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  • Winter Exercise

    1/31/2015 10:33:12 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    This is day three of waking up and out the door to work with the snow blower. I never realized how much exercise was involved in horsing that ma... Read more

  • Honesty Check

    11/3/2014 12:44:15 PM, by RUTHEY01

    I had a doctor's appointment on Friday for sinus infection and a cold. I got a nasty shock when I got on the scales. Since my surgery in Ju... Read more

  • Reflections

    10/5/2014 1:00:45 PM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    Looking back at the last few years,I have noticed some changes in me. Before I joined SparkPeople I was looking at how I would have reacted to t... Read more

  • Back outside working

    9/12/2014 4:11:20 PM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    I saw the doctor at the wound care clinic this AM and had some great news. No more bandages, I can get it wet so back to showers and it is almos... Read more

  • September!

    9/2/2014 11:13:44 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    My dad was born on Sept. 1, 1917. He lived to be 86 but I think of him every September and miss him so much! Happy Birthday Dad! My goal for... Read more

  • Sad Today

    8/28/2014 1:36:36 PM, by RUTHEY01

    I am on an emotional roller coaster today. Last night Clyde found our cat curled up dead. He was our 4 legged son and we loved him dearly. ... Read more

  • Didn't mess up after all

    8/27/2014 6:29:59 PM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    I saw the nurse yesterday and she found 4 stitches that hadn't been removed, thereby forcing the wound to reopen each time I put weight on my f... Read more

  • Good News!

    8/23/2014 2:29:01 PM, by SNUZSUZ

    I got the results of the scan yesterday and they said there are "no new abnormalities"! Woohoo! I thought, hmmm......what are they trying to say,... Read more

  • Messed Up my Progress

    8/21/2014 10:05:18 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    On my last blog, I said that if I didn't get too far ahead of myself healing was going nicely. Yesterday, looking forward to getting back to dri... Read more

  • CT Scan

    8/17/2014 5:54:30 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    Well, Monday is the 18th and my appointment with my oncologist for the test results is on the 20th. I still have not had the scan! I called them ... Read more

  • Getting Better Each Day

    8/16/2014 9:19:02 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    I went to the local swap shop where I have been volunteering (until my surgery by chain saw). I decided to upgrade from crutches to a cane. The... Read more

  • Cancer Free

    8/12/2014 8:25:26 PM, by RUTHEY01

    I had my follow-up today. I am cancer free and will not need chemo or radiation therapy. I will have CT Scans and follow-up appointments every ... Read more

  • My brother.

    8/12/2014 10:35:22 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    My brother is diabetic and about a month ago, his wife of 37 years left him over money problems.A big mix up at the bank and she was so embarrass... Read more

  • Joined the New You Boot Camp team-Again!

    8/10/2014 2:44:44 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    Well, tonight I decided I would join the New You Boot Camp team again, for about the 3rd time over the years. When I did it before, it really got... Read more

  • Improvement Time (I Hope)

    8/9/2014 3:14:26 PM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    I just got VNA scheduling down pat and they have changed it again. The doctor wants VNA to changed the bandage daily and use Betadine. After 2 ... Read more

  • Home Again

    8/8/2014 1:13:03 AM, by RUTHEY01

    This is the first chance I have had to update everyone on my surgery. The VA Hospital didn't have WiFi. They surgery itself lasted a little... Read more

  • Squeaky Wheel got

    8/6/2014 9:30:26 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    I saw the wound doctor at 7:30 AM and he likes how the wound is coming along and he removed the stitches. He then told me that he wants VNA to... Read more

  • August 6, 1973

    8/6/2014 9:03:48 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    41 years ago today I had my first beautiful little baby boy! He was born on a Monday at 6:17 pm and was 19 inches long and weighed 6 lbs 4 oz. I ... Read more

  • VNA Treatment

    7/30/2014 10:10:57 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    The VNA case manager was here yesterday (drill sergeant?). I guess she has to be that way to weed out unnecessary cases. After we verbally spar... Read more

  • Busy Times Ahead

    7/28/2014 5:35:49 PM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    I saw my doctor today and he shook his head (he is also a client) when he saw me on crutches. He did not tell me what a dumb stunt I had pulled.... Read more

  • Weight Gain

    7/27/2014 9:50:45 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    I am not sure what I should be doing at this point. When I look at my weight each morning when I get up, it seems to have increased by 1- 1/2 l... Read more

  • Update to Wings Clipped

    7/26/2014 11:49:51 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    I went to the ER this AM to have the bandage changed on my foot. The med staff told me that the wound looks great (smooth as a babies butt). ... Read more

  • My unfeathered wings are clipped

    7/25/2014 11:22:53 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    Yesterday I had planned on taking the day off but got bored so decided to cut a couple of trees down. The first one went fine, the second one st... Read more

  • In memory of my husband.

    7/16/2014 9:04:49 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    my husband, Dave, passed away 6 years ago today from cancer. He was a week from turning 55 years old. We were the same age, well he was a little ... Read more

  • July 2014

    7/1/2014 10:24:38 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    My goals for July: Track ALL my food. Exercise 3x a week Lose 5 lbs-again! lol Cut down on smoking! I want my goals in writing so... Read more

  • Life doesn't have a remote control, get up and change it yourself!

    6/23/2014 10:00:16 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    I read that on Facebook and thought it was pretty funny.lol I got an electric piano keyboard and a disk that teaches you how to play the pia... Read more

  • Jesus....

    5/27/2014 9:07:04 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    ... Read more

  • I never did post a picture of my new car, so here it is!

    5/26/2014 10:58:29 PM, by SNUZSUZ

    It's a 2014 Toyota Yaris and her name is Nellie:)... Read more

  • Had a wonderful Mother's Day with my daughter!

    5/18/2014 9:53:01 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    We had our Mother's Day yesterday since I was sick on the real Mother's Day. We walked 2 miles in the morning, then I went to Bible Study for an ... Read more

  • 22,112 days old;)

    5/17/2014 10:39:08 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    I found this time conversion site online and found out that today I am 22,112 days old.lol 530,688 Hours old! You don't even want to know how m... Read more

  • Book Study Tonight!

    5/16/2014 9:31:21 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    Tonight I am going to a book study. We are reading, "The Secret of the Singing Heart". We are to read the first 4 chapters and I have read them a... Read more

  • Spring is Here!!!

    5/10/2014 11:38:02 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    After a snowy gloomy winter, I am glad we are having some warmer weather. I can't believe I have as much energy as I do. This last week I star... Read more

  • I did it! 5 miles!

    5/4/2014 1:57:04 PM, by SNUZSUZ

    I did it! I walked the 5 mile Chicken run in 1 hour and 50 minutes, but oh well! at least I did it! and now I'm late for church.....see ya all la... Read more

  • I bought my first brand new car!

    5/3/2014 10:06:33 PM, by SNUZSUZ

    I never thought I would be able to afford a brand spanking new car! I am now the proud owner of a 2014 Toyota Yaris! I have been working full ... Read more

  • I am saved!

    4/28/2014 10:09:48 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    I was saved about 5 or 6 years ago, but then I got a job working weekends, and stopped going to church, then I got cancer, and never went, when I... Read more

  • Ugh! My computer has a virus!

    4/25/2014 8:59:23 PM, by SNUZSUZ

    Not again! every thing I click on, I get all these stupid advertisements! it' so frustrating! If I can't get it cleaned up, I won't be on here fo... Read more

  • Happy Easter!

    4/20/2014 12:09:32 PM, by SNUZSUZ

    Happy Easter all my Spark friends! We are going to have an adult Easter Egg hunt today:) My GS is 21, and my GD is 12 and lives in AZ, so we ha... Read more

  • Oh, what a week it's been!

    4/16/2014 7:40:23 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    It has been one heck of a week, at home and at work, but life is getting better every day! I did walk this weekend, and doing good on my points t... Read more

  • Have my cable tv back!

    4/11/2014 9:51:22 AM, by SNUZSUZ

    Finally have the cable and the DVR back, and I am so happy with Xfinity! Their basic package has all the channels that I like, alrea... Read more

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