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  • Overboard

    5/2/2016 10:06:27 PM, by JSTUARTIST

    I went 103 over my calorie budget and 27 over my carbs. I had a blast drinking wine and watching Game of Thrones withe best friend. Then I came h... Read more

  • Dr appt

    5/2/2016 8:17:23 PM, by KERRILEA6

    Wasn't as bad as I thought. I didn't go over my 'bad' weight number :)... Read more

  • Day 8

    5/2/2016 1:19:50 PM, by PFIDLER0

    Through this new life change I have realized one thing. I am the maker of my happiness. If I say I can't, I won't. If I say I can then I do. ... Read more

  • Progress

    5/1/2016 9:39:05 PM, by EJGASTON

    Down 4 pounds since Day 1 and I can see changes in my posture and the way I am carrying my weight. :) Read more

  • Day one

    5/1/2016 8:28:25 PM, by KERRILEA6

    Downed loaded app today -starting tomorrow.... Read more

  • Day 7

    5/1/2016 9:45:15 AM, by PFIDLER0

    A day of rest. They day your body should have one day of rest. I am making myself take it today. I've been easily derailed in the past from doin... Read more

  • This week's check in

    5/1/2016 8:21:43 AM, by TEACHFIRST268

    Good morning! Trying to enter my first blog post from my phone/the app. (I'm even using the microphone feature!) After the scale being stuck a... Read more

  • Wake up call

    5/1/2016 7:33:23 AM, by DLANDERS5

    My 7 year old son came home on Friday from school and talked with us about his Gym class. He told us what he learned, how planks are the best exe... Read more

  • Starting Week 3

    5/1/2016 7:32:10 AM, by EJGASTON

    End of Week 1 and 2 pics are up! Here is week 2: I... Read more

  • Weight loss clinic

    4/30/2016 6:43:45 PM, by MLEIGH9

    At the end of February with the suggestion of my close friend I started at the weight loss clinic at one of our hospitals. After meeting first wi... Read more

  • Allergies are hurting my goals!!!

    4/30/2016 2:00:39 PM, by KATIE777KT

    This is my second year dealing with seasonal allergie... Read more

  • Day 6

    4/30/2016 1:38:18 PM, by PFIDLER0

    Today I exercised without having to fight my inner lazy voice! I lowered my pushups from the wall to a counter. Super hard but worth the progress... Read more

  • I think I need a new workout.

    4/29/2016 10:23:55 PM, by JSTUARTIST

    I have lost my motivation to do my walking fitness workout. I still enjoy doing my ab workout and my quit pilates routine, but the I think I nee... Read more

  • Day 5

    4/29/2016 12:54:38 PM, by PFIDLER0

    Did laps at the gym this morning, so feeling great. Now I'm just packing and moving. Have to remember to take control of what I put in my body... Read more

  • All i can do is apologize

    4/29/2016 12:31:10 PM, by PROPMAN1

    To ALL my SP Friends and eveyone else: have not been blogging, responding to any else's blog or otherwise been engaging much with/in SP. Change... Read more

  • A new me

    4/29/2016 12:21:47 PM, by JAZBUTTAFLY1

    It's been about 2 weeks and measuring, and counting calories are becoming easier. I have about 40-35 pounds to lose. I've lost 4 lbs. I also walk... Read more

  • Busy Week - Good Deed

    4/29/2016 8:05:18 AM, by LOPEYP

    This has been a busy week. Fortunately a good week mostly. Tuesday I did my good deed. I was meeting a friend for lunch. It was a miserable ... Read more

  • Day 4 part 2

    4/28/2016 9:33:33 AM, by PFIDLER0

    I swam Laps for 30 minutes. I feel great. I did other strength based exercises in addition. It maybe easier to let the little voice win in the m... Read more

  • Day 4

    4/28/2016 5:50:08 AM, by PFIDLER0

    It is 545 am. I woke up determined to do laps in the pool this morning. I am on my way. I realize that it just easier to talk yourself out of so... Read more

  • Overwhelming but still going

    4/27/2016 10:37:35 PM, by EJGASTON

    Today, everything that could go wrong did. ..crazy traffic, first responder & witness to a man nearly dying, by tractor trailer truck pushing ... Read more

  • Blog Post - 04/27/16

    4/27/2016 10:20:31 PM, by CHERIB00

    Ran for 45 minutes straight, which was 3.5 miles. Longest run this year. So excited!... Read more

  • The scale...

    4/27/2016 4:50:51 PM, by MLEIGH9

    Always remember the scale is just a number.... Read more

  • This chick can't dance

    4/27/2016 8:33:22 AM, by AMYA863

    Ok ladies I'll admit, I can't dance. What possessed ... Read more

  • Day 3

    4/27/2016 8:14:56 AM, by PFIDLER0

    Day 3. The last thing I want to do is exercise. My muscles are sore and I just want to curl up and be lazy. But it is this innate laziness wit... Read more

  • Lacking motivation

    4/26/2016 11:14:41 PM, by JSTUARTIST

    Maybe it's because I got very little sleep last night, but I am feeling tired and lazy tonight. I did my walking work out, but I kind of half as... Read more

  • Week 2

    4/26/2016 10:37:01 PM, by EJGASTON

    Weight is down to 196.2, doing ok with cravings...namely, nothing has really vexed me. Working on strength training with the personal trainer, 3... Read more

  • Pizza

    4/26/2016 9:30:41 PM, by BRUNO172

    All I ate was pizza today, and I feel pretty crumby about it. I stayed within my color intake limit but still, it's unhealthy.... Read more

  • C25k

    4/26/2016 8:46:13 PM, by *BELLYDANCER*

    Week 3, day 1 Couch to 5k. Up to 5mph pace from 3.8 - 4.3. Measurements for April lost 3.75 inches for a total of 23.75 inches gone. :)... Read more

  • Amazed

    4/26/2016 5:50:27 PM, by AMYA863

    To think a little over a month ago I found it difficult to finish the 20 minute easy burn. As a matter of fact I only made it 10 mins into the s... Read more

  • Two weeks in and feeling off

    4/26/2016 8:28:59 AM, by KATIE777KT

    Does anyone else feel like you are constantly needing to adjust the way you do things the moment you think you have it figured out. I was fe... Read more

  • Day 2

    4/26/2016 8:12:44 AM, by PFIDLER0

    Started an exercise program just for me. Needless to say my body aches this morning. However, it is an ache of satisfaction, to tell myself se... Read more

  • Fitbit

    4/26/2016 7:35:59 AM, by MIKORZ

    I received a fitbit for my birthday this year. It's a g... Read more

  • Hydration

    4/25/2016 10:55:23 PM, by BRUNO172

    In the last five days that I haven't blogged, I've been drinking eight or more cups of water. I feel much healthier !... Read more

  • Finally

    4/25/2016 6:37:43 PM, by AMYA863

    After doing the entire Leslie Sansone blast walk with 10 mini sessions at 10 mins each total of 4.23 miles, the chiropractor. Then the 20 min eas... Read more

  • Patience.

    4/25/2016 8:58:54 AM, by MLEIGH9

    All things take time. Make yourself accountable and m... Read more

  • I gained weight overnight

    4/25/2016 5:33:44 AM, by KATIE777KT

    I haven't been weighing myself lately. I know I'm making progress because, I am eating healthy, feeling better, and my clothes are getting looser... Read more

  • 5K Done!

    4/24/2016 6:20:08 PM, by LOPEYP

    Today was a great day!! Hubby and I did our community's 5K today. This was our 4th time. The weather was a bit windy and chilly but very sun... Read more

  • I need more water!

    4/24/2016 9:39:39 AM, by KATIE777KT

    I walked 5 miles yesterday, and ate healthy. I didn't consume large amounts of sodium, and yet my fingers are swollen. This typically happens aft... Read more

  • Good day

    4/23/2016 9:46:48 PM, by AMYA863

    Food intake was OK, did jog about 3/4 a mile out of t... Read more

  • Good day

    4/23/2016 9:46:42 PM, by AMYA863

    Food intake was OK, did jog about 3/4 a mile out of t... Read more

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