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  • Happy New Year 2015!

    12/31/2014 7:35:44 PM, by STRINGS58

    Hi Sparkers. Ooops, haven't been here much again. Well, I have still been working on my physical fitness though I may need to blog more to help m... Read more

  • Taking charge of my future

    11/13/2014 12:29:55 PM, by MORECOFFEE96

    Since my husband left me last April I have been living in a weird limbo..not really sure of what direction to take but knowing I needed to make s... Read more

  • Happy Friday, Shabbat Shalom

    10/10/2014 11:00:37 AM, by STRINGS58

    Hello Sparkers! I do miss checking in and I love that the new mobile app makes it easier. I'm having problems finding a good team. I seems ... Read more

  • shift of focus

    9/8/2014 9:17:03 AM, by STRINGS58

    1st - thanks to those who are sending feedback and support - I'm not on much, but it's on my mind, and I do notice! Today I felt the shift o... Read more

  • Major Changes

    8/31/2014 7:58:20 PM, by MORECOFFEE96

    I am facing another challenge in my life right now. My marriage of almost 17 years is ending. Instead of crumbling I am trying to do the opposi... Read more

  • exercising while on vacation

    8/2/2014 10:05:47 PM, by STRINGS58

    I'm doing it! Actually, I don't really like the attitude of "you're on vacation, you don't need to exercise." I prefer - I'm on vacation, I've go... Read more

  • How time flies

    7/1/2014 8:53:31 AM, by BOOBALEE

    I am coming up to my sparkpeople 7 year anniversary. I am the same weight that I was when I signed up, but I I haven't put more weight on either.... Read more

  • 2nd 5k done

    6/8/2014 2:56:05 PM, by STRINGS58

    I have 20 days now until my 3rd 5k-my time improved from first race to second. This whole summer is getting dedicated to conditioning and improvi... Read more

  • Back after several years out

    6/7/2014 4:54:06 PM, by NINAMI

    Today i m back on sparkpeople. Updated my intro...not in a good place right now... Feeling very depressed by the zero results on the scales despi... Read more

  • An Important and Interesting Shift

    5/31/2014 11:49:36 AM, by STRINGS58

    Hi Sparkers. Today was a workout for the record book. I got in my running training (2nd 5K is in one week), did my jump rope training, and then m... Read more

  • Next 5k

    5/21/2014 9:04:38 PM, by STRINGS58

    The local runner's club does a Watermelon series. Four Saturdays at 7 a.m. (Florida gets hot fast!) and then they serve watermelon afterwards. I ... Read more

  • First 5K

    5/9/2014 10:49:46 AM, by STRINGS58

    So, a concert tonight - it's a pops concert outside - light and fun and here the weekend is full of art for the Mayfaire festival. My first 5k is... Read more

  • Week 1 Weigh In!

    3/28/2014 1:30:49 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Last week: 379.4 This week: 372.8 Loss of 6.6 lb! YAYYYYYYYYY Most of this is water weight/inflammation, and I think I still ha... Read more

  • tracking, oy

    3/16/2014 8:54:20 PM, by STRINGS58

    I wanted to check in - I haven't been tracking, but I did get in a good walk/jog workout x1, and today worked out with my trainer. I'm still taki... Read more

  • Tax Prep workout?

    3/3/2014 12:32:29 AM, by STRINGS58

    I may need some ideas! I'm more organized than last year, and next year will be easy because my system will be refined! This year I've got some s... Read more

  • a different kind of progress

    2/26/2014 11:03:35 AM, by STRINGS58

    The Tapping Summit 2014 is on as presented by thetappingsolution.com The first day was about forgiveness which included guilt and shame. I r... Read more

  • Star Wars!

    2/9/2014 8:49:20 PM, by STRINGS58

    On our next concert we are doing the Star Wars Suite - it's not an arrangement, the John Williams stuff! And my husband is right, it's hard! I ... Read more

  • The new SP start page

    1/5/2014 9:31:49 PM, by STRINGS58

    I had to take my computer in to the doctor - 849 issues, and now I've got the best anti-virus/malware installed. Whew! It's the first that I've b... Read more

  • Happy New Year Sparkers! 2014

    1/4/2014 10:43:55 AM, by STRINGS58

    I hope you have all had a great holiday time. I was able to maintain weight while on a trip to visit in NC. I have not tracked fitness, but I ove... Read more

  • Winter 2014 Plans

    1/2/2014 3:42:59 PM, by LAFEMMEDELALUNE

    Hello, SparkFriends. :) This winter, I plan to commit more specifically to some of my Spark goals. While I have remained within my mainten... Read more

  • what goes up, must come down

    11/10/2013 9:39:39 PM, by STRINGS58

    Hi Sparkers! I released a lot of childhood messages, and then I had some stress and my weight went up 10 lbs - I focused on positive perceptio... Read more

  • nightshade-free, gluten-free recipes

    11/2/2013 3:10:01 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I've been sort of busy lately and not blogging a lot, but I'm still on track and cooking every day. Nightshade-free experiment is still going ... Read more

  • Nightshade Vegetables

    10/23/2013 7:15:42 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    Nightshades: After eating a bowl of chili over a baked potato the other day I realized that I didn't feel well at all. I had heard that peop... Read more

  • Hi Sparkers!

    10/20/2013 12:21:23 PM, by STRINGS58

    I do miss you guys, but I find I spend less time on SP, and that's especially true when I don't bring my computer home from work. I tend to work ... Read more

  • Food Prep :)

    10/19/2013 11:34:24 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    Today I made.. Paleo Gingersnaps: http://www.health-bent.c
    om/treats/paleo-gingersnaps Steamed Salmon w/ Broccolini ... Read more

  • Why I definitely can't eat dairy anymore (not just lactose)

    10/14/2013 2:31:32 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I am writing this blog so I can come back here and remember next time I'm tempted to eat dairy. Read more

  • Food Prep!!!

    10/13/2013 3:53:19 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    It's been a while since I did a full-on food prep. I'm still cooking sporadically, but I have been eating out a bit too much these past 2 weeks, ... Read more

  • Running with my son

    10/1/2013 5:46:31 PM, by MORECOFFEE96

    My youngest child brought home a brochure from school today about a one mile fun run for elementary aged kids. It has a training schedule for 8 ... Read more

  • Food Combinations for Better Digestion...

    9/27/2013 3:33:58 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I have been having some digestive issues and bloating lately, despite not eating gluten or dairy, and watching my sodium... I've noticed that it ... Read more

  • The importance of Gratitude

    9/26/2013 2:04:29 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Want to be happier? This is copied verbatim from George Takei's facebook page; I don't usually forward messages (in fact, I never do), but this o... Read more

  • Weekend Food Prep!

    9/21/2013 11:44:31 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    This is my weekly gluten-and-dairy-free meal plan! Today I made.... -*Slow Cooker Beer Chili* http://www.food.com/reci
    pe/beef-a... Read more

  • Thyroid?

    9/16/2013 10:21:54 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    I've been having really terrible muscle pain and fatigue lately, not related to my food sensitivities. I just can't figure out what's going on. ... Read more

  • Food Intolerances ... and August Weigh-in

    8/30/2013 10:33:32 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    August Weigh-in: 350.8 (down 2.2 lb from Aug 10th). August NSV: I was surprised how well I adjusted to the increased physical activity relat... Read more

  • Quick Food Blog, Yummy Recipes!

    8/27/2013 11:50:06 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I cooked so much this week, especially today, despite being busy with school. I had all of these veggies that were going to spoil if I didn't do ... Read more

  • Detox beet juice recipe

    8/24/2013 2:57:23 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I ate some really sh!tty food yesterday -- food that I am sensitive to. So, today I'm feeling achey, sore, and just bleh.... and I'm trying to ge... Read more

  • Ahhhhh, First Day!

    8/21/2013 12:14:29 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I had a terrible night's sleep, and didn't wake up on time and had to skip breakfast, but I made it to class and got through it! Then I got my ne... Read more

  • Foods and Stuff

    8/20/2013 2:05:52 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I'm devoting today to reviewing/studying. School begins tomorrow. I'm nervous, but I'm trying not to worry about it! The more I study, the better... Read more

  • The Energy Continues, and Conquering Social Anxiety

    8/16/2013 2:28:10 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Yeah, I am feeling better, like, officially. Three days in a row. I'm happy about that. I made some questionable food choices over the past few d... Read more

  • Quick Blog

    8/15/2013 4:05:00 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    My brother is visiting from out of town so I'm not around but still here. I made some good choices that I'm proud of today: soup and salad w/ ... Read more

  • FULL of energy!

    8/13/2013 1:52:24 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I stopped taking my Lexapro the other day. I expected to feel nasty withdrawal, or maybe some anxiety or mood swings or something, but so far I j... Read more

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