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  • Timeout

    8/12/2016 8:44:21 AM, by KERIX3

    I had, had, had to get out yesterday. My youngest daughter (almost 10) and I went for a hike. We are making progress on the new trail I have been... Read more

  • Trudging along

    8/11/2016 10:14:27 PM, by KERIX3

    Simply put, I am exhausted. This whole upheaval in my schedule is taking its toll. Like I've mentioned previously, this is the point where I usu... Read more

  • Something new

    8/9/2016 12:46:36 PM, by KERIX3

    I had a great day yesterday, though it was a little hair-pulling lol. I saw my grandbaby. She's such a doll baby and I love her and her momma so... Read more

  • I can't wait....

    8/5/2016 3:34:04 PM, by KERIX3

    You know those little things that being overweight causes? Everyone has their own, I suppose. Her are just a few of mine. I can't wait.... ... Read more

  • Fall failure

    8/3/2016 1:20:36 PM, by KERIX3

    Late summer/fall is the time I usually lose my momentum and completely derail. This has happened time and again in the past years. The problem i... Read more

  • A few things I have figured out

    8/2/2016 12:05:17 PM, by KERIX3

    So, I am a little under 60 days of exercising, and I have learned a few things about myself. I love walking, and I am in love with hiking. N... Read more

  • Things I've lost

    7/29/2016 10:24:08 AM, by KERIX3

    Where to start? There have been so many changes in my life. My mind: If you could see my kids sometimes, you would know I am not exaggerati... Read more

  • Half way point

    7/28/2016 10:04:50 AM, by KERIX3

    With my weigh-in yesterday, I hit the half-way mark on my weight loss ticker. It was more of an encouragement than I thought it would be! I alrea... Read more

  • Today is the 1st day...

    7/27/2016 7:35:20 PM, by TKRYSTINA

    Today is the 1st day in a really long time that I had numerous crafting ideas just come to me as I saw items to work with. I really enjoyed my da... Read more

  • Just a check-in

    7/26/2016 10:54:19 AM, by KERIX3

    This is just a check-in, helping to keep myself accountable and keep my mind on task. Yesterday I had a very good, but very tiring day. Got... Read more

  • Baby pictures

    7/22/2016 8:27:42 AM, by KERIX3

    Yes, I have the baby picture bug. I apologize, but I couldn't help posting some more pictures of her! I like to look back through my blogs to see... Read more

  • Rollercoaster

    7/21/2016 9:27:13 AM, by KERIX3

    I love rollercoasters, except when my whole life is on one!! What a challenge the past couple of weeks has been! Sickness, chronic pain flare ups... Read more

  • MIA

    7/18/2016 9:19:19 PM, by KERIX3

    My reason for being MIA past few days: Read more

  • What's good and what's right

    7/15/2016 12:44:40 PM, by KERIX3

    I just want to say, this blog is not meant to come across as complaining! I have had a really hard time lately, struggling with pretty much... Read more

  • Stress!!!!!!!

    7/15/2016 10:04:59 AM, by CANDYLYNNBLUE

    I have been so majorly stressed for the last few weeks! I have pretty well kept it together until yesterday! I had a major binge! And I still ju... Read more

  • Back at it

    7/13/2016 8:36:57 PM, by KERIX3

    I have missed my exercise so much over the last week. Feeling better, so go back at it today. I knew I was missing it, but I realized how much ... Read more

  • So, I just cried

    7/10/2016 9:40:45 PM, by KERIX3

    Really, really bad day today. Got reamed out by someone close to me for something I didn't do, accused of things that never even entered my mind,... Read more

  • Still learning

    7/8/2016 2:57:05 PM, by KERIX3

    So, I have been sick since Tuesday. Haven't been able to exercise. Wow, what a difference it has made! I have still stayed within my calorie rang... Read more

  • May I have a better day, please?

    7/7/2016 8:10:36 AM, by KERIX3

    I have been serious about my health for about 50+ days now. Overall, I have been really happy with how things have been going and how I have been... Read more

  • Jeans wars

    7/6/2016 9:20:29 AM, by KERIX3

    My jeans are wearing out! They are getting thin and some have recently popped some holes. I am down to 3 pair that fit and don't have holes. I a... Read more

  • Blurred lines

    7/2/2016 1:34:20 PM, by MISSG180

    I always carry a pair of reading glasses in my purse. And when we went on the cruise I took along an extra pair. Naturally, I lost them both... Read more

  • I need a pacer

    7/1/2016 9:26:43 AM, by KERIX3

    Went for my walk this morning before it got too hot. I do 2 different walks, one where I walk 2 miles as fast as I can and one where I do 3 miles... Read more

  • An open letter to content providers and advertisers

    6/30/2016 6:14:15 PM, by MISSG180

    ook. I'm sympathetic. Really, I am. When I watch YouTube videos, I let the entire ad run even after the "Skip ad" button appears, because I know ... Read more

  • New body everyday

    6/29/2016 9:45:06 AM, by KERIX3

    Every day I have a new body. I wake up in the morning, and I can tell very small differences that no one else would notice. This morning I was li... Read more

  • Summer challenges 2016

    6/15/2016 11:01:56 AM, by KERIX3

    This summer I am doing 2 challenges. I have already started the Biggest Loser Summer Challenge and am on the Fit, Fab, and Fearless Fuschia's tea... Read more

  • Summer 5% Challenge

    6/13/2016 10:19:17 AM, by KERIX3

    This challenge is starting on June 25, which is a little symbolic for me. This is my birthday, and I have made a commitment to reach my goal wei... Read more

  • Lovely day hiking

    5/22/2016 8:01:18 PM, by KERIX3

    My two youngest and I went hiking on a section of the Appalachian trail. We had a lot of fun and it was so pretty. It was challenging for me, a... Read more

  • 30-day project diary day 3

    5/4/2016 8:15:59 AM, by KERIX3

    So day 3 was good, but because of having to take it easy it involved no workouts. I usually get discouraged with this because I feel like it shou... Read more

  • 30-day project diary day 2

    5/3/2016 8:11:30 AM, by KERIX3

    I had a great day yesterday, day 2. I got in a lot of exercise (for me), and got a lot of other things accomplished. I got very tired and crank... Read more

  • 30-day project diary

    5/1/2016 9:04:22 PM, by KERIX3

    I was walking 5 miles a day at least 3 days a week last fall and felt great, lost some weight, but then I started having health problems. I had ... Read more

  • My Run with the Alligators

    4/20/2016 5:11:16 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    50K was a big goal of mine for two years. I wasn't a... Read more

  • Trim healthy mama

    4/4/2016 11:50:21 AM, by CANDYLYNNBLUE

    Today I am starting trim healthy mama! It seems like a good lifestyle change. No refined sugars or white flour. Other than that you separate your... Read more

  • Trim healthy mama

    4/4/2016 11:50:06 AM, by CANDYLYNNBLUE

    Today I am starting trim healthy mama! It seems like a good lifestyle change. No refined sugars or white flour. Other than that you separate your... Read more

  • The Long Overdue Blog

    4/2/2016 12:01:18 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    Where to begin? I had been managing my Bipolar disea... Read more

  • Going for the right stuff

    1/16/2016 11:14:44 PM, by ILYVAZ19811

    Today we walk and walk and walk some more we had wonderful time and at the end we went to get yogurt and I'm amazed how little I served myself it... Read more

  • Shopping

    1/12/2016 6:50:59 PM, by ILYVAZ19811

    Today I went for very shopping and for the first time I shop healthy and great... Read more

  • It's FRIDAY

    1/8/2016 6:24:32 AM, by ILYVAZ19811

    the beginning of the weekend pls be careful take care... Read more

  • No insulin

    1/7/2016 6:25:39 AM, by ILYVAZ19811

    Two days without insulin I'm so happy from the 200's down to 97 & 118 I will continue in my path to eventually been off and just the pill and may... Read more

  • Hump day

    1/6/2016 7:38:29 PM, by ILYVAZ19811

    Heyyyy the weekend is almost here ...enjoy your rest of the week... Read more

  • Plans, hopes and goals for 2016

    1/5/2016 10:51:58 PM, by ARTISTE-MOI

    **Plans, hopes and goals for 2016: 1. In September 2015--I lost my Bible and I'm still having a difficult time getting past that fact. I use... Read more

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