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  • jokes and Week 4 Blog for Aspire to Inspire

    9/30/2017 9:32:37 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This week for the Aspire and Inspire Team we are to write a blog about self confidence. Write a blog about life experiences that have added to yo... Read more

  • September 28 2017

    9/28/2017 7:13:40 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Is a fairly good day. HD to do a. Inch of running in the car doing my lunch hr so I didn't get in my walk😞. As for now I'm home and feeling exh... Read more

  • September 27, 2017

    9/27/2017 12:02:09 PM, by CBULLIS1

    The last two days have been wonderful I finally got back into a workout routine the first day I worked on my arms are very sore the next day and ... Read more

  • September 26 2017

    9/26/2017 12:13:51 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Feeling pretty great today. Had a day off work yesterday I made some healthy snacks a good supper, got a workout in and some house cleaning. ... Read more

  • September 24, 2017

    9/24/2017 12:08:17 PM, by CBULLIS1

    So I got out to go for my walk on my lunch break today found something little creepy I looked down and there was in a puddle water like a little ... Read more

  • September 23 2017

    9/23/2017 12:15:40 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Having a good day. Staying busy at work. It was supposed to start rain at 9 and go till 7 this evening, but nothing yet which is just fine we don... Read more

  • September 22 2017

    9/22/2017 8:05:08 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Well I'm a little bummed. The kids have no school my husband and I are off of work. I really thought we could all do something together. Well I w... Read more

  • jokes and Week 3 Blog for Aspire to Inspire

    9/22/2017 6:42:04 AM, by CANDOK1260

    Our blog assignment for the Aspire and Inspire team this week is to answer the following question: With all the negative things going on in the w... Read more

  • September 20, 2017

    9/20/2017 12:13:12 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Happy hump day everyone glad the weeks almost over going to really good week but also a long one I have Friday off and then I work the weekend ag... Read more

  • September 19, 2017

    9/19/2017 12:03:31 PM, by CBULLIS1

    It's been a really good day today I work in a nursing home and we actually have enough staff to cover everything today I'm just at dinner now tak... Read more

  • September 18, 2017

    9/18/2017 12:47:43 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Good day so far work is about halfway over got volleyball again tonight I think maybe tonight I'll just stay for my girls junior high game are us... Read more

  • September 17, 2017

    9/17/2017 12:11:25 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Why didn't really keep my 30 day weekend because I picked up today but it's not so bad that is been going by pretty quickly just because that's m... Read more

  • Hi everyone!

    9/15/2017 2:43:49 PM, by ALLIEINSHAPE

    Hi everyone! I hope all is well with everyone ther... Read more

  • September 14 2017

    9/14/2017 8:45:04 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a good busy day and a long week. Getting ready for a three day weekend... Read more

  • September 13, 2017

    9/13/2017 12:11:39 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Nothing too exciting happening today just working kind of gloomy outside looks like it's gonna rain and at the moment all I wanted do is sleep... Read more

  • September 12, 2017

    9/12/2017 12:19:15 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Well I did it I cut my hair off a lot of you may have seen her picture I posted on the community feed a couple times still trying to save my husb... Read more

  • jokes and Week 2 Blog for Aspire to Inspire

    9/12/2017 8:27:20 AM, by CANDOK1260

    This week's assignment for the Aspire and Inspire team is to blog about tips you would give someone to stay healthy as you age Here are my t... Read more

  • September 11 2017

    9/11/2017 8:08:32 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Excited for the day. Today is the day I get my hair cut. It's going to be a big change a I'm a bit nervous. My husband likes my long hair an... Read more

  • September 10, 2017

    9/10/2017 12:13:19 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Having a pretty good day anxious to get out of work I have tomorrow and they're going to call her haircut everywhere change for me because the pi... Read more

  • September 9, 2017

    9/9/2017 12:01:18 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Went to a football game last night but way too late and I'm still feeling tired at work trying to make the best of it having my lunch break and I... Read more

  • September 8, 2017

    9/8/2017 12:23:30 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Good day so far. I really regretted picking up the day to work. It glad I did. MKing some extra cash and the days just about about over!! ... Read more

  • September 7, 2017

    9/7/2017 12:34:51 PM, by CBULLIS1

    I have to work today just kicking myself for picking up tomorrow when it was supposed be my day off it's just been one of those days nothing seem... Read more

  • September 6 2017

    9/6/2017 3:42:31 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Good day at work. Now waiting to go to my chiropractor appointment been having so much pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Hopefully th... Read more

  • jokes review goal for august/ goals for September

    9/5/2017 9:19:13 PM, by CANDOK1260

    August goals 1 Review my goals weekly and plan my week to meet those goals-did it most week 2 eat less bread - did it 3 tried to eat 5 fre... Read more

  • September 5 2017

    9/5/2017 6:53:28 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Went to work today. Now home making supper and feeling a little more confident that I can get back on track with exercise. ... Read more

  • September 4 2017

    9/4/2017 12:04:53 PM, by CBULLIS1

    No plans today. Just having a relaxing Monday... Read more

  • August 29 2017

    8/29/2017 10:04:28 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Happy Tuesday It really is a happy day. I feel so good today. Had a nice day off from work yesterday and I really think I needed it. Felling v... Read more

  • August 28 2017

    8/28/2017 2:26:26 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Have the day off of work. It's been a long time since I've had a Monday off. I have been picking up my Monday up lately for extra money. I miss j... Read more

  • august 25 2017

    8/25/2017 9:10:07 AM, by CBULLIS1

    First time I've had the house to myself in a long time. Going to take my boy to my mother in laws house soon and going to clean house.... Read more

  • jokes and this week in review

    8/12/2017 8:26:12 PM, by CANDOK1260

    this week in review good things 1 I got allot of quality time with mom 2 I got to spend time with my great niece 3 got some me time ... Read more

  • August 9 2017

    8/9/2017 5:06:48 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Was a good first day back to work. I happened to gain 3 pounds while on vacation ( but hey what do ya do?). Just going to work on starting to los... Read more

  • August 7 2017

    8/7/2017 9:00:27 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Finally we will be home this evening. Are in Wisconsin now and will be in South Dakota by this evening. It was a great vacation but ready for hom... Read more

  • August 5 2017

    8/5/2017 7:11:01 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Loved my vacation hiking on Monday White water raftin... Read more

  • jokes : Review/Goals for July/August

    8/2/2017 8:13:55 PM, by CANDOK1260

    July goals 1Review my goals weekly and plan my week to meet those goals-did this 2 eat less bread -did 3 tried to eat 5 freggie a day-need ... Read more

  • August 2 2017

    8/2/2017 11:07:00 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Having an amazing vacation. 1st day we went hiking walked a good 6 mi or so. 2nd day we went White Water rafting. That was amazing if you've neve... Read more

  • jokes and this week in review

    7/30/2017 9:27:48 PM, by CANDOK1260

    this week in review good things 1 I got to meet my great nephew 2 I got to spend time with my great niece 3 got some me time 4 was intr... Read more

  • July 30 2017

    7/30/2017 11:20:17 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Well still stuck in the car. We will hit our destination today. Then camping for a week so probably wouldn't be on much. I here there's not good ... Read more

  • July 29 2017

    7/29/2017 7:40:45 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Truth time...... Yesterday was a big fall off the wagon. First day of vacation. I started eating great and it got worse as the day went on. ... Read more

  • July 25 2017

    7/25/2017 6:51:32 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Well my sister just left. I love her but at the same time glad she left. Needed some time with my hubby. I leave on my vacation in two day and he... Read more

  • July 23 2017

    7/23/2017 9:47:24 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a good weekend with my sister. Did nothing but swim all day Saturday and today a relaxing Sunday just catching up. Loved every min!!... Read more

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