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  • Morning Ritual

    11/28/2017 7:10:55 PM, by PELESJEWEL

    My trail walks with my dog is quickly becoming a morning ritual. Love Read more

  • Make it work for you

    11/27/2017 6:16:16 AM, by SMITIM

    I was a bit discouraged with my workout routine. I fell on my hand/wrist, and bruised it. This means that I can't hold/grasp heavy objects with t... Read more

  • Best Day

    11/23/2017 4:07:05 PM, by PELESJEWEL

    I love how my day is unfolding, appreciative that my mind is clear and that I’m rested. My husband and I share the kitchen as we prepare our Than... Read more

  • Hypocrite

    11/19/2017 5:40:45 AM, by SMITIM

    Yes, that's me. I am trying to be encouraging to people on the community feed, telling them not to get discouraged and that they can achieve thei... Read more

  • I love myself.

    8/7/2017 8:50:19 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I was told years ago that when you point at someone you have 3 fingers pointing at yourself. When someone spits at me (not physically), it is o... Read more

  • My ANNOYING "Inner" Child

    7/27/2017 6:22:44 AM, by SMITIM

    As the baby of the family, I was a spoiled child. I guess having a child after you already had 1 daughter 14 years ago and 1 son 10 years ago mad... Read more

  • The Scale is a Tool

    7/21/2017 4:26:52 AM, by SMITIM

    Now I realize that in this modern age, calling something (or someone) a tool is NOT a nice thing. However, I had seen some sug... Read more

  • Where is the "Sweet Spot"?

    7/6/2017 10:57:14 AM, by SMITIM

    I've had 3 weigh-ins since my last blog. I had quite a bit to think about. I am trying to maintain my weight loss. And I see that some of my fell... Read more

  • Achieving in Real Life

    6/15/2017 5:00:27 AM, by SMITIM

    Last week I was very motivated to achieve the calories burned goal on my FitBit every day. And I accomplished that goal. Was I able to keep it up... Read more

  • Returning to Old Habits

    6/10/2017 6:57:30 AM, by SMITIM

    After my reality check last week, I was very motivated to shed those unwanted pounds and get back to my goal. And I realized that the best way to... Read more

  • Who do you think you are kidding?

    6/1/2017 4:09:02 AM, by SMITIM

    I went on a walking vacation in Germany, 52.8 miles walked in 4 days. And because I had racked up all those miles, I didn't really keep my eating... Read more

  • Pay it Forward

    5/1/2017 1:31:43 PM, by LOVECAROL

    I read something on here that ended with "I hope you have a lucky day" I sure did. I took all of my cards out of my purse on Sunday because I did... Read more

  • Over 60

    4/26/2017 1:07:56 PM, by LOVECAROL

    I'm having some fun with my life. Out of the blue, I started painting my nails. I wear makeup everyday. I can't take the garbage out without d... Read more

  • New Challenges

    3/13/2017 5:43:44 AM, by SMITIM

    I have been walking now for quite a while (got to get those 10,000 steps in every day!), and I enjoy this exercise very much. My husband and I ar... Read more

  • January 27

    2/1/2017 9:00:19 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I'm thankful to be alive. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. I fell on his hood and slid off onto the cement on my butt. I was taken to hospital... Read more

  • My new Plan

    12/31/2016 8:36:47 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I already started on Thursday. Thursday work out to dvd with warm-up, cardio, strength and balance and cool down and stretch for 55 plus adu... Read more

  • Steps

    12/13/2016 9:28:48 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I live on the 3rd floor. The laundry is on the bottom floor. I took the laundry down 3 flights and forgot the soap. 3 flights up, 3 flights down ... Read more

  • Fall Down Get Back Up

    12/10/2016 9:21:35 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I fell yesterday on snow which was packed down by the heavy machinery they use to clear the streets. Due to the yoga and other exercises I've bee... Read more

  • Christmas nearing.

    12/5/2016 8:50:21 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I wish Christmas was over. Cynthia's making it so unbearable. My heart cries. It's so difficult to not eat more than I should. I have to wait unt... Read more

  • Seeking Peace

    11/5/2016 9:21:37 AM, by LOVECAROL

    Peace is the climate of freedom. I read this on someone's blog. It blew my mind away. After Cynthia running me down into to the ground with thing... Read more

  • LED

    10/27/2016 8:35:48 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I'm going shopping for light bulbs. It was easy before led. I found the kind that gives bright light but not available at superstore nor walmar... Read more

  • Tipping servers or whoever.

    10/25/2016 8:54:22 AM, by LOVECAROL

    Getting tips is like earning more income according to the government. They want their cut. It is meant for a gift to that person not income. Tipp... Read more

  • Keeping Occupied

    10/22/2016 9:13:24 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I'm going to enjoy this Saturday. I have a few things I'm doing. I don't have any golf to watch. Today I'm cleaning the apartment, going for a... Read more

  • Laundromats Can Be a Blessing

    10/19/2016 9:23:39 AM, by LOVECAROL

    For the past 2 weeks I've had to take my laundry out because the washers are not working in my apartment building. The laundromat I went to I fou... Read more

  • What a start to the day.

    10/11/2016 1:33:08 PM, by LOVECAROL

    I went down to do the laundry. I started putting money in the washer and not working. I tried another washer and not working. I had to take my la... Read more

  • Maybe this does work

    10/1/2016 6:23:44 AM, by HANNAH03253

    I did really well here back in 2010-2011. Five years later and my weight has gone up again and nothing seems to work. Maybe tracking food is what... Read more

  • Unusual

    9/16/2016 9:41:52 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I walked to Walmart which is 1 hour. Shopped around then headed my way to superstore which is on my way home. While I was looking for spinach my ... Read more

  • Moving

    8/27/2016 8:51:39 AM, by LOVECAROL

    Moving on Thursday for sure might get in a day earlier. I'm not moving far from where I live now so I'll be coming back to play scrabble with my... Read more

  • Food plan

    8/12/2016 2:08:48 AM, by INGRIDSLIM

    I'm repeating a way of eating that made me lose 15 pounds within a month in the not so far away past. I was guided by a Paleo dietitian. I had ... Read more

  • Friends

    8/10/2016 9:13:31 AM, by LOVECAROL

    Cynthia and I have found a 2 bedroom apartment. We'll be moving in Sept. 1. I have 3 years until retirement, if she can get herself together in t... Read more

  • Update to Crying out Loud

    8/8/2016 9:30:35 AM, by LOVECAROL

    The sparkling people on sparkpeople are very supportive. One comment was not to take it personally and you are right but it is hard. Yes I'm hang... Read more

  • Crying out Loud

    8/7/2016 10:33:58 AM, by LOVECAROL

    Cynthia just knows everything. She turned 32 on Saturday. Drinks smokes and does drugs not married never has been but she knows everything and I ... Read more

  • Challenge of the day

    8/6/2016 5:12:29 AM, by INGRIDSLIM

    steps... Read more


    8/1/2016 10:53:16 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I love August. It's both me and my daughter's birthdays a week apart. I make a cheesecake for my birthday. I'm trying to choose different kind... Read more

  • Fingers Crossed

    7/28/2016 8:56:57 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I didn't get my hair cut. My appointment to see the apartment was going to collide with the time it took to get my hair cut. As it turned out the... Read more

  • Tea Drinker Hopefully Full Time

    7/24/2016 8:47:21 AM, by LOVECAROL

    Not yet. I drink tea sometimes. I love iced tea. I have 1 bucket of coffee left in the freezer. I have 1 in the fridge. I've gone from enjoy... Read more

  • Bruce Park

    7/20/2016 8:26:30 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I've my camera. I'm so pumped about going on the guided tour of Bruce Park. A day in the park pumps me up anyway but a guided tour and history ... Read more

  • Breakfast.

    7/16/2016 8:29:46 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I started the day off right by eating a bowl of cereal. My favorite food for breakfast. I've been eating other foods. There is just something ... Read more

  • Reading a Real Book

    7/12/2016 11:01:22 AM, by LOVECAROL

    I'm going to make a trip to the library. I need to get a book to read in the middle of the night. I had a bad sleep and if I had a book it woul... Read more

  • An afternoon for me.

    7/9/2016 9:37:07 AM, by LOVECAROL

    It's a bright sunny day so far. So after my appointment, I'll go walking. It's a good day to go to Giant Tiger and look for something for myself ... Read more

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