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  • Motivation 9/17/14

    9/17/2014 7:24:59 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. Happy Wednesday! How’s this wee... Read more

  • Motivation 9/15/14

    9/15/2014 6:01:02 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright ... Read more

  • Laying Low - shoulder has been a bit out of commission

    9/14/2014 1:33:38 AM, by SPARKNB

    Apparently, I must have done something while I was sleeping, or maybe aging and jumping back right in too quickly, possibly over-doing it (no, no... Read more

  • YAY -It's working!

    9/10/2014 10:03:28 PM, by SPARKNB

    I just started back on Spark and tweaking my lifestyle healthier (esp exercise, but also portion sizes and mindful food choices) after US Labo(u)... Read more

  • Motivation 9/9/14

    9/10/2014 12:38:54 AM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” ~ African Proverb I love this one. Mostly because it’s true. You’ll never know if you can handl... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge -Topic4: Daily Schedule/Routine

    9/7/2014 11:54:49 PM, by SPARKNB

    7-10 AM Pages, Bfast, tumblr&deviantArt; Figure out win o day & 2do's, goal trax 10-10:15 yoga tai chi 10:15-10:45 Clear tabs; brain and sket... Read more

  • My 5% Fall Challenge Assignment -Topics 1-3

    9/4/2014 11:53:44 PM, by SPARKNB

    TOPIC 1: Plans: (Read everyone else's for ideas -inspirational!) 2 hours/day exercise, usually 90 min cardio, 30 min ST/yoga, generally, bu... Read more

  • Motivation 9/3/14

    9/3/2014 7:33:14 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” ~... Read more

  • 14 September '14 goals

    9/3/2014 3:11:13 AM, by SPARKNB

    1) 140 points a day on Sparkpeople (track fitness, food, water, goals, etc.) 2) Lose ~14 pounds 3) 1.4 hours housework daily 4) 1.4 hours e... Read more

  • The life of a 'snowbird'

    9/2/2014 11:43:59 PM, by SPARKNB

    I live part-time in AZ and in MI. No inet in the rural spot I live in AZ, not even on my phone (mountains, etc.) so no Spark. But back to MI... Read more

  • Motivation 9/2/14

    9/2/2014 7:27:08 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.” ~ Unknown You are stronger than your worry. You need to kno... Read more

  • Motivation 8/29/14

    8/29/2014 3:08:55 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” ~ Brian Tracy... Read more

  • Motivation 8/20/14

    8/20/2014 5:31:53 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.” ~ Chinese Proverb Standing still is definitely something I DON’T want t... Read more

  • Motivation 8/13/14

    8/13/2014 11:31:28 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    HELLO TEAM!!!! So...I didn't just fall off the wagon. I broke the axel and sat at the candy shop across from the mechanic. We all know thing... Read more

  • What a Wonderful Feeling Fitting into Smaller Clothes!

    7/21/2014 4:56:13 PM, by KEELYDEUS

    Only 3 months ago, I was 196 lbs wearing a size 16 pants and size large shirts. It felt very strange to see the shirts seem rather stretched and ... Read more

  • My Walking Affirmation to Myself and a Special Gift

    7/16/2014 10:51:00 PM, by KEELYDEUS

    Each evening, I go on at least a mile and a half walk, walking about a pace of a 16 minute mile. The pace is fun because it fits with beats to so... Read more

  • The Start of My Liberation

    6/27/2014 6:49:32 PM, by KEELYDEUS

    It's amazing when you finally convince yourself that you ARE WORTHY, you can accomplish so many things. I'm so ready to let go and put myself fir... Read more

  • Motivation 6/11/14

    6/11/2014 7:33:01 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “Attitude: It is our best friend or our worst enemy.” ~ John C. Maxwell And sometimes it’s sneaky. You think it’s your best friend and then ... Read more

  • Motivation 6/9/14

    6/10/2014 12:28:12 AM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” ~ Janis Joplin You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Last year at this ... Read more

  • Motivation 6/5/14

    6/5/2014 11:54:19 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    I was sitting here sending emails to all my teams and realized that I could also be posting my Motivation Emails in my blogs! LOL :) So here we ... Read more

  • Still Going Strong

    6/5/2014 1:28:57 AM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    Managed to get another 2.2 miles in tonight. Plus my Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga this morning. My daughter just told me that she did my 2.2 mi... Read more

  • Feeling Awesome!

    6/3/2014 11:16:50 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    I have now done 3 virtual 5Ks and I'm doing my first fun run (Color Me Rad) on Saturday! SUPER EXCITED! I got out tonight and got 2.2 miles ... Read more

  • Fell Off The Wagon

    5/20/2014 12:42:24 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    I did. 100%. Fell off and didn't even realize it until this morning. I've gained 11 pounds since 4/23. Wow! And I thought that I was just maintai... Read more

  • Birthdays and Easter

    4/18/2014 11:57:31 PM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    Well...My daughter turned 17 yesterday! Yikes! LOL I didn't exactly eat healthy. But that's ok. One day isn't gonna ruin everything :) East... Read more

  • I'm Still Here!

    4/16/2014 1:36:02 AM, by TRAIN_2_RUN

    And I'm doing great! I've been working every day. I'm determined to meet my goals. I've started doing Yoga. Just light Yoga. It's a Leslie ... Read more

  • On the road to my goals...less than 100 pounds to go!

    1/25/2014 3:09:51 PM, by DOLPHIN225

    It funny that today I weighed myself and I am just less than 100 pounds to my goal weight. Several years ago I lost just over 100 pounds but put... Read more

  • Now is the Start

    7/8/2013 9:26:11 AM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    It might be a new fitness program, maybe you will start eating healthy or chase some other big dream, tomorrow. I have to tell you... tomorrow ne... Read more

  • I want my Spark back!

    4/14/2013 8:38:17 PM, by SUNSHINE6420

    Can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I've blogged but...well, at least this is a first step. A lot has changed in the past 2 years, after... Read more

  • Tiny Spark

    4/9/2013 10:49:16 AM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    I've been slacking so far this year. Yes, I got a half under my belt but I've been working full-time and going to school full time so sometimes f... Read more

  • 10 down 60 to go

    3/5/2013 9:52:10 AM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    I ran 10 on Saturday. Hurt my ankle playing tag with the kids on Sunday. I'm running 2 today.... Read more

  • Run Empty

    2/28/2013 10:34:54 AM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    My goal in the month of March is to run a total of 70 miles. I also am going to keep my food journal so that I keep my calories at 1300 a day. ... Read more

  • do life

    2/25/2013 5:41:53 PM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    Is a book by Ben Davis. It's about his journey to losing 120lbs. It very inspiring. He talks a lot about food addiction which I can relate. I ha... Read more

  • The Big Move

    2/15/2013 8:27:47 AM, by LADYGINGER09

    Hello friends, Well i made a big move in many ways. I seemed to always be sick in my last apt i lived in with my family. Just in the pas... Read more

  • Starting over

    1/1/2013 7:03:07 PM, by MUSICTEX

    Been awhile. I am up to getting life back on track. We shall see how this goes. Main goal for the year is to get back to 100s... Read more

  • it's the most wonderful time of the year?

    12/18/2012 10:45:52 AM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    It's the most wonderful time of the year to struggle :) Man, I need to get back on track I have good days and bad days but lately it's been... Read more

  • On the start again

    11/30/2012 9:35:53 AM, by LADYGINGER09

    Hello my spark friends, TY to all of you for always being there for support. Yes i have been m.i.a for a while. I had things to sort out with... Read more

  • Broken Bird

    11/13/2012 12:05:37 PM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    I'm preparing for my half marathon this Sunday. The problem is I've been out several weeks with an ankle injury. So, since I've been released to ... Read more

  • My True Motivation

    10/6/2012 11:01:02 AM, by RVANTER

    Yes, I want to reach a healthy weight, a lower BMI and permanently be freed from the plus-sized clothing market. However, my true motivation for ... Read more

  • Refocusing

    9/15/2012 11:07:07 AM, by KEELYDEUS

    I have finally accepted the fact that I do everything for everyone else and now it's time to be a little selfish. I keep telling myself I need to... Read more

  • Creative Genius

    9/4/2012 3:03:36 PM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    This blog isn't about my health but it is about help from my Spark community. I'm a graphic designer by day and a photographer by night. I ... Read more

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