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  • Fairly good appointment

    2/9/2016 9:35:34 PM, by ASTORRES1

    So my doctors appointment went fairly well. I need to get blood work and some xrays (CT of chest to make sure my cough is just that and not cance... Read more

  • Keepin' On The Track

    2/9/2016 8:57:30 PM, by MODERATION4ME

    I tried Zumba again. I noticed that though it's a good workout I seem to smile nearly the whole time. I love to dance. This class is really fu... Read more

  • Inversion Sickness!

    2/9/2016 5:17:13 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    The past few days I find myself getting so dizzy and nauseated later in the afternoon after I've walked/jogged my 10.000 steps or more. I try to... Read more

  • Taking the Win

    2/9/2016 12:22:16 PM, by GOODFELINE

    This morning I weighed myself. I took a deep breath, stepped off the scale, and looked down. In an angry fit over the numbers I stormed out of th... Read more

  • Fat Tuesday

    2/9/2016 9:15:57 AM, by TMULLINS23

    So today is fat Tuesday the day to indulge in our favorite fare before lent. I personally I'm gonna try real hard to not indulge. Last night I di... Read more

  • Spark coach

    2/9/2016 6:12:36 AM, by MISSA526

    My relationship with food is pretty good I'd give it a 7. I have my slip ups but for the most part I eat pretty well, except when I'm really tire... Read more

  • Our Superbowl Guest

    2/8/2016 9:44:37 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    My husband invited a 90 year old friend to watch the big game with us. He is pretty deaf, but would have been alone this year as his son didn't ... Read more

  • The Day is Ending

    2/8/2016 8:50:33 PM, by MODERATION4ME

    Dinner time is over. I'm going to go floss and brush my teeth. It's funny how much that act helps me to not eat from then on. Flossing and bru... Read more

  • Spark coach

    2/8/2016 8:16:52 PM, by MISSA526

    The best part of my day was getting in to see my rhuemotologist tomorrow at 9:30 am. My entire right leg from hip to foot is swelled up and and i... Read more

  • Once you loose it

    2/8/2016 12:34:47 PM, by TMULLINS23

    ... Read more

  • Happy Monday

    2/8/2016 7:34:34 AM, by ROBYNBR27

    Well, it's Monday once again and even though I wasn't great over the weekend, it's a new week. I have found that when I plan my meals ahead of ti... Read more

  • I Believe in the Person I Want to Become 2/7/2016

    2/8/2016 12:09:30 AM, by LILLYGLORY

    Today I saw my cousin. I haven't seen him in 15 years. He's got a steady job, a wife, and three kids now. He's doing real good and I'm proud of t... Read more

  • A Good Day

    2/7/2016 10:10:52 PM, by MODERATION4ME

    This is my day off from exercise. Food though went just as planned! ... Read more

  • Enjoying the Moment

    2/7/2016 7:40:46 PM, by TMULLINS23

    So family is watching the super bowl and I'm just in it for the commercials. I've done real good with what I've eaten and glad I put some effort... Read more

  • enjoying the day

    2/7/2016 6:00:03 PM, by ITSMEPOET

    Today I went to church with my son, and after we stopped for a pancake breakfast. Didn't over do it, but enjoyed eating them; buckwheat. Like the... Read more

  • Diet is a four letter word

    2/7/2016 12:48:32 PM, by TMULLINS23

    So I used to have a hard time dieting but since I've had to change my eating habits due to health issues I've revamped my thought process too. I ... Read more

  • Just starting.

    2/7/2016 11:09:55 AM, by RAVENSAINT

    Here is my goal. I weigh 204lbs as of my last weigh in at my doctor's office. Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, my recommended weig... Read more

  • What Price Pain

    2/7/2016 10:19:38 AM, by CAPECODDOGFISH

    DW is paying a heavy price for pain relief. In 1994, as a nurse, she got mowed down by an Alzheimer patient trying to go down a flight of stairs... Read more

  • Super bowel Choices

    2/6/2016 8:29:07 PM, by TMULLINS23

    So tomorrow is Super bowl Sunday! A day to eat and of course watch football. So my husband ordered hot wings and has put his request in for dips... Read more

  • Smiles

    2/6/2016 7:48:59 PM, by MODERATION4ME

    I think I am turning this setback around. What a relief! Exercise Food ... Read more

  • Smiles

    2/6/2016 7:48:33 PM, by MODERATION4ME

    I think I am turning this setback around. What a relief! Exercise Food ... Read more

  • Flowers and Exercise!

    2/6/2016 7:28:54 PM, by CAROLYN0107

    There were so many beautiful flowers that grew where I lived in Africa. Here are a few. Read more

  • Journey Day 214: One Sixth Through the First Part

    2/6/2016 5:18:44 PM, by WRITE-OWN-STORY

    Ok, so last Wednesday I had my third dose of chemo...which sets me at one sixth of the way through the first part of treatment. So far no major ... Read more

  • Ch ch changes

    2/6/2016 3:11:21 PM, by GOODFELINE

    I got the job! After talking it over with hubby and the changes it would mean in our lives since I've been at home for about a year now (which we... Read more

  • Spark coach

    2/6/2016 11:57:55 AM, by MISSA526

    The best part of my day today so far has been sleeping in, which rarely happens. I'm usually up by 4 am lol.... Read more

  • Will this finally work???????

    2/6/2016 10:40:02 AM, by WILDKAT781

    OK, what has been going on....I've managed to not gain...but that's it. I've had supraz (sp?) shots in my knees for the past 10 weeks - 5 weeks ... Read more

  • Success Again

    2/5/2016 7:48:49 PM, by MODERATION4ME

    I was successful with the gym challenge again. It's getting easier. I even nudged the speed up a bit today. Food is under co... Read more

  • A Reminder Why

    2/5/2016 4:44:09 PM, by GOODFELINE

    One thing about starting this kind of journey in making big changes in oneself is to keep in mind why you're doing it. I struggle with my motivat... Read more

  • Big Weekend!

    2/5/2016 2:29:31 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    Oh, yes, there is the Superbowl thing. But, I'm more excited that my granddaughter (age 6) has her third tae kwon do class after which her big b... Read more

  • Bad start!

    2/5/2016 1:19:28 PM, by TMULLINS23

    So my day didn't start off to well. Had to take my mom to the ER to get looked at. My mom has multiple health issues but I can usually tell when ... Read more

  • February steps, week by week

    2/5/2016 1:18:50 PM, by CASSIECAT

    Goals: 5000+ steps daily and over 7500 at least twice a week. 2/1 - 2/7: 2/8 - 2/14: 2/15 - 2/21: 2/22 - 2/28: 2/29:... Read more

  • Hormonal Imbalances and the Digestive System

    2/5/2016 11:30:33 AM, by JULIAMI

    Ever wonder how the digestive system and a hormonal... Read more

  • The support I got from everyone on Sparkmoble chat has made my day!

    2/5/2016 11:11:31 AM, by MISSA526

    I really and truly do love Sparkpeople. Last night I had a horrible conversation with my friend. I only told half the story on chat. He told me I... Read more

  • The Female Digestive System

    2/5/2016 11:05:02 AM, by JULIAMI

    The Female Digestive System is comprised of the stomach, small and large intestine, bladder, uterus, gallbladder, liver, and lower spinal column ... Read more

  • Feeling Like Myself

    2/5/2016 9:16:33 AM, by SMILEYLEO

    Ahhhh, there I am! I woke up this morning, feeling extra optimistic and good about myself. As I drove in to work, I realize... Read more

  • weight still coming off

    2/5/2016 6:15:45 AM, by ITSMEPOET

    Since today is Friday, it is the day I weigh in. I thought that I wouldn't lose much since I didn't get to the community center to walk. I have b... Read more

  • Yay

    2/4/2016 10:24:05 PM, by TMULLINS23

    Another evening down without going over and not giving in to my cravings. The thin mints and ice cream are calling but I'm gonna turn them down. ... Read more

  • I Ran Again!

    2/4/2016 9:19:29 PM, by MODERATION4ME

    I was able to do the gym challenge again! My lungs could use some strengthening but my legs are working fine. This is unbelievab... Read more

  • Trying again

    2/4/2016 2:56:16 PM, by AMLARAE

    I am so tired of being fat and without energy or confidence. I miss being confident no matter what the season is. I am 233.6 pounds and am only 5... Read more

  • Resisting Cookie Monster

    2/4/2016 1:37:00 PM, by GOODFELINE

    I am in the "after" of my interview. It was scheduled for one hour but lasted two. I thought the interview portion went well, but there was also ... Read more

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