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  • Fitbit

    6/23/2016 7:30:21 PM, by SMASON6

    Well ever since i got my fitbit i have excerised and moved so much more. Maybe its just me but i am finding that it really keeps me motivated to... Read more

  • Smoothies

    6/22/2016 7:11:13 PM, by SMASON6

    Please be patient with me i dont do these very often so i am not sure how to do this but i am going to take a stab at it. If you have never tri... Read more

  • Does a person really lose weight after 50

    6/21/2016 8:03:57 PM, by SMASON6

    Hi my name is Sheila. I am 59 years old. Alot of people ask me if after 50 can you really lose weight. Well yes you can. You might have to work h... Read more

  • Wishing I could offer up some great news

    6/18/2016 12:58:26 AM, by NIELSENSLADY

    I can't remember the last time I've been able to give an update where I'm helping turn things in a better direction. It can always be worse and ... Read more

  • Massive Munchies Massacre

    6/12/2016 4:04:58 AM, by MSDIXIE9

    This week has been okay. I lost a few of the # I had gained on my trip. Coming back from vacation I had to get back o... Read more

  • Detour...unexpected vacation!

    6/7/2016 12:24:26 AM, by MSDIXIE9

    So recently I went out of town for work. I went 2 hours south to Phoenix to house/dog/child sit for my adopted family. I was supposed to be there... Read more

  • Refusing to give up

    6/3/2016 3:06:01 AM, by SAMPAGUITA3

    Do you know that you could easily gain motivation just by doing the thing that you’ve been putting off like exercise or eating right? I lost seve... Read more

  • 7 Months Post-VSG

    6/2/2016 12:49:04 PM, by CALLIKIA

    Hey everyone! That's right - seven months in! Still... Read more

  • What I learned after losing the first 10 pounds

    5/22/2016 1:58:51 PM, by SAMPAGUITA3

    1.) MOTIVATION FLIES OUT OF THE WINDOW-- I realized that motivation for me doesn't come constant. It comes and it goes. I need to constantly r... Read more

  • Reflection on a Binge

    5/21/2016 5:33:46 AM, by MSDIXIE9

    So I spent the last 2 days with my best friend Krysta. Her two daughters Lex & Lily are my goddaughters. She and I are like sisters... Read more

  • Spring 2016 Update

    5/21/2016 1:23:22 AM, by NIELSENSLADY

    Hello!! I admit I'm liking this new page layout! It is indeed like Facebook but it works for organization. Just needs some getting used to... Read more

  • Lucky 7!

    5/17/2016 7:53:55 AM, by FITMARY

    I've been on Sparkpeople for 7 years! And I'm healthier in every way as a result. More exercise, better eating, happier attitude, fewer excuses..... Read more

  • Changing my tune a bit

    5/17/2016 12:39:26 AM, by MSDIXIE9

    Today was my weigh in/measurements for the last 2 weeks. I was disappointed in myself and have no one but myself t... Read more

  • Back at this

    5/15/2016 12:01:56 AM, by LAGRAJA

    I've read some studies showing that talking about a weight loss goal actually decreases the likelihood of accomplishing that goal. In that I con... Read more

  • I Wish I Had Time

    5/12/2016 3:58:08 PM, by CALLIKIA

    I hear that saying all the time. I heard it just today at lunch. Gee, I wish I had time... ...to workout. ...to eat right. ...to take ... Read more

  • Breathe and smile :)

    5/11/2016 3:16:38 AM, by MSDIXIE9

    When the scale is moving down by only .4 I have to remember to back up and breathe. Then smile because at least the scale is going in the right d... Read more

  • Too many health issues

    5/10/2016 11:06:43 PM, by KELSIESMOM42

    Thanks to my lovely health issues, I've been off the workouts for over a month. Every time I feel like I am healthy enough to workout, something... Read more

  • Day 4 n still going on

    5/9/2016 3:59:51 PM, by DRASADAF

    Managed day 4 of no overeating. My stomach growls...I feel better somehow ..got some heartburn but nothing that can't be taken care off.. Recentl... Read more

  • Day 2

    5/7/2016 2:17:00 PM, by DRASADAF

    I have kept away from overeating for the second day today...I hope I continue to do that ..... Read more

  • Cranberry orange kick!

    5/4/2016 4:23:37 PM, by MSDIXIE9

    Added some new arm exercises with dumbbells this morning and I'm feeling it....in a good way! Will take my walk later this afterno... Read more

  • Non-scale victories

    5/3/2016 11:36:14 PM, by MSDIXIE9

    Since I backtracked a bit I've decided to breathe and look at the non-scale goals I have met. My overall goal list is long, so I will only list t... Read more

  • Week 25 Post VSG Update

    4/26/2016 1:29:20 PM, by CALLIKIA

    Howdy! I know it's been a little while. Please forgive me - life has been active and busy and crazy! They've got me traveling all over the sta... Read more

  • A blog

    4/17/2016 8:53:01 AM, by CBASS30

    What is a blog i don't really know, a place for my th... Read more

  • Fitness quotes from celebrities

    4/12/2016 11:05:20 AM, by 35ANGELS

    Came across these quotes and thought I'd share. “Shopping is my cardio -Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City Exercise is done against... Read more

  • Your Body Loves you

    4/9/2016 12:04:00 PM, by 35ANGELS

    Do you ever realize how much your body loves you? I mean it's always trying to keep you alive. That's all your body has to live for. Your body is... Read more

  • Looking back -

    4/5/2016 8:14:32 AM, by RUBYSNANA

    Today I should be blogging about Day 35, but instead of moving forward I feel the need to look back at the first 34 days. I have been struggling... Read more

  • Health Issues

    4/4/2016 12:10:36 PM, by KELSIESMOM42

    So I have officially taken a week break due to my health. My body decided that I needed the rest to try to allow healing. I was passing kidney ... Read more

  • Listening -

    4/3/2016 8:57:42 AM, by RUBYSNANA

    Day 34 - In "100 Days of Weight Loss" Linda Spangle wants us to be able to tell when we have eaten enough food and feel satisfied. She remi... Read more

  • Full -

    4/2/2016 9:21:12 AM, by RUBYSNANA

    Day 33 - Linda Spangle, in "!00 Days Of Weight Loss" ask us how do we know we are full? She tells us that we need to pay attention to our a... Read more

  • The Five Hour Rule -

    4/1/2016 7:26:47 AM, by RUBYSNANA

    Day 32 - In "100 Days of Weight Loss" by Linda Spangle, days 31 through 40 are about listening to our bodies. Today she is discussing how g... Read more

  • Hunger scale -

    3/31/2016 9:18:59 AM, by RUBYSNANA

    Day 31 - Today Linda Spangle, in 100 Days of Weight Loss", is asking us how do we know when we are hungry, and she is giving us a scale to ... Read more

  • Time to recommit....

    3/26/2016 12:38:26 PM, by FITMARY

    I weighed myself before Zumba this morning. Ouch, 5 pounds heavier than I was in Dec. I'm quite sure that stress had a lot to do with the gain. I... Read more

  • Friday :)

    3/25/2016 5:19:36 PM, by KELSIESMOM42

    Since I had no observations at the school today I went for a walk in the morning. It wasn't nearly as windy and cold as it was Tuesday. I notic... Read more

  • I lost weight!

    3/24/2016 9:46:04 PM, by KELSIESMOM42

    I lost 3 pounds!!! I actually lost weight and showed progress!!! I know that I have showed progress in my health with being able to breathe and ... Read more

  • Week 20 Post-VSG

    3/23/2016 10:55:40 AM, by CALLIKIA

    Good morning, ladies and gents! It's week 20 post-op... Read more

  • Trembling Tuesday... it's FREEZING

    3/22/2016 11:21:56 PM, by KELSIESMOM42

    So today I did my strength workout in the morning before going to get fillings done at my dentist. The Novocaine did a little too much so that b... Read more

  • Wait -

    3/22/2016 8:57:38 PM, by RUBYSNANA

    Day 30 - Linda Spangle in "100 Days of Weight Loss" reminds us that once you start eating snack foods it is very hard to stop eating them. ... Read more

  • Monday Winds

    3/21/2016 8:01:26 PM, by KELSIESMOM42

    Despite the winds that are plaguing the area, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. I decided to turn left instead of right and foun... Read more

  • Handheld Foods -

    3/20/2016 9:10:45 AM, by RUBYSNANA

    Day 29 - I am a few days behind on my post because I have been traveling. The good news is the "100 Days of Weight Loss" book assures us th... Read more

  • Freaky Friday

    3/18/2016 7:06:30 PM, by KELSIESMOM42

    I tried to workout this morning before class but I freaked out and thought that I was going to be late so skipped it. After class I went walking... Read more

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