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  • Fox in Socks

    8/26/2015 7:01:17 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    It is probably the pent up stress from my new job. . . Last night, I NEEDED a good long run. Nothing was going to keep me from it. By three ... Read more

  • Bag End to Rivendell

    8/21/2015 7:24:42 PM, by HAPPYWALKER2015

    I'm just starting my walk from Bag End to Rivendell, both places you may recognize from Tolkien's "Fellowship of the Ring." The walk is 458 mile... Read more

  • A Change in Jobs

    8/21/2015 9:14:10 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Today is my last day at my current job and Monday morning, I hit the ground running on my new job! Things had been really tough at my current jo... Read more

  • Running is getting better: Progress!

    8/16/2015 12:57:12 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I am getting back that love of working out! Restarting in June was really tough. Just running to the end of my street had me winded. The thing... Read more

  • Keepin On Keeping On

    8/2/2015 5:16:34 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Things are getting much better! I haven't been able to run as often as I would like but I am able to run more and walk less on my runs. I have ... Read more

  • Coming Back

    7/22/2015 8:39:48 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I am starting to come back to health and happiness. The past nine months have been a tremendous ordeal. My husband had a rough time of it with ... Read more

  • Baxter

    6/24/2015 7:50:26 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Saturday I finished my 5K something like fiftieth pla... Read more

  • Every marathon Begins with a Mile

    6/17/2015 11:15:19 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I've been with Sparkpeople since September 2013 and in that time I've developed a love for exercise, particularly distance running and made a lot... Read more

  • I Will Not Quit

    6/13/2015 3:07:36 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I'm not feeling very positive today and usually don't want to blog when I'm like this. But I think if I blog and sort out my feelings it will he... Read more

  • Back in Hospital

    6/1/2015 4:46:56 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    this one has to be quick. Got done moving office. Ten hour shift. Went home to find David very sick. Took him to local ER. Part of his small int... Read more

  • Rough Week

    5/31/2015 10:28:52 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Well on May 21st, David went back into the hospital. This time it was due to side-effects due to the chemo. He had thrown up/dry heaved for twe... Read more

  • Health and Happiness

    5/16/2015 3:56:06 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    It isn't willpower that has kept me off the sugar. It is fear. Real fear that I would ever feel the pain and despair that I felt two weeks ago ... Read more

  • Avoiding the First Bite of Sugar

    5/8/2015 10:09:45 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I have held on to the thought that I do not want to have that first bite of sugar--the one that would send me on a crazy binge. Today was day fi... Read more

  • Gratitudes

    5/8/2015 1:54:03 AM, by RAENIEL

    I am grateful for The Boo, my wife, because of her unflagging love, support, encouragement and all around goofiness. She is my Why - why I keep o... Read more

  • Back Home, Back on Track

    5/6/2015 3:20:11 AM, by RAENIEL

    Finally home after a week in the hospital, dealing with tedious medical stuff that's even more boring to read about than to experience. 'Nuff sai... Read more

  • Revisiting the Journey

    5/5/2015 10:30:35 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    While David was in the hospital last month, my cravings for cane sugar got way out of control. I was still eating my healthy meals but the binge... Read more

  • Epic Scale Fail

    4/27/2015 7:19:44 PM, by RAENIEL

    I hopped on the scale this morning, not really expecting to see much change but more in the spirit of poking the angry cave bear with a pointy st... Read more

  • Food is Hard

    4/27/2015 5:59:12 AM, by RAENIEL

    I've been researching various diets that are supposed to help curb or even reverse type-2 diabetes. Lots of reputable sciencey folks are recommen... Read more

  • Gray Matters

    4/25/2015 1:22:20 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I am trying to stay in the gray area. What does that even mean?! This is a foreign concept to me. I am an all-or-none thinker. I'm ei... Read more

  • Getting my weight loss on!

    4/17/2015 3:50:18 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    No, nothing exciting to report about my weight, but my employer is trying a pilot program with an EXPENSIVE, and kind of impressive online weight... Read more

  • How Not To Run A Marathon. . .

    4/12/2015 10:48:02 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I had a whirlwind week with David being in the hospital, working full time, doing a running streak and keeping the pets fed and happy. I got all... Read more

  • Still here, still working it

    4/10/2015 2:59:54 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    I had to give up my lovely login and tracking streaks. I can't log in from home, it eats up too many megabytes, and I've been too busy at work, ... Read more

  • Snow

    4/5/2015 12:58:08 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    I had to get up at OMG:30 to get my son to work this morning. The old me would have thrown the skis on the roof of the car and headed for the hi... Read more

  • Another Hospital Stay.

    4/5/2015 9:46:53 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Happy Easter!! I feel serene today. My husband had a fever yesterday so I took him to the ER and we found out that he was starting to develo... Read more

  • Not my best day

    4/2/2015 11:36:09 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    Not my worst either, but I tracked nothing today. Didn't need to. I had an emergency root canal. I've hardly eaten anything all week. But I'... Read more

  • I am a Streaker!

    3/29/2015 10:42:12 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    There is a guy in my running club who is 73 and has run 101 marathons and has been on a running streak for over six years. In fact, since Januar... Read more

  • Perseverence

    3/21/2015 5:15:22 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    In the beginning of an effort, rewards come quickly, frequently and are more easily earned. As you progress in anything you do, the rewards are h... Read more

  • Making the Best of a Tough Situation

    3/21/2015 2:26:23 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Since I've been back on my night meds, the night time sleep-walk go-find-sugar-to-eat has been a challenge!! My husband keeps a lot of junk food... Read more

  • Tracking the wild streak.

    3/17/2015 2:24:15 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    I haven't blogged in a while. It isn't that I had nothing to say, I always have something to say. I just didn't have anything to say that I wan... Read more

  • Running with Resolve

    3/16/2015 8:30:58 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Yes, I'm pretty sick. But I also feel like I can keep going. Many of you said to rest yesterday but I felt like if I gave into it, that attitud... Read more

  • Running on Empty

    3/14/2015 10:19:53 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    So far my resolve to stay in my calories has been strong. I printed off my food journal and my trainer gave me some fresh ideas and substitution... Read more

  • Assessment Day

    3/10/2015 11:08:06 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I ate 2,800 calories today. It wasn't real to me until my personal trainer asked me to write down everything I eat during the next couple of day... Read more

  • I am back, after a very, very long break.

    3/9/2015 8:22:12 AM, by GREASE31

    I am back, after a very, very long break, which seeems to, have lasted forever, & @ times, has felt like, it!!!! !!!! !!!!. Recently i have... Read more

  • Goal Update 8: A New Pain in the Back

    3/6/2015 2:32:05 PM, by WOADWRITER

    Well, goals love getting sidelined but some progress has still been made. Two days ago I succeeded in sprinting for 0.25km on a gradual uphill sl... Read more

  • Friday morning, not the 13th yet

    3/6/2015 12:01:28 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    I just realized that we have 2 Friday the 13th's in a row this year. Bummer! I'm still doing pretty well on my new regimen. This week my feet... Read more

  • Running with Turbocharge

    3/5/2015 8:23:44 AM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I signed up for a free race for next Sunday, which will basically be a long training run with support and aid stations--yay! My next marathon is... Read more

  • Registered for the triathlon

    3/2/2015 3:55:54 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    I registered this morning for the spring Gold Nugget triathlon. No wonder I never date, all my events are for women only. Sheeze!... Read more

  • Adjusted to the new schedule

    3/1/2015 1:13:45 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    I've finally got a feel for the rhythm of our new household schedule, and I'm ready to add triathlon training back in. Not a moment too soon eit... Read more

  • diet pill day 1

    2/28/2015 7:40:57 PM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    At my appointment yesterday, we talked about my caloric intake, and where we should go now. I hadn't wanted to do this, but I've decided to try ... Read more

  • More about tracking

    2/25/2015 1:53:10 AM, by BARDIC_GRRL

    Trying to add more vegetables. Oddly enough I thought I was eating lots of veg, but I was throwing more away than I was eating. Tonight we had... Read more

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