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  • Our garden is growing

    5/6/2015 9:25:06 PM, by JO88BAKO

    The garden is looking good. The onions are getting seed pods on them. The 8 Ball zucchini as a little one growing. There are peppers on the plant... Read more

  • Doing better today

    5/5/2015 9:30:22 PM, by JO88BAKO

    FINALLY today, thanks to my granddaughter, my ears are feeling better. She candle wicked them. I'd never had that done before, she said it would ... Read more

  • Emu on the loose

    5/4/2015 11:15:43 PM, by JO88BAKO

    This is the truth. Not once, but twice today while driving a few miles from our house we saw an Emu walking by the road. It belongs to some folks... Read more

  • Do you hear what I hear LOL

    5/3/2015 8:32:29 PM, by JO88BAKO

    My lousy ears are still ringing and plugged. Pretty much sick of this. Busy day tomorrow. I am thinking about going to the Dr if it doesn't clear... Read more

  • Tired from allergy med

    5/2/2015 8:53:10 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Benadryl seems to be kicking my rear tonight. I'm really tired but it's to early to go to bed.... Read more

  • Stinking allergies

    5/1/2015 9:47:42 PM, by JO88BAKO

    My ears are still ringing and plugged and my head isn't very happy either. Hope this goes away soon... Read more

  • Good day trip

    4/29/2015 7:36:18 PM, by JO88BAKO

    It was a good day for our trip. We went to the VA, then to Aldi's. Got some good freggies, zucchini, summer squash, red onions, grapefruit, pinea... Read more

  • Road trip tomorrow

    4/28/2015 10:07:54 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today was a good day. Got a couple hours of walking in. Road trip tomorrow to the VA for Bob's podiatrist. I will also get to go to Aldis and sto... Read more

  • Hurray for Sun

    4/27/2015 10:16:44 PM, by JO88BAKO

    The sun came out and all is well. We cooked burgers at the Legion tonight. It was busy, did around 40. We cook next Monday again too.... Read more

  • Starting over is never easy

    4/27/2015 8:50:42 AM, by LIZZIECAROL22

    Starting over is never easy. I started my Pre-op diet on 04/23/15, which was on Thursday. Sat was terrible. I was going through withdrawals fr... Read more

  • Dreary day

    4/26/2015 8:01:27 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Another dreary day. The sun finally did come out for a very short time early this evening. Tomorrow now clouds and I can't wait... Read more

  • Race for the Cure

    4/25/2015 2:31:37 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today our Parrot Head Group is participating in Race for the Cure. We have had several fundraisers and have raised over $2,000. It goes from noon... Read more

  • Holy Hashbrowns Cracker Barrel!

    4/25/2015 8:20:38 AM, by CANDIGIRL4K

    So it has been almost a month and I have to say that March and April have not been as productive as they could have been diet wise and my drive f... Read more

  • Beautiful day at the beach

    4/24/2015 9:27:41 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Bella and I went to the beach today. We stopped at a couple of thrift stores on the way and we each got a book. I also got one for Bob. It was a ... Read more

  • Strawberries, yummy

    4/23/2015 9:30:59 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today Bella and I went to the nursery and picked berries. They are so big and good. I also bought a basket of plants. Of course, we also had to g... Read more

  • Good results

    4/22/2015 8:05:21 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today I had my colonscopy and got good results. No polyps or anything else.... Read more

  • What I have learned since joining Camp WannabeFit

    4/21/2015 9:00:10 PM, by JO88BAKO

    This team is celebrating our 1 year anniversary. What I have learned is how to lose weight, finally. After most of my life, and belonging t... Read more

  • Alligator

    4/20/2015 9:09:06 PM, by JO88BAKO

    I know there are alligators around, but usually you don't see them. We got wind of one in a run off pond across the street from Walmart, so we we... Read more

  • Cheeseburgers In Paradise

    4/19/2015 6:45:29 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today our Parrot Head group had a fundraiser at the Fat Pelican at the beach. We are doing Relay for Life in a couple of weeks, and this is the 3... Read more

  • Went fishing

    4/18/2015 10:41:01 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Finally, after 3 times in the shop, our boat ran when we put it in the water. We went fishing in the bays with our friends, they had their boat. ... Read more

  • AT DAY'S END.......

    4/18/2015 8:53:37 PM, by L*I*T*A*

    ... Read more


    4/17/2015 9:30:44 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Last night a friend told me about a nursery we hadn't been to. Today we went and it was the most awesome one I'd ever been to. They had tons of f... Read more

  • Nice walk, until it rained

    4/16/2015 10:06:55 PM, by JO88BAKO

    We went to the beach and was enjoying a nice walk, finding shells, all is well. Then, down came the rain. We got wet and had a meeting to go to l... Read more

  • Cool day, a little rain

    4/15/2015 9:38:46 PM, by JO88BAKO

    So glad we got things planted yesterday. The cloudy cooler day and a little rain is perfect for the little plants to get used to being in the gar... Read more

  • Oil changed, more veggies planted

    4/14/2015 8:53:33 PM, by JO88BAKO

    We got our oil changed today and that went well. We are so mad at the dealership here, we drove around 60 miles one way to the next closest. They... Read more

  • More veggies to plant

    4/13/2015 10:11:03 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today we decided to get some tomato cages and several more plants on the way to the beach. We got a patio tomato, Roma tomato, yellow pepper and ... Read more

  • Planting more veggies

    4/12/2015 9:31:11 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today we planted red, orange, green and those long peppers (forget what they are.) Beefsteak tomatoes, spaghetti squash, yummm. We also got a bl... Read more

  • Chowder Cookoff

    4/11/2015 9:03:05 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today was the Chowder Cookoff on the island. 8 restaurants entered their chowder. Our Parrot Head group volunteers for the kids area and the soda... Read more

  • Getting the veggies ready

    4/10/2015 6:49:14 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Tomorrow will be a big garden planting day here. Cucumbers, Butternut Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, a tomato and a pepper to... Read more

  • Wishing

    4/9/2015 9:21:02 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Wishing my daughter could have stayed longer. Wishing my daughter lived closer. Wish, wish, wish. We have always been very close and I miss her s... Read more


    4/8/2015 9:19:30 PM, by L*I*T*A*

    EVERY DROP'S A DREAM . Moonlight on the Sea If each grain of sand we... Read more

  • Another fun day

    4/7/2015 10:12:21 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today DGD had school this afternoon, so DD and I had fun shopping and went to lunch. I wish she didn't have to go home Thursday... Read more

  • Celebrating

    4/6/2015 8:44:07 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today is our granddaughter's 19th birthday. We had a great day of celebration. The weather was beautiful and sunny. It was awesome.... Read more

  • Awesome Easter Sunday

    4/5/2015 8:48:47 PM, by JO88BAKO

    We got up at 5am to get to the beach for sunrise service. When we got there it was literally packed and no place to park at all. So, we went down... Read more

  • 2 Hours Late

    4/4/2015 10:32:56 PM, by JO88BAKO

    My DD got here today, but her plane was 2 hours late. I'm very tired and have to get to bed.... Read more

  • 2 Hours Late

    4/4/2015 10:32:53 PM, by JO88BAKO

    My DD got here today, but her plane was 2 hours late. I'm very tired and have to get to bed.... Read more

  • I got a Fig Tree

    4/3/2015 10:36:33 PM, by JO88BAKO

    WOOHOO today DH got me 2 more Blueberry trees and a Fig tree. I have been wanting one. We got it planted. They said it would bear some fruit this... Read more

  • Had a better day

    4/2/2015 8:24:00 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Last night I slept pretty well and felt pretty good this morning. My knee swelled as the day went along, but I do think the cortisone will help.... Read more

  • OUCH!!!

    4/1/2015 10:30:36 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today I went to the Ortho Dr. She was very nice. She x rayed my knee. It has arthritis which I knew. It's all inflamed. She gave me a shot of co... Read more

  • Spring IS here

    3/31/2015 8:03:26 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Finally I think we have turned the corner. I won't complain how hot it gets this summer. It's so nice seeing the sun, being outside and smelling ... Read more

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