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  • Day 196 - Late Night

    6/14/2015 3:29:34 AM, by SRWYLIE

    I hope this post counts toward my Saturday points, not Sunday... it was a later night than we are used to....... We had a group of guys ove... Read more


    6/14/2015 12:25:47 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I had a nice day in MS. We went to a quaint little town, saw a children's play, and went into Memphis. I need to get back to my exercising. I r... Read more

  • Saturday, June 13

    6/13/2015 6:16:16 AM, by TENNISJIM

    A very busy at the office yesterday - arrived at 7:15 AM and left at 6:30 PM. Ate lunch at my desk so no break at all. Constantly busy. Came... Read more

  • Friday, June 12

    6/13/2015 6:12:17 AM, by TENNISJIM

    SparkPeople was down early in the morning and by the time I got home I was too tired to SP.... Read more


    6/13/2015 12:42:03 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I drove from New Orleans to Batesville, MS. It was a pretty nice, easy drive. There was some heavy rains for a few minutes but nothing too bad. ... Read more

  • Day 195 - Loving 48 Years Later

    6/12/2015 10:30:32 PM, by SRWYLIE

    I don't usually post a political blog, but today seems like a significant day that needs to be remembered. Because 48 years ago today, the Suprem... Read more


    6/12/2015 1:15:38 AM, by TODDERICKV

    Last day in New Orleans. It was rainy and we just kind of rode around in the car and did some site-seeing. It was probably my least active day an... Read more

  • Day 194 - Getting Fit While It's Hot

    6/11/2015 9:58:00 PM, by SRWYLIE

    It is warming up here in Clearlake, and it is getting harder to feel motivated to work out when it's warm outside. Most of the days, our mornings... Read more

  • Thursday, June 11

    6/11/2015 6:26:40 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Another busy work day yesterday, I did receive new Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2013 license keys from the customer. They had turned off the ot... Read more


    6/11/2015 3:32:28 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I did a long bike ride, probably 15 plus miles today. I ate very little and then had a few soft tacos for dinner. I drank for the first time ton... Read more

  • Day 193 - Coasting? or Maintaining?

    6/10/2015 10:06:51 PM, by SRWYLIE

    I had my weigh-in today. I am exactly the same weight I've been for the past 4 weeks: 170.6. My original goal was 173, but I dropped a little low... Read more


    6/10/2015 9:36:10 AM, by GREATMARTIN

    MELLOW MUSHROOM is the latest member of the franchi... Read more

  • Wednesday, June 10

    6/10/2015 6:05:43 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I had an extremely busy and frustrating day at the office. I was setting up a new laptop for customer. I was almost finished when I ran into Micr... Read more

  • Day 192 - Ummm, Really???

    6/10/2015 12:45:56 AM, by SRWYLIE

    Yesterday our roofer took our old roof off, and the new shingles were delivered today. The inspector will come to check on the tear-off, and then... Read more


    6/10/2015 12:37:29 AM, by TODDERICKV

    It was a little rainy today but it did not stop me from biking all over the city. We walked around Magazine Street and I rode downtown to sit by ... Read more


    6/9/2015 12:23:31 PM, by GREATMARTIN

    I watched this last night and highly recommend it--told from the teenager's point of view--will repeat first episode Friday and Sunday at 10 PM (... Read more

  • Tuesday, June 9

    6/9/2015 6:15:51 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday was another busy day at the office. I am reviewing 150+ responses from existing customers and updating POC information. I left aro... Read more


    6/9/2015 1:36:45 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I cycled ALL over the city. Had some nice meals, found a cool riverside park, lifted weights fo 30 minutes, met some new folks, and got to swim. ... Read more

  • Day 191 - A New Week

    6/8/2015 11:26:49 PM, by SRWYLIE

    Another Monday, another start to the week.... I have been working really hard at being happy about Mondays, when there's a part of me that still ... Read more

  • When all else fails, follow the directions.

    6/8/2015 1:42:16 PM, by ALEXTHEHUN

    Surely, by now I have tried all else and am not very satisfied by the results. But if I want to continue living and doing so with an accept... Read more

  • Monday, June 8

    6/8/2015 6:06:12 AM, by TENNISJIM

    We played tennis from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM today. It was Andrew, Michael, Rob, hubby , and me. Michael and I defeated Andrew and hubby 6-3. Hubby... Read more


    6/8/2015 12:52:04 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I rode a lot in New Orleans today. It was so hot and humid. I came home from both rides and was so sweaty. I have two sets of shirts and pants l... Read more

  • Day 190 - Early Summer Gratitude

    6/7/2015 8:37:12 PM, by SRWYLIE

    I haven't posted a gratitude blog entry in a while, so this is long overdue. Here are the things I'm grateful for this week. As a reminder, I don... Read more


    6/7/2015 4:14:18 PM, by GREATMARTIN

    It has been almost two years since I was last to a Sm... Read more

  • Sunday, June 7

    6/7/2015 6:53:43 AM, by TENNISJIM

    We played tennis from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. We had eight people and had lots of fun. Afterwards, we went to Bangkok Golden for lunch. After lunch, ... Read more


    6/7/2015 2:02:54 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I had a nice little ride from Batesville to New Orleans. I met my friends Stefanie and Michelle at the hotel. It is VERY nice. Our friend Ama, wh... Read more

  • Day 189 - Life on the Lake

    6/6/2015 8:50:49 PM, by SRWYLIE

    We met with our contractor Gary this morning to talk about our remodel. It had been over a month since our last meeting, and basically, nothing h... Read more

  • Saturday, June 6

    6/6/2015 5:46:30 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, I arrived at the office around 7:30 AM and had the Director of HCM ask me to unlock his AD account. Apparently, he is having issues wh... Read more


    6/6/2015 1:53:04 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I had an easy day in Batesville. I did dome weight lifting and then went to dinner with my friend Ellen and her friend Melissa. We had delicious ... Read more

  • Day 188 - New Boat

    6/6/2015 12:52:01 AM, by SRWYLIE

    Steve was able to drive down to Sacramento and get the title to the boat, run over to the DMV to get the title transferred into our name, then ho... Read more

  • Friday, June 5

    6/5/2015 6:10:21 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Yesterday, I started working from home at 6 AM EST and ended the day at 5 PM EST. A long and busy day. I worked on a project for almost 3 hours a... Read more


    6/5/2015 1:28:18 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I drove to Batesville, MS today. It was a nice, easy five hour drive. Exactly half way to New Orleans. The first 20 minutes were torrential rain... Read more

  • Day 187 - Preparations for the Big Arrival

    6/4/2015 11:00:45 PM, by SRWYLIE

    Tomorrow Steve is headed down to Sacramento to pick up our new boat. It's an exciting time - we haven't had a boat for years, and it just doesn't... Read more


    6/4/2015 11:57:20 AM, by GREATMARTIN

    We have lizards of all kinds on the grounds here.... Read more

  • Thursday, June 4

    6/4/2015 5:54:01 AM, by TENNISJIM

    Another very busy day at the office - arrived around 7 AM EST and left around 5 PM EST. I had an afternoon meeting that was to be held in one of ... Read more


    6/4/2015 12:36:07 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I had a nice visit with my dad today. I did some laundry and we had some good conversation. I came home, packed, and have everything organized f... Read more

  • Where's my award?

    6/3/2015 5:45:55 PM, by BAIXOMUSIC

    Anyone know how to contact Sparkpeople to ask where my missing Perfect Attendance award is? I've logged in for 404 days of perfect attendance, y... Read more

  • Day 186 - Anniversary Celebrations

    6/3/2015 10:01:40 AM, by SRWYLIE

    Steve and I had our commitment ceremony on June 3, 2000, just 15 years ago today in San Francisco. It was a wonderful day, celebrating our relati... Read more

  • Wednesday, June 3

    6/3/2015 5:53:24 AM, by TENNISJIM

    I had planned to work at home today but there is s 2 PM meeting in the office that I need to attend...thus, I better start getting ready for work... Read more


    6/3/2015 12:21:57 AM, by TODDERICKV

    I rode my bike around 25 miles today! I left at 130pm and got home around 830pm. Granted, I took some breaks along the way. I went to a museum a... Read more

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