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Blogs by Members of SP Class of August 1-7, 2010

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  • 2018

    1/10/2018 12:10:17 PM, by CANDIGIRL4K

    Hello All! Happy Holidays even though I know the... Read more

  • FINALLY Home

    11/26/2017 2:35:07 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today is only the 5th day this month we have been home. We went to WI to see the beiaby, son, daughter, friends and I am so sick and tired of bei... Read more

  • FINALLY Home

    11/26/2017 2:35:04 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today is only the 5th day this month we have been home. We went to WI to see the beiaby, son, daughter, friends and I am so sick and tired of bei... Read more

  • T25 Week 3

    11/7/2017 9:27:35 AM, by CANDIGIRL4K

    So I actually finished week 2 and did well. As with l... Read more

  • So Sore not Sorry

    10/29/2017 11:40:20 AM, by CANDIGIRL4K

    So I decided to essentially OVERCOME...no matter the ... Read more

  • Baby O Bab

    10/23/2017 2:51:33 PM, by JO88BAKO

    We were blessed Saturday night with a healthy great grandson. He weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long. He and mommy are doing well. My hea... Read more

  • Time Flies

    10/19/2017 5:01:46 PM, by JO88BAKO

    It's been forever since I did a blog, can't do it on my phone. Bob's liver cancer is back. We found that out Tuesday when we went to Chapel Hi... Read more

  • October 2017

    10/16/2017 1:44:21 PM, by CANDIGIRL4K

    I'm back for my monthly check in...I'll keep it brief because I'm just exhausted. I've had some medical issues arise and the medication I'm takin... Read more

  • Life is like a journey on a train

    9/2/2017 11:56:12 PM, by L*I*T*A*

    Life is like a journey on a train Life is like a... Read more

  • August/September 17

    8/28/2017 2:29:13 PM, by CANDIGIRL4K

    So if you all didn't know, I had been a SAHM for quit... Read more

  • No Better

    8/2/2017 4:27:28 PM, by JO88BAKO

    I have an Ortho appointment Friday, can't wait. Today was not good... Read more

  • Making Progress

    7/19/2017 3:33:01 PM, by JO88BAKO

    After 1 step forward and 3 steps back, I think my back is a little better than yesterday. It is extremely slow progress. Praying tomorrow will be... Read more

  • Ice bag, heating pad

    7/16/2017 5:31:37 PM, by JO88BAKO

    I finished my prednisone this morning, still have muscle relaxers. My back is some better but not close to all the way. Should have gone to the D... Read more

  • Time Flies

    7/8/2017 3:21:31 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Can't believe it's believe it's been so long since my last post. My granddaughter is here visiting now from Wisconsin. We are having a great time... Read more

  • Anniversary of LC/June Blog

    6/19/2017 2:01:12 PM, by CANDIGIRL4K

    It's officially been one year of me eating a low-ca... Read more

  • Yummy food from the garden

    6/3/2017 2:49:35 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Our garden is doing much better this year. I've gotten several zucchini and yellow squash and some peppers.. Last night we had BLT's for dinner w... Read more

  • Fun Sunday

    5/22/2017 4:52:14 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Yesterday we went with our friends out of town to an air show. It was really great, hadn't seen one for 5 years. The Blue Angles were the last an... Read more

  • Exhausted

    5/20/2017 8:12:49 PM, by JO88BAKO

    I was up and in the garden at 6:15 this morning. Watered and pulled some weeds. Next applied Miracle Grow to plants. We are still working on the ... Read more


    5/19/2017 4:08:04 PM, by JO88BAKO

    A long time ago I wondered if I could get to 1,000 days and sure enough, here it is. Either I'm committed or have a really boring life. Nope, not... Read more

  • And the Verdict Is.....

    5/12/2017 7:55:56 PM, by JO88BAKO

    I saw a Nutritionist today. The reason I'm not losing is I'm not eating enough and also not the correct amount and not often enough. Now I know, ... Read more

  • Exhausted tonight

    5/5/2017 8:08:02 PM, by JO88BAKO

    I'm really tired tonight. I did a cardio/ST class for an hour, then line dancing for an hour. After lunch worked about 3 hours getting things set... Read more

  • Apparently...it's been a while

    5/3/2017 3:32:05 PM, by CANDIGIRL4K

    So the goal was to blog every month to keep track of my progress. I see that my last blog was in February and that's because I stalled with the l... Read more

  • WooHoo it's raining

    4/24/2017 5:27:17 PM, by JO88BAKO

    We are finally getting some much needed rain. The garden is doing well but God's water is always better... Read more

  • On the right track

    4/18/2017 2:40:26 PM, by NADINE125

    Been a while since I wrote. I dropped my boyfriend 5 yeas ago. Instead I concentrated on my mental and physical health. I have lost 28 pounds and... Read more

  • Happy Easter

    4/16/2017 9:15:50 PM, by JO88BAKO

    What a beautiful day. Warm sun but not hot. Light breeze but not windy. We spent some time watching the ocean after church and it was awesome. Ha... Read more

  • Spring has sprung

    4/12/2017 5:11:50 PM, by JO88BAKO

    The flowers are blooming and they are beautiful. We put our garden in last Friday. No more frost. Can't wait to see if it does better this yea... Read more

  • Busy Monday

    4/10/2017 2:46:49 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Time seems to be speeding by for me. The weekend went fast. Busy day here and still a lot to do. Went with DH to his nutrition class at the VA, t... Read more

  • Friday already

    4/7/2017 2:46:06 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Boy, did this week ever go fast. Only missed 1 day of class this week because DH brother was in town. Spent the day with he and his wife. This wa... Read more

  • So glad it's Monday

    4/3/2017 7:49:03 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Why am I happy it's Monday? I got to go to exercise class. It was so much fun and a really great workout. Looking forward to going tomorrow... Read more

  • Having fun Line Dancing

    3/31/2017 3:10:57 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Today was line dancing class. Every week gets a little better. I may never be able to do it, but really don't care. It is so much fun and really ... Read more

  • Loving exercise class

    3/28/2017 9:30:13 PM, by JO88BAKO

    I never thought the words love and exercise would ever be in the same sentence for me. The gal who leads the class is so good, it's not like exer... Read more

  • Babysitting my babies - vegetables

    3/27/2017 8:08:09 PM, by JO88BAKO

    We got plants for our garden Friday. Can't plant them quite yet, so I'm carefully watching them and waiting. They are on the deck. I keep them mo... Read more

  • Allergies better, down 3 pounds this week

    3/25/2017 7:30:48 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Thanks to those who responded to my allergy blog! I've been going to our new Senior Center to exercise and learn Line Dancing. It is really ... Read more

  • Go away Allergies

    3/21/2017 4:44:24 PM, by JO88BAKO

    Does anyone else have seasonal allergies? Mine are terrible this week. I do think the worst is over but still don't feel back to normal. Just gla... Read more

  • Fun time at the beach

    3/19/2017 1:40:10 PM, by JO88BAKO

    We spent most of last week at the beach. I had gotten a condo stay from a silent auction. It was chilly but we had a blast. We have a lot of frie... Read more

  • Say NO to snow

    3/12/2017 8:54:14 PM, by JO88BAKO

    This morning it snowed. I can't stand snow. We moved to NC to get rid of the midwest winters. L It didn't stick. Just seeing it gives me flashbac... Read more

  • Butternut Squash

    3/11/2017 12:10:05 PM, by JO88BAKO

    This morning at the grocery I found some fresh Butternut Squash spirals. Just made a stir fry with it and it is awesome... Read more

  • Bad Shape

    3/10/2017 7:00:39 PM, by JO88BAKO

    After attending 2 exercise classes and Line Dancing today, I realize I'm in terrible shape, much worse than I thought. I've been working hard on ... Read more

  • Feeling and looking like spring

    3/6/2017 4:30:50 PM, by JO88BAKO

    We have been working on the soil in our garden. We have added top soil and lime. Today when I went to water, to make the lime breakdown, I notice... Read more

  • Allergies

    2/26/2017 4:22:09 PM, by JO88BAKO

    My allergies are bad and I feel like I've drank way to much. Head is spinning, GRRRR... Read more

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