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  • jokes and Thanksgiving recipe

    11/20/2017 9:37:01 PM, by CANDOK1260

    Here is my healthy recipe for Thanksgiving. For my A&i group Easy Vegetable Stuffing Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 ... Read more

  • jokes and Refrigerator Day

    11/15/2017 9:45:00 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This is our assignment for the Aspire and Inspire sparkteam: November 15th is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. What are some of your favorite sta... Read more

  • jokes and kindness

    11/15/2017 9:25:22 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This week for the Aspire & Inspire team we are to blog about kindness. November 13th was World Kindness Day - Write a blog about some random acts... Read more

  • November 6 2017

    11/6/2017 8:11:23 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Had a GREAT day. Worked and had a awesome workout haven’t when on the treadmill in a long time and I walked/jogged for 20 min... Read more

  • November 5 2017

    11/5/2017 4:40:43 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Only worked two days and I’m tired 😴 only 5 more to go. I’ll really be looking forward to my weekend off!!! Looking forward to the paycheck whe... Read more

  • november goals and october review

    11/4/2017 8:26:18 PM, by CANDOK1260

    October goals 1 Eat less CRAP - did C-CARBONATED DRINKS - need to work on this R-REFINED SUGAR - did this A- ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS & COLO... Read more

  • Day 9 streak...slow but still here

    11/2/2017 1:14:14 PM, by JAZZPUPPY

    I never thought that I would feel full on a salad, but I believe that I should have stopped and left some in the bowl. Only 1.5 cups baby sp... Read more

  • November 1 2017

    11/1/2017 8:39:32 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Starting a 28 day challenge tomorrow. Wish me luck ... Read more

  • Starting to hit the hard time of year....

    10/31/2017 1:22:28 PM, by JAZZPUPPY

    Here we are again on this endeavor to lose weight. It always seems to be towards the end of the year that I begin to again try and control my te... Read more

  • jokes and Week 4 Blog for Aspire to Inspire

    10/30/2017 8:30:23 PM, by CANDOK1260

    Now that we're in the 4th quarter of the year what have you accomplished? 1. my exercise streak I have exercise 144 days for at least 10 min a... Read more

  • jokes and Halloween

    10/30/2017 7:42:13 PM, by CANDOK1260

    what I love about Halloween, 1, getting the family together to crave pumpkin 2.getting dress up in costume this year I am going to be a cow ... Read more

  • I'm backkkk

    10/29/2017 7:57:51 PM, by FAITH004

    Wow, my last blog entry was 744 days ago which is about two years! After completing T25 and Chalean Extreme, I joined a kickboxing gym and a regu... Read more

  • October 29 2017

    10/29/2017 9:36:04 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Finally starting to feel like myself. I went out with my husband Thursday night, drank way to much. Other then felling tired I feel like me again... Read more

  • October 24, 2017

    10/24/2017 12:27:56 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Having a good day at work start the week and I'm already thinking about having the weekend off I got a new outfit one minute shopping yesterday a... Read more

  • jokes and Halloween candy

    10/23/2017 5:17:50 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This week for the Aspire & Inspire BSG team challenge we are asked to blog about eating Halloween treats. Do you indulge in any Halloween trea... Read more

  • jokes and recipes

    10/23/2017 5:02:58 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This week blog is about recipe. I haven't actually made these dishes but made something similar. I would like to try them,. Cauliflower... Read more

  • October 23 2017

    10/23/2017 8:56:09 AM, by CBULLIS1

    It's going to be a great day. No work going to my daughter dr appointment. Then shopping and out to eat and I am determined more then ever to hav... Read more

  • October 21, 2017

    10/21/2017 12:17:25 PM, by CBULLIS1

    At work today things are going pretty well keeping busy and steady but not too overwhelming and I can't believe it's October and right now it's 6... Read more

  • October 19, 2017

    10/19/2017 12:21:16 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Well today's a good day at work I've been so busy at work lately today is a little bit slower and it's nice I have a coworker that got her last d... Read more

  • Tobar 18th 2017

    10/18/2017 12:03:47 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Well today is a big relief compared to what my day was yesterday busy but not nearly as busy as it was today after work I have a neighbor that's ... Read more

  • October 17 2017

    10/17/2017 4:01:00 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Wow 😳 what a busy day. Almost done working till 4 today. But all I can say for the day is wow lol😬... Read more

  • jokes and pet peeves

    10/16/2017 7:15:18 PM, by CANDOK1260

    One of our A&I team blog assignments for this week of our challenge: The second week in October was Pet Peeve Week. A pet peeve is a minor irrita... Read more

  • October 16, 2017

    10/16/2017 12:38:08 PM, by CBULLIS1

    How today's going very well taking a little bit long this morning but it's nice and relaxing going to try to put in some overtime this week save ... Read more

  • jokes and breast cancer

    10/15/2017 9:49:37 PM, by CANDOK1260

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the world health organization, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer am... Read more

  • October 15 2017

    10/15/2017 9:17:25 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Having a good weekend. Today I plan on making some snacks for the week. I found on spark recipes banana bread and 80 calorie chocolate chip cooki... Read more

  • October 14 2017

    10/14/2017 11:57:44 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Well my morning didn't start out great. I just felt very crabby and my boy was fussing but I told my husband let's get 🚿 taken and turn this day... Read more

  • October 13, 2017

    10/13/2017 12:15:13 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a good day it will get too excited about anything today I get my work done but I will slowly headed I guess I'm just kind of enjoying the fa... Read more

  • October 12 2017

    10/12/2017 12:15:20 PM, by CBULLIS1

    But yesterday it was really good I think it is many miles as I did the day before but where I work it depends on where you're working how many st... Read more

  • October 11, 2017

    10/11/2017 12:19:53 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a very busy day at work today I don't have as many steps as it is I did yesterday but I'm still question and when that T-shirt and checked o... Read more

  • jokes review goal for September goals for October

    10/10/2017 7:12:47 PM, by CANDOK1260

    jokes review goal for September goals for October Tuesday, September 05, 2017 September goals 1 Eat less CRAP - C-CARBNATED DRINKS... Read more

  • October 10, 2017

    10/10/2017 12:27:52 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Well it's been a good day so far I woke up something and her jackets for the day I think I'm tracking of miles in pretty good deal on a good walk... Read more

  • October 9 2017

    10/9/2017 8:07:19 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Well I'm staying a challenge at work. It actually starts tomorrow but who ever gets the most miles in from Tuesday to Tuesday gets a free shirt �... Read more

  • October 8, 2017

    10/8/2017 12:06:08 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Pretty good day today have a little bit today but the main thing is I'm getting in my exercise and my waterI think the thing him say about the mo... Read more

  • September 7, 2017

    10/7/2017 6:55:41 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Had a bit of a cheat day yesterday but I'm ready to get back into it today I'm working I plan on having my walk at my lunch break and I'm eating ... Read more

  • October 5 2017

    10/5/2017 12:09:01 PM, by CBULLIS1

    What a busy day today!! Just staying steady with everything I'm doing at work and before I knew it it was lunch time. I'm loving every minute of... Read more

  • If At First...

    10/5/2017 12:35:39 AM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Well, that time sure went fast! Not sure where the summer went, but here it is already October! Hard to believe I've been a member of SparkPeop... Read more

  • October 4 2017

    10/4/2017 12:00:30 PM, by CBULLIS1

    I found something new yesterday I was playing outside with my boy at the park and that was tall steel slides they have a bar house throughout a f... Read more

  • October 3 2017

    10/3/2017 12:10:20 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Hi yesterday I was just feeling kind of blah,but feeling pretty good today got my energy high ready to go home and tackle work out really hoping ... Read more

  • October 1 2017

    10/1/2017 9:38:40 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Going to be a good day and a great month. Going to try to keep up with a streak today. Going to try and eat right and exercise at leat 4 days a w... Read more

  • jokes and Week 4 Blog for Aspire to Inspire

    9/30/2017 9:32:37 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This week for the Aspire and Inspire Team we are to write a blog about self confidence. Write a blog about life experiences that have added to yo... Read more

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