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  • After so many years of dieting, self flagellation and self shame, I think I have turned the corner.

    9/26/2016 5:15:56 PM, by MCFITZ2

    It seems strange for it to be Sept. and to be planting ... Read more

  • Monday

    9/26/2016 3:31:14 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    sooo...i was less at my dr appt than last time!! she was pleased. have to have an ultrasound and some xrays on my poor crippled leg but otherwise... Read more

  • Sunday

    9/25/2016 11:01:59 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    someone prod me. i need to clean. i just want a day off, but i dont have that luxery. between the bakery being so busy i cant even breathe, and t... Read more

  • Little league game tonight

    9/25/2016 1:21:58 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Tonight we watched our grandson play baseball. It was enjoyable and we met another couple who are also grandparents of one of his teammates. N... Read more

  • Yeah that backfired lol

    9/24/2016 5:24:37 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    ok so i got up early. got Lucy settled, and started applesauce. omg...umm..i just got done at 5. there were SO many apples, and trying to do it a... Read more

  • whew!!

    9/23/2016 3:02:46 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    everything is delivered or picked up. i managed to get the cakes all to the van myself, but i have one of the waiters at the resort carry the 2 b... Read more

  • i did it!!!

    9/22/2016 1:26:20 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    i just finished the last wedding cake!!! all the calla lilies are made for the one that needed them...the extra serving and first anniversary cak... Read more

  • will be glad

    9/21/2016 5:41:31 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    when this week is done, took me all day to build and flat frost the 5 wedding cakes. will be so glad when all are delivered friday...... Read more

  • argh!!

    9/20/2016 5:22:15 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    5 weddings this week and a birthday cake for tomorrow for my lovely, sweet neighbor. so i was shocked when lucy woofed and i saw Annies car. i th... Read more

  • add on about "the Plan"

    9/19/2016 12:12:58 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    yesterday i talked about the plan...a book written by Lynn Genet. its really valuable..and stresses that NO ONE THING works for everyone. calorie... Read more

  • its NOt CARBS!!!!

    9/18/2016 10:09:39 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    ok so the other day i posted a blog about my problem with popcorn. some of you replied that it was the carbs, they are bad, and they are NOT. I p... Read more

  • carbs

    9/16/2016 7:25:04 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    folks that commented on my blog and said it was the carbs...no, no and NO. i did atkins and GAINED 11 pounds following it strictly. it was the mo... Read more

  • ok so....

    9/16/2016 11:50:16 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    i'm working my tail end off. NO sugar, NO bread, NO white potatos or rice for the past 3 weeks, i have indulged in popcorn as an afternoon snack.... Read more

  • long day

    9/13/2016 7:34:31 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    day 2 of beachbody....legs are sore. victory, though...made brownies and molasses cookies not so much as a taste!! thats a first!... Read more

  • Monday.

    9/12/2016 5:24:20 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    ok. down 13 pounds in two weeks. I know the pool days are VERY limited, so i started back with Beachbody today. I did the Total Body Cardio fix. ... Read more

  • One Month Until I DO!

    9/8/2016 10:43:09 AM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    There is one month left until the big day! I go to pick up my dress tomorrow. I am a bit nervous. I'm trying to remember how friendly/suppo... Read more

  • 9/7/2016

    9/7/2016 5:11:52 PM, by OSHNGRL

    I started taking Protandim and PhysIQ by Life Vantage the first of Spetember and today I weighed in and I have lost 5 lbs! It's so exciting to fi... Read more

  • Labor Day

    9/5/2016 8:57:04 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    ok so i've been gone. really gone. my computer crashed, and i cant get spark to work on my ipod or phone. Its been a truly horrid summer...nothin... Read more

  • Some recent photos

    8/30/2016 11:38:17 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Read more

  • Relaxed Friday

    8/27/2016 1:52:14 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Just one of those days I thought I was busy doing things and poof the day is almost over and can not really point to anything done. Do you ever ... Read more

  • A nice time at the community pool

    8/25/2016 1:39:45 AM, by MCFITZ2

    ... Read more

  • Hike in Madeira Canyon

    8/20/2016 11:48:37 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Our daughter, son-in-law, hubby and myself did a 1.8 mile hike on an "easy" trail. Was not a walk in the park. I described it and then zap the ... Read more

  • All The News

    8/17/2016 9:38:46 AM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    Hello Everyone... Feel like I have been a bit absent from Spark. I guess I also feel like a blog will help me process some thoughts. T... Read more

  • Last Monday we went for a hike on Mt. Lemmon

    8/15/2016 1:32:26 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Our daughter, son-in-law took us up on Mount Lemmon for a picnic and a hike. Lunch was by a stream and I was amazed of much sent the pine tree... Read more

  • monsoon

    8/4/2016 12:01:55 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Well we have been getting some rain, thunder, lightning on and off over the past week. Amazing how fast weeds will pop up when there is rain in ... Read more

  • When disaster strikes...

    8/1/2016 10:34:03 AM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    I'm writing this blog pretty heartbroken. Saturday ev... Read more

  • Sort sort and sort some more

    7/28/2016 2:02:44 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Read more

  • Enjoyed today

    7/27/2016 1:55:53 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Started reading a new book co-authored by Graham Brown and Clive Clussler and it is starting out really good. Did 30 min on a recumbent bike a... Read more

  • I enjoyed my day

    7/23/2016 1:18:28 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Did errands, paid bills, went to the fitness room and did 30 min on the recumbent bike, and took a bunch of photos. A really nice day. Oh and m... Read more

  • Moving more

    7/16/2016 9:52:36 AM, by JUDYSUMMERWIND

    I have recommitted to moving more, eating clean, watc... Read more

  • saturday

    7/9/2016 1:15:15 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    been a tough week. but i did manage to lose a few pounds. i still have 75 cupcakes to frost and decorate, and a small smash cake to decorate like... Read more

  • I'm NOT a quitter!

    7/7/2016 11:35:36 AM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    Thanks to IAMZEBEE for the suggestion, I feel motivated to write a blog! As my status confirmed, I quit my job yesterday. Whew! Glad that is... Read more

  • relaxing day

    7/4/2016 1:37:22 AM, by MCFITZ2

    Took hubby to church, went to pharmacy, fed daughter's... Read more

  • Picture taking this week

    7/2/2016 2:34:31 AM, by MCFITZ2

    I have enjoyed trying to get out and get more photos this week. AZ is a lot different than NY. My eye is learning to see more interesting thin... Read more

  • weds

    6/29/2016 9:33:43 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    off to bake..get this..19 cakes, and a batch of cupcakes. all to be built, frosted, and decorated by TOMORROW 2 pm. oy. then tomorrow more baking... Read more

  • tuesday

    6/28/2016 12:31:42 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    took lucy for a ride to the bank (she got milk bones from the teller) then to mcdonalds (2 cheeseburgers for $3..lol shes in heaven) then home. i... Read more

  • monday

    6/27/2016 6:43:10 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    rush cake was done by noon. bakery and pans prepped for the busy week. got my workout in, food good. Played a while with Lucy. now up to check th... Read more

  • Engagement Pix!

    6/27/2016 1:58:15 PM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    Feeding the stalkers out there... jk jk Pictures are a really tough thing for me. I am extremely critical of myself. I was dreading this who... Read more

  • sunday

    6/26/2016 11:22:55 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    rough week. lots of cakes. not good news on my sweet pup. heat. hoping this will be a better week...... Read more

  • Got advice? (Please!)

    6/22/2016 10:58:50 AM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    We all know stress has effects on the body. Right now I am the walking example of this. Some of my personal ones: - Headaches - Can't slee... Read more

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