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  • Weeks 77-79 Weigh-ins

    2/8/2016 2:28:23 PM, by AJ0708

    Current weight: 169.6 Weight lost for 3 weeks: -1.6 lbs Total lost: -97.9 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.24 lbs This is a pretty measly l... Read more

  • Lunch

    2/4/2016 1:04:17 PM, by TENNESSEEMOM

    Nutrisystem Bolengnese and Brussels Sprouts. 380 cal... Read more

  • Breakfast

    2/4/2016 6:00:39 AM, by TENNESSEEMOM

    Coffee and a muffin. Not all that healthy but I'll m... Read more

  • Dinner

    2/3/2016 7:24:12 PM, by TENNESSEEMOM

    Nutrisystem vegetable lasagne with cauliflower and an... Read more

  • Non-scale victory!

    2/2/2016 2:41:20 PM, by AJ0708

    Finally made it to the gym today after an epic lull! It was great. After elliptical-ing my little heart out, I grabbed three of those tin... Read more

  • Two steps forward, one step back

    1/27/2016 11:22:25 AM, by AJ0708

    Deep sigh. So I have felt really dejected about my weight recently, despite everyone's kind comments (thank you all!). As I approach 100 lb... Read more

  • Week 76 Weigh-in

    1/18/2016 12:01:05 PM, by AJ0708

    Loss for the week: -0.4 lbs Total loss: -96.3 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.27 lbs This was shaping up to be a much better number, but sad... Read more

  • Week 75 Weigh-in

    1/12/2016 9:18:11 AM, by AJ0708

    Loss for the week: -0.8 lbs Total loss: -95.9 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.28 lbs Considering I lost over 3 lbs last week, I'll take it. ... Read more

  • Weeks 73-74 Weigh-ins

    1/5/2016 11:54:46 AM, by AJ0708

    Total loss for 2 weeks: -2 lbs Total loss: -95.1 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.29 lbs Not a bad loss for all the holiday happenings. My w... Read more

  • 2016 = a new year and clean slate

    1/4/2016 9:24:07 PM, by MADEIT54

    Started off on Friday 1/1/16 by getting my new washer and dryer along with a freezer for my Nutrisystem meals. on 1/2 /16 I cleaned the basement ... Read more

  • Movie Review Roundup

    12/28/2015 2:02:44 PM, by AJ0708

    Hi! In lieu of a weigh-in post this week (I'm up 1.1 lbs, okay? Sue me!), I will instead review the FOUR movies I saw on Christmas weekend this... Read more

  • Goal!

    12/22/2015 11:20:09 PM, by KARENO5

    I have been following the Medifast diet since late June. Most people lose weight pretty fast on that diet plan. I didn't. However, I did have a ... Read more

  • Weeks 70-72 Weigh-ins

    12/21/2015 4:11:21 PM, by AJ0708

    Weight lost in 3 weeks: -5 lbs Total weight lost: -93.1 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.29 lbs Overall a very strong 3 weeks even though I d... Read more

  • Why wait until January 1?

    12/9/2015 11:00:38 AM, by AJ0708

    I have seen a bunch of posts recently of people saying things like, "Starting January 1st I am going to make changes in my lifestyle," "December ... Read more

  • Week 69 Weigh-in

    11/30/2015 10:05:56 AM, by AJ0708

    Difference for the week: -1.6 Total loss: -88.1 Average weekly loss: -1.28 Not bad for Thanksgiving week! Last year at this time, over ... Read more

  • Merry Go Round #29-47

    11/28/2015 9:42:02 AM, by FLGIRL1234

    Here it is...blog # 29 - # 47 of my "52 blogs of 2015" promise I made to a friend of mine to keep me accountable. THE STATS: 204.2 ... Read more

  • So long, obesity!

    11/25/2015 9:29:23 AM, by AJ0708

    If anyone had told me that I would be ecstatic to be "overweight," I wouldn't have believed it but here I am. Today I weighed in at 179.4, aka B... Read more

  • Week 68 Weigh-in

    11/23/2015 12:14:28 PM, by AJ0708

    Loss for the week: -0.2 lbs Total loss: -86.5 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.27 lbs Sigh! This was one of those weeks where I was 100% per... Read more

  • Week 67 Weigh-in

    11/16/2015 1:12:31 PM, by AJ0708

    Loss for the week: -0.8 lbs Total loss: -86.3 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.29 lbs Another small loss but I had a decent week and am not s... Read more

  • Nice Monday

    11/10/2015 1:09:46 AM, by MADEIT54

    Started this morning with a new exercise video on Daily Burn TV. Since my new TV is a Roku based model, I have a chance to try it out. I start... Read more

  • Weeks 65-66 Weigh-in

    11/9/2015 8:42:41 AM, by AJ0708

    Loss for 2 weeks: -0.8 lbs Total loss: -85.5 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.3 lbs I gave myself a break last week because I had an 0.8 lb g... Read more

  • New Month

    11/8/2015 4:08:00 PM, by MADEIT54

    Well it has been a while since I have been on board. I have new windows put in, switched internet service (ugh), bought a new Television, finall... Read more

  • I need to lose this fat

    11/6/2015 9:26:25 AM, by BRENMAN

    We just came back from a 2 week vacation and I cannot wear any of my clothes unless they have elastic waists. I am so sick of looking at myself ... Read more

  • Winter Coat Saga

    11/5/2015 8:20:23 AM, by AJ0708

    Several years ago, when I was in grad school, I had been thin for awhile and suddenly started gaining weight pretty rapidly. It started getting ... Read more

  • Birthday this month

    11/2/2015 8:12:29 AM, by BARBY81

    Well this month I turn 34 and so far I have lost 48 lbs and this year I plan to loss the remaining 58 lbs need to get my butt into gear ... Read more

  • "Before & During" photos!

    10/28/2015 3:28:02 PM, by AJ0708

    Just for fun! November 2013 vs. October 2015 ... Read more

  • Nutrisystem "Fast 5" Review

    10/26/2015 11:21:23 AM, by AJ0708

    First of all I'd like to point out that Nutrisystem did not give me money or free products in exchange for writing this review (If NS is reading ... Read more

  • Week 64 Weigh-in

    10/26/2015 10:32:24 AM, by AJ0708

    Loss for the week: -4.8 lbs Total loss: -84.7 lbs Average weekly loss: -1.32 Wow! So I did my first week of Nutrisystem this week and i... Read more

  • Medifast trial

    10/11/2015 8:09:03 PM, by KARENO5

    Back in June, after well over a year of failure with weight watchers, I decided to give Medifast a try. I sined up for a 10 week weight loss and ... Read more

  • Friday 10/9/15

    10/10/2015 12:49:44 AM, by MADEIT54

    Crazy day at the animal clinic today. Had emergencies waiting when I arrived to open the clinic at 7:30 a.m. Started off with radiographs and b... Read more

  • Ready for Friday and Clinic Day

    10/9/2015 12:34:50 AM, by MADEIT54

    Did pet chores, had a doctor appointment, did laundry and saw a movie. Came home and packed lunch for work tomorrow, set out my uniform then play... Read more

  • 10/7 Nice Wednesday

    10/8/2015 12:04:33 AM, by MADEIT54

    Got work done around the house today. Just a quiet day. Enjoyed the rain. Suppose to be nice tomorrow and back into rain this weekend. I like wor... Read more

  • Good day

    10/5/2015 8:24:33 PM, by MADEIT54

    Had a great day today. Up early, got morning chores done and after that got ready for my doctor appointment. I was happy except for the 1 hour w... Read more

  • My work days

    10/3/2015 10:13:41 PM, by MADEIT54

    I do like being retired. I am going on 4 months. I am so tired at the end of the day, but it is a great feeling. I am cleaning, doing yard work,... Read more

  • Nice day until........

    10/1/2015 11:05:28 PM, by MADEIT54

    I got up to start my day and BAM !- the day changed with another school shooting here in Oregon. I will not talk politics, gun control or other... Read more

  • Save me Nutrisystems

    10/1/2015 12:56:45 AM, by MADEIT54

    I really do not like to cook. I am single and cooking for one can be a problem especially since I do not like left overs. Crockpots are great,... Read more

  • Making Progress #2

    9/29/2015 11:12:49 PM, by MADEIT54

    Well it is getting closer to Oct 1st and my goal was to have the "junk" out of my house. Won't make my deadline for all of it, but I am making a ... Read more

  • Life is better

    9/26/2015 6:04:25 PM, by MADEIT54

    Slow day yesterday. Migraine was still hanging on and had to go to my clinic for anti- nausea medication. Woke up this morning MUCH BETTER!... Read more

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