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  • Balance and Gratitude!

    4/24/2017 5:05:42 AM, by JSTETSER

    Balance and Gratitude! I wish that my life and my... Read more

  • To All Of This.

    4/23/2017 1:44:34 PM, by MARINGAL

    I have been waking up with the birds these past weeks or has it been months? Very early I might add. Actually Lucy Lou wakes up before me, but... Read more

  • Teach Your Children Well

    4/23/2017 5:51:02 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yesterday I got to see some of the fruits of my labor. I taught my children to value exercise, and now they are doing the same with their childr... Read more

  • Fooling?

    4/22/2017 3:07:33 PM, by MARINGAL

    Why is it that we continuously find ourselves looking for reasons. We search and peer and squint, pointing our fingers at just one more circumsta... Read more

  • Day 13 Countdown to Overcome Cravings

    4/22/2017 8:20:21 AM, by OLDEROWL

    A trick of mine to overcome cravings is to think of a countdown to a successful rocket launch to weight loss. Count 5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off as foll... Read more

  • Upping My Game

    4/22/2017 6:19:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    I am applying for a new job in the school where I wor... Read more

  • Time To Know.

    4/21/2017 2:38:13 PM, by MARINGAL

    Okay, here is my take of organization. It is a myth. Most of the time, getting organized has very little to do with systems, tips, fancy tools, f... Read more

  • A Trip to see the GrandChild

    4/21/2017 5:17:53 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I'm on my way from New Hampshire to New Jersey-about a 6 hour drive. I'm going down to see little Shiloh Rose, and of course my son and da... Read more

  • The Evers...

    4/20/2017 2:04:13 PM, by MARINGAL

    The rains have ceased and while watching the blooms of the trees form their bountiful beauty, I anticipate planting my annuals in my very large t... Read more

  • Daring for my knees

    4/20/2017 5:14:39 AM, by JSTETSER

    Caring for my knees Thank you to everyone who has gi... Read more

  • Yes Indeed.

    4/19/2017 2:04:10 PM, by MARINGAL

    This is what I hope for when I write my blogs about those lessons of living life as I pass them on to all of you. I hope my blogs are for those w... Read more

  • Yes, I Can!

    4/19/2017 5:16:06 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yes, I can! I can make small commitments and I can keep them! Maybe I can't change the whole world today, but I can make one small commitment... Read more

  • The Importance Of Forgiveness

    4/18/2017 8:02:23 PM, by NOMORESTALLING

    In order to forgive we need to stop identifying ourselves with the suffering that was caused us. When someone has hurt us, consciously or u... Read more

  • A Plateful Of Today

    4/18/2017 7:01:51 PM, by MARINGAL

    My life today is insanely full. Walked this morning which was thoroughly enjoyed by Lucy Lou and me. Windows done at the Hospice Resale Boutique.... Read more

  • It's working!

    4/18/2017 8:28:41 AM, by NOMORESTALLING

    Good morning all! Up since 5, animals all taken care of and lasagna put together to pop into the oven when I get home at 5:30. Sitting here... Read more

  • How to protect my knees?

    4/18/2017 5:13:30 AM, by JSTETSER

    How to protect my Knees? I need some help to keep me... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Baby Robin Video

    4/17/2017 10:18:21 PM, by EILEEN828

    These are only a few days old. There are three of them, the fourth egg never opened.... Read more

  • I might finally have found the key...

    4/17/2017 10:05:38 PM, by AMARANTH13

    I didn't want to cheer to soon, but I've been almost binge free and losing weight for a month now. Before it never worked out so well, but I am r... Read more

  • Spring sunshine is slow this year.

    4/17/2017 9:44:41 PM, by EILEEN828

    Yes the trees are blooming and some of the early flowers are there, but the sunshine has been scarce lately. Luckily we did get some on Saturday ... Read more

  • Any Moment...

    4/17/2017 3:14:27 PM, by MARINGAL

    It isn’t easy. That would be my answer to how I do “slow living.” There is no easy formula, but the only way to start is to pay attention. Invite... Read more

  • Just for today...

    4/17/2017 1:59:11 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I'm learning maintenance and one thing that works for me is to not look too far ahead. I hold myself accountable just for today for nutrition, e... Read more

  • Democracy

    4/17/2017 5:11:20 AM, by JSTETSER

    Democracy dies in darkness I have been asked by friends and family to give the political posts a permanent rest. I can't do it. It is not ... Read more

  • Peek Or Boo

    4/16/2017 1:21:57 PM, by MARINGAL

    Ladies. I have something to share with you that has been on my mind. Sit, make yourself at home, allow me to pour a cup of tea and share a slice ... Read more

  • Yogurt & Apple Sauce

    4/16/2017 11:14:10 AM, by NOMORESTALLING

    "Growling" We have winter back Not a happy camper! Yeah the white powder stayed and dumped more over night! Still went to Stettler yesterday f... Read more

  • Anniversary Adventures!

    4/16/2017 6:14:06 AM, by JSTETSER

    We're been hiking through Our Love! Today is our anniversary celebration. For the past 10 years, our lives have been a big adventure of health... Read more

  • Lately?

    4/15/2017 2:22:55 PM, by MARINGAL

    I once read when a lot of things start going wrong all at once, it is to protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born, and ... Read more

  • Speaking in Sparks!

    4/15/2017 5:35:08 AM, by JSTETSER

    I'm Speaking in Sparks! Since I started speaking in ... Read more

  • This Is.

    4/14/2017 6:30:53 PM, by MARINGAL

    We spend our time running circles around ideas, suggesting life-changing tips as we refill our coffee and nosh on a piece of jam covered toast. T... Read more

  • Starting Now!

    4/14/2017 5:12:59 AM, by JSTETSER

    Starting Now! Today is the day to step ahead, n... Read more

  • Grandkids +

    4/13/2017 7:04:42 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    Our son and family were here the last four days. We got together with our local daughter and her family as much as possible. Her one and his tw... Read more

  • And So...

    4/13/2017 2:33:18 PM, by MARINGAL

    Our world is noisy! Especially when I go into San Francisco on my weekly trips to visit my mom. Cell phones ringing, motors rivving, doggies bark... Read more

  • Never Too Late To Learn!

    4/13/2017 5:09:12 AM, by JSTETSER

    Life and school are a lot alike. We have so much to ... Read more

  • The Obvious...

    4/12/2017 5:42:02 PM, by MARINGAL

    Here’s what I want to tell you today. Some days, you just have to let yourself melt. To curl up on the kitchen floor (the kitchen floor?) an... Read more

  • Give Yourself Credit Even at "Failure"

    4/12/2017 1:46:04 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Adopted from Day 4 of The Beck Diet Solution book: Many people struggle unnecessarily at dieting because they rarely give themselves credit fo... Read more

  • Healthy Routines keep me out of Ruts!

    4/12/2017 5:19:04 AM, by JSTETSER

    Healthy Routines keep me out of Ruts! Yesterday I go... Read more

  • It Just Is...

    4/11/2017 2:07:55 PM, by MARINGAL

    I truly would rather glide through life than bristle through it. I would rather roll on my back for a quiet moment than face an angered lion. Thi... Read more

  • Back Into Routine Mode!

    4/11/2017 5:10:16 AM, by JSTETSER

    Back in School Getting back into the routine of school is tough. It's tough for teachers as well as students. We have 5 days of school before... Read more

  • Ponder Pudding...

    4/10/2017 3:04:20 PM, by MARINGAL

    If you sit on my front stoop, you look out into my small garden surrounded by a lovely fence that keeps the outside world at bay. I sit there som... Read more

  • The breakup of a longtime relationship.

    4/10/2017 2:12:22 PM, by ERICAANN44

    Before anyone gets too worried, the breakup to which I'm referring is the one I had this weekend with my scale! I woke up yesterday mornin... Read more


    4/10/2017 1:21:02 PM, by MARINGAL

    Linda called me this morning. Her husband, Larry is in critical condition and is in a hospital about 65 to 70 miles from their farm. There is a c... Read more

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