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  • Never Give Up

    4/26/2015 10:12:19 AM, by MYTHYROIDH8SME

    I am back at the fight for my health and I am motivated to be a dedicated spark member and to make this plan work for me. My husband comes to me ... Read more

  • I'm still here....

    4/22/2015 11:42:06 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, so just wanted to let you know, I'm still here! I've been busy enjoying life in... Read more

  • No progress

    4/14/2015 9:39:34 PM, by MOMMY2TWO07

    I have made no progress this year. It's been set back after set back . This has resulted in a weight gain. Am I gonna give up and stop trying ? N... Read more

  • Easter Tuesday

    4/7/2015 12:27:19 PM, by POPOLUSHKA

    Today I need to.... Get ready for tomorrow's stuff. Tackle my to-do list. Proofread Sunday's bulletins. Get ready for Sunday. Tod... Read more

  • Raccoon Update

    3/26/2015 9:53:51 PM, by NANA2JONEMIMAT

    Had the CT scan. As I told my DD "I do have a brain and all is well with it." Thanks for all your comments. Deanna... Read more

  • 2-day Streak

    3/25/2015 12:55:57 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Talk about a happy 2-day streak. It may sound silly, but I'm on my 2nd day of being pain free and am so happy. You may question the length of thi... Read more

  • Looking like a raccoon..

    3/25/2015 1:33:16 AM, by NANA2JONEMIMAT

    Third try at this EERRRRRRgggh. Sunday early am I wasn't feeling well. While sitting in the bathroom I knew I was going to pass out. Did so ... Read more

  • Today's small step

    3/24/2015 1:11:37 PM, by POPOLUSHKA

    Ok, so I'm not good at this, at least not consistently good at one thing all the time. So, today, I'm going to write about one good decision. May... Read more

  • Life with a Kidney Stone

    3/22/2015 1:57:33 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    What an interesting month it's been…..After feeling so good about the incredible workout I had at an advanced water aerobics class earlier in t... Read more

  • 199.8!

    3/6/2015 10:06:49 AM, by POPOLUSHKA

    Today was the day! It's nice to see that 1 again. I know it's only .2 away from 200, but it's something. I go back and forth with this site ... Read more

  • What's next ?

    2/17/2015 3:07:26 PM, by MOMMY2TWO07

    I am at the halfway point tomorrow of the free 90 day bikini body mommy 3.0 challenge that I am following. So thinking ahead to what's next ? Wel... Read more

  • Decluttering My Body

    2/6/2015 11:04:04 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I'm still up, down, up, down with my weight, but I'm okay with that right now. Why, you ask? I'm still trying to figure a few things out with my ... Read more

  • Workin' It this Week!

    1/29/2015 3:27:07 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    So glad I posted my "I'm Stuggling" blog. Amazing what admitting that in wri... Read more

  • I'm struggling.....

    1/25/2015 3:43:43 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I have a few good days, then I struggle, a few more good days, a few days of struggling.... I need to take a good look at why and make some adjus... Read more

  • This Girl Can!

    1/17/2015 7:27:40 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    How could I not watch/read something with the mantra, I Jiggle, Therefore I Am? This gives a positive message: no matter your body type or size, ... Read more

  • Believe in yourself!

    1/16/2015 11:59:13 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Happy Friday everyone! Hope you're making good choices and are having a healthy week. If so, keep it going this weekend! If not, believe in yours... Read more

  • allow for guilt-free treat days

    1/14/2015 7:44:01 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Amazing how just writing "allow for guilt-free treat days" in my action plan affected my last 2 days. Even though the action plan says for specia... Read more

  • What a Great Quote

    1/12/2015 2:19:01 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    As I begin a new week and am adding in fitness after focusing on nutrition last week, this quote comes just in time. Read more

  • Woo-Hoo!

    1/11/2015 11:52:41 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I took a sneak peek at my weight this morning as I couldn't wait till my Monday morning weigh-in! (Did I just say that? Wow!) Anyway, I was so ex... Read more

  • Yes, I'm Motivated!

    1/8/2015 8:29:49 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Finally took the time to sort through my bowls and lids, got rid of those that had no match, and switched out my plastic bowls for glass in my ca... Read more

  • Love-Hate Relationship with...

    1/7/2015 12:24:58 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I have a love-hate relationship with these two. I love my Magic NutriBullet... Read more

  • A Little Tweak to my Action Plan......

    1/6/2015 12:16:07 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I've been doing well with my nutrition but have been letting distractions g... Read more

  • I am determined this time!

    1/4/2015 10:19:54 PM, by SEXYFLACA

    I have struggled with my weight my whole life, but I have always thought, "I don't want to be fat!" Or "I hate being fat!" TODAY I have changed t... Read more

  • To new beginnings, to 2015

    1/4/2015 9:56:51 PM, by HOPEY327

    So ive done this dieting thing too many times to count. In 2010 I lost 45 lbs with 5 lbs to go to reach my goal weight. Within the next year I g... Read more

  • Goals and Action Plan for 2015

    1/2/2015 7:20:27 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Iíve taken time to reflect on and to set meaningful and realistic goals.† It will give me a clear path of where I am and where Iím headed. † ... Read more

  • Happy, Healthy New Year to All!

    12/31/2014 5:21:01 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Just got back from my last workout of 2014 at my gym. Looking forward to a happy, healthy New Year and wishing the same to all of you! Read more

  • Make 2015 the Year of Lasting Change

    12/30/2014 11:49:58 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Here's a short article from Spark to help us make good goals (short term, medium term and long term):
    /b... Read more

  • Look out 2015! Here I come!

    12/29/2014 7:08:14 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I got my old iPod out today, charged the battery and downloaded a workout mix of an hour's worth of songs. That should help me pick up my walking... Read more

  • Renew

    12/28/2014 9:46:27 PM, by KACISJOURNEY

    This has been a very stressful year for me and I have to say I have forgotten about me. My kids are growing up and as most tend to do moving out ... Read more

  • Being real

    12/28/2014 8:55:07 PM, by MOMMY2TWO07

    I fell off the wagon BAD this past week or so . The pounds have come on fast. Feeling really down cause I know this will set me back and take mon... Read more

  • Starting Day 5 of Detox

    12/14/2014 10:47:02 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I am feeling so empowered! This 10-day detox (Dr. Mark Hyman's) is so healthy and good for me! The hardest part is the detox shake that I drink t... Read more

  • Monday Weigh-In

    12/9/2014 12:32:41 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Monday, my official weekly weigh-in day when I'm trying to eat well and move more! I got back on track with my weekly weigh-ins on September 29. ... Read more

  • Anyone ever try the 10-day detox diet?

    11/22/2014 3:56:10 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Just checking in! Counting my blessings and moving forward. I had another great strength training workout after a 40 minute walk with my niece. I... Read more

  • I Chose a Workout Alternative

    11/19/2014 4:09:43 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    When I was a kid/teen/twenty-something, I would bake in the sun unprotected and would even use baby oil to "get a better tan". Not smart, I know... Read more

  • Monday Morning Whoo-hoos!

    11/17/2014 9:38:52 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I was actually looking forward t... Read more

  • Positive Self-Talk

    11/15/2014 10:32:24 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Do you ever give yourself a Spark Goodie with a note to yourself? I do on occasion, but am thinking I should do it regularly. I am a firm believe... Read more

  • What's he really trying to tell me!

    11/14/2014 1:20:23 PM, by NANA2JONEMIMAT

    Learned about an event happening in the town about 12 miles from us in the community theater. A local group called "The Skillet Lickers" was for... Read more

  • Making my Health a Priority

    11/4/2014 7:17:32 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Happy to report that I'm doing well ~ 2 days in a row now! I even had a wonderful 75 minute water workout today! I've been eating plenty of fruit... Read more

  • Can this be the day?

    11/3/2014 8:48:27 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Can this be the day? The day that I finally realize it's time to get and STAY on track? I've been having some success with losing a few pounds la... Read more

  • FREE TV again!!

    10/29/2014 11:28:46 AM, by NANA2JONEMIMAT

    When AEREO tv lost their Supreme Court case, the service was shut down (see previous blog about how it works). We watched Netflix and some limit... Read more

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