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  • We Get to Meet Dalton's Marrow Donor!!!

    8/2/2015 2:28:55 PM, by SANDY-RENO

    I posted a blog a while back about my son Dalton, who was born with Severe Combined Immunodeficency (the Bubble Boy Disease.) His only chance at ... Read more

  • August Goals

    8/1/2015 6:33:57 PM, by SANDY-RENO

    I can't believe it's already August! Here are my July results (I started on July 13th.) I started at 247 pounds. I am now down t... Read more

  • Best/worst

    7/30/2015 10:18:13 PM, by BDUB522

    My best choice of the day was skipping syrup on my meal at a restaurant. I also limited myself to just the French toast and not the entire entree... Read more

  • Today's Best & Worst

    7/29/2015 7:42:42 AM, by BDUB522

    To motivate myself, I'm going to start cataloging my best and worst choices of the day. I thought this would be a simple way to reflect on the da... Read more

  • Vacation Success!

    7/26/2015 1:16:58 PM, by SANDY-RENO

    This past Monday we went on vacation with my parents to Sunriver, a great resort-esque vacation spot in Central Oregon. My parents rented a beau... Read more

  • Day 1-Back at it

    7/26/2015 10:48:49 AM, by NETTYNICOLE

    So...once again, I'm back to changing my lifestyle for the better. Got up this morning, had a breakfast of steel-cut oats with honey and a glass... Read more

  • 4HB Round 3 - Week 2

    7/15/2015 12:56:59 PM, by WAZZU.REN

    I am back on spark religiously again. Feels good. Happy to be back on track. The purpose of this blog today is so that I have record of what I am... Read more

  • A Picture of my Reality

    7/13/2015 2:17:17 PM, by SANDY-RENO

    I've known I'm overweight for a long time. We're talking years. I've done a great job of hiding behind the camera during that time, or only snapp... Read more

  • Daily Community Task 2

    7/10/2015 7:08:19 PM, by JGS2390

    I could definitely put in more effort in my cardio workouts.... Read more

  • Daily Community Task.

    7/9/2015 9:19:24 PM, by JGS2390

    What I will do with my too big clothes. I will probably keep some just to remind myself how far I've come.the others I will donate.... Read more

  • Week 3 BNN

    6/21/2015 9:11:03 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    Week three of BNN, This was week three of Buy Nothing New Year and we’re making the most of it. Saturday we went to an animal park and today ... Read more

  • 2015 Update

    6/18/2015 9:44:22 PM, by SIRA5106

    So quick recap on what has been going on in my life. Joined a gym across the street from my office in the middle of November. Goal was to ru... Read more

  • W2 BNN and 1st post-baby 10km

    6/14/2015 7:51:06 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    Today was my first 10km race since falling pregnant. ... Read more

  • Feeling the effects- a good start to the week

    6/8/2015 3:06:11 PM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    Today I went for a walk when I got up. Despite the temperature, despite being up all night with my baby, I wanted to get up and do a walk, and I ... Read more

  • Week one

    6/5/2015 1:11:50 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    Week one of BNN So this week has been full of ups and downs. I have been down, my weight is still up. 😞. After getting back from an amazing w... Read more

  • 2 Week Challenge.

    6/1/2015 6:01:33 PM, by GINGERGARLIC

    So i am meeting up with family in 2 weeks. I would like to loose 5 pounds before the reunion. My Plan * No drinking or sweets till... Read more

  • This year's about to get really interesting.

    5/22/2015 7:44:37 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    So far in 2015 I have had my first baby, published my first novel, my husband has taken a promotion and we are about to move flats. Apparently th... Read more

  • Day 2

    5/20/2015 10:14:48 PM, by JENNAWAKELEY09

    Day 1 (round 2 ) went fairly well. I binge ate a little bit today. I think it was more like self sabotage. Seriously, at one poi... Read more

  • Day 1

    5/19/2015 3:09:05 PM, by JENNAWAKELEY09

    Isn't it funny how on Day 1 you always feel the most motivated. Your all excited, "I can do this." You do everything perfect, eat right, do som... Read more

  • How I Feel Today......

    5/9/2015 7:42:53 PM, by THERESAMARIEM

    Tomorrow I will be starting the Natalie Jill 7 Day Jump Start program. It is a meal plan that is guaranteed to help you lose weight and jump star... Read more

  • Week 7

    5/7/2015 12:45:28 PM, by JSASSY805

    Weight 180 ~ Target 136 BMI 32.9 ~ Target 25 Body Fat 31% ~ Target 25% Pant size 18 ~ Target 8 Shirt size L ~ Target S Monday ... Read more

  • The EX is getting on my nerves.....

    5/3/2015 12:14:47 PM, by ANGYAS

    I`m so pissed today. My ex partner and father of my son is now wanting to lower down the child support that he is paying because according to... Read more

  • Even a run didn't help today :(

    5/3/2015 9:11:58 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    Alas, I'm in a slump and even a run on the treadmill didn't help tonight. On the plus side I can't remember when I last had a bout of feeling dow... Read more

  • Week 6

    4/30/2015 11:08:42 AM, by JSASSY805

    Weight 181 ~ Target 136 BMI 33.1 ~ Target 25 Body Fat 31% ~ Target 25% Pant size 18 ~ Target 8 Shirt size L ~ Target S Monday ... Read more

  • Little things

    4/30/2015 2:20:48 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    Last week I was increasingly upset by the actions of rude strangers. I found all my thoughts focussed on them and it made me view every person as... Read more

  • Rebooted

    4/25/2015 9:28:22 AM, by ANGYAS

    Hi friends, I`ve been off for almost an year but I have had a lot on my plate. 2014 was a very dynamic year for me and my son. ... Read more

  • I'm Back!

    4/23/2015 1:04:58 PM, by EHERN494

    Wow it's been a while since I last logged on here! It's been a little over 2 years now. The last time I recorded my weight on here I weighed 145 ... Read more

  • Week 5

    4/23/2015 11:04:22 AM, by JSASSY805

    Weight 183 ~ Target 136 BMI 33.1 ~ Target 25 Body Fat 31% ~ Target 25% Pant size 18 ~ Target 8 Shirt size L ~ Target S Monday ... Read more

  • Finding my get up and go

    4/22/2015 12:33:01 PM, by EBERKSHIRE86

    We have now been in our new house for almost two weeks and since that time I have been sticking to a clean eating plan. It's going well and I hav... Read more

  • 100+ Days on SP

    4/22/2015 9:04:12 AM, by 24ASHODON24

    Spring has finally arrived!! I usually dread this season due to bad allergies, however after being cooped up in the house with a baby for the ent... Read more

  • My book is out! Thank you spark friends.

    4/21/2015 3:16:40 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    I am so proud. It has been such a battle, with moving country, gaining the weight, loosing the weight, getting pregnant, gaining a lot more weigh... Read more

  • Month 1

    4/16/2015 11:08:38 AM, by JSASSY805

    Weight 186 ~ Target 136 BMI 34 ~ Target 25 Body Fat 30% ~ Target 25% Pant size 18 ~ Target 8 Shirt size L/XLG ~ Target S Monday ... Read more

  • Ups and downs

    4/13/2015 12:42:11 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    So it's been a while! Life is rather different with a baby! Am back in the ha... Read more

  • Week 3

    4/10/2015 8:15:06 PM, by JSASSY805

    Weight 189 ~ Target 136 BMI 34.7 ~ Target 25 Body Fat 32% ~ Target 25% Pant size 18 ~ Target 8 Shirt size L/XLG ~ Target S Mo... Read more

  • On my way again!

    4/9/2015 2:19:12 PM, by PROF_STEPH

    I am feeling the Spring air again finally and have loved getting back on the healthy bandwagon this past week! I joined a dietbet beginning April... Read more

  • Week 2

    4/3/2015 11:01:48 AM, by JSASSY805

    Weight 189 ~ Target 136 BMI 34.7 ~ Target 25 Body Fat 32% ~ Target 25% Pant size 18 ~ Target 8 Shirt size L/XLG ~ Target S ... Read more

  • 88 Days on SP - Still Feeling Great!

    3/29/2015 9:30:45 AM, by 24ASHODON24

    Gosh, the sunshine is beautiful isn't it!?!? Seeing the sunshine and blue sky can be very motivating. Here's hoping that this winter is finally c... Read more

  • Getting back in touch with my goals

    3/27/2015 12:44:00 PM, by PROF_STEPH

    It has been a long looooongg winter in Atlantic Canada. We STILL have about 2 feet of snow on the ground and have more forecast over the next 2 w... Read more

  • Week 1

    3/26/2015 11:46:19 AM, by JSASSY805

    Weight 196 ~ Target 136 BMI 35.8 ~ Target 25 Body Fat 34% ~ Target 25% Pant size 18 ~ Target 8 Shirt size L/XLG ~ Target S Monday ... Read more

  • Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Day 1

    3/25/2015 12:00:27 PM, by ZOOOEYMAMA

    Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Day 1... Breakfast - Instead of having green tea, I did have black tea plus mate (Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder) ... Read more

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