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  • Lessons learned and loved

    9/27/2014 12:52:47 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    I've had a pretty wild day. Last night, I read an email right before bed from a colleague who doesn't just push my buttons, he leans on them. It ... Read more

  • Believing my own press

    9/25/2014 9:18:22 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Last night my coach, Hadley mentioned to me that he was approached by 4 individuals who asked what he was doing there. (He used to work at the pl... Read more

  • Getting Back in the Groove

    9/24/2014 11:07:48 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    When I hear folks say "I'm a perfectionist" I think that it means they spend a lot of time trying to make things exactly right. I have those tend... Read more

  • Fall's Around The Corner

    9/23/2014 9:42:29 AM, by LADY51

    Well, here I am again, trying to get on track AGAIN. I am so tired of the roller coaster ride. I have recently had a Stint put in in June 6th. I ... Read more

  • The Company You Keep

    9/21/2014 3:15:25 PM, by KLMAYS08

    New post rejoiceandrepeat.blogspo
    hurdles-company-you-keep.html ... Read more

  • Change of Heart

    9/18/2014 10:55:37 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I pretty much would have given anything to skip my workout tonight and just go home instead. I was so tired, had an overwhelming week at work tha... Read more


    9/18/2014 10:40:34 AM, by HEALTHIER-VICKI

    We're doing a bit of struggling right now over menu planning with what gro... Read more

  • The Sherpa and Mrs. Go-Time

    9/16/2014 10:58:34 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    It's taken a bit, but I am finally clicking with my new trainer, Don. Tonight he likened himself to a Sherpa -- he is going to get me on the path... Read more


    9/16/2014 5:32:32 PM, by HEALTHIER-VICKI

    So far everything has gone well with our new eating plan. We've stayed withi... Read more

  • Remembering What's Important

    9/15/2014 9:56:18 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    If I were to let work define my day, I would say it was crappy, but even then that would be pushing it. For inasmuch as I felt overwhelmed today,... Read more

  • When It Clicks

    9/13/2014 6:19:20 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    It's becoming a matter of choice for me. Every choice has a consequence and has the potential to hurt me or help me. This is what has been subcon... Read more

  • Change is in the Air

    9/12/2014 10:18:07 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Today was the culmination of a long and tiring week at work. Whew! My time in the office is over for a couple of days, but I brought a giant pile... Read more

  • Celebrate Life

    9/11/2014 9:25:19 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    For many, myself included, today marked a significant and terrible event in our lives. People say "never forget" as if that is some kind of optio... Read more

  • Another point of view

    9/11/2014 6:19:03 AM, by KLMAYS08

    hurdles-men-that-love-us.html?m=1 ... Read more

  • I danced tonight

    9/10/2014 9:11:01 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    at the gym! Yes, between sets my nutty trainer and I were cutting up and doing some moves. This is beyond my comfort zone, but I realize my comfo... Read more

  • 10 Ways to Love the Gym

    9/9/2014 11:16:45 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Bit by bit, I have been making the gym a place I want to be, instead of feeling like it is a chore or that I have to be there. This was not an ov... Read more

  • shoulder city

    9/4/2014 11:14:27 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Tonight's workout was shoulder city. We did overhead shoulder presses on the machine, pull downs of some sort - Trainer Don described it as "sc... Read more

  • When Body Parts Do Roll Call (Film at 11)

    9/4/2014 3:35:56 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Do you ever lay in bed and wonder why do your toes hurt? and then, not just toes, you realize your calves, your knees, your back, your noodly arm... Read more

  • update

    9/4/2014 7:10:42 AM, by KLMAYS08

    ht-loss-update.html?m=0 ... Read more

  • Noodly Arms

    9/3/2014 10:26:53 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Tonight's blog entry has been postponed due to acquiring noodly arms during my workout, which hampers typing. I have been winding down sinc... Read more

  • The Pursuit of Calm

    9/3/2014 8:53:49 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    I have been on a wild ride lately - mainly at work. Being in the education field, and it being September, this is to be expected at this time of ... Read more

  • Going out to eat at Golden Corral Help!

    9/1/2014 1:41:39 PM, by KAREN91

    I have been eating right lately. I have been eating according to my diet plan. We have family here from out of town. We are taking her out to eat... Read more

  • Shocker!!!

    8/29/2014 11:08:13 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Quite honestly, I thought the breaking news about Hello Kitty would be the most shocking thing I would hear today. Nope, not even close. The most... Read more

  • Shaking off the Negative

    8/29/2014 11:35:10 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    I've been having a few struggles this week - mostly at work - which is unusual for me. One bright spot about it is I spoke up about it, and my bo... Read more

  • Start from Where You Are

    8/27/2014 8:40:18 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    I was checking out a friend's sparkpage, and I noticed they are just about 100 pounds less than what I weigh at this moment. Wow! That's a lot of... Read more

  • It's Good for What Ails Ya

    8/26/2014 10:01:00 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    When I got to the gym tonight to meet up with my coach, I noticed the training room was booked for a Zumba class. Uh-oh. While I held out a littl... Read more

  • Setting the Course (Again)

    8/25/2014 10:27:12 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I am in old territory with a new mindset. I am on the verge of my life getting way busier again, with work at the top of the list. When work is a... Read more

  • It's Time to Share

    8/23/2014 12:43:27 PM, by KLMAYS08

    share.html?spref=fb&m=1 ... Read more

  • Found A NEW Food Data Base

    8/22/2014 6:24:38 AM, by 2009GETINLINE

    5-45-00 I was using another website but this one's easier. Some of the foo... Read more

  • I know...it's been a while.

    8/21/2014 5:50:00 AM, by KLMAYS08

    -thursday_21.html?spref=fb&m=1 ... Read more

  • Trusting the Process

    8/15/2014 9:39:38 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    About a week ago, I was a bit down because I was unhappy with my progress when it came to walking. A few folks reminded me I am actually ahead of... Read more

  • Another Awesome Workout

    8/14/2014 10:45:44 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I considered last night's workout outstanding, so then tonight's would get bumped to exceptional. I still feel a little sore in spots, and that m... Read more

  • A Good Day

    8/13/2014 9:25:09 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I'm good at following my coach's lead. And he is good at chunking down the steps for me so I can follow him. We had an outstanding workout tonigh... Read more

  • It's Not If -- It's When

    8/13/2014 9:39:15 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    In the course of the these last few days I have gone from feeling down and out to getting back on the horse, to be having my spark re-kindled - a... Read more

  • Finding the Happiness Machine

    8/12/2014 11:36:57 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    A funny thing happened this afternoon; I found my happy place again. It actually started earlier in the day, when I started to re-think my frowny... Read more

  • Just one of those...

    8/11/2014 10:50:10 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I wanted to say days in the title, but that does not quite cover it. I was in a cranky little mood that I sadly have not yet climbed out of when ... Read more

  • Need to Adjust my Viewpoint

    8/9/2014 7:45:25 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Everything I have done, I have done with baby steps. What's hard about that, though, is I am results driven person and I have a tendency to think... Read more

  • Rewarding Roadtrip (Back from Beantown)

    8/8/2014 10:47:47 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    My drop to 400 lbs did not exactly coincide with my vacation week, but I decided to forego the difference and take my roadtrip to Boston anyway. ... Read more

  • Shrinking Snowman

    8/6/2014 8:29:28 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    Particularly in the days when I had no reliable scale on which to weigh myself, I used to rely on my body shape to figure out how I was doing. In... Read more

  • Re-Engaging

    8/5/2014 9:16:02 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    Growing up, I was a very shy person. That changed when I got to my 20's and I came out of my shell more and more. People who meet me now can neve... Read more

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