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  • Feelin good.

    2/7/2016 6:46:35 AM, by SANDY1969

    Last night was supposed to be the night that I get caught up on all of my sleep. I went to bed shortly after 9 and just laid there. For the fir... Read more

  • Satisfied vs. Stuffed.

    2/5/2016 3:30:28 PM, by SANDY1969

    Having some pizza cravings today. I have a cold, stuffy head, worked this morning and now I want comfort. Comfort=food. I came... Read more

  • Feb day 3.

    2/3/2016 9:56:36 AM, by SANDY1969

    So I read this post yesterday that was just so spot on. First this person said...in a round about way, Who am I to tell you how to eat and what ... Read more

  • Tony Posnanski

    1/28/2016 7:43:30 AM, by SANDY1969

    Today's weight is 323. This is not where I want to be in my life. I am discouraged, and have been for the last week. No matter what I was doin... Read more

  • 47 today

    1/19/2016 6:39:13 AM, by SANDY1969

    It's mah Birthday! 47 today. 2 pounds up from my last weigh in like a week ago. Just keep going...that's what I am telling myself. Hope... Read more

  • Monday, back to work.

    1/18/2016 6:38:11 AM, by SANDY1969

    Right now the scale is just not moving. I freely admit that I have not eaten very good things always but still the scale SHOULD be moving if you... Read more

  • quietly screaming

    1/14/2016 8:47:18 AM, by SANDY1969

    I wanted to get up, weigh myself (looking forward to it actually) and see at least a half to 1 pound drop. I had a half pound GAIN! Just ... Read more

  • 1-12-15

    1/12/2016 7:46:40 PM, by SANDY1969

    No blog for what? A week, yet still going strong. The scale hasn't moved much, but I had the weekend off and I wasn't as active, although I ... Read more

  • Weekly Weigh-In 01.09.2016

    1/9/2016 8:45:35 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    **This Past Week: So I ate well, but the eating out and sugars killed most of my progress later in the week. Really epic midweek weigh-in. I ... Read more

  • Morning Routine.

    1/7/2016 7:37:29 AM, by SANDY1969

    Sitting here drinking my water and savoring my yoplait greek 100 calories whips yogurt that is supposed to taste like a vanilla cupcake. Not bad... Read more

  • So Stoked!

    1/6/2016 2:15:09 PM, by SANDY1969

    So stoked to turn those previous ounces lost into pounds lost. I got a lot and I mean a LOT of sleep last night. I ended up going to bed at 8:3... Read more

  • Ok this just got harder.

    1/5/2016 5:59:28 PM, by SANDY1969

    The past few days I am just losing mere OUNCES. BLAH! lol. I eat great all day long and then at supper time BAM! I am starving! Trying to ge... Read more

  • What the Dreamer Drank For Breakfast

    1/5/2016 8:24:58 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    Anyone who has read my blogs from years ago know that my biggest food type struggle besides sugar is eating vegetables. I've occasionally been a... Read more

  • Once Again....

    1/1/2016 9:11:18 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    I really am giving this one more shot. Weight loss will really be my main and only real goal of 2016. I weigh myself on both NYE and NY... Read more

  • 1-1-2016 Happy New Year.

    1/1/2016 9:02:28 AM, by SANDY1969

    Starting this year in at 323. Ive been at this since Jan 2010 when I weighed in (roughly) at 414. Total loss of 89 pounds. Oh but I have lost ... Read more

  • MOD part 2 and Fit Bit HR

    12/30/2015 9:52:12 AM, by SANDY1969

    MOD I believe is Motivator of the Day? Well, Day 3 is here. I have a late work day so I get to piddle until about 3pm. Got my sweats on,... Read more

  • MOD?

    12/28/2015 7:26:53 AM, by SANDY1969

    Sorry but if I was chosen to be a MOD then that's just bogus. I don't mean to be negative and I haven't a lot of time but there is one thing tha... Read more

  • This week's challenge

    12/20/2015 10:19:21 PM, by SGTSUNNY

    For the NN team I am hitting my water goal and installed the Aqualert app, I have it set for 72 oz and it has been helping me remember to drink.... Read more

  • Weigh in and NSV (a tighter belt)

    12/14/2015 7:52:35 PM, by TRENTDREAMER

    **WEIGH-IN So I started my triumphant return to Spark people last week at 211.8. I've been stuck at around 213 for about 5 months. Not going ... Read more

  • Come Party With The Dreamer (Party Next Monday)

    12/8/2015 11:17:26 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    Back in 2010 I was on the verge of going below 200. It was a half a pound a week for awhile, but the habits were in place. It was just a matter... Read more

  • Another Year, Another Failure and Another Restart

    12/6/2015 9:30:38 AM, by TRENTDREAMER

    **Gained 10 Pounds This Year Wow. I was reading the 2 other blogs I posted this year (will try to be more consistent going forward). One was ... Read more

  • November goals and motivations

    10/30/2015 11:40:53 PM, by SGTSUNNY

    For November goals: Eat more whole foods and less processed foods. Continue to use planner to plan meals and exercise weekly Check in wi... Read more

  • Don't delay!

    10/28/2015 8:41:28 AM, by SANDY1969

    Get up early in the morning and exercise before your body knows what it's doing. I am finding out that (since I have extra time today) that this... Read more

  • Some good, some bad.

    10/27/2015 8:59:31 PM, by SANDY1969

    I love how when you are entering your food for the day and you just get started and it like cuts in...like...are you through yet??? Uh no ju... Read more

  • Heavy.

    10/25/2015 9:18:08 AM, by SANDY1969

    Life is doing its best to beat me down again. I came home last night from work, the electric was out so dinner was not great. I did not get in ... Read more

  • 10-21-2015

    10/21/2015 8:26:08 AM, by SANDY1969

    My body is breaking down. Bouncing back just isnt as easy. Taking those little side trips off course and then finding my way back...its getting... Read more

  • My Journey #52 - What Happened??? - October 1, 2015

    10/1/2015 1:19:32 PM, by ROBBGIN

    I was MIA (missing in action) from Spark for the summer even though I was excited to be doing a couple of challenges. The first ... Read more


    10/1/2015 11:01:11 AM, by SGTSUNNY

    Walk most days as the weather cools and I make the transition from swimming to walking. Aim for 2.5 miles by the end of the month. Stay in calo... Read more

  • Feelin...un...

    9/25/2015 10:35:39 AM, by SANDY1969

    Today is the first day of my "vacation". Actually my vacation is all next week but I have a nice boss that I think actually see's how much I wor... Read more

  • How I'm doing...and how I'm doing it.

    9/24/2015 8:05:47 AM, by SANDY1969

    I don't know what's going on. Every day this week I have lost 2 pounds and a total of 10 pounds in 6 days! I set my calories to 1500-1700... Read more

  • 2 with a Sharpie

    9/23/2015 9:11:51 AM, by SANDY1969

    As posted yesterday each day I am putting a number on the back of my hand as a constant reminder to WORK at this, and what my goal is. So far th... Read more

  • 9 22 15

    9/22/2015 1:11:31 PM, by SANDY1969

    Just checking in from work. Its been a great few days. I feel full of energy. The last 2 mornings I had to get up a little after 5 to get in m... Read more

  • Non relaxing Sunday morning.

    9/20/2015 7:13:52 AM, by SANDY1969

    Hello Spark World! 7 am on a Sunday morning and Im drinking my water, dressed in work out clothes ready to hit the bike, treadmill, hill, st... Read more

  • no gumption.

    9/9/2015 11:24:38 AM, by SANDY1969

    Why do all of my blogs lately feel like confessions? UGHH! Back up to 322 today. So this past 30 days, no difference in weight, only I los... Read more


    9/9/2015 9:47:59 AM, by SGTSUNNY

    1. Walk Week Make it everyone’s goal to hit their 5,000 +steps each day this week. Exercise for at LEAST 10 mins per day. 20 is preferr... Read more

  • Swing batta batta batta SWING! *nothing to do with baseball, lol

    9/2/2015 8:59:01 AM, by SANDY1969

    Rough couple of days but still hanging on. Got in an hour of exercise this morning, to make up for the cookies and pizza of the past few days. ... Read more

  • September Goals

    9/1/2015 9:56:58 AM, by SGTSUNNY

    Sept Goals: Reach the 180s Eat more homemade food Work in more strength training Check in with Sparks more often Resist Fall goodies... Read more

  • let's get it.

    8/28/2015 8:29:20 AM, by SANDY1969

    I wish I could say I had a salad at taco bell yesterday. Uhhh but I didnt. Beef burrito supreme and a crunchy taco...EEEK! BUT, I did NOT eat ... Read more

  • 8 27 2015

    8/27/2015 5:26:13 PM, by SANDY1969

    Still doing fairly well. Made myself exercise this mo... Read more

  • 8 26 15

    8/26/2015 10:51:25 AM, by SANDY1969

    Things are great! Got in bike and treadmill. Just 50 minutes total but I feel so much better going into the day. Lunch is packed with goodies.... Read more

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