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The Battle Within
6/27/2014 9:37:27 AM,  1 COMMENTS

This is the first time in my life I am actually LEARNING how to eat and live healthy. I had gastric bypass almost 7 years ago and never thought I woul...  Read more


Feeling rough due to not taking the best care of myself.
5/3/2014 4:57:06 PM,  2 COMMENTS

For the past two days I've been feeling lightheaded and tipsy. It's almost like being drunk without drinking being involved. I had my blood pressure t...  Read more


Enjoyed my day off.
4/15/2014 10:29:07 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I enjoyed my day off from work. I wish I could say I exercised well today. The best I did was a short walk. I keep telling myself I want to take bette...  Read more


Took a 20 minute walk
2/23/2014 6:57:04 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I've been nursing a sore left knee for several days. But this afternoon it felt a little better, thanks to pain meds. The weather here in my little to...  Read more


It's been a long time since posting a blog!
2/22/2014 6:40:50 PM,  1 COMMENTS

It's a good day weather wise. Sunny and nice temperatures. But I've recently did something to my left knee and it's very sore. Therefore I didn't walk...  Read more


2/11/2014 5:41:05 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I thought that when I got out of rehab that I could just jump back into my prior life, pick up my diet and all would be great. I did not count on hav...  Read more


Shadow Hunger
2/10/2014 2:48:13 AM,  8 COMMENTS

What is shadow hunger? Some call it head hunger, but I prefer to call it shadow hunger because itís just like a shadow. Itís dark, it looms around a...  Read more


Time is Ticking
1/31/2014 5:34:46 PM,  3 COMMENTS

The days are getting shorter and shorter until my husband's biopsy to see how far the cancer has gone. I find myself reaching more and more for food a...  Read more


Food Logging
1/29/2014 3:45:36 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I hate logging my food every day with an absolute passion. I've avoided it so many times I lost count. I'm still avoiding it. But today, I did it. At...  Read more


Medical Issues and Weight Loss
1/23/2014 1:50:01 AM,  7 COMMENTS

For the last few days, I've gone without sleep. None. It's now January 23rd around 1:30am. The last time I slept was Monday, January 20th. I go...  Read more


Why I Overeat
1/22/2014 12:25:43 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about why I overeat and when did it really start. It wasn't always this bad and I never had a sugar addiction...  Read more


1/16/2014 11:12:39 AM,  3 COMMENTS

As I look at others Spark Pages and read their stories and their goals, I can't help but wonder how these folks are losing their weight. Are they usin...  Read more


Cross Addictions
1/15/2014 1:32:40 PM,  2 COMMENTS

For those of us that have had weight loss surgery, we are familiar with the term "cross addictions". It's when you basically exchange one addiction f...  Read more


Eating Healthy When You're Sick
1/15/2014 1:20:10 PM,  2 COMMENTS

For the last few days I've had a nasty cold that's been going around the office. It's pretty miserable and it totally throws off my attempts at eatin...  Read more


The Weekend
1/13/2014 11:54:59 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Had a fairly decent weekend. I survived the cookie debacle Thursday. There were leftovers Friday and I passed them right on by! Yay for me! I did pr...  Read more


one failure does not break me
1/12/2014 3:44:39 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So I spent the weekend over my boyfriends house. A land mine of devil dogs, cookies, chips, etc.. Did I survive? Yes! In tact? Yes! I didn't chea...  Read more


still going strong!
1/10/2014 9:41:31 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I am spending the weekend at my boyfriends house and I brought my soup for lunch and dinner, eating eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. petite dill pickl...  Read more


a blog a day is what I promised
1/9/2014 9:30:13 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Went to the dr, got lots of referrals and tests to do, went to the dentist had two root canals. and the icing on the cake? I lost SIX POUNDS!!!! hA...  Read more


1/9/2014 5:05:14 PM,  5 COMMENTS

It started innocently enough. I was at the office, minding my own business and doing my job. Suddenly, someone came by my office and said "I brought...  Read more


Hump day, freezing outside
1/8/2014 6:52:27 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I said I would blog everyday so here goes. I stuck to my eating plan, hardly any cravings, now the workout. It is 7pm and I am debating if I am goin...  Read more


staying warm by working out
1/7/2014 9:23:38 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Woke up to temps in the 30's aka freezing!!!! I thought it was too cold to walk this morning so I sat watching tv. It was a gorgeous day out, with b...  Read more


Ok I'll Do It
1/7/2014 11:41:50 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I wasn't going to do a blog. With a blog I feel like I have to post every day or at a minimum every couple of days. But I have decided that it's MY...  Read more


First Monday of 2014
1/6/2014 9:46:04 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today was a good, but cold day. I know, I know, cold in Tampa Florida, well it went from 75 down to 61 in two hours and will be a low of 27 degrees....  Read more


each day is different
1/5/2014 10:29:54 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Today I stuck to my meal plan, walked, even though it was 50 degrees out, (I am in Florida, that is colddddddd), and I am blogging! I feel strong, I...  Read more


having a tough time
1/4/2014 10:00:47 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I am faithfully logging my food and exercise, but the careful eating is so hard! I was out with my friends and family and had to make a choice on whi...  Read more


A New Start
8/3/2013 12:47:42 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Here I am again. I was released from the Rehab facility on August 1, 2013. How amazing it was to set foot in my home again for he first time since A...  Read more


Bariatric Surgery and Weight Regain
6/9/2013 11:15:06 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I posted this on a new team I've started - Fighting Post-Bariatric Weight Regain. I thought it was worthy of a blog entry, too. Maybe some of you ca...  Read more


The Joy of Smoothies
6/6/2013 8:57:30 PM,  5 COMMENTS

What's so great about smoothies? My favorite thing about smoothies is that they're sweet, they contain great vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! I...  Read more


Praying about a Job
6/5/2013 11:01:00 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Since September of last year, I've been a stay-at-home-mom. I love staying at home! However, finances dictate that I must return to work. Jarrod, m...  Read more


Carnie Wilson at @2013 WLSFA MEET & GREET in Las Vegas
5/22/2013 3:53:58 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I just arrived home at about 2:10 in the morning. It was a long weekend starting from Thursday until Tuesday. I brought along my daughter as the pl...  Read more


Experiencing Knee Pain
5/21/2013 9:59:44 PM,  0 COMMENTS

The past couple of days my left knee has really been giving me a fit. Lots more pain then usual. It's usually not until it bothers me that I realize t...  Read more


I thought I had been through it all!
5/21/2013 1:17:59 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Well, when I posted last, I thought I had been through it all and was now well on my way to a healthy me. I am here to tell you that it is still true...  Read more


Time to Re-evaluate My Lifestyle
5/16/2013 2:09:41 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It has been a pinch over three and a half years since my surgery. I lost about 130 pounds and kept it all off for a long time. Then I had a small ga...  Read more


5/10/2013 11:49:42 AM,  1 COMMENTS

So feeling better today. Now my nose is running so I'm thinking the sinus infection was real. Anyway, last night I was SO HUNGRY! But I stuck with the...  Read more


Give Yourself a Do-Over
5/10/2013 2:52:05 AM,  6 COMMENTS

We all do it. Most of us are harder on ourselves than we are on others around us. I don't know a single person for whom this isn't the case. Today,...  Read more


First bump in the road
5/9/2013 8:20:41 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Feeling crappy. I'm certain a big part of it is my psuedo sinus infection. Also, I'm on day 4 of the congee cleanse which starts 3 days of more restri...  Read more


Sinus infection or cleansing?
5/7/2013 7:07:55 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Am used to the foggy brain when detoxing but not sure about the stuffy head and fever. It came on suddenly, completely out of the blue yesterday. Cou...  Read more


Starting a new chapter
5/6/2013 1:48:32 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Day one of the congee cleanse in process. So far, I'm incredibly FULL. Makes perfect sense, it's all congee and organic veggies. Couldn't manage the c...  Read more


4/23/2013 11:29:24 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Thank you to all of the people out there who motivate and inspire us! There are so many Sparkpeople out there who are willing to help people out of t...  Read more


I'm Not Addicted to Apples
4/15/2013 9:44:33 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. The doctor who delivered me told my mom to put me on a diet the day I was born weighing 10 pounds 12 o...  Read more


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