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  • West Virginia

    5/28/2015 7:00:43 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    West Virginia became the 35th state to enter the United States, when it broke away from the Confederate state of Virginia to become a Union st... Read more

  • Washington State

    5/27/2015 6:55:31 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Officially The State of Washington, It's most often called Washington state to distinguish it from Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia) It was... Read more

  • Virginia

    5/26/2015 6:10:37 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    The Commonwealth of Virginia was one of the original 13 colonies. The Old Dominion, or Mother of Presidents, was the 10th to ratify the constitut... Read more

  • Vermont

    5/25/2015 4:39:43 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Vermont, the Green Mountain State, is the only New England state not bordering the Atlantic*. It's the first state admitted to the Union, making... Read more

  • Utah

    5/24/2015 7:19:01 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Utah, the Beehive State, was the 45th to join the Union, 44th alphabetically. The capital and largest city is Salt Lake City. The city was founde... Read more

  • Texas

    5/23/2015 4:46:17 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Texas, the Lone Star State, 28th to join the Union (after being an independent sovereign country for 9 years, hence "Lone Star State"), 43d in th... Read more

  • Tennessee

    5/22/2015 3:02:25 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Tennessee, the Volunteer State, 16th to be admitted to the union, 42d alphabetically - we're racing down the home stretch! The capital and 2d lar... Read more

  • South Dakota

    5/21/2015 7:14:18 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    South Dakota, 41st alphabetically, 40th to join the union, has multiple nicknames - oficially, The Mount Rushmore State, but also the Coyote Stat... Read more

  • South Carolina

    5/20/2015 7:10:54 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    South Carolina, the Palmeto State, 8th of the 13 original colonies to ratify the US Constitution, 40th alphabetically. The capital and largest ci... Read more

  • Rhode Island

    5/19/2015 6:45:59 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Rhode Island, the tiniest state at 1,214 sq miles, known as the Ocean State, or Little Rhody. Officially, it has the longest name - the State of... Read more

  • Pennsylvania

    5/18/2015 5:56:37 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, also known as the Quaker State, was the 2d to be admitted to the union, 38th alp... Read more

  • Oregon

    5/17/2015 4:44:20 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Oregon, end of the Oregon Trail, the Beaver State (clean up your minds, folks!). 33d to join the union, alphabetically 37th in the list of states... Read more

  • Oklahoma

    5/16/2015 3:17:05 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Oklahoma, the Sooner State, got its nickname when the non-Native settlers staked their claims to choice land before the official opening of the ... Read more

  • Ohio

    5/15/2015 6:44:39 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Ohio, the Buckeye State, 17th to join the union, 35th by alphabet. Capital city - Columbus, and also the largest city. Cleveland is recognized as... Read more

  • North Dakota

    5/14/2015 5:55:05 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    North Dakota, the Rough Rider State, Flickertail State, or Peace Garden State, was the 39th state to join the union, 34th alphabetically. In t... Read more

  • North Carolina

    5/13/2015 2:37:48 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    North Carolina, the Tar Heel State or Old North State - 12th of the original colonies to ratify the constitution, 33d in the alphabetical tour of... Read more

  • Control

    5/12/2015 7:54:33 PM, by WOLFSPIRITMOM

    This article really spoke to me so I thought I would share. Control is an issue for me, so trying to enjoy the journey instead. Let me know wha... Read more

  • New York

    5/12/2015 4:06:13 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    New York, the Empire State, 11 th colony to ratify the constitution, 32nd alphabetically. The capital is Albany, but the queen city is New York -... Read more

  • New Mexico

    5/11/2015 4:23:07 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, the 47th state to join the union, 31st alphabetically. The capital is Santa Fe, also called "the city differ... Read more

  • New Jersey

    5/10/2015 2:06:13 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    New Jersey, The Garden State, of "Jersey Shore" fame (or shame). (Was Snooki a Jersey Wh*re?) Anyway - 30th alphabetically, 3d of the 13 origina... Read more

  • Mother's Day Isn't the Same

    5/9/2015 6:56:11 PM, by WOLFSPIRITMOM

    I wish I still had my mother. She died of ALS-Lou Gehrig Disease about 10 years ago. She was always there for me, very calm and loving. I miss he... Read more

  • New Hampshire

    5/9/2015 2:03:59 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Another one of the original states, New Hampshire was the 9th to ratify the US constitution, and the first state to have its own constitution. ... Read more

  • Nevada

    5/8/2015 2:06:56 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Nevada, the Silver State, is also known as the Battleborn State as it was one of 2 states (West Virginia is the other) to join the union during t... Read more

  • Nebraska

    5/7/2015 2:01:38 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Nebraska, the Cornhusker State. The 27th alphabetically, 37th to join the union. The capital is Lincoln, while the largest city is Omaha. I would... Read more

  • Montana

    5/6/2015 2:34:31 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Montana, known as Big Sky Country, and the Treasure State. The 26th in our alphabetical tour, 41st to join the union. Montana is the 4th largest ... Read more

  • Missouri

    5/5/2015 2:25:51 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Missouri, the "Show Me" state, the 24th to join the union, 25th alphabetically. We're halfway thru the states tour. The largest city, St. Louis, ... Read more

  • Mississippi

    5/4/2015 2:02:35 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Mississippi, the Hospitality State, also the Magnolia State, 20h to join the union, 24th alphabetically. Southern state, full of beauty, humidity... Read more

  • Minnesota

    5/3/2015 3:13:50 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes (also called North Star State and The Gopher State). The 32nd state to join the union, 23d alphabetically. Nearly... Read more

  • Michigan

    5/2/2015 2:03:38 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Michigan, the only state where when the natives give directions, they hold up the left hand and point to sections with the other hand. 26th to jo... Read more

  • Explore, Dream, Discover!

    5/1/2015 9:16:54 AM, by WOLFSPIRITMOM

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Get out there and do something different! Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the t... Read more

  • Massachusetts

    5/1/2015 2:40:12 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Officially one of the four Commonwealths, instead of states, Massachusetts is up in the New England region of the USA. It is one of most populous... Read more

  • Maryland

    4/30/2015 4:22:16 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Maryland, another of the original 13 colonies, 7th to ratify the constitution, 20th alphabetically. The long straight line at the top of the stat... Read more

  • Maine

    4/29/2015 7:18:54 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    23d state of the union, 19th alphabetically. The only state bordered by only one other state - New Hampshire, also the only state with a one syll... Read more

  • Feeling Fine

    4/28/2015 5:52:31 PM, by AGAPE815

    It has been so long since the number on the scale moved. I thought it was broken. Even bought a new one! I have been doing the 21 Day rese... Read more

  • Louisiana

    4/28/2015 5:07:05 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Louisiana, 18th state alphabetically, 18th to join the union. Nicknames: Bayou State, Child of the Mississippi, Creole State, Pelican State (offi... Read more

  • A Little Humor to Brighten Your Day

    4/27/2015 1:25:50 PM, by WOLFSPIRITMOM

    Q: Why did the boy eat his homework? A: His teacher said it was a piece of cake. Read more

  • Kentucky

    4/27/2015 5:16:26 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Doing the "K's" back to back - bad nights at work last 2 nights, got home exhausted and didn't post Kansas until late. Having slept all day, I'm ... Read more

  • Kansas

    4/26/2015 11:20:26 PM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Kansas, officially the Sunflower State, also called the Wheat State. 16th alphabetically, 34th to join the Union. One of the most productive agri... Read more

  • Iowa

    4/25/2015 5:58:01 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Iowa, 15th alphabetically, 29th state to join the union, the Hawkeye State, part of "Ameica's Heartland". The only state whose 2 letter abreviat... Read more

  • Indiana

    4/24/2015 3:43:03 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    Indiana, the Hoozier State, 19th state admitted to the union, home of the Indianapolis 500 (a 500 mile race held over Memorial Day weekend). L... Read more

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