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  • Spent the day in NY

    4/25/2015 11:11:49 PM, by TERRI289

    Mom is ok, the city was lively, I am tired, and I did over 14, 000 steps..woo hoo. Good night!... Read more

  • Slow & Steady

    4/25/2015 9:33:11 AM, by LDYBUG76

    Well, no weight loss to report this week, but no gain either! I feel really good, less headaches & more energy so I must be doing something right... Read more

  • TGIF-woo hoo!

    4/24/2015 10:38:28 PM, by TERRI289

    Woke up stiff, and it all went away during my Zumba class. Yay! Good day overall, celebrated a friend's birthday..she was very happy with he... Read more

  • long week

    4/24/2015 9:50:03 PM, by IMREITE

    still more projects aroung the house but at least i wont be anxious all day at work about what i have to do when i come home.... Read more

  • Pure Barre

    4/24/2015 2:31:51 PM, by LLLAWSON

    The last two weeks of half marathon training I decided I needed to reward myself and try something new. I've been wanting to try the Pure Barre ... Read more

  • Offer Your Depression

    4/24/2015 10:18:37 AM, by INARI_FOX

    your-depression/ I love the following blog post from Susan Piver. It is about Buddhism, depress... Read more

  • Extra busy day

    4/23/2015 10:58:52 PM, by TERRI289

    Got up an hour early to help my husband get to work at a new time. The rest of the day flowed. Although my hip was very achy, the chiropra... Read more

  • My Plan to get some zzz's tonight

    4/23/2015 8:41:42 PM, by SOPHIEDO13

    All week my schedule has been messed up, up in the middle of the night, mid day naps. After being exhausted during the day, and waking up feelin... Read more

  • Monday, pain, and needed rest

    4/23/2015 12:11:17 PM, by CASEYSAUER

    So Monday has come and gone. I woke up Monday morning with a pain in my sacrum area. I have had this many times before. I know it is just infl... Read more

  • Blue Ridge Half Marathon - DONE!

    4/23/2015 11:22:04 AM, by LLLAWSON

    Wow.... it wasn't as bad as I thought. The last week was hard because I was kicking myself for signing up for this. I listened to all the horro... Read more

  • need to clean

    4/23/2015 9:02:39 AM, by IMREITE

    i have some cleaning today before the appraisers come in tomorrow. of course they know how to look for tricks, but I still feel better about mak... Read more

  • Good day except...

    4/22/2015 10:40:33 PM, by TERRI289

    My hip still hurts..Sigh, it was ok when I was up and about but sitting for any length of time was rough. Will continue to ice and I read that ac... Read more

  • they cut the floor

    4/22/2015 10:32:58 PM, by IMREITE

    The plumbers came late today and then when they took out the bathtub, the cut out part of the floor. they did not leave a note or anything so i ... Read more

  • interested versus committed

    4/22/2015 9:26:18 AM, by CANDYDM

    today on SparkPeople there was a quote: "There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, y... Read more

  • It's My Spark-iversary: One Month

    4/22/2015 9:24:38 AM, by BADGER-GAL

    Wow! It's already been a month ago today that I came back to Spark. It seems that I've also come back to learning and relearning more about myse... Read more

  • Tuesday..

    4/21/2015 10:20:52 PM, by TERRI289

    Busy work day and quiet evening. Low back/hip/glut still is achy. Love a good ice pack... Hope your day was good. Ready for bed and my book!... Read more

  • grr argh

    4/21/2015 7:40:44 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    I will not loose my temper. I will not loose my temper. I will not loose my temper..... I am so aggrevated with my in-laws. ... Read more

  • heavy lifting done

    4/21/2015 8:31:20 AM, by IMREITE

    at least MOST of the heavy lifting is done. the custom built cabinet and vanity are in place. They were originally designed to fit an area assum... Read more

  • the Day after...

    4/20/2015 10:02:40 PM, by TERRI289

    It poured as if the heavens were crying....I was drenched when I got to the gym. Slept ok but not long enough.. taught my class with a twing... Read more

  • measure again

    4/20/2015 8:36:05 PM, by IMREITE

    the adage goes measure twice cut once. I love my dh, i am however , on the verge of yelling at him "measure again". i do it in my head but am clo... Read more

  • Feeling proud of myself!

    4/20/2015 3:14:49 PM, by BEAUTY_WITHIN

    I have been so busy lately! I did the math and realized I've got 3 weeks till Wesley is considered early full term, which is when my first son w... Read more

  • I can't get no

    4/20/2015 1:42:00 PM, by UNSWEETMAMA

    Satisfaction. Dissatisfaction. A lack of satisfaction. With food. With life, the universe, and everything. I've been having this fee... Read more

  • A Life of Courage and Grit

    4/20/2015 11:50:37 AM, by BADGER-GAL

    Our daughter has a physical disability. The first neurologist predicted that by her age now (30+) she would be using a wheelchair full-time. Sh... Read more

  • Trail work

    4/20/2015 10:09:47 AM, by CASEYSAUER

    On Friday I spent the day with my friend Doris and got some major knitting done. I finally figured out the pattern for a toiletry bag. I feel s... Read more

  • knowing yourself

    4/20/2015 5:55:05 AM, by CANDYDM

    Day 6 of 60 the past couple of days I was very well aware of my choices and habits. there are a few unhealthy habits and I just act and don'... Read more

  • Zumba B2 training

    4/19/2015 11:51:19 PM, by TERRI289

    Like Boot camp with dancing.. Here we are at the beginning of the 8 hours ... Read more

  • 1 week left

    4/19/2015 4:08:40 PM, by IMREITE

    my dh starts a new job in 1 week. a lot to get done before then but we just need to stay busy... Read more

  • How will I get through this day?

    4/19/2015 7:23:08 AM, by BADGER-GAL

    Today I'll see my daughter after 3 1/2 years. I'm eager and so glad to be with her and her hubby for a few days. When I'm away from home I tend... Read more

  • Two hour Zumbathon, tomorrow 8 hours of training

    4/18/2015 10:48:37 PM, by TERRI289

    I am living the dream but I need some sleep! A few pictures from the Zumbathon and Cape May Read more

  • I'm tired of sad birthdays

    4/18/2015 6:18:50 PM, by INARI_FOX

    My birthday will be spent alone and unacknowledged except for one bright note--my daughter will call me. How do I know that it will be this way? ... Read more

  • on the road

    4/18/2015 11:01:49 AM, by IMREITE

    in a car for 3 hours. got up earlier then normal so i could do a 35 min workout before going.... Read more

  • Friday..aaahhh

    4/17/2015 9:42:14 PM, by TERRI289

    Good Zumba classes, good college class, and fun with friends after work..dinner out with dh....and now early to bed! Have a great weekend! <... Read more

  • house hunting

    4/17/2015 9:01:08 PM, by IMREITE

    hoping the one house is still available becasue it is awesome... Read more

  • Need to Eat More!

    4/17/2015 8:12:34 PM, by BADGER-GAL

    Fruits and veggies Easy to grab the emoticons - hard to incorporate a balance of the two. I love fruit! I can easil... Read more

  • Productivity, Baby!

    4/17/2015 2:56:19 PM, by THEMFOLK

    I haven't blogged since the first of the year, and thought I would post a short blurb about what I've been up to. Mostly farming stuff, whic... Read more

  • Beautiful weather but....

    4/16/2015 9:22:32 PM, by TERRI289

    I might need to retire my backpack. Even with not much in it, my neck and then my head start to hurt. Otherwise, a good day Cooperative stud... Read more

  • Fitness Trackers - My 2 cents

    4/16/2015 2:59:38 PM, by LDYBUG76

    Ten months ago I bought an UP24 fitness tracker by Jawbone. I researched it and compared it to other trackers from everything like what it does t... Read more

  • active

    4/16/2015 8:15:27 AM, by IMREITE

    i qualify as active! "Active is defined as taking part in planned, continuous exercise that is equivalent to walking 6-10 miles per day (a calo... Read more

  • bad news

    4/15/2015 10:37:10 PM, by IMREITE

    Someone put in an offer on the house we were looking at- Drat! then when dh got home he was doing some work on a linen closet he built and put a ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    4/15/2015 10:20:06 PM, by TERRI289

    Good day...tiring day. My assistant was ill so I had my college class by myself. They did well. Zumba classes were good. Watching Broa... Read more

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