until... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge Day 7

    9/30/2016 10:46:56 AM, by ZENMUM

    The last day of our first week. How do I feel? Actually, I feel lucky to have found this group. In the past I have joined teams and while they ha... Read more

  • Sharing and Staying On Plan

    9/30/2016 7:27:15 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Had a good talk with my OA sponsor last night. I went through the workbook and shared my answers to the questions in Chapter 1. We got part-way... Read more

  • Base Camp

    9/29/2016 6:22:25 AM, by COMPUCATHY

    Yesterday I completed two weeks of eating on plan! Yay! In the morning, I started to get that "shakey" feeling again. It's very hard to descri... Read more

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