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  • Doing this with and for my daughter...Motivation Monday

    11/9/2015 11:22:07 AM, by JANDASMOM1

    I have an 11 year old daughter, she is my world, my mini me. She had begun to really get chunky and it concerns me. Thursday, she came home and w... Read more

  • Ready for this week

    11/8/2015 10:38:16 PM, by JANDASMOM1

    My hubby bought me a 2nd crockpot and we have spent all day making meals for this week. It is so nice to be connected to him in this way. He unde... Read more

  • Whoa...screeech...halt...
    .wake up call!

    11/7/2015 1:09:37 PM, by JANDASMOM1

    Well, here I am again. Back to sparkpeople....a place a like to visit but did not want to live in...but it seems that where I viewed sparkpeople ... Read more

  • Struggles

    10/15/2015 8:27:05 PM, by SUZIEQIAM

    I have read a lot of blog's and have seen a lot of people struggle. When I see people that have so many more struggles than I, It makes me want t... Read more

  • Road block!!! Help.!!!

    8/31/2015 9:42:37 AM, by ALIGHTER88

    OK... I have been running a 34 minute circuit every day for two weeks. No problem just results and I have been feeling great... Now all of a sudd... Read more

  • I really miss soda

    8/26/2015 11:03:25 PM, by ALIGHTER88

    I really miss soda. Period... #hangininthere... Read more

  • running

    8/25/2015 4:33:32 PM, by ALIGHTER88

    Been running my lil tail off lol... Read more

  • my first week

    8/23/2015 6:21:16 PM, by ALIGHTER88

    The first week of my journey came to an end today. I have doing interval training running every morning as well as only drinking water and watchi... Read more

  • running

    8/22/2015 3:47:23 PM, by ALIGHTER88

    Interval training circuit running is the new found love of my life that and martial arts is really fueling me in my health transformation.... Read more

  • excited!!!

    8/21/2015 11:58:02 PM, by ALIGHTER88

    I lllooovvveee this app.!!!... Read more

  • Day 34- Weigh In and Reflection

    8/3/2015 10:31:26 PM, by NOLE0105

    Pounds lost this week: 4 Total pounds lost: 9 It's hard to believe that I have been on this 100lbChallenge for a month. I can't believe h... Read more

  • Day 27- weigh In an Reflection

    7/27/2015 10:41:09 PM, by NOLE0105

    Pounds lost this week: 1 Total Pounds Lost: 5 I hate when I don't follow through with what I said I'd do. I hate it even more when I have... Read more

  • Day 22- 100lbChallenge

    7/22/2015 11:51:51 PM, by NOLE0105

    I seem to be getting on the right track again. I feel more human today, so that's a plus! I am going grocery shopping tomorrow to get some heal... Read more

  • Day 20- Weigh In and Reflection

    7/21/2015 12:29:15 AM, by NOLE0105

    Pounds lost this week: 1 Total pounds lost: 4 This week has been a bust. I wasn't sure how much I was going to delve into my personal lif... Read more

  • Day 11- 100lbChallenge

    7/16/2015 11:12:36 PM, by NOLE0105

    Well, it was bound to happen. I have been strolling along, doing real good, until today. I ate horrible and lots of it :(. Ice cream, chips an... Read more

  • Day 8- Weigh In and Reflection

    7/13/2015 10:34:22 PM, by NOLE0105

    Pounds lost: 3 Ok, I'll admit, I was expecting a higher number, but I'm not upset with my results and here's why. First of all, ever since ... Read more

  • Trackers

    7/13/2015 3:36:46 PM, by AAAACK

    I'm a data hoarder. I'm a data analyst. I love to collect numbers, try to force life into a formula. <... Read more

  • Day 7- 100lbChallenge

    7/12/2015 11:03:16 PM, by NOLE0105

    Today was anything but a lazy Sunday! I'm so proud of myself for getting everything done that I wanted. It doesn't always happen, so yeah for m... Read more

  • Day 6- 100lbChallenge

    7/11/2015 11:09:59 PM, by NOLE0105

    The Dog wash fundraiser went well today. It was a little slower than they're normally used to but I'm hoping it was still a fruitful event. Sin... Read more

  • Day 5- 100lbChallenge

    7/10/2015 11:38:22 PM, by NOLE0105

    First week and I already skipped a blog...oops! I was so tired yesterday that I fell asleep at 9p. I haven't done that in a while. I did get 4... Read more

  • FL Keys Trail: Marathon (stage 8)

    7/10/2015 3:13:21 PM, by UP-2-ME

    Oh, thank goodness that 7-mile bridge is behind me. I think that has to be the "worst" leg of the trail but I could be wrong since I don't know ... Read more

  • Kitchenless cooking - Help Wanted!

    7/9/2015 4:17:39 PM, by UP-2-ME

    Hello, fellow Sparkers! I am soon to be "kitchen-less" for about six weeks and am asking for your help! Can you, would you... Read more

  • Day 3- 100lbChallenge

    7/9/2015 12:55:53 AM, by NOLE0105

    How's the saying go, "third times a charm"? Well, in my case, "third day's a charm." I finally made it to the gym! I got a pretty good workout ... Read more

  • Day 2- 100lbChallenge

    7/7/2015 11:23:34 PM, by NOLE0105

    Thank you as so much for your comments, advice and well wishes. I don't take them lightly and definitely consider all of the information you pro... Read more

  • The trail: Stage 7

    7/7/2015 4:58:51 PM, by UP-2-ME

    Man, oh, man! Stage 7 is the Seven Mile Bridge and I am truly dreading this. Read more

  • Day 1- 100lbChallenge

    7/7/2015 12:41:36 AM, by NOLE0105

    Day 1 went pretty well! I bought new tennis shoes and socks, so I'm ready to get started on the cardio! I also went grocery shopping and got a ... Read more

  • The trail: stages 5 & 6

    7/6/2015 4:48:42 PM, by UP-2-ME

    Although my last blog said in was Stage 2 of the trail, it actually covered stages 2-4, Stock Island through Ramrod Key. This covers the trail b... Read more

  • strip down

    7/6/2015 2:00:05 PM, by AAAACK

    No, not what you're thinking I'm stripping down my goals. I'm focusing on the behaviors I'd like to establish rather than track... Read more

  • 100-pound challenge

    7/5/2015 9:50:17 PM, by NOLE0105

    I’m ready to take control of my life. I’m so tired of watching life pass me by and missing out on opportunities because of my weight! There... Read more

  • What a GREAT day!

    7/2/2015 7:45:12 PM, by AAAACK

    First of all, the last 2 days have been really busy and stressful. I wasn't sure if I could even manage to get a Spark spin in both days. But I t... Read more

  • And then...

    6/30/2015 4:58:30 PM, by AAAACK

    Ok, for anyone who read my last blog, you know I just had to buy bigger clothes on Sunday. I've thought about it a lot, and really just tried to ... Read more

  • The trail: stage 2

    6/29/2015 4:23:14 PM, by UP-2-ME

    The walk continues and I seem to be moving right along. It's hard to tell, Read more

  • Stark realities

    6/29/2015 12:00:54 AM, by AAAACK

    Today I'm facing some realities. For my birthday I "got to" go shopping, but guess what I had to buy? Yep, bigger clothing. This. Does. Not. Make... Read more

  • The trail - stage one

    6/26/2015 2:41:42 PM, by UP-2-ME

    Okay, I've started my walk. I'm not very far along but am beginning to realize the scenery my be very repetitive...lots of bridges, surrounded b... Read more

  • Starting the trail?

    6/22/2015 4:53:03 PM, by UP-2-ME

    Okay, I'm finally going to do it! I'm starting on my... Read more

  • This last year

    6/20/2015 4:49:05 PM, by JADEDRGNE

    I definitely have not used this site to its fullest. However, that is about to change. Last July (2015) I had a slap to the face, my heal... Read more

  • New shoes

    6/17/2015 4:36:29 PM, by UP-2-ME

    Sometime early in the year, I took the Vionic walking challenge that was offered by Spark People. Sometime after that, Spark sent an e-mail sayi... Read more

  • some bad things

    6/9/2015 9:06:06 AM, by PINKYLYNN55

    So I haven't been doing well at all just horrible I st... Read more

  • The Refrigerator Repair

    6/8/2015 2:29:49 PM, by MORTICIAADDAMS

    I haven't felt like blogging much lately but have had friends encourage me to. I thought I might ease back into it so here is a little slice of m... Read more

  • Monday, June 1st: Reset!

    6/1/2015 5:06:28 PM, by UP-2-ME

    I like it when a new month starts on a Monday. Starting on Sunday is okay too, but, for me, Monday is a time for pushing the reset button And ... Read more

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