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  • Crafty...

    5/24/2015 2:45:16 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    I have become super crafty lately...and I must gives thanks to Pinterest for helping keeps my ideas fresh ;) I wanted a fun, pretty way to k... Read more

  • Slacker....

    5/23/2015 10:26:04 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    well Blog Slacker that is :) It's been a little while since I have sit to actually type one out! Since my last post I have teamed up with a... Read more

  • Dealing with Setbacks

    4/24/2015 12:33:03 AM, by HEAVYEMOTIONS

    When I started exercising again, I was lucky to get through 20 minutes of exercise before giving up. After a week of building up my tolerance, I... Read more

  • Feeling Good!

    4/22/2015 3:18:32 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    So after my blog post yesterday I made some changes and so far so good. I actually even got a compliment today at work from our UPS driver. So YA... Read more

  • setbacks...

    4/21/2015 2:56:03 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Well I did it and I'm not proud of it...but I backslid. Yes you read that right I turned back to my old ways and gained back 3 pounds. Sometimes ... Read more

  • Insight...

    4/16/2015 2:58:17 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    It's hard enough to be in charge of your own food, but when you are a caregiver to your parents its even harder. So it's even more important to p... Read more

  • Interesting....

    4/9/2015 2:46:51 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    And by interesting, it's really not. As I look back over the past year or so and realize that while I had started the journey I really wasn't str... Read more

  • Freeing....

    3/31/2015 4:47:24 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    That is a word that I have learned to embrace... "freeing" I have changed many things in my life over the course of the last year and I can say I... Read more

  • Flexitarian

    3/26/2015 3:51:55 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    I'm a southern girl and I LOVE my meat and potatoes, I truly do....but I have decided that they aren't the best choices for me. I have come to th... Read more

  • Out with the old...

    3/21/2015 4:16:12 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    in with the new Kris. Since my 'fat shaming" incident earlier this week I've been pretty down, but then I thought to myself "Why let one person's... Read more

  • Hurtful words...

    3/18/2015 3:11:43 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Sometimes people don't stop to realize just how their words make affect a person. Case in point.... My St Patricks Day was going really wel... Read more

  • So many ups...and downs

    3/4/2015 3:38:23 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Weight loss or Healthy lifestyles are one of the hardest challenges I have ever endured in my life. It's been a roller coaster ride full of highs... Read more

  • Top 5 Reasons *I* Want to Get In Shape

    2/22/2015 12:11:34 PM, by HEAVYEMOTIONS

    Chris (SparkGuy) said we should make a list of our Top 5 Reasons why we want to stay healthy and fit. He said we should look at them daily to re... Read more

  • Back Slidding

    1/31/2015 10:19:18 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    It happens to me every time that I get the notion to lose weight, I am all for it for a little bit then slowly things return to the way they were... Read more

  • Off the Wagon

    1/25/2015 9:46:08 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    You know the phrase, fall off the wagon? I jumped. It was bad and it was just all due to poor planning and horrible schedules. Hubby and I are... Read more

  • Weekends are the worst

    1/21/2015 8:56:16 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    I have a hard time during my days off to not over indulge. I think a lot of it is because I'm not at work and in a controlled environment. I ha... Read more

  • Did Something Different Today

    1/19/2015 8:25:46 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    I'll always take the small victories when they happen, because to me, the small steps are what really makes the journey. Every morning for break... Read more

  • First Week

    1/18/2015 12:37:19 PM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    The first week is over and I've lost 9.2 pounds. I was at 11 but I gained weight last night. I have a hard time on the days that I'm off on fol... Read more

  • My New Exercise Buddy

    1/15/2015 3:58:39 PM, by KATRENIAH

    So the P90X only lasted for 3 days. I just couldn't put in the time every day, the kids weren't loving my taking away some of their attention ti... Read more

  • Day 3 of 3

    1/13/2015 6:59:56 PM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    Well, 3 days in and I'm still going strong. Had a weird situation today where I didn't have anything to make my breakfast, so I stopped at McDon... Read more

  • Such a good way to start over

    1/12/2015 10:04:56 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    I am 100% re-focused after getting on the scale today. Sometimes it's so hard when you are trying to lose weight and the scale is fighting you. ... Read more

  • Lots of Goals

    1/11/2015 9:54:21 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    Well my birthday was Friday, so as a final last hurray before really focusing on my weight loss and on me, and my journey to a healthy me - my fr... Read more

  • June 7, 2015

    1/7/2015 9:27:15 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    So I'm a klutz. Like not your normal, run of the mill Klutz, but like State of the Art - use my body for science klutz. The last two days I've ... Read more

  • Egg Mugs and Weight Gains

    1/5/2015 10:59:41 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    Well I decided to start weighing every day. I feel like if I don't hold myself accountable to the scale every day, then I'll start going - oh I ... Read more

  • 01/04/2015 The New Year

    1/4/2015 12:20:10 PM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    Well, I'm back on the weight loss wagon again. I really fell off hard the last six months or so and I really want to re-focus and find myself a... Read more

  • Dear Santa (this won't be the letter you're expecting)

    12/23/2014 4:16:49 AM, by 1STATEOFDENIAL

    Little children are always told to be good so they get gifts from Santa at Christmas. They're told if they don't behave, they will get a lump of ... Read more

  • P90X - Day 3

    9/24/2014 9:36:07 PM, by KATRENIAH

    Due to scheduling issues, physical soreness, and other reasons, I took yesterday off. But I was back in form today, doing the Arms & Shoulders w... Read more

  • Day 2: P90X

    9/23/2014 4:48:44 AM, by KATRENIAH

    I learned quite a few things yesterday, and I thought I'd share: 1) The word "plyometrics" actually means future thigh and butt soreness. ... Read more

  • P90X - Day 1

    9/21/2014 3:53:27 PM, by KATRENIAH

    So my sister, who's teensy but feels that she's getting heavy, decided she wanted us to try P90X. I figured, sure, what the heck? If it doesn't... Read more

  • FOOD of the week: Thomas' Bagel Thins - Whole Wheat

    8/29/2014 2:20:01 PM, by HEAVYEMOTIONS

    Every time my parents would travel to NY, they would bring home a bag full of rolls as if only NY was capable of making them. They went to the c... Read more

  • RE: Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

    8/24/2014 3:46:26 PM, by HEAVYEMOTIONS

    I just finished reading the article: Are Your Friends Making You Fat?
    p?id=909... Read more

  • The Family Has (Mostly) Returned

    8/21/2014 7:09:15 PM, by KATRENIAH

    The family left on Friday, August 8th, and came back today (everyone except my 12 year old nephew, whom I'm picking up from his granddad tomorrow... Read more

  • Infection Round 2

    7/25/2014 3:12:42 PM, by ANGELFINDER

    Well, I just got home May 1 from my big round with the infections I had and they are sending out the home health care people. I have a nurse, PT ... Read more

  • eyeopening...

    7/8/2014 11:12:26 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Things happen for reason, whether good or bad and some times lessons are learned. My mother has been in and out of the hospital dince January of ... Read more

  • Day 2

    6/19/2014 12:42:44 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    Last night went pretty well. I ended up not feeling very good and went to bed early. I'm still hungry a lot because I'm adjusting to not over in... Read more

  • Day 1

    6/17/2014 6:35:20 PM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    I've started over again. I've decided no matter how many times I start over, it's worth it to me. I just need to not get in the mindset that I'... Read more

  • Slow and Steady

    6/11/2014 3:13:09 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    Well I've tried to be re-focused but there is so much yummy food to be had in the world. Today we had pizza buffet, and I've been craving dipped... Read more

  • It's been awhile

    6/9/2014 12:52:31 AM, by XSCAPEREALITY82

    So it's been almost six months since I last posted a blog entry on here. I'm not sure what happened but I just gave up. Because of that, I'm ba... Read more

  • Why I hate Jumping

    5/23/2014 12:05:15 PM, by SSUSMITA

    Most of the workouts I look at have some form of jumping (jumping jacks, jump rope, etc.). I really do hate jumping. After much thought I have re... Read more

  • My Taebo concerns...

    5/21/2014 11:26:04 AM, by SSUSMITA

    I discovered Taebo two years back. Since then, I keep doing it every now and then. I lost some 7 pounds when I first started it. Hurrah! ... Read more

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