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  • A Good Morning

    9/17/2015 6:16:43 AM, by JENNKFIT

    This is a much more positive morning for me mood wise. Larrie taught me to take my emotional temperature every morning and I have not been as di... Read more

  • Made It Through A Day

    9/16/2015 9:24:08 PM, by JENNKFIT

    It started difficult and there were many challenges but I made it. Thanks everyone for the support today. A bunch of things went wrong, but a b... Read more

  • Waking Up with Dread

    9/16/2015 6:12:58 AM, by JENNKFIT

    Maybe I'll finally make that phone call to Larrie today. My thoughts in the morning are very counterproductive. Starting around 3am I just star... Read more

  • Long Weekend Changed

    9/13/2015 6:09:52 AM, by JENNKFIT

    This is the second time this year dangerous weather has kept me from my Mt. Marcy hike. They're predicting 60 degrees with rain all day and afte... Read more

  • Farmers Markets vs. Pick your own onsite

    9/12/2015 7:11:21 PM, by WESTCHESTERGAL

    I live near NYC and just returned from a 2 week vacation in upstate New York. This is my opinion on the difference regarding the title topic. I... Read more

  • Three Days In

    9/2/2015 8:41:48 PM, by JENNKFIT

    I've spent about 16 hours so far at work fixing up my room this week. We don't have to come back until next Tuesday, but the students come back ... Read more

  • One Week Left

    8/28/2015 8:53:01 AM, by JENNKFIT

    That's how long I have left to finally get my poor apartment in order. Talk about procrastination, I've been meaning to do this all year but thi... Read more

  • A Good Summer

    8/26/2015 6:29:07 AM, by JENNKFIT

    My mountain trip got rained out but will be rescheduled soon. I know I haven't blogged in almost 2 months, sorry everyone. It's been Summer and ... Read more

  • Off The Grid

    7/5/2015 6:39:09 PM, by JENNKFIT

    So I'm taking a road trip, leaving tomorrow for the Adirondacks to hike Mt. Marcy and generally relax in the country. I think there is wifi, but... Read more

  • Types of jobs & facing adjustments

    6/27/2015 9:25:25 PM, by WESTCHESTERGAL

    My husband & I have been thru a lot the last 2 yrs. Caring for his father for 5 months, then suddenly he falls out of bed, in the hospital for a... Read more

  • Erasing A Lot

    6/9/2015 11:28:13 PM, by JENNKFIT

    I have wrote and deleted several blogs lately. Guess I just wrote too much and wasn't ready to share it all. I'm limping to the finish line and... Read more

  • Five Weeks Until Mt. Marcy

    5/31/2015 9:27:18 PM, by JENNKFIT

    I can lose 10 pounds before my trip and my knees will thank me on that 15 mile Mt. Marcy hike. I'm staying at the Adirondack Loj for a few days ... Read more

  • Gentle Downcycle

    5/29/2015 8:22:31 AM, by JENNKFIT

    The past 2 mornings I've felt despair and very lonely and started crying both mornings. I've had such positive days with the 10 minutes daily fi... Read more

  • Daily Fitness Day 8

    5/27/2015 8:52:17 PM, by JENNKFIT

    Not a bad little streak going now. Up to day 8 and this is a day I would have normally skipped exercise of any kind. I donated double red cells... Read more

  • Six Mile Day

    5/23/2015 9:58:34 PM, by JENNKFIT

    I was aiming for 5 miles today and wound up getting 6 done instead. I'm happy with that. This is day 4 of trying 10 minutes of fitness every da... Read more

  • I actually don't want to this year

    5/23/2015 9:49:21 AM, by JENNKFIT

    All year I have had it in my head that this is the year I don't wind up visiting my parents for a few weeks in the Spring because of whatever pro... Read more

  • Sore, Healing, Positive

    5/20/2015 6:11:17 AM, by JENNKFIT

    I'm feeling okay even if I'm a bit sore. I'm taking care of everything inside and out and things are healing up well. I rotated my mattress las... Read more

  • Bad Road Rash, Great 20 Miles

    5/17/2015 9:32:33 PM, by JENNKFIT

    Ouch, that's all I have to say. I did get 2 bike rides in this weekend, 21 miles on Saturday and 20 miles today. I fell off my bike today, cras... Read more

  • Four Miles, News, and a Plan

    5/14/2015 8:44:55 PM, by JENNKFIT

    What a day huh? From the awful feelings of the morning, to the gorgeous 4 mile brisk walk I took today so much has happened. Another life chang... Read more

  • Where Do These Feelings Come From?

    5/14/2015 6:20:52 AM, by JENNKFIT

    All day every day from the moment I wake up my mind tells me how awful I am. I wake up sad that I'm alive and have to get through another day of... Read more

  • Pulled Muscle Easy Saturday

    5/2/2015 6:51:02 PM, by JENNKFIT

    So I pulled a muscle in my back, don't know how, lot's of pain even with 2 alleve and a heating pad all day. I'm really uncomfortable so I didn'... Read more

  • Weekend #2

    4/25/2015 9:58:57 PM, by JENNKFIT

    A great 14 mile ride today in the books. I even managed a nap, 2 loads of laundry and a dinner with the family. Not a bad Saturday for myself. ... Read more

  • Waking Up Stressed

    4/23/2015 6:10:28 AM, by JENNKFIT

    One of the terrible feelings I need to learn to fix when it happens. This week I've been waking up angry, irritable, mean feeling, stressed, anx... Read more

  • Finally a Bike Ride

    4/18/2015 10:10:43 PM, by JENNKFIT

    It was a short one, only 10 miles. But it was a good one and it was a bike ride. I did it in just under an hour. Moving my heavy mountain bike... Read more

  • Probably Staying Put

    4/17/2015 2:04:24 AM, by JENNKFIT

    Yes it's almost 2am and I'm up writing. I slept on the couch a bit and then when I went into bed I'm having trouble sleeping now. Funny thing I... Read more

  • Thoughts of Nice Weather and Moving Out

    3/2/2015 1:56:16 PM, by JENNKFIT

    It really isn't just the company, it's the location too. Just about every year now in the Spring I've been moving into the studio in my parents ... Read more

  • Last Day of Break and Blog Readers

    2/22/2015 12:50:06 PM, by JENNKFIT

    So I have this adventure blog where I write about my dive trips, hiking and some product reviews. Weird thing is that it's being read, not by ma... Read more

  • Good Weather Pledge

    2/20/2015 11:09:24 AM, by JENNKFIT

    This is just nuts, it's not safe and it's not fun and it's a brutal Winter right now. The regular temperature when I woke up was minus 2 and tha... Read more

  • Consolidate and Conquer

    2/19/2015 9:45:09 AM, by JENNKFIT

    Back in 2012 I put myself on a financial plan to pay off some debt, slowly but surely it's been working and I've whittled away at quite a bit of ... Read more

  • After Work Plan...Let's see.

    2/18/2015 10:59:33 AM, by JENNKFIT

    Okay so the weather isn't going to improve any time soon and I'm not moving my work outs outdoors until the temperature is above my age. It's 24... Read more

  • Must Blog More Again

    2/17/2015 2:23:17 PM, by JENNKFIT

    I bet some of you are wondering where the heck I went. I used to blog so much and keep everyone entertained with the boring details of my life a... Read more

  • My SPAT is Gone!

    1/4/2015 10:19:13 AM, by JENNKFIT

    This time it could be for real. I checked my bras, I checked my shoes, I checked all of my pockets of the clothing I wore since the last sync. ... Read more

  • Lonely and Scared again for the Holidays

    12/2/2014 10:26:35 AM, by JENNKFIT

    Okay, I'll admit it. This time of year is hard when you've been single for a long time. While people turn toward spouses and children this seas... Read more

  • December Goals and November Recap

    12/1/2014 7:18:08 PM, by CHEETARA79

    So, November wasn't a super fantastic month for me in terms of healthy living, even though my weight remained the same. I didn't complete 2/3 of... Read more

  • Great New Sneakers

    11/10/2014 9:59:42 AM, by JENNKFIT

    Finally bought some and I'm keeping track of the mileage this time. My friend gets a new pair around 500 miles depending on how they feel so I'l... Read more

  • November Goals

    11/4/2014 6:47:52 PM, by CHEETARA79

    Well I missed a month of goal recaps and goal setting but I'm getting back on that horse thanks to my main motivator, GREGORYCOLE. So here we go... Read more

  • Resetting Some Goals

    11/2/2014 7:39:33 AM, by JENNKFIT

    With the Holiday Season staring me right in the face I decided to reset my weight goal to focus on the next chunk of weight I need to lose to rea... Read more

  • Right Around Now

    10/14/2014 9:47:29 AM, by JENNKFIT

    Okay here we go. I'm still feeling miserable for being turned down (so much unwanted attention and the one I want hates me so I'm feeling extra ... Read more

  • Saved from a Breakfast Disaster

    10/12/2014 10:19:44 AM, by JENNKFIT

    So this morning I'm feeling pretty hungry and I decide to wander down to Dunkin Donuts for a sausage, egg and cheese on a croissant. As I was he... Read more

  • Slowly Finding Balance

    10/4/2014 6:52:14 PM, by JENNKFIT

    I am almost caught up with the work I have to do for school and work. At least I feel like I'm catching up. There's still quite a bit to do and... Read more

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