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  • Spoiler...Easter

    3/28/2017 10:04:09 AM, by JLAMING263

    "At this Easter season we are reminded of why we love Him and of the promise He makes to His faithful disciples to become His beloved friends. Th... Read more

  • Spoiler...Easter

    3/27/2017 11:37:59 AM, by JLAMING263

    "I testify of the holy Resurrection, that unspeakable cornerstone gift in the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ! With the Apostle Paul, I testif... Read more

  • Sunday

    3/26/2017 9:34:02 AM, by GLENDAK72

    well it's Day 5 no smoking 🚭 tonight some family will be here for TWD and their smokers so this will be my real test , it's pretty easy to not ... Read more

  • Spoiler...Jesus Christ

    3/26/2017 8:22:17 AM, by JLAMING263

    Claudio R.M. Costa I am grateful for our leaders, who are constantly teaching us about Christ, about keeping the Sabbath day holy, and about pa... Read more

  • & its saturday

    3/25/2017 4:45:33 PM, by GLENDAK72

    WOO HOO DAY 4...............NO SMOKING doing pretty good on my calorie intake, down side period time....urgggg the agony lol thank fully wont las... Read more

  • Spoiler...Jesus Christ

    3/25/2017 11:56:13 AM, by JLAMING263

    Jesus Christ “came into the world … to be crucified for the world, and to bear the sins of the world, and to sanctify the world, and to cleanse i... Read more

  • friday

    3/24/2017 5:35:17 PM, by GLENDAK72

    woo hoo its the laast weekday...weekend here we come. lungs feeling clear by monday i should be 100% back at it... day 3 no smoking...i have ha... Read more

  • AYITL - Blog #44 - Crossfit 17.5!

    3/24/2017 1:10:56 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Tonight I officially complete the 5th and final workout of the 2017 Crossfit Open! I honestly can say I'm so excited and SO proud! Who would have... Read more

  • Spoiler...Family

    3/24/2017 8:54:35 AM, by JLAMING263

    As we teach our children about Easter, we try to consider not only what we want them to learn about Easter, but also what they may have to unlear... Read more

  • Cowboy Lassoes Thief

    3/23/2017 5:27:51 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone I hope you are having a great day! My highlight yesterday was basketball with my son (10yo). He has won everything we've playe... Read more

  • Spoiler...Jesus Christ

    3/23/2017 3:18:57 PM, by JLAMING263

    Dieter F. Uchtdorf To endure to the end, we need to trust our Father in Heaven and make wise choices. Please remember, Jesus Christ, the Redeem... Read more

  • shew its thursday

    3/23/2017 11:14:52 AM, by GLENDAK72

    awww whats up thursday, 1 day left until the weekend.... i didnt smoke yesterday, didnt even want one today i hope goes as well. i have to get my... Read more

  • Denial

    3/22/2017 6:56:31 PM, by SANDY1969

    The medical center called me today and told me that the insurance would not cover weight loss surgery. I guess I am just too darn healthy, altho... Read more

  • Spoiler...Walk the Path

    3/22/2017 9:32:36 AM, by JLAMING263

    Jorge F. Zeballos The path that we have chosen to walk is narrow. Along the way are challenges that will require our faith in Jesus Christ and ... Read more

  • Hello...Wednesday

    3/22/2017 9:14:04 AM, by GLENDAK72

    woo hoo it's humpity hump day 🐫 Day 1 : no smoking 🚭🚬 I'm gonna get through this day without smoking and with out eating everything ... Read more

  • Fire it up.

    3/21/2017 7:13:09 PM, by SANDY1969

    Trying so hard to think of healthy foods...at the end of a pay period HA! Pay day is Thursday thank goodness. I have a list somewhere of low ca... Read more

  • Well hello Tuesday

    3/21/2017 3:17:33 PM, by GLENDAK72

    Well hello Tuesday another day down, went to the clinic got some antibiotics, hopefully I'll be back 💯 in a few days, i missed my steps yesterda... Read more

  • Spoiler...Jesus Christ

    3/21/2017 9:35:42 AM, by JLAMING263

    "He descended below all things…that he might be in all and through all things, the light of truth." —D&C 88:6... Read more

  • Spoiler... Obedience

    3/20/2017 1:37:01 PM, by JLAMING263

    Delbert L. Stapley Willing, righteous obedience leads to celestial life; indeed, there is no eternal progress without it.... Read more

  • Monday Monday

    3/20/2017 1:16:01 PM, by GLENDAK72

    oh monday why are you so cuel, lol so it's monday again another long long week. was sick all weekend still feel bad but not like the weekend. tod... Read more

  • AYITL - Blog #43 - Great Weekend!

    3/20/2017 10:11:12 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Have you ever had such a workout where the few days afterwards you feel like you were hit by a truck? I have before, and got to experience it aga... Read more

  • Spoiler...Permissiveness

    3/19/2017 6:29:24 PM, by JLAMING263

    "By focusing on himself, a selfish person finds it easier to bear false witness, to steal, and covet, since nothing should be denied him. No wond... Read more

  • Spoiler...Music

    3/18/2017 8:51:48 AM, by JLAMING263

    Boyd K. Packer There is so much wonderful, uplifting music available that we can experience to our advantage. Our people ought to be surrounded... Read more

  • its 5 o'clock in the morning

    3/18/2017 5:19:54 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so yeah today I woke up at 3 ..it's the start of the weekend..I got a good plan to stay on track and within my goals.. & they do not include stra... Read more

  • Video of me discussing Crisscross Effects

    3/17/2017 1:14:38 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone Last night I did a live video on our Facebook page to talk about one of the most important concepts of the underlying SparkPeopl... Read more

  • AYITL - Blog #42 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    3/17/2017 12:39:21 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Ready for a laugh? 2013 ... Read more

  • Spoiler...Jesus Christ

    3/17/2017 9:21:29 AM, by JLAMING263

    Howard W. Hunter His beloved disciple John often said of Christ, “We beheld his glory”. They observed the Savior’s perfect life as he worked an... Read more

  • AYITL - Blog #41

    3/16/2017 1:05:52 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Last night I got two new recipes in! Technically I didn't make or eat the one - but I picked out the recipe, bought the ingredients and suggested... Read more

  • pumped

    3/16/2017 10:44:20 AM, by GLENDAK72

    WOO HOO..... so yeah this morning was wonderful . i ate breakfast then i did some exercise. for 2 weeks 10 is my magic numbe... Read more

  • Spoiler...Jesus Christ

    3/16/2017 9:50:54 AM, by JLAMING263

    Robert D. Hales Like Peter, as we have our own individual learning experiences, will we be able to respond in the same manner Peter did when th... Read more

  • Spoiler...Jesus Christ

    3/15/2017 6:20:10 PM, by JLAMING263

    "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." —1 Corinthians 15:22... Read more

  • AYITL - Blog #40 Crossfit 17.3 and the "Great Fall of 2017"

    3/15/2017 1:01:55 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Friday's Crossfit Open 17.3 is in the books! Only 2 more Friday's and I'll be able to say that I competed in and completed the 2017 Crossfit Open... Read more

  • new plan

    3/15/2017 8:06:29 AM, by GLENDAK72

    ok so I went to the store yesterday I actually did pretty good, I even bought 2 heads of lettuce..don't fall out but yes I did lol & yall know ho... Read more

  • Goal Patrol Test

    3/14/2017 8:39:30 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone I hope you are having a great day! My highlight today is a quick basketball game with my son. He won 14-13. It looked like he... Read more

  • Spoiler...Receive Answers

    3/14/2017 9:58:27 AM, by JLAMING263

    Craig C. Christensen If any of us lack wisdom, we can ask God in faith and receive answers—sometimes from heavenly beings but more often by the... Read more


    3/13/2017 7:40:42 PM, by MSTINA0519


  • SPOILER...Jesus Christ

    3/13/2017 3:10:40 PM, by JLAMING263

    Neill F. Marriott I believe we begin by learning of Him and praying for understanding. As our trust in Him grows, we open our hearts, seek to d... Read more

  • weight loss surgery Cincy area anyone?

    3/13/2017 11:08:37 AM, by SANDY1969

    Every day I think, yes I will make good choices...that never happen. A little background on me. I started this about 7 years ago...the mo... Read more

  • doing a new thing....

    3/12/2017 7:34:17 PM, by GLENDAK72

    so today is sunday 3/12/17, tomorrow starts a new day and a new week for me. I will be doing 30 minutes everyday on my bike and rotating day with... Read more

  • SPOILER...Jesus Christ

    3/12/2017 5:16:36 PM, by JLAMING263

    John M. Madsen I testify that the only way we and all mankind can come unto our Heavenly Father and know Him, and thus obtain eternal life, is ... Read more

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