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  • I Could Use Hormone Help

    5/27/2015 5:15:02 PM, by DOTSLADY

    In learning about the gut, I missed the chapters on hormones. I kinda refuse to learn about them; have no energy for it and my memory doesn't ser... Read more

  • Gut 101-the Effect of Foods by Dr. Tom O'Bryan

    5/25/2015 12:03:30 AM, by DOTSLADY

    Dr. Tom has gotten huge in the gluten/gut world since I met him a few years ago when he was going from city to city with his gut speech. Sean Cr... Read more

  • Recovering from Vacation

    5/23/2015 10:38:07 AM, by DOTSLADY

    I am tired, and am still recovering from our 5 days... Read more

  • First Treatment on FODMAPs for Fibro

    5/10/2015 8:10:19 PM, by DOTSLADY

    I'm SO upset SP! Apparently you can't start a blog entry in the morning and complete it in the evening. After pushing the Post Blog Entry button ... Read more

  • I don't blame mom, I blame mom's biome.

    5/1/2015 10:16:22 AM, by DOTSLADY

    I struggle with sugar addiction apparently (in denial because I ate so well, but the urge doesn't let up!), and in the throws of stress tend to w... Read more

  • BINGO! Cause of Fibro is SIBO!

    4/3/2015 3:10:14 PM, by DOTSLADY

    I've had enough testing the last few years to KNOW this doctor is talking about me and my experience. Low tryptophan? Check! Low seroton... Read more

  • Frustrations of Wayne

    3/30/2015 2:14:31 AM, by OPTIMISSPRIME

    So I'm going to kdlsfhjklha here because there was no closure in this situation involving a ridiculously hot and cute guy, and I just want to scr... Read more

  • SIBO and FIBRO treatment (FODMAPs +)

    3/24/2015 4:25:59 PM, by DOTSLADY

    I have been seeing a paleo doctor (occasionally). It's a "boutique" service where I "get" to pay an extra $2k a year for personal attention. You ... Read more

  • Queen B

    3/9/2015 3:52:54 AM, by OPTIMISSPRIME

    In my fantasy, we become close friends. Sharing critical, joyful thoughts over lunch. We have a lot in common, the core of our belief systems, ou... Read more

  • Doing well!

    1/18/2015 11:52:52 AM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Been a while since I've been on here, so here's some updates. I have a job now! Well, sort of two jobs. I got hired at Subway about a month... Read more

  • Meow

    12/6/2014 9:27:17 AM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    It's been a pretty good week. I've walked at least a mile every day, put in a bunch of job applications, and been doing my best to keep the house... Read more

  • Crazy

    12/1/2014 9:15:17 AM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Well, it's been an interesting week. Last Friday I got up around noon, woke my boyfriend up around 1, and we left to go out to eat to celeb... Read more

  • FAVE gut interviews today only

    11/20/2014 11:15:38 AM, by DOTSLADY

    They're free today, so watch if you can. Or buy them (so nice they're free for a bit). I'm out the door for an 8 hour drive to see old doctor or ... Read more

  • Veggie crazy!

    11/19/2014 4:10:05 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    As the title suggests, I've been really into veggies lately. I bought a bunch last week and chopped them into easy pieces in the fridge, so I can... Read more

  • Veggies!

    11/17/2014 11:38:09 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    My main goal lately is to eat more vegetables, and to be more conscious of what I eat. I'm usually pretty good about not eating too much crap, bu... Read more

  • Food!

    11/17/2014 12:55:02 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    It's been a pretty good week. Last Tuesday I went to stay with my two best friends who live about half an hour away. They have two daughters, the... Read more

  • Blah.

    11/9/2014 1:16:27 AM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    I've had a pretty good few days, overall. Been sticking with my daily bike time, 20 minutes in the morning and 30 at night. I've been veryyy slow... Read more

  • Still on track!

    11/4/2014 1:38:27 AM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Today has been another pretty good day. It did start off a little sucky. I got woken up around 10am by Joe's dad being very loud on the pho... Read more

  • Cold, but good

    11/2/2014 10:57:42 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Today has been another pretty good day. I did my 20 minutes on the bike this morning, and it really helped me warm up, which was nice because it ... Read more

  • Stewart (belated Halloween Humor)

    11/2/2014 4:20:27 PM, by DOTSLADY

    I love me some gluten humor. ... Read more

  • Good Day :D

    11/2/2014 1:44:31 AM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Today has gone fairly well. I reached my daily word goal for NaNoWriMo (the daily goal is 1667, I've crossed 1700), and I'm liking my st... Read more

  • I'm baaack!

    10/31/2014 4:42:40 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    So, I vanished for about three months. Nothing really happened to make me stop, I just stopped pushing myself. I'd been doing as much as 45 minut... Read more

  • Long time no Blog

    10/26/2014 2:12:27 PM, by ITSALWAYSABTME

    I think I've been avoiding spark because I was embarrassed that I wasn't makin... Read more

  • Long time no Blog

    10/26/2014 2:10:12 PM, by ITSALWAYSABTME

    I think I've been avoiding spark because I was embarrassed that I wasn't making the right choices. Thinkgs at work have been super crazy in the ... Read more

  • Awesome Girl

    10/16/2014 1:31:39 AM, by OPTIMISSPRIME

    I met Anna on OKC, and I really really really like her. She gives me butterflies. I think no one's ever given me butterflies before. I've got... Read more

  • Today the scale said 229

    10/10/2014 1:13:23 PM, by ZOMBIEAPOCALYPS

    Since my last visit to this site, I went through a horrible period of depression - the entire summer of 2013. I couldn't move. Couldn't think. ... Read more

  • New Guy + Feels

    9/12/2014 1:11:20 AM, by OPTIMISSPRIME

    This is a... new situation. So I "met" Ben on OKC. After some OKC messaging and texting, we met in person yesterday. He's not as cu... Read more

  • Starting Again

    8/7/2014 5:50:34 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    I skipped three days of workouts this week. And you know what? I'm okay with that. My foot has been hurting like crazy lately, I blame ... Read more

  • Weekly/Monthly numbers!

    8/2/2014 6:00:56 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    July was a really good month. I had some fun adventures, and got back on track with my exercise after slacking for a few weeks. My total fitness ... Read more

  • Singlehood sometimes sucks

    8/1/2014 11:32:00 PM, by OPTIMISSPRIME

    This is the first Friday in 2 weeks that I don't have any prospective social dating situations. 2 weeks ago I gave my number to the douchecanoe ... Read more

  • Well then.

    8/1/2014 8:36:10 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Yesterday wasn't that good. My boyfriend's dad was having one of his anger days, thankfully he didn't get too angry at us (he made a few rather r... Read more

  • Meh.

    7/30/2014 11:32:23 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    I've had a pretty good few days. I've been sticking to week 2 of my workout plan in my notebook, even adding a few extra minutes every day with m... Read more

  • Awesome Week!

    7/27/2014 5:55:10 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    I ended my week at 388 fitness minutes yesterday. My original goal was to beat the previous week's record of 302. I think I succeeded :D Last nig... Read more

  • Good, solid day.

    7/25/2014 11:35:45 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Today went fairly well. My boyfriend's dad was a little annoying and wouldn't stop talking, but at least he wasn't angry today. I did my str... Read more

  • Feeling Slow Today

    7/24/2014 7:30:34 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Today has gone pretty well. I'm still sticking to my fitness plan I wrote down in my new notebook, and I think my idea of adding stickers every d... Read more

  • Learned a secret of life

    7/23/2014 11:24:48 PM, by TML-2012

    Hi Everyone :) I have been missing after my surgery (complications - knee infection). However, I had a learning that I wanted to make sure t... Read more

  • Today is (thankfully) better.

    7/23/2014 6:36:21 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    So, today is way better than yesterday. I woke up around noon, went downstairs and got to hang out with my boyfriend's mom and her three dogs, wh... Read more

  • Crappy day was crappy.

    7/22/2014 11:48:29 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Today was pretty terrible. I think I've mentioned briefly before that my boyfriend's dad has an anger problem. Every few weeks or so, he'll... Read more

  • The Catch-22

    7/22/2014 2:18:02 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    I'm really sore this morning. That happens every day, and I'm fairly used to it. Here's the thing: usually when I do my exercise, the sorene... Read more

  • Free Eating Psychology Conference link

    7/21/2014 8:00:45 PM, by DOTSLADY

    FYI: http://eatingpsychologyc sign up for free speakers regarding different aspects of the psychology of e... Read more

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