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  • Crummy day so far!

    10/22/2016 4:42:41 PM, by XNANNY

    I am finding today to be not so good! Thinking about tidying my room is overwhelming! I need to just get going on it. I have gotten too many ... Read more

  • Test coming up..

    10/20/2016 10:09:56 PM, by JAVNMICH1969

    Please send positive thoughts and prayers for me this Sunday. I have a test at the end of my training to be able to keep my job and go full time... Read more

  • My second physical therapy session!

    10/17/2016 10:37:41 PM, by XNANNY

    My therapist was happy with my progress and gave me some new exercises to do this week. I used a couple of exercise machines and that was a bit ... Read more

  • Walked up hill to a store!

    10/16/2016 9:57:24 PM, by XNANNY

    I meant to walk home again but it got dark and I was way tired so I called my sister and she was happy to get me. I got her some milk at the sto... Read more

  • Broke the 160 mark!

    10/15/2016 9:13:46 PM, by XNANNY

    I am happy to be at 159 instead of still at 160! I need to clean my room and make it tidy. I have more clothes than I need so many of them will... Read more

  • Birthday weekend starts tomorrow!

    10/14/2016 1:23:58 AM, by JAVNMICH1969

    I have lots of plans for this weekend. My birthday is Sunday and can't wait for it to begin. I have been doing great getting exercise in even t... Read more

  • First physical therapy session!

    10/12/2016 9:52:19 PM, by XNANNY

    A very nice lady did my session but my wrist is hurting more now than yesterday! I got a carpel tunnel brace to use at night so that should help... Read more

  • Buy one donut and no over eating!

    10/8/2016 9:22:30 PM, by XNANNY

    Today I bought only one donut so that I would not be tempted to eat many. I ate my donut on my walk home and enjoyed it very much. I grew up in... Read more

  • Losing momentum

    10/7/2016 12:39:32 AM, by JAVNMICH1969

    I need to get excited again about working out and staying motivated! My food is good though, packed my lunch every day this week for work happy t... Read more

  • Did some housework today!

    10/1/2016 11:51:35 PM, by XNANNY

    I cleaned the refrigerator and found some nasty stuff that had to be cleaned out. That took about 3 hours and left me with a sore body. I shoul... Read more

  • Plans derailed by illness

    10/1/2016 1:20:07 AM, by JAVNMICH1969

    I have been having vertigo for 2 days and unable to exercise sad to say. Took a short walk this evening with a friend and got a ride back:). I... Read more

  • Working on my stamina and having to go slow!

    9/27/2016 10:41:08 PM, by XNANNY

    I worked for just two hours and I was dragging by the end. I need to keep trying so that I will be able to work longer hours when my wrist is we... Read more

  • Getting to work was hard today!

    9/26/2016 7:26:51 PM, by XNANNY

    I didn't get up as early as planned then lolygaged all morning and into the afternoon, so it was after 2 pm that I finally got dressed. I work f... Read more

  • I am getting Graze boxes and finding it hard to include to my nutrition.

    9/21/2016 7:19:23 PM, by XNANNY

    Some of the snacks are very low calorie but others are higher than I like. Funny that 170 calories seems high to me! Just now I am having oatme... Read more

  • Worked for just under 2 hours today!

    9/19/2016 7:15:39 PM, by XNANNY

    I did not get to work early today but did get there! My boss was happy to see me and glad that I am trying to work some. I am not eating sugar... Read more

  • Lazy Saturday!

    9/17/2016 5:07:12 PM, by XNANNY

    I need to get ready for Mass soon, but thought that blogging might help me to think clearly. I had donuts for breakfast today and that did not ... Read more

  • No work after all.

    9/15/2016 6:12:57 PM, by XNANNY

    I was going to go to work at least for an hour or two, but then the rain came and I hate rain! I did not over eat today so staying home was not ... Read more

  • I was up way late last night!

    9/14/2016 1:38:55 PM, by XNANNY

    Today is not going very well as I did not get enough sleep last night. I did not get to bed until after 2 am! I need to stop doing this to myse... Read more

  • Worked today but not long!

    9/13/2016 10:20:03 PM, by XNANNY

    I did work but only for two hours! I am going to have to ease into working again. I hope the doctor will give me some exercises for my wrist wh... Read more

  • Going to try working tomorrow!

    9/12/2016 6:18:04 PM, by XNANNY

    I hope that I will be able to do ok working. My wrist is still hurting, but not so much that I should laze about. Getting bills will make you r... Read more

  • Cooler day today in Southern Minnesota!

    9/10/2016 10:23:13 PM, by XNANNY

    As it is September this is not surprising but a little odd as the weather has been hot so much lately. If I did not feel the cold so much I coul... Read more

  • Blood donation day!

    9/9/2016 5:09:11 PM, by XNANNY

    I gave blood today and had a good walk getting there and back to the bus stop. I am not very good at blogs but try for the points! I need to go... Read more

  • No money because of no work!

    9/8/2016 6:08:45 PM, by XNANNY

    Of course this is the way life works but it is still hard to live with no money! My Mother is sending me a check to help me through this and th... Read more

  • Lazy, lazy day!

    9/7/2016 10:04:29 PM, by XNANNY

    With my wrist swollen and my eye lid still inflamed I did not do much today. I need to get out and do something tomorrow! Not being able to wor... Read more

  • Antibiotics are making me feel rotten.

    9/3/2016 12:32:21 PM, by XNANNY

    I have not had this much trouble with an antibiotic in years. I took some a few weeks ago that my dentist prescribed and had no problems, but th... Read more

  • Meds for eyes!

    8/30/2016 4:47:59 PM, by XNANNY

    I am on a small dose of antibiotics for the next ten days. Also I have a cream to put into my eyes for seven days, the bad thing about this crea... Read more

  • Red eye lids!

    8/29/2016 8:51:02 PM, by XNANNY

    I just hope that the doctor will know what is wrong with my eyes as they are not comfortable. I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow so I do have h... Read more

  • Spark Question

    8/29/2016 11:17:14 AM, by AMBUDMAN

    I just purchased a new iPod touch, generation 6, so I could continue to do my Sparking while on vacation. My generation 4 was very outdated. S... Read more

  • Cooler weather today and tomorrow!

    8/25/2016 3:03:02 PM, by XNANNY

    I am enjoying cooler weather here in Mankato, Minnesota! A high about 75 degrees is very nice in August. Some of the plants are changing colors... Read more

  • Nurse said wrist will get better!

    8/24/2016 8:25:40 PM, by XNANNY

    The nurse I talked to at the orthopedic clinic told me to keep it elevated use ice and it will get better! I think that it will still take time... Read more

  • I Can See Clearly Now

    8/21/2016 3:23:16 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    A song I've always loved, and Johnny Nash is my fav... Read more

  • Still not working!

    8/18/2016 1:27:18 PM, by XNANNY

    I wish my wrist would heal faster. It stays swollen even with ice on it. I think the doctor was wrong about my going back to work this week as ... Read more

  • One day on one day off!

    8/16/2016 1:48:28 PM, by XNANNY

    That seems to be the way it will go as yesterday I worker end and today I can not working! My wrist is swollen and my fingers are asleep. I hop... Read more

  • Accountability, Part 3

    8/14/2016 12:27:42 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    I'm down two pounds since I started looking at accountability. I have been going for hour-long or more energetic bike rides every day (today... Read more

  • Soft food!

    8/11/2016 7:24:04 PM, by XNANNY

    I am finding it hard to only eat soft foods! I just finished some mashed rutabagas, they are not as nice as mashed potatoes but lower in calorie... Read more

  • Going to a movie!

    8/9/2016 5:25:53 PM, by XNANNY

    Being home alone and hot I decided to see a movie tonight! I will have dinner after that. It is about three quarters of a mile to the movie the... Read more

  • Warm today!

    8/8/2016 6:48:32 PM, by XNANNY

    It was warmer than I like but not as hot as some days have been! I walked to a mall and sat in the AC for about an hour, it was lovely. I prefe... Read more

  • Accountability, Part 2

    8/6/2016 9:59:00 AM, by VALERIEMAHA

    "Sure, weight is lost in the kitchen," says Dr.... Read more

  • Locally grown vegetables.

    8/4/2016 11:58:29 PM, by XNANNY

    This town has a place where each week in summer you can get a share, a half share or a quarter share of fresh vegetables and fruits. We pay extr... Read more

  • Walking good!

    8/3/2016 9:04:00 PM, by XNANNY

    I went for walk and to shop at HyVee. I got fruit, tea and frozen foods on sale! No candy, cookies, donuts or ice cream! I am happy to have co... Read more

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