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  • Boat is a Bust for Living aboard. Looking for An Apartment

    3/27/2015 2:10:23 PM, by SLIMKAT6

    Well, looking at our finances and taking into account the cost of some of the boats we looked at and their problems. It just wouldn't work. May s... Read more

  • It's a done deal!!!

    3/27/2015 2:00:10 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    I will be changing gym memberships and going to a much cheaper and closer gym...I think this will be a good thing for me because I really will be... Read more

  • Thursday....

    3/26/2015 3:26:16 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    I am thinking about switching gyms...I've been at my gym for years and they are not at the same level they once were...they can't keep trainers, ... Read more

  • Wednesday!!!

    3/25/2015 4:47:47 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Hope you all are having a great day!!! I was off today for an interview...it went well now comes the 'waiting on the next step" part...but i... Read more

  • Spring in Aurora, CO

    3/25/2015 1:46:32 PM, by LADYGSC

    ... Read more

  • Tuesday...

    3/24/2015 9:42:25 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    About to go run some errands with my boyfriend! Hope you had a great day! TTYL... Read more

  • Monday...

    3/23/2015 9:11:51 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Just got home...about to eat and then relax before bed... Hope you had a great day! TTYL... Read more

  • Sunday...

    3/22/2015 9:47:27 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Busy but productive day...had to drop my dog off at the vets (glad they are open on Sundays) so he can start his heartworm treatment (makes me gl... Read more

  • Saturday

    3/21/2015 3:47:47 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Out running errands before the rain comes back...getting my hair done and then picking up my dog from the groomers... Hope you are having a ... Read more

  • Rainy Friday...

    3/20/2015 5:15:28 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Should make for a long commute home unfortunately!!! But at least it's the weekend...I'm going to go home and do some house work (laundry mainly)... Read more

  • Thursday....

    3/19/2015 1:00:01 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Ever been so disengaged from your job that you want to look up job sites while at work...on their computer? That's me right now...LOL...but ... Read more

  • Wednesday!!!

    3/18/2015 9:59:08 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Long day...about to relax and get ready for tomorrow!! Hope you had a great day! TTYL... Read more

  • Why?

    3/17/2015 11:54:10 PM, by MARCIELA

    I can't seem to ever stop this roller coaster ride. I can be great one week,... Read more

  • Tuesday...

    3/17/2015 8:35:14 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Short blog...about to go hang out with my boyfriend and friends... Hope you had a good day!! TTYL... Read more

  • New week...

    3/16/2015 4:02:25 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Nice weather today...supposed to be rainy and cloudy again tomorrow...we haven't had 3 consecutive days of sunny dry weather in a while...almost ... Read more

  • Sunday...

    3/15/2015 6:10:13 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    We got up and went to look at patio furniture this morning...my boyfriend is looking forward to grilling and hanging outside this spring/summer..... Read more

  • Saturday...

    3/14/2015 10:58:24 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Just got home from my boyfriends moms house...she has a birthday this week and decided to have everyone at her place for dinner...I am stuffed...... Read more

  • Friday

    3/13/2015 10:16:41 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    About to go hang with friends...have a busy day tomorrow... Hope you had a great day! TTYL... Read more

  • Thursday...

    3/12/2015 9:14:11 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    I was off today because I had errands to run...I'm still get user to this time change...seems like I just got up and now I have to get ready for ... Read more

  • Note to myself - It's Time...

    3/12/2015 2:02:12 PM, by LADYGSC

    It's time to get busy It's time to stop putting off today and saying I will do it tomorrow It's time to start eating in moderation It's tim... Read more

  • It's Not A Diet...

    3/11/2015 11:39:20 PM, by LADYGSC

    ... Read more

  • Worried about our packing.

    3/11/2015 4:28:08 PM, by SLIMKAT6

    I know it will get done, but I am still worried about all of our packing getting done. My husband means well, really he does, but sometimes he ... Read more

  • Mid Week

    3/11/2015 11:54:41 AM, by SPARKLE1908

    I forgot to blog yesterday Didn't have much to say but still...LOL...I'll be going to spin class after work...hadn't done that... Read more

  • Monday...

    3/9/2015 4:31:31 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Another rainy day...sun should be out the rest of the week though...I got up this morning and hit the gym before work...YAY ME...I sure wanted to... Read more

  • I am back, after a very, very long break.

    3/9/2015 8:22:12 AM, by GREASE31

    I am back, after a very, very long break, which seeems to, have lasted forever, & @ times, has felt like, it!!!! !!!! !!!!. Recently i have... Read more

  • Rainy Sunday....

    3/8/2015 12:32:01 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Beautiful weather yesterday...raining today...lol Oh well, off to my moms house for a bit...hope you have a great day! TTYL... Read more

  • Saturday...

    3/7/2015 9:59:02 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Busy day...about to relax and spend some time with my boyfriend since he had to work today....hope you had a great day! TTYL... Read more

  • Loooong Day...

    3/6/2015 10:58:23 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    just got back from taking a friend to the ER...thank God everything turned out ok!! I am tired...about to get in the bed... Hope you ha... Read more

  • Snow day...

    3/5/2015 3:51:10 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Another day of snow here in Dallas...working from home...sun is out though but it's still not above freezing...so whatever is on the ground will ... Read more

  • Really??

    3/4/2015 10:45:21 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    So we are expecting more sleet/snow overnight which means bad roads in the morning...school districts are already closing in anticipation...I wil... Read more

  • Tuesday....

    3/3/2015 2:46:34 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    This weather is just BLAH...lol...I miss the sun...not the heat...just the sun....today is foggy and wet...and it's almost 2 pm... Anywho, i... Read more

  • Monday....

    3/2/2015 4:35:26 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Back at work...the weather is cold and wet...rain, no snow....but it's supposed to be another wintry mix coming on Wednesday....looks like I'll b... Read more

  • Sunday

    3/1/2015 7:34:29 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Spent the day getting my tire repaired...now relaxing and enjoying what's left of the day!! Hope you had a great day... TTYL... Read more

  • Why Do We...

    2/28/2015 6:08:39 PM, by LADYGSC

    ... Read more

  • Shut In Saturday....

    2/28/2015 3:29:48 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    I like being lazy on the weekend but when you are forced to stay in because of bad, icy roads that isn't fun!! I just WANT to go somewhere becaus... Read more

  • Is It Really Possible To Not Get Restful Sleep Even After 8 hours?

    2/28/2015 12:27:51 PM, by SLIMKAT6

    Just wondering if anyone else has not been getting restful sleep after an 8 hour night? I had bad dreams which was one thing that ... Read more

  • Frosty Friday!!!

    2/27/2015 9:59:28 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    OMG!!! Went to my interview this morning...got out and it took me about 3 hours to get home due to the snow!!!! Thankfully I made it sa... Read more

  • Thursday

    2/26/2015 5:24:24 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    I am off tomorrow...yeah!!! I have an interview in the morning and it's supposed to be snowing but I will be there!!! Been shut in the house... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/24/2015 9:12:31 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Another day working from home because of the weather...should be good to go tomorrow....cabin fever is real! Hope you had a great day! ... Read more

  • Still Packing!

    2/24/2015 10:39:45 AM, by SLIMKAT6

    Never realized we have so much stuff until it is time to pack. Going to keep moving, forgot to log it in as exercise yesterday, mu... Read more

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