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  • Still Sparkin' & Maintaining!!

    6/28/2017 9:20:46 AM, by DDOORN

    Still Sparkin' & Maintaining!! Maintaining weight...a little higher than I want but it's been sustainable...between 215-220. All time low wa... Read more

  • New BLC, New Team, New Start

    6/8/2017 8:25:30 AM, by EUPHRATES

    Well, a number of things I mentioned in my last blog didn't go as planned...and as it turns out that is a GOOD thing. I did NOT do the Flyi... Read more

  • Returning to StepBet!

    5/27/2017 5:46:11 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    Wanted to share a fun fitness thing with my Spark Friends: StepBet. It's from the same creators as DietBet, but unlike DietBet, where you ha... Read more

  • 04.28 - 05.01

    5/2/2017 11:03:59 AM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    Last weekend of training this past weekend. As a result, I took the weekend off from tracking, but here's my wrap-up: 04.28.17 (Friday) Sl... Read more

  • 04.27.17

    4/28/2017 1:43:40 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    Late night last night, but here is yesterday's wrap-up: Sleep Last Night: 8 hours Weight This Morning: 174.6 Calories Eaten Today: 234... Read more

  • 04.26.17

    4/26/2017 11:01:53 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    Sleep Last Night: 7.5 hours Weight This Morning: 174.8 Calories Eaten Today: 2361 Fitness Minutes: 82 (25 minutes Richard Simmons tape, ... Read more

  • 04.25.17

    4/26/2017 12:09:18 AM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    Horrible day at work. Was more exhausted today after a 13 hour shift than I was after running 12 miles on Sunday. Sleep Last Night: 6 hours ... Read more

  • 04.24.17

    4/24/2017 10:56:47 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    My friend and I text every day. And half of what we text is.... "Dude, I gotta start taking better care of my body." And then we talk about how w... Read more

  • Day 2

    4/4/2017 11:18:18 PM, by RACING4ME

    So, I can tell my attitude has shifted. I tracked all my food once I ate it, and am in range for everything today. I hiked up Mount Boucherie b... Read more

  • No more excuses!!

    4/3/2017 10:44:56 PM, by RACING4ME

    The past several years have been an emotional roller coaster ride from heck. I've had brief moments of clarity, where I get back on the horse, a... Read more

  • Oh those BLT's....

    3/28/2017 10:00:15 AM, by WIDELOADROAD

    Nope, not talking about Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches (although those are pretty amazing). I'm talking about Bites, Licks, and Tastes. T... Read more

  • Happy Saturday!

    3/25/2017 8:40:16 AM, by QUERIDAANA

    Keep up the good work!... Read more

  • Less exercise during illness lead to weight gain

    3/23/2017 6:38:55 AM, by QUERIDAANA

    Starting over with walking challenge.... Read more

  • 2 weeks in - :(

    3/18/2017 11:49:53 AM, by 69NURSE

    Well, I have been back to this for 2 weeks now and I can report I am 2.5 #s UP, NOT DOWN!!!! Yes, that is definitely sarcasm. However, I do fee... Read more

  • March 2017

    3/5/2017 12:35:15 PM, by 69NURSE

    Here I am AGAIN! As my weight has continued to increase, it has become apparent my love/hate attitude with food and exercise has got to change. ... Read more

  • Sorry, not sorry, sorry

    2/14/2017 1:29:09 PM, by MRSSMITH622

    2/4/2017 I am fat. Not chubby or chunky but morbidly obese. I am closing in on 300 pounds. I need to pump the breaks. I need to lose some w... Read more

  • stuff.

    2/1/2017 11:47:16 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    I just feel like quitting. I worked out every day in January, for 30 or more minutes every time except I think 3. I can't stop reading ... Read more

  • 1.30.17

    1/30/2017 8:54:45 AM, by CARILOUIE

    It's an exciting morning here, waiting for the plumber. It's a good opportunity for me to work on some personal stuff - I'm making a real effort ... Read more

  • 1.26.17

    1/26/2017 9:22:31 PM, by CARILOUIE

    Sometimes I have these cravings for foods and I just can't ignore it. The other day I was SO hungry for a muffin and crackers... I caved in and g... Read more

  • 1.19.17

    1/19/2017 8:04:13 AM, by CARILOUIE

    I've been drinking lots of water each day, which is fantastic. The part I hate about getting back into the water habit is that I constantly have ... Read more

  • 1.16.17

    1/16/2017 2:09:28 PM, by CARILOUIE

    I'm back from my weekend singing in NYC! I hadn't sung there in a few years, and it was nice to be back. One of my biggest challenges (I posted t... Read more

  • 1.13.17

    1/13/2017 9:56:44 PM, by CARILOUIE

    Friday the 13th! I'm actually not superstitious about the date, but it's still fun to say it in a spooky voice. I was up in New York early t... Read more

  • 1.11.17

    1/11/2017 9:07:12 PM, by CARILOUIE

    I went to a hot yoga class tonight with hubs - I'm feeling relaxed and loose. Tomorrow night I have a trapeze class, and then a few days off of w... Read more

  • 1.9.17

    1/9/2017 7:58:26 AM, by CARILOUIE

    I took a closer look at my Spark page this morning and saw that I have been a member here since 2009. !!!! That's a really long time. Eight years... Read more

  • 1.7.17

    1/7/2017 11:29:35 AM, by CARILOUIE

    It's snowing in Philadelphia today, and it's also very cold. I'll be staying in, thank you very much. Working on being more mindful in all asp... Read more

  • 1.6.17

    1/6/2017 8:03:08 AM, by CARILOUIE

    For months, my breakfast routine has been exactly the same. Wake up, shower, make my coffee, two eggs, one sausage patty, and two pieces of toast... Read more

  • Setbacks won't get me down, bring it 2017!!

    1/4/2017 6:06:41 AM, by EUPHRATES

    I have been pondering for several months the idea of doing the Flying Pig Half Marathon this year (no need to do the full, that is crossed off th... Read more

  • Weight & How We Wrap Our Head Around It

    12/5/2016 10:42:01 AM, by DDOORN

    More about my astonishing feat of having gone this past year with only a 2# weight gain: I was flabbergasted as I have been very scale-avers... Read more

  • Still Sparking!

    12/4/2016 3:43:59 PM, by DDOORN

    Where to begin? How about a quick overview of this past year: last year around this time I weighed 212. This year? 214! Woo hoo! What a success!!... Read more

  • Snacks

    11/28/2016 12:52:12 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    I am making a blog to save the link to this article. I am having a hard time picking healthy snacks. I love Doritos too much. ::wompwomp:: ... Read more

  • Anti-Inflammatory food list from futurelearn.com FOOD AS MEDICINE MONASH UNIVERSITY course

    11/7/2016 7:33:05 PM, by QUERIDAANA

    © Monash University 2016 FutureLearn 1 Examples of foods with antiinflammatory properties APPLES -rich in quercetin (flavonol) and other ... Read more

  • Obesogenic Environment

    11/7/2016 7:24:24 PM, by QUERIDAANA

    My home is a safe place food-wise. Stores with free samples and attractive displays of unhealthy junk food, places with vending machines, food co... Read more

  • Joined a swimming class

    11/7/2016 4:36:08 PM, by QUERIDAANA

    Swimming class has many benefits: 1. exercise 2. social 3. sauna after 4. new skill = feeling of achievement... Read more

  • Revamping Goals

    10/29/2016 12:07:38 PM, by EUPHRATES

    Honestly, it appears that I updated my goals on my Sparkpage early last month, probably at the beginning of this round of the BLC (Biggest Loser ... Read more

  • 10.14 & 10.15

    10/16/2016 12:12:23 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    Good days, but anxious days. Friday I had my dance lesson. I started going to West Coast Swing with my friend Katherine about a month ago. S... Read more

  • The Past Week Or So

    10/14/2016 1:28:36 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    I haven't been updating much lately, because the past week has gone by in a whirlwind. Very long post ahead!! October 4 was my birthday. It ... Read more

  • 10.2.16

    10/3/2016 2:28:52 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    Well, last night went VERY late, so here is the blog post, now, at 2pm the next day lol. I wish I had a day off with nothing to do but read and l... Read more

  • 10.01.16

    10/1/2016 11:24:52 PM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    October is here!!! The last three months of the year are honestly a toss-up for me in terms of which is my favourite of the year. But the one I g... Read more

  • How can I create an exercise habit if I don't have a schedule?

    9/7/2016 1:35:40 PM, by GOEGIRL

    Ok, I figure I need to exercise quite a bit to lose the weight, and then, hopefully, exercise moderately to maintain a healthy body weight going ... Read more

  • BLC 32 begins - Why am I doing this???

    9/6/2016 1:11:00 PM, by GOEGIRL

    I participate in the SparkPeople 'Biggest Loser Challenge' - I'm delighted to be part of the Resolute Renegades team this round. This is a great ... Read more

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