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  • Living the life...

    1/18/2017 6:49:00 PM, by STRONGDJ

    I usually say "I'm living the life" when I'm doing something really boring; which was the majority of my time the last year and a half. But ... Read more

  • Happy MLK Day

    1/16/2017 9:12:05 PM, by CHERYLE51

    It was a good day for me. Sad that we have a day off honoring someone who was assisnated. I had to explain to the kids at work what happened to ... Read more

  • Watching the Steeler Game

    1/15/2017 8:26:18 PM, by CHERYLE51

    Hoping for a win. The other game I was watching Green Bay and Cowboys had me a nervous wreck. Caused me to chew more gum than usual. That is m... Read more

  • Focus

    1/13/2017 5:38:32 PM, by STRONGDJ

    I'm just realizing that I've been working on being focused. January is the third month of this new resolve to be focused. I think this is helping... Read more

  • How I Use My Bullet Journal for My Health!

    1/12/2017 8:47:00 PM, by MA-BALLARATE

    My new obsession is the Bullet Journal. It's seriously this amazing planning system that can incorporate basically anything you want. Now I love ... Read more

  • New year, new habits

    1/12/2017 9:14:25 AM, by STRONGDJ

    I'm working on slowly building new healthier habits. Veggies and smoothies are still involved, but in 2016 I used them less than previously. So, ... Read more

  • Having trouble syncing my Garmin fitbit

    1/11/2017 8:19:42 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I got a Garmin fitbit for Christmas and you are supposed to be able to sync it to Sparkpeople. It's not working right for me. I joined the g... Read more

  • I can do it !!!

    1/10/2017 11:12:07 PM, by SHOOGIE2016

    Hi all, My name is Tracy, and I am the mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Chloe (22) and Carlee(19). In August my oldest daughter and her husband... Read more

  • Welcome to 2017

    1/10/2017 9:45:57 PM, by MA-BALLARATE

    So, I didn't get there with my end of the year goal in 2016. I was hoping that between November and the New Year I'd be able to lose 8 lb. While ... Read more


    1/10/2017 6:21:21 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I am a teacher's aide, so I go with the kids to all their specials. Today was gym. They were jumping rope, so I decided to see if I could still... Read more


    1/9/2017 6:38:10 PM, by MARJIMAC63

    LIST OF THEMES FOR BLC33 Week 1 Set Yourself Up for Success (Fri Jan 13 - Mon Jan 16) https://docs.google.com/
    document/d/1EaQd... Read more


    1/8/2017 4:48:28 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I have been thinking about getting on Spark people for about a week or so. I finally got around to it today. I gained any weight back that I ha... Read more

  • Sugar Busting

    1/8/2017 6:10:35 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    About a week ago I joined the Sugar Busting Challenge. I did it half heartedly...not convinced that I can do it (even though I went for several ... Read more

  • Testing the water

    1/5/2017 7:52:40 PM, by KNIT4U

    It's been a while since I blogged. I am in day 5 of treating myself better - eating more healthily and making sleep a priority. i have reached ... Read more

  • A New Year; A New Me

    1/5/2017 6:07:00 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    This year I am really working on myself...my inner self as well as the self others see. God has pointed out to me some persistent sins that invo... Read more

  • Went for walk today

    1/4/2017 1:52:19 PM, by COFFEEMUG2009

    went to cvs all Christmas stuff is 75% off nothing but wrapping paper and gift boxes {bought nothing}... Read more

  • Watching TV

    1/1/2017 10:11:35 PM, by COFFEEMUG2009

    I am watching SHERLOCK On PBS. Almost over... Read more

  • Then and Now

    12/29/2016 5:16:03 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    In this bout of weight loss spanning from 2015-2016 I've lost 48 lbs.. There was one other time--in 2010-2011 when I had lost a significant amoun... Read more

  • The Trail Mix from Hell

    12/22/2016 4:54:39 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    So for quite a while I was going great guns in my weight loss...losing a pound a day in the days following Mom's death. I knew that that rapid w... Read more

  • Winter is here

    12/21/2016 9:26:16 PM, by MERILYNN1

    Looking forward to a new and more productive year. . .physically better and while sometimes I have to search to remember words doing pretty well.... Read more

  • A Letter to Myself

    12/14/2016 9:19:54 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    Dear Cynthia, You have been doing great at losing weight! You are now approaching the place where you don't feel ill when you catch sight of y... Read more

  • i Need Some Advice

    12/11/2016 12:06:56 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I need some advice. I am 58 years old, slightly overweight. I am now a teacher's aide. I help the students and pick them up and drop them off ... Read more

  • A Revision

    12/11/2016 6:07:44 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    So several years ago I was a rabid raw vegan. My skin looked amazing. I had ZERO body odor....I felt good. But it is very very hard to maintain ... Read more

  • Navel Gazing

    12/9/2016 5:52:52 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    I just spent time looking through some other people's Spark Pages. I see the pics of their activities, adventures, travel and athletic events. ... Read more

  • Kicking and Screaming

    12/8/2016 6:38:47 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    Why is it that I CANNOT talk myself into exercising? When I was in the rehab I busted my butt....to the point of sweating...I was motivated...l... Read more

  • Struggles and Truth

    12/4/2016 5:18:36 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    I've been struggling lately...I'm really feeling depressed and am praying not to be swallowed whole by that monster again. I just have to dig my... Read more

  • Hi friends!

    11/27/2016 8:06:46 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    I know its been a while, so busy with too much to accomplish. I am considering taking the bus in to work now instead of driving with my sister it... Read more

  • Dropping the Mole

    11/27/2016 8:11:32 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    So I've just rapidly lost about 20 lbs following the death of my mom. Food tasted like sawdust and I had no appetite at all. SO NOW comes the c... Read more

  • The Day After the Big Holiday

    11/25/2016 9:22:52 PM, by CHERYLE51

    Well, today is Black Friday. DD22 and I were supposed to go shopping, but we didn't because we are getting our livingroom furniture delivered. ... Read more

  • Sometimes life just sucksi

    11/24/2016 4:10:27 PM, by CAZ5346

    I've had 4 hip replacements on my right hip due to a car accident when I was 13. I lost. My mom and 2 brothers and a sister in that accident. My... Read more

  • Stress and Weight Loss

    11/21/2016 7:34:14 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I have't been on the scale for about a month. Once again, I gave up after gaining a few ounces. Here's the thing, I'm stressed when I am trying... Read more

  • End of Fall 5% Challenge

    11/18/2016 11:52:04 PM, by PEPPERMINT125

    This was week 8 of the Fall Challenge. Started off great, but got busy and behind on exercise and blogging 2nd half of week. I hope we do more b... Read more

  • Tired

    11/17/2016 9:13:26 PM, by SUEB37

    Some days I wonder how people can get exercise in. I have been up since 4 am and had to be to work by 5:15, I left the first job at 1 and went to... Read more

  • Cancer

    11/16/2016 9:01:30 PM, by SUEB37

    You know we all see and hear about cancer every single day of our lives. I know that it has affected all of us in one way or another, we have had... Read more

  • Does Pulling my Garbage Can 1/3 of a mile count as Strength Training?

    11/14/2016 11:50:42 PM, by PEPPERMINT125

    I live on a rural road (called a "natural beauty road" in Michigan, aka dirt road). We share a long driveway to the road along with 5 or 6 neighb... Read more

  • Week 8 of 5% Challenge

    11/13/2016 10:25:14 PM, by PEPPERMINT125

    I'm doing a strict low carb diet this last week along with trying for at least 60 minutes of exercise per day this week to finish off the Fall C... Read more

  • Hi its Sunday...

    11/13/2016 6:32:09 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    I can write a few times a week now I do think. I did church, a class and now I am home. Tomorrow starts another work week and then the next... Read more

  • 50 minutes a day

    11/12/2016 2:57:52 PM, by PEPPERMINT125

    Traditionally 30 minutes of exercise is recommended per day, but today I read a blog that says to lose weight, the American College of Sports Med... Read more

  • It's Been Awhile But I'm Back!

    11/11/2016 11:17:56 AM, by RACHELLE52

    I'm back...I've been juggling life, jumping hurdles and just trying to stay afloat! Being an adult can be a little tough sometimes but you just h... Read more

  • LOSS: My weight and my Mom

    11/9/2016 6:22:23 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    I just wrote a whole blog...including pics...and it disappeared! I really wish Spark People would save drafts so that if you lose it you can com... Read more

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