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  • I knew today would be better

    10/22/2014 9:20:56 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I just knew today would be better. I woke up feeling better. I got out some of my winter clothes and put on a pair of sweat pants that are very c... Read more

  • Fries or What!

    10/22/2014 6:13:14 PM, by POSEY440

    sister took me to lunch this was her one order of fries just had to show you they are real potatoes made on site and this plate is after she and ... Read more

  • Not a Good Day

    10/21/2014 6:14:04 PM, by CHERYLE51

    Due to our foster daughter 18, leaving and taking her little doberman pinscher with her, Scooby, I briefly thought about getting another dog. I ... Read more

  • Depression

    10/19/2014 6:19:25 PM, by SANDI92167

    Depression is kicking my butt today. The kids have started packing and moving their stuff. I know I should be happy, but the babies and my dau... Read more

  • Gallbladder out as of Thursday

    10/18/2014 12:11:52 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I got my gallbladder out on Thursday, now just recuperating. I feel better today than yesterday. Still sore where the incision was made, but that... Read more

  • Made It To Work Today, Feel Good

    10/13/2014 5:07:11 PM, by CHERYLE51

    My first day back at work after being gone for 4 days was good! It was an In service Day which made it all the better I am glad it worked out thi... Read more

  • Fall

    10/11/2014 3:27:26 PM, by POSEY440

    Had to show you this new fall picture from my hometown. ... Read more

  • I have a diagnosis

    10/10/2014 7:10:54 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I finally have a diagnosis. I have three gall stones and an inflamed bile duct. I go to the doctor's on Tuesday. Still feel lousy.... Read more

  • This is Getting Old

    10/10/2014 2:58:42 PM, by CHERYLE51

    This sickness is getting old. I just want a "name" or whatever it is. After the CT Scan, the dr. stated there is nothing wrong with my colon, tha... Read more

  • Very Sick

    10/9/2014 1:21:55 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I have been sick since Monday. Diverticulitis is what the dr. suspects. Went for the CT Scan yesterday. Woke up this morning and my mouth tasted ... Read more

  • Worn out Wednesday

    10/1/2014 7:43:29 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I am just plain tired today. We took the dog to the vet again for her ear infections, only to find out she has fleas. Not good. Anyhow, got treat... Read more

  • Sad but happy

    9/30/2014 12:45:32 AM, by SANDI92167

    This weekend we cleaned out my closet to get to my "skinny" clothes. I had forgotten that there was a pair of brand new jeans hanging in there a... Read more

  • Tomorrow

    9/29/2014 4:33:58 PM, by POSEY440

    I leave very early in the morning for Reno NV to be with my sister for the winter. I am leaving early just because. i will miss my walks... Read more

  • Made it to Zumba

    9/27/2014 9:27:22 PM, by CHERYLE51

    Made it to zumba. Enjoyed it. Saturday zumba is always fun. Not crowded. I remembered the steps to the songs. Need to keep it up. Hopefully it wi... Read more

  • Bought some new bras

    9/25/2014 8:53:28 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I have been suffering with the same old bras for years. I know I have gained some weight and needed new bras, but had no idea what size and never... Read more

  • Depression is kicking me in the teeth

    9/22/2014 5:46:49 PM, by SANDI92167

    My birthday was yesterday and it was all but forgotten. At work they celebrate everyone's birthday and for some reason mine was overlooked... Read more

  • Can't Get on Spark page

    9/21/2014 10:51:51 PM, by CHERYLE51

    We got our computer fixed and now I can only go to the start page. Will not let me do anything else. Thank God I have a tablet. When we go back t... Read more

  • Happy Saturday

    9/20/2014 12:26:03 PM, by CHERYLE51

    Supposedly this weekend Pittsburgh will see the last of 80 degree weather. I am not sad to see what little summer we had to be over. Our house ai... Read more

  • 30 Pounds

    9/19/2014 4:03:32 PM, by POSEY440

    I have got 30 pound down almost half way done, ... Read more

  • Walkway Experience

    9/18/2014 6:10:24 PM, by POSEY440

    I had a great walk today and look what I noticed on the walk, Autumn is coming Read more

  • Announcement

    9/17/2014 5:14:52 PM, by POSEY440

    I became a new GRAND Mom yesterday here she is Skyler Rae ... Read more

  • Just Not a Good Day

    9/9/2014 9:26:08 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I am really struggling with this new position. There is sooo much to learn. I am really trying and it just stresses me out everyday. My back hurt... Read more

  • feeling defeated

    9/8/2014 4:24:10 PM, by SANDI92167

    Received the letter denying my surgery. I called my dr & nutritionist this morning and they are working on more information for the insurance co... Read more

  • I Have to Get Into Some Kind of Groove

    9/6/2014 10:45:05 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I have absolutely no energy today. I woke up feeling tired and hot and now I am just tired. I had a lot of energy last weekend. I did a lot of la... Read more

  • IT is hot

    9/2/2014 9:51:43 PM, by CHERYLE51

    Of all weeks for the a/c to go, it is this week. The hottest week of the year. Right now, there is no money because we just spent over $200 on ou... Read more

  • Great Labor Day

    9/1/2014 9:58:43 PM, by CHERYLE51

    We finally got off our butts and did something fun. We took the kids to a beautiful park outside of Wheeling, WV. We had a great time. We did som... Read more

  • One Week Down In School

    8/31/2014 9:13:09 PM, by CHERYLE51

    By Friday things were actually operating smoothly. They finally got the bus/van situation straightened out and the kids all remembered to hold on... Read more

  • First Day of School Was Rough

    8/25/2014 9:35:12 PM, by CHERYLE51

    Today was the first day of school, but only for the 7th graders. That was enough. The busses either didn't show up or were late. The phone rang o... Read more

  • Step 1... Have taken inventory...

    8/22/2014 1:54:58 PM, by MARJIJANE

    Today is not about food... today is about mind over matter. today is making hard, but good decisions that will affect my overall health and well... Read more

  • Feeling like a little kid

    8/21/2014 2:06:29 PM, by SANDI92167

    My grandson keeps asking "when is it going to be my birthday?". In my mind I keep asking "when is my approval or denial letter going to get here... Read more

  • And Again...

    8/21/2014 1:34:16 PM, by ANDTHENSOME1

    Hi, The 2013/2014 winter has been a very difficult time for me with lot... Read more

  • Just a hodge podge of emotions

    8/18/2014 6:07:27 PM, by SANDI92167

    Why can a life changing event have so many different emotions attached to it. I found out this morning that all lab work came back low normal (A... Read more

  • Now 25 pounds down

    8/17/2014 6:36:37 PM, by POSEY440

    I cant believe got to this goal. so now it is\... Read more

  • I pulled a muscle in my back

    8/17/2014 2:40:49 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I pulled a muscle in my back and am trying to relax. I feel like I am moving in a thousand different directions. I have so much to do while I wat... Read more

  • Thanks to everyone who stopped by my Spark Page

    8/14/2014 9:20:47 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I tried to thank everyone yesterday, but was unable to. I am having a heck of a time with Spark lately. I keep getting these weird pop up ads and... Read more

  • Confused

    8/14/2014 1:59:56 PM, by SANDI92167

    The scale went the wrong way at my monthly weigh in with the nutritionist yesterday. I am feeling very defeated by it but the nut... Read more


    8/12/2014 5:27:18 PM, by CHERYLE51

    All day my eyes feel like they have sand in them. It is HORRIBLE!!! I came home from work and put some eye drops in them and took an antihistamin... Read more

  • please tell me your story

    8/10/2014 12:54:10 PM, by BROADBRUSH

    i am so frustrated and resentful and here is why. i have asked this question many many times and need answers from any of you who will tell me. ... Read more

  • Did Everything I Could To Get Out of This Funk

    8/7/2014 8:44:49 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I did everything I could today to get myself out of this funk. I made an appointment to get my hair cut and colored. Made an eye appointment for ... Read more

  • I feel like I am in over my head with stress

    8/7/2014 12:19:25 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I just right now feel like I want to jump off a bridge. Between the new job and my family, I am about ready to scream. I am trying so hard to get... Read more

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