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  • Dear God

    12/15/2017 6:02:28 AM, by BELLAMEMAW

    Thank you for another day on Earth Thank you for my paycheck Thank you for the warm house I woke up in Thank you for the car that will get ... Read more

  • Do you care what others think about you???

    12/14/2017 6:33:17 PM, by BELLAMEMAW

    Hmmmm, I had to stop and really think about this. I care what the people I love and respect think about me to a degree. I truly don't car... Read more

  • What makes you happy???

    12/13/2017 8:53:50 PM, by BELLAMEMAW

    For me, personally..... My kids my grandkids my husband My spiritual journey candles a clean car photography balloons fresh ... Read more

  • Happy Birthday to me

    12/12/2017 7:29:34 PM, by BELLAMEMAW

    If I'm coming across as self-promoting, please forgive me. I'm sincerely happy to be celebrating another birthday. I've had a lovely year and G... Read more

  • Question on Spark Premium

    9/9/2017 7:51:06 AM, by BELLAMEMAW

    I am considering getting Spark Premium to do away with the ads. To those fo you that have it: Is it worth it and does this translate to the sma... Read more

  • One Day at a time

    8/6/2017 7:32:15 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Gearing up - ready for the week ahead. I have food I can take to work. I have weaned myself off of stopping to Dunkin Donuts every day, and my fi... Read more

  • Making changes and getting payoffs

    8/5/2017 5:41:40 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    On my "authorized" (set by me) weigh-in day, I had a ready mindset. Good, bad or indifferent, show me scale, how this week's eating has panned ou... Read more

  • It was calling me

    8/2/2017 9:26:02 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Sometimes, you just have to give in. I tried to steer clear, but my mind was made up --- and I could not deter that intense feeling that told me ... Read more

  • If not me, then who? If not now, then when?:

    8/1/2017 10:33:04 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I have a new mantra on repeat. Give it all you got. That boils down what I need to do to be successful - not just at weight loss, or health... Read more

  • Reset the Baseline

    7/29/2017 10:50:33 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    It's been months since I weighed in. Can't remember what it was even. Recently bought a new scale, and decided I will weigh in on Saturday mornin... Read more

  • Fat sucks (not me)

    7/26/2017 10:40:16 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Being fat sucks. No surprise. But, I am working on eating less carbs, and eating cleaner food. I ate what felt like a lot of food today, But a lo... Read more

  • The Re-boot

    7/21/2017 12:22:46 AM, by MICKEYMAX

    I slept well last night. I had mostly uninterrupted sleep minus a massive leg cramp that I am attributing to eating too large a banana. Bananas h... Read more

  • Mid Week Update

    7/19/2017 6:36:18 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I had a couple of so so days at home. Not depressed, but a bit of malaise - it's hot as hades in the house (the ac is broken except in the bedroo... Read more

  • Dinner Out

    7/15/2017 10:03:38 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Hubby and I went out for dinner tonight - Mexican - the food was freshly prepared and delicious, except they unexpectedly covered it in sour crea... Read more

  • Happy Friday

    7/14/2017 7:57:28 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Yesterday, our power was out after strong storms, which prevented me from logging in. Luckily, it came back in a few hours. I have to wait until ... Read more

  • Pushing towards my goals

    7/12/2017 11:27:27 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I am going head first. I lost the will for a while there, but I feel myself being back on track. Glad I came back to SP. Glad I am meal prepping.... Read more

  • Knock Knock

    7/11/2017 9:56:28 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Who is it? Oh I know who it is, it is my boss at the door. He got locked out of the office with the automatic locking system. There were still 3 ... Read more

  • Forward March

    7/10/2017 11:08:30 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Today, I made through 2300 steps without my cane. I am feeling better, and getting off to a better start when I get up out of a chair, I do feel ... Read more

  • On my way to meal prep

    7/9/2017 9:55:32 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    I am a believer in meal prep. I watch my husband do it every week. I am not a huge fan of what he likes, and vice versa, but it is impressive how... Read more

  • It Happened in the Bread Aisle

    7/8/2017 11:39:34 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    We went to the grocery store on Saturday evening. I had a painful day and felt like i could barely walk without my cane (minor setback), so I opt... Read more

  • No one said it would be easy

    7/8/2017 1:24:21 PM, by RENLARK

    I have walked 30 miles this week, which is exactly 30 miles more than any other week. I skipped donut day at the office, even though they smelle... Read more

  • Make Your Move

    7/7/2017 10:35:05 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    What are you going to do today to make a move for YOURSELF? This very day, what can you do to advance your goals farther? You do not need to have... Read more

  • Walk, Rinse, Repeat

    7/6/2017 9:44:13 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    When you show up for your own life, things happen. Good things. Day 2 of walking without my cane. I am not 100%solid and not walking at my ... Read more

  • Hello Out There

    7/5/2017 8:40:57 PM, by MICKEYMAX

    Hi Spark-pals, I hope all is well in your worlds. I have been absent from SP for some time, but I also realized I missed this great communit... Read more

  • Today I quit drinking Monster!!!

    6/30/2017 8:48:57 PM, by RENLARK

    Everyone always tells me to stop drinking soda, and I will see a huge change...I dont drink soda, I dont drink sugary or fruity drinks, I drink w... Read more

  • Who are you doing this for?

    6/30/2017 1:53:57 PM, by RENLARK

    Do you need to lose a few extra pounds? Are you trying to lose weight for your spouse or yourself? Did you get a bad check-up? Are ... Read more

  • And yet again, I'm back!

    6/29/2017 12:00:41 AM, by RENLARK

    Why do I continually stop using this powerful source of encouragement to get my health to where it needs to be? I'm not that bright apparently..... Read more

  • Question regarding gratuity for wedding venue

    4/23/2017 10:26:20 AM, by BELLAMEMAW

    First, my beautiful (youngest) daughter got married yesterday. Despite the rain, it was a beautiful day filled with happiness, family and friend... Read more

  • check it out!

    4/14/2017 5:17:22 PM, by BELLAMEMAW

    m.com/bucket-list/ ... Read more

  • Spark People.....please stop changing our start pages!

    3/14/2017 4:59:41 AM, by BELLAMEMAW

    I suppose re-arranging our Start page is some sort of job security for whoever comes up with these ideas but it's very frustrating. I know new t... Read more

  • Had a good day!

    3/9/2017 8:25:46 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    We have been in quarantine for a week tomorrow and probably until some time next week at work. Its been nice for us in the kitchen because we get... Read more

  • What weekend

    3/5/2017 9:28:28 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    So I find that when I have 2 days off in a row I struggle the most. I get every other weekend off and if we stay home I'm ok. Well this weekend m... Read more

  • Sugar Companions

    3/4/2017 9:45:44 AM, by NEWKID54

    Sugar, can't live with it, can't live without it...ugh. I can't imagine a day without a sugary "treat". I can smell it in my sleep and hear i... Read more

  • craziness of my habitual behavior

    3/2/2017 3:41:37 PM, by NEWKID54

    I go up. I go down. And yet, things do change....the weather, the world and my health. I sometimes forget that while I am meandering through l... Read more

  • Great day with the family.

    2/26/2017 6:48:02 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    Got up and did my mile walk off YouTube and then went to the malls to get shoes for my daughter and then to lunch. Came home to watch the the NAS... Read more

  • Had a good day a good day!!

    2/25/2017 7:42:16 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    Still on the process of finding the right calorie count for myself. Going to start doing better at exercing this week and get all the way on trac... Read more

  • Getting better at controlling my food intake.

    2/22/2017 6:59:03 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    So today I actually started making sure that I watched what I ate. I stayed in my points range and going to get back to exercising. Water intake ... Read more

  • It was an OK day

    2/20/2017 7:17:28 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    I went back to work after the weekend off and boy do I need to get myself under control. Its somewhat hard since I am around food all day and I c... Read more

  • Did good today

    2/19/2017 8:32:28 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    So I started out with 32 oz of water. We had brunch today so I kept track of all my cal intake and then for dinner I finished off with venison. ... Read more

  • Way to long since I've been on here

    2/18/2017 9:02:06 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    Well I hope all is well for everyone I have been extr... Read more

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