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  • #135 Super Dress

    8/22/2017 11:24:08 PM, by JAMER123

    Not much news here except the awning is out and working well. My suggestion yesterday proved to be the key this morning!! Light breeze here at th... Read more

  • #134 And Monday is gone

    8/21/2017 11:58:44 PM, by JAMER123

    The day is ending and I am tired. It began with having our middle GD here and trying to find out what she would like to do while dad takes mom ti... Read more

  • #133 Sunday Dinner

    8/20/2017 11:09:36 PM, by JAMER123

    Well, the awning is still sitting in the same position and DH has went to get a tool that's suppose to remove the cotter pins. I guess they are b... Read more

  • #132 The weekend.

    8/19/2017 11:18:37 PM, by JAMER123

    Our project today was to install our new awning. Needed some help so got our middle son to come over. This thing is 76# and 19' long. The arms or... Read more

  • #131 Red and Blue

    8/18/2017 9:02:07 PM, by JAMER123

    Red and Blue Lights Judi was sitting at the defendant table while the state trooper was being cross-examined on the witness stand. ... Read more

  • 130 An update......

    8/17/2017 9:26:35 PM, by JAMER123

    An update from last evening's storm. We got 2.8 inches in about 2 hrs. The water caused a lot of flooding but all superficial. The most amazing t... Read more

  • #129 A different day

    8/16/2017 10:30:10 PM, by JAMER123

    Well, I do have something to write about tonight and maybe more tomorrow. The "storm" we were to get last night was a gentle rain with no thunder... Read more

  • #128 The unknown

    8/16/2017 12:24:16 AM, by JAMER123

    I haven't been able to figure out what to write tonight. The day has been quiet and I have taken advantage of that. We are expecting lots of rain... Read more

  • #127 Change is beginning

    8/15/2017 12:20:59 AM, by JAMER123

    Tonight the topic is change. That's changes at our house. The kids that have been living there for 10 months have begun to move a lot of their th... Read more

  • #126 Motivation

    8/13/2017 9:56:44 PM, by JAMER123

    Today, I haven't found my mojo so just sit back and enjoy the quotes and pictures. Read more

  • #125 Dinner out

    8/12/2017 10:44:17 PM, by JAMER123

    Our one son asked us out to the Red Lobster this evening. We had a delicious meal. My choice was grilled flounder, house salad and baked potato. ... Read more

  • #124 We are home!

    8/11/2017 11:43:10 PM, by JAMER123

    This is our home for now and we decided to dig out ... Read more

  • #123 Tomorrow's is a travel day

    8/10/2017 11:56:33 PM, by JAMER123

    This is a fun posting. So if tomorrow is a travel day, please enjoy what happens all too frequently. Read more

  • #1222 Fun visit!

    8/10/2017 12:12:20 AM, by JAMER123

    I am going to make this short tonight as it's very late and much to do. We had rain all morning here at the campground. It is very dry here so th... Read more

  • #121 travel day and Headlines

    8/8/2017 10:58:22 PM, by JAMER123

    WE were on the road with the camper about 11 AM. No need to leave earlier as we only had a short 4 hrs. drive and check out in the county park we... Read more

  • #120~~~Treats

    8/7/2017 9:56:22 PM, by JAMER123

    It was kind of a treat for me today to have my hair cut in a salon at Penneys. My DIL and granddaughters were at the salon getting ready for the ... Read more

  • #119 The tree..............

    8/6/2017 10:29:07 PM, by JAMER123

    I hadn't decided what I was going to do this afternoon so sat down to read the paper. About 11:00 heard a strange sound near us. I got us and loo... Read more

  • 118 Gardening

    8/5/2017 11:50:43 PM, by JAMER123

    I am not sure what I am writing about today but will begin with working in the front garden for a couple hrs. We have let the snow on the mountai... Read more

  • #117 Decorating

    8/4/2017 10:36:53 PM, by JAMER123

    My twins were born when my oldest boy was just 16 months old. When the twins became toddlers, my brood had grown into a rambunctious threes... Read more

  • Motivation #116

    8/3/2017 11:36:46 PM, by JAMER123

    There has been a little motivation today with the c... Read more

  • Try! #115

    8/3/2017 12:00:37 AM, by JAMER123

    A variety of blogs right now. I need some encouragement and it will be this quote I will work with tomorrow. And then I have another to post for ... Read more

  • August 1st........10 yrs. ago. #114

    8/1/2017 10:49:38 PM, by JAMER123

    We have been having a weekend of remembrance when the I-35W bridge fell into the Mississippi River. On that fateful day, we were eating dinner. A... Read more

  • Continuing #113

    8/1/2017 12:35:55 AM, by JAMER123

    Just a continuation from yesterday's fun memories!!... Read more

  • Flying #112 Rough landing?

    7/30/2017 11:52:48 PM, by JAMER123

    Rough Landing? A career Army officer I once met was jumpmaster for his unit and was taking up a few novices for a drop. The flight was p... Read more

  • Night work #111

    7/29/2017 9:28:58 PM, by JAMER123

    We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future. – Robin Sharma This is... Read more

  • Telephone mishap #110

    7/28/2017 9:57:12 PM, by JAMER123

    Enjoy! Telephone Mishap A woman was at home with her children when the telephone rang. In going to answer... Read more

  • #109

    7/27/2017 9:55:43 PM, by JAMER123

    Not a big news day. We did have to take our one dog in for a sore foot/leg as she wouldn't let us touch it. She warned and snapped when we tried.... Read more

  • Day # 108

    7/26/2017 11:33:49 PM, by JAMER123

    House for Sale Murphy was selling his house and put the matter in a real estate agent's hands. The agent wrote up a sales blurb for the ... Read more

  • Day #107 A weird day

    7/25/2017 11:18:50 PM, by JAMER123

    CRAZYDOG, so glad you love the Weather Channel. :) I say that because we have had much warning about this really bad storm heading this way.... Read more

  • 106 And here we go again

    7/24/2017 10:31:41 PM, by JAMER123

    No, we aren't traveling yet BUT I have made mention about weather several times only to find we didn't get the severe storms as many other around... Read more

  • #105 Enjoy the visions

    7/23/2017 5:39:13 PM, by JAMER123

    Get Away I was sitting on the deck yesterday watching the sun go down. The cove was strikingly still and beautiful. A blue heron stal... Read more

  • #104 checking in.

    7/23/2017 1:27:19 AM, by JAMER123

    I don't have my laptop and find using a mobile unit time consuming and difficult. Haven't been able to download a picture I was thinking about s... Read more

  • #103....Short and sweet?

    7/21/2017 11:59:17 PM, by JAMER123

    This has been a very frustrating day. All day. Finally got a decision on if we are putting the new awning on or ordering. Order placed for ... Read more

  • #102..............A fun day but busy.

    7/20/2017 11:07:38 PM, by JAMER123

    It was a hot one today. In our area of the state we average 11 days during the summer at 90 or above. Well, we have made the quota and it's only ... Read more

  • #101! And it continues.

    7/19/2017 11:14:11 PM, by JAMER123

    Rain began again at 9 AM and poor Keeleigh began getting upset when the rain could be heard on the roof. The thunder didn't come for an hr. so th... Read more

  • #100 WOO HOO

    7/18/2017 9:10:05 PM, by JAMER123

    I made the goal of chatting with all you that have shared our adventures with us. It really has been quite a trip and it's not done yet. Some day... Read more

  • #99.................

    7/17/2017 11:22:07 PM, by JAMER123

    Back in the groove of transportation. This afternoon it was a 3 PM pick up and a 4 PM pick up. Tomorrow more of the same. Potential storms aroun... Read more

  • # 98 Can you believe?

    7/16/2017 11:56:39 PM, by JAMER123

    Can you believe? It's closing in on 100 days of thinking of something to share and it marks the time gone from our home in the Rio Grande Valley ... Read more

  • 97 Blogging, Oh my!

    7/15/2017 11:39:15 PM, by JAMER123

    Got up this AM and almost had to crawl to the bathroom! Oh my, the muscles are screaming in the back and the hamstrings! I can't get down on my k... Read more

  • #96 blogging and gardening.

    7/14/2017 11:38:20 PM, by JAMER123

    Finished the front of the house flower bed and now it needs to recover. Lots of empty spaces but the alysum will work it's way through as long as... Read more

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