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Blogs by Members of SP Class of October 10-16, 2010

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  • Do you follow a workout plan or schedule ?

    10/30/2015 1:28:26 PM, by MOMMY2TWO07

    Do you follow a workout plan or schedule ? Is it on paper or workout videos of some kind ? Why I ask ? Well I have always been a wing it ty... Read more

  • On overload but still here......

    10/8/2015 6:22:16 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    It's so nice to be missed. Several people have stopped by my page to check on me. Thank you, it means a lot! Anyway, all is well, I've just... Read more

  • My 'Modeling' Debut

    9/20/2015 2:09:59 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    My 'modeling debut' came yesterday. LOL. A plus size store, CJ Banks, likes 'real people' to showcase their new seasonal line in each of their st... Read more

  • Joined a Spark Team I never thought I would join.

    9/15/2015 8:43:58 PM, by NANA2JONEMIMAT

    CANCER SURVIVOR team. The support of that team is wonderful. Even met a new Spark friend from the team when we went on vacation in May. ... Read more

  • ...and again...

    9/13/2015 8:16:23 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Not sure where my head is at when it comes to eating and working out anymore. Actually, I don't really even think before I stick junk food in my ... Read more

  • Blessings

    9/1/2015 11:34:25 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I'm starting a new month with a thankful heart. So ... Read more

  • AGAIN!

    8/30/2015 2:13:32 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    AGAIN!... Read more

  • Accountability #9

    8/10/2015 9:03:59 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Wow, did 2 weeks pass since my last blog? No way. I must have been in a time warp! Didn't mean to be absent but life happens! Got busy with some ... Read more

  • Accountability #8

    7/27/2015 9:57:43 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    It's Monday Weigh-In! I'm down 1.2 pounds! My first reaction was, ONLY 1.2? Then I reframed my thoughts to, WOW, I lost 1.2 pounds an... Read more

  • Accountability #7

    7/26/2015 3:54:03 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    After a busy, but fun Friday and Saturday, I'm happy for a more leisurely day today. I was able to finish an ebook and read through a few ads for... Read more

  • Accountability #6

    7/23/2015 5:11:27 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Happy Thursday, friends. I'd forgotten how time consuming healthy eating can be, but it makes me more active, too, as I'm not just sitting ... Read more

  • Accountability #5

    7/22/2015 1:54:51 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    As you all know if you’ve been reading July blogs, I’ve been struggling for some time now with my exercise and my healthy eating habits. Happ... Read more

  • Accountability #4

    7/21/2015 2:13:59 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I stuck to my nutrition plan all day yesterday! I spent a good portion of my day decluttering my kitchen/living room area as I had let it go for ... Read more

  • Accountability #3

    7/20/2015 12:32:13 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Weigh-in Monday: I’m down 0.6 pounds! Not bad for just making small changes last week! I’ve decided to try a new strategy for healthy ea... Read more

  • Accountability blog 2

    7/19/2015 3:39:23 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Interesting what came to my Facebook page after my ... Read more

  • Accountability blog 1

    7/17/2015 5:51:30 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Thanks, Brenda, for being my accountability partner. I've had several other Spark friends mention wanting/needing that, too, so here's our plan. ... Read more

  • Ridiculous!

    7/13/2015 4:24:31 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Wow, I've been off track for so long it's hard to know where to start! I've been at this weight loss thing all my life. What I just can't underst... Read more

  • Time to Get Organized for Weight Loss

    6/20/2015 11:43:41 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    This is where I'm at: 10 Ways to Get Organized for Weight Loss
    sp?id=1992 <... Read more

  • Day 34 of re-charge

    6/6/2015 1:12:12 PM, by SCOTTK3000

    I've finally made a good re-start on my healthy lifestyle. My daughter is graduating high school so i am energized to feel better. I've been focu... Read more

  • Never Give Up

    4/26/2015 10:12:19 AM, by MYTHYROIDH8SME

    I am back at the fight for my health and I am motivated to be a dedicated spark member and to make this plan work for me. My husband comes to me ... Read more

  • I'm still here....

    4/22/2015 11:42:06 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, so just wanted to let you know, I'm still here! I've been busy enjoying life in... Read more

  • No progress

    4/14/2015 9:39:34 PM, by MOMMY2TWO07

    I have made no progress this year. It's been set back after set back . This has resulted in a weight gain. Am I gonna give up and stop trying ? N... Read more

  • Easter Tuesday

    4/7/2015 12:27:19 PM, by POPOLUSHKA

    Today I need to.... Get ready for tomorrow's stuff. Tackle my to-do list. Proofread Sunday's bulletins. Get ready for Sunday. Tod... Read more

  • Raccoon Update

    3/26/2015 9:53:51 PM, by NANA2JONEMIMAT

    Had the CT scan. As I told my DD "I do have a brain and all is well with it." Thanks for all your comments. Deanna... Read more

  • 2-day Streak

    3/25/2015 12:55:57 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Talk about a happy 2-day streak. It may sound silly, but I'm on my 2nd day of being pain free and am so happy. You may question the length of thi... Read more

  • Looking like a raccoon..

    3/25/2015 1:33:16 AM, by NANA2JONEMIMAT

    Third try at this EERRRRRRgggh. Sunday early am I wasn't feeling well. While sitting in the bathroom I knew I was going to pass out. Did so ... Read more

  • Today's small step

    3/24/2015 1:11:37 PM, by POPOLUSHKA

    Ok, so I'm not good at this, at least not consistently good at one thing all the time. So, today, I'm going to write about one good decision. May... Read more

  • Life with a Kidney Stone

    3/22/2015 1:57:33 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    What an interesting month it's been…..After feeling so good about the incredible workout I had at an advanced water aerobics class earlier in t... Read more

  • 199.8!

    3/6/2015 10:06:49 AM, by POPOLUSHKA

    Today was the day! It's nice to see that 1 again. I know it's only .2 away from 200, but it's something. I go back and forth with this site ... Read more

  • What's next ?

    2/17/2015 3:07:26 PM, by MOMMY2TWO07

    I am at the halfway point tomorrow of the free 90 day bikini body mommy 3.0 challenge that I am following. So thinking ahead to what's next ? Wel... Read more

  • Decluttering My Body

    2/6/2015 11:04:04 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I'm still up, down, up, down with my weight, but I'm okay with that right now. Why, you ask? I'm still trying to figure a few things out with my ... Read more

  • Workin' It this Week!

    1/29/2015 3:27:07 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    So glad I posted my "I'm Stuggling" blog. Amazing what admitting that in wri... Read more

  • I'm struggling.....

    1/25/2015 3:43:43 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I have a few good days, then I struggle, a few more good days, a few days of struggling.... I need to take a good look at why and make some adjus... Read more

  • This Girl Can!

    1/17/2015 7:27:40 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    How could I not watch/read something with the mantra, I Jiggle, Therefore I Am? This gives a positive message: no matter your body type or size, ... Read more

  • Believe in yourself!

    1/16/2015 11:59:13 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Happy Friday everyone! Hope you're making good choices and are having a healthy week. If so, keep it going this weekend! If not, believe in yours... Read more

  • allow for guilt-free treat days

    1/14/2015 7:44:01 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Amazing how just writing "allow for guilt-free treat days" in my action plan affected my last 2 days. Even though the action plan says for specia... Read more

  • What a Great Quote

    1/12/2015 2:19:01 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    As I begin a new week and am adding in fitness after focusing on nutrition last week, this quote comes just in time. Read more

  • Woo-Hoo!

    1/11/2015 11:52:41 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I took a sneak peek at my weight this morning as I couldn't wait till my Monday morning weigh-in! (Did I just say that? Wow!) Anyway, I was so ex... Read more

  • Yes, I'm Motivated!

    1/8/2015 8:29:49 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Finally took the time to sort through my bowls and lids, got rid of those that had no match, and switched out my plastic bowls for glass in my ca... Read more

  • Love-Hate Relationship with...

    1/7/2015 12:24:58 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I have a love-hate relationship with these two. I love my Magic NutriBullet... Read more

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