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  • Rough Weekend

    3/29/2015 11:51:25 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Actually thankful the weekend is ending. So ready to go back to work tomorrow. It is so much easier for me to maintain my routine when I am wor... Read more

  • Sun 3/29/15

    3/29/2015 10:16:35 PM, by FRECKS96

    Goals...goals...Goals... they haven't seemed to mean much lately. Eating goals, mostly out the window. Running Goals, I did a half mara... Read more

  • Rough Day

    3/28/2015 8:18:09 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I was having a rough day. Just got fell into a depressive state and really didn't want to go swim. And then I thought about it and realized tha... Read more

  • Dedication

    3/27/2015 4:02:56 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I enjoy reading blogs from other SP members. SP definitely puts a lot of blogs in our faces in the daily email and some are from the same people... Read more

  • I have to have a Routine

    3/26/2015 11:45:19 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Tough day today. I have this idea that at times I have to prove I am not old, ... Read more

  • Today is packed full. And I am up to it

    3/25/2015 11:50:03 AM, by IOWARHINO

    This will be one of the busiest days of my year. I woke up at 5:00 and went and swam for 76 minutes. Then I ran home packed my food for t... Read more

  • Stupid Cold is Gone!!! WooHoo!!!

    3/24/2015 11:35:44 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Woke up this morning and my sinuses were basically clear. Got my morning swim in and then I went to work. What a great day when you don't have ... Read more

  • March's National Day of...

    3/24/2015 12:58:41 PM, by -COURT-

    calendar-at-a-glance/ or at least the rest of March. March 24 â—¦National Chocolate Cove... Read more

  • Stupid Cold - Day 3

    3/23/2015 3:20:13 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Yes my cold is still clinging to my body, but I don't think it is as strong as it would have been had I not changed my lifestyle. Still got in 7... Read more

  • Stupid Cold - Day 2

    3/22/2015 9:35:40 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Well I woke up with plugged sinuses and worried that I wouldn't be able to swim today. So Again I slept in and got 9 hours of sleep then I got u... Read more

  • Stupid Cold

    3/21/2015 7:55:34 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Well it finally took hold. This cold I was fighting off all week finally got a little more deeply entrenched in my sinuses. I came home after w... Read more

  • By The Numbers

    3/20/2015 11:54:19 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Today was my weigh in day. The whole weighing once a week has become a very good thing for me. I focus more of my mental energy on trying to get... Read more

  • International Day of Happiness

    3/20/2015 10:24:35 AM, by -COURT-

    appiness/11675-world.html It's great to have a 'inter'national da... Read more

  • Weigh Day Tomorrow

    3/19/2015 10:43:15 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I have really gotten used to only weighing myself once a week. IT is really nice to pretend the scale is not existent until Friday morning. ... Read more

  • Buttons and Triggers

    3/18/2015 1:47:52 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I am going through an experience in my personal life that is creating some stress. Fortunately my "Healthy Active Lifestyle" Is filtering or da... Read more

  • If your body is a temple..........

    3/17/2015 12:26:39 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I am real big on analogies. According to my google search an Analogy is "a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their struct... Read more

  • Stretch Goals

    3/16/2015 11:52:08 AM, by IOWARHINO

    One of the terms I have learned from my current job is "stretch goals". Each year we have a bonus plan that if we meet certain goals as a compan... Read more

  • Sunday Sunday

    3/15/2015 11:01:49 PM, by IOWARHINO

    IT was a good day. Got my 133 minutes of swimming in then I went to the casino to escape reality. It was a not a financially successful day but... Read more

  • Good Day

    3/14/2015 11:44:31 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I had a really good day today. 1) I got up a few minutes after my normal time (I always stay up too late on weekends, something I have yet t... Read more

  • Goals

    3/14/2015 12:26:08 AM, by IOWARHINO

    One of the things I used as a goal to get my weight off was to get put this spring and summer with my metal detector. This used to be one of my ... Read more

  • Things I have learned

    3/13/2015 12:15:19 AM, by IOWARHINO

    I have been reading a lot more blogs lately and I have learned a lot as well as reinforced some of the thoughts I have already had. I chose ... Read more

  • AHA!

    3/11/2015 2:19:51 PM, by RENIESSPARKIN

    Hello, Gang! Things are finally looking brighter physically , mentally , and meteorologically(?) for me ... Read more

  • OMG OMG - Never in my wildest dreams.

    3/10/2015 12:30:21 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I am a divorced white male that is on many online dating sites trying to find "the one". Part of the pitfalls of dating sites is that periodical... Read more

  • Weekends

    3/8/2015 6:41:20 PM, by IOWARHINO

    When I go to work on Mondays my friend at the neighboring desk will always ask me if I had a good weekend. I usually respond with a summary of m... Read more

  • Addicted

    3/7/2015 10:47:17 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I didn't get up in time to meet my normal routine of swimming at 6 AM this morning. I was so wore out from work this week, and I didn't want to ... Read more

  • Dang it!!

    3/6/2015 10:25:25 AM, by IOWARHINO

    Well it is going to take one more week for me to get to 300. Not greatly disappointed though because for the 2nd week in a row I lost 3.5 lbs. ... Read more

  • Big day tomorrow.

    3/5/2015 11:41:27 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Well tomorrow is Friday. I chose to not weigh myself for lent and my frame of mind is so good right now that it hasn't been so difficult. I did... Read more

  • Closing in on 300

    3/5/2015 12:23:52 AM, by IOWARHINO

    Well it is getting closer and closer. I weighed myself on Sunday and I was at 302.5. I can't remember the last time I was at 300. I know my ki... Read more

  • Small goals

    3/4/2015 4:50:09 AM, by __IZZA__

    I Need to make a change and I think the best thing to do is to start Small. So I'm going to try and make a list. *Drink 8 cups of water. - ... Read more

  • Leading by Example - Chapter 4

    3/3/2015 8:01:09 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I was thinking today about how leading by example can actually become stressful. I have made a very noticeable weight loss and am only at 50% of... Read more

  • Leading by Example - Part 3

    3/2/2015 12:06:16 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I am a reflector. I think back on my experiences in life and I try to relive and improve on the good things and not relive the bad things. Unle... Read more

  • Looking back on February 2015

    3/2/2015 12:23:18 AM, by IOWARHINO

    Well today started a new month. I probably made more changes to my lifestyle last month than I have in any given month to date. I lost 18... Read more

  • I am turning into the person I never wanted to be

    2/28/2015 6:12:17 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I have for the many years seen things like protein powder, protein bars, people logging food and weighing out portions on a scale. I never wante... Read more

  • Friday Weigh in Day and Miscellaneous thoughts

    2/27/2015 9:24:38 AM, by IOWARHINO

    Well I made it a whole week without weighing myself. I am down 3.5 lbs from last Friday. I was hoping for more, but in all honesty I know that ... Read more

  • The suspense is Killing me

    2/26/2015 5:24:55 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I know that is kind of a dramatic header. For lent I gave up pork, chicken and beef and weighing myself daily. I haven't minded so much... Read more

  • Another first

    2/25/2015 10:05:56 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Well today was another first for me. I ate yogurt (intentionally) for the first time in my life (other than frozen). And I actually liked it. ... Read more

  • Don't know what you got till it's gone

    2/24/2015 5:39:46 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I was reflecting on my lifestyle change today and the Cinderella song "Don't know what you Got" came to mind. The Irony of it is I know everythin... Read more

  • Day 129

    2/23/2015 11:44:51 PM, by IOWARHINO

    I did the math tonight and I realized that I have now continued my lifestyle change to 129 days. It is such a small portion of my life on this r... Read more

  • sunday

    2/22/2015 11:18:54 PM, by MOCHA2470

    Today was definitely a day of rest. it's was so nice to time to spend the whole day with my family. we watched my daughter sing in church, and ... Read more

  • Some People Just Don't Get It

    2/22/2015 8:22:30 PM, by IOWARHINO

    Yep lots of time to think during my swim today. Realized I need to make another plug for Spark Guy and SPARKPEOPLE.com. Or at least give him ... Read more

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