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  • Who Has an Empty Nest?

    8/30/2014 7:22:25 PM, by TISHTOES

    There must be some new empty nesters with college starting... If so, come join the Empty Nest Team. We are a small team but I kinda like it that... Read more

  • Can 10 minutes make a difference?

    8/24/2014 5:55:56 PM, by TISHTOES

    Gonna try ten minute projects throughout this week to see what I can get done in "no time". Hopefully it will be more than usual. Ready ... Read more

  • Feeling Down

    8/22/2014 4:58:14 PM, by TISHTOES

    There have been too many deaths lately. I am really feeling down. Hard to get myself back to motivated and upbeat. Been stress eating a lot la... Read more

  • A New Day

    7/26/2014 5:00:38 PM, by TISHTOES

    Every day is a new day with no mistakes in it (yet). ... Read more

  • Oh Where Has July Gone?

    7/25/2014 3:37:13 AM, by TISHTOES

    Wow, it disappeared quickly! For that matter, how can 2014 be over half gone? And how did it get to be 2014 anyway? Time goes so quickly anymo... Read more

  • Change is Good

    7/24/2014 2:36:50 PM, by TISHTOES

    Doing a lot of changing up of routines. Eatng better more CONSISTENTLY and getting more activity in my everyday life. Also, major work on declu... Read more

  • Time for Review and Re-Do!

    7/21/2014 4:07:24 PM, by TISHTOES

    Did some clearing out of emails and reviewed my Spark Teams. Many of them are inactive so I am clearing them out too. :) Getting back on track... Read more

  • Always starting over

    6/23/2014 3:23:15 PM, by CUPIDMIST

    It seems all I do is start over. I want to lose weight and be healthy but I have to ask myself, do I want it badly enough to really work for it? ... Read more

  • Tweaking My Goals

    5/24/2014 11:42:39 AM, by SUEFROMRI

    May / June Fitness: I will walk 20 minutes each day. I will complete the daily Sp... Read more

  • Monday Blues

    4/7/2014 4:45:29 PM, by DLITE719

    I woke up today with the Monday Blues. I didn't want to get out of bed at my normal time of 5:00 a.m. to walk on the treadmill so I stayed in be... Read more

  • What's going on?

    4/3/2014 10:17:31 PM, by DLITE719

    I woke up this morning and let the dogs out. What did I see? SNOW. Big giant snow flakes. I was just working in the yard a few days ago. I tho... Read more

  • Nana's Words.

    3/30/2014 9:55:29 PM, by DLITE719

    When I was young and single my grandmother and I were sitting on the couch just talking as we always did. This particular afternoon was differen... Read more

  • Today's struggle.

    3/23/2014 4:05:34 PM, by DLITE719

    This morning I woke with a heavy heart. My oldest daughter and I are not on good terms and haven't spoken in for several months. Today is her bi... Read more

  • Lost More Than An Hour (daylight savings)

    3/22/2014 7:43:51 PM, by TISHTOES

    Wow, half of March is gone already! Where DOES the time go? I feel like I lost more than an hour with the transition to Daylight Savings Time. ... Read more

  • It's me again.

    3/8/2014 9:41:52 PM, by TRESA7

    Hello, everybody. Your infamous "Start-Over-Again Lady" is back. This time, I hope to stay in touch via the SparkPeople App thanks to now having ... Read more

  • My January

    1/31/2014 3:13:52 PM, by LUANN7

    Well my weight on Thursday was up 7 pounds and today it is down 3 since I started my new program this week. It's under a doctors supervision and ... Read more

  • thursday 1/16/14

    1/16/2014 10:39:59 PM, by EDZZANGEL

    What can I say about today? Well I can tell you it was horrible!!! Started out bad and just got worse. On top of that I made really bad eating ... Read more

  • Tuesday 1/14/14

    1/14/2014 11:21:05 PM, by EDZZANGEL

    Still no motivation to exercise today. I did better with my eating today. Still room for improvement. I had a couple bites of a cookie today abo... Read more

  • Where is my Get up and Go?

    1/8/2014 2:23:39 PM, by LUANN7

    I think it got up and went. I want to exercise and track my food and drink my water in my mind but my body won't do it. It is so frustrating. I h... Read more

  • Hey, everyone!

    12/31/2013 7:40:00 PM, by SHARPISTOL

    I just would like to wish Sparkpeople.com, and, everyone a Happy, Productive, and Successful, New Year ... 2014!!!! Read more

  • Christmas was Awesome!!!!!

    12/29/2013 9:19:15 PM, by LUANN7

    Well I got clothes from my husband in a size smaller than I had suggested and you know what some are a little snug but many of them fit just righ... Read more

  • Getting back on track! Merry Christmas to all!!

    12/21/2013 2:26:03 AM, by LUANN7

    Well I am slowly getting my motivation back again and I haven't gained any weight being off track. I exercised today and it felt so good. I need ... Read more

  • What's a Girl to do!!

    11/27/2013 3:29:24 PM, by LUANN7

    First I want to thank everyone for their blessings and prayers during my difficult time it really was touching and helped me get through it!! I h... Read more

  • Creating New Holidays

    11/20/2013 8:43:00 PM, by LANAMFECI

    This is going to be a slightly challenging Thanksgiving. With Mom gone, and Dad physically unable to get into my house, it could be just three o... Read more

  • Today is the Day Again!!!

    11/20/2013 1:20:29 PM, by LUANN7

    Well today is my daughters birthday and she would have been 33 years old today. She died of a brain aneurysm 33 years ago on the 22nd. She had li... Read more

  • How I did in the fall biggest losers challenge

    11/16/2013 3:53:06 PM, by LUANN7

    I lost 5 pounds at the beginning of the 10 week challenge but nothing since then. I am still at that plateau and trying to break it-Maybe in the ... Read more

  • this week

    11/13/2013 3:48:55 PM, by LUANN7

    I have been doing fair this week. I haven't tracked my food and I am still at 50 pounds lost and not budging on the scale. I just don't think I a... Read more

  • Getting Colder

    11/12/2013 8:48:31 AM, by LANAMFECI

    Well, between the wind, the rain and the snow, last week's peak leaves are on the ground now. Dad and I had a great drive last Friday to look at... Read more

  • goals!!!

    11/7/2013 3:11:55 PM, by LUANN7

    For my challenge my goal is to lose 5 pounds and I want to lose 10 pounds by December 31st. I have plateaued and gain 2 pounds lose 2 pounds gain... Read more

  • November Appreciation

    11/5/2013 11:57:34 AM, by LANAMFECI

    I really do love November. Where I live, the leaves are at their peak, but the skies are dark and stormy, which really sets them off. Althoug... Read more

  • No Longer a Big Halloween Fan

    10/31/2013 11:38:14 AM, by LANAMFECI

    I finally broke down and got a pumpkin, but I'm not carving it. Two bags of candy, and when it's all handed out, the lights go out. I really di... Read more

  • Happy Halloween to my Sparkpeople Friends!!!

    10/29/2013 4:19:13 PM, by LUANN7

    Well I lost 3 pounds of the 5 I gained so 2 more pounds to go!!! I started the carbohydrate addicts way of eating and that is agreeing with me mo... Read more

  • well I had a gain

    10/21/2013 5:29:36 PM, by LUANN7

    I gained 5 pounds I slipped off my lo-carb diet and had cake and whatever else I could eat. So tomorrow starts anew again and hopefully I will be... Read more

  • Thank-you

    10/18/2013 11:36:17 PM, by LUANN7

    Thank-you to all my friends who answered my blog today. What I did is worked out but went at it slow and I am glad I did work through the pain cu... Read more

  • I have one question

    10/18/2013 4:13:53 PM, by LUANN7

    Now that the neurosurgeon said to exercise I stepped up my exercising. My question is how do you keep going when your so sore from the day before... Read more

  • EDs and the college kid

    10/18/2013 2:15:41 PM, by LANAMFECI

    DD spent the last 2yrs. Of HS battling anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. The good news is proper meds and a change of scenery, as wel... Read more

  • Finally got news!!

    10/16/2013 2:59:22 PM, by LUANN7

    Well I finally got the results of my MRI and the nerve test. I have another slipped disc in my back in the sacrol region. Going to give me strong... Read more

  • Saving Time vs. Spending Time

    10/10/2013 12:01:48 PM, by LANAMFECI

    It's funny how so much of our idioms about time can also be used for money. I think about the worth of time a lot lately, especially with regard... Read more

  • Coping with Dementia

    10/7/2013 6:56:39 PM, by LANAMFECI

    Sometimes I feel like I am presiding over my dad's decline. I don't want to see it, but it's happening. We like to play a simple game called Sc... Read more

  • Made it to 50 pounds-yeah

    10/7/2013 2:28:58 PM, by LUANN7

    Well, I finally hit the 50 pound mark and I am down 2 sizes. I have less than 100 pounds to go now 95 to be exact. It just seems to be going so s... Read more

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