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  • It's deja vu all over again, lol

    9/22/2016 11:08:00 PM, by UESAY1

    Hey, I'm back! Getting on Sparkpeople for a much needed dose of motivation, and feeling pretty good. Since I was on here last, I've gotten into ... Read more

  • My definitive eating plan for weight loss and good health-- Eat to Live

    9/20/2016 6:11:29 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Before learning I needed to drastically lower my carb intake, I was following with great success a plan with proven success, Eat to Live by Joel ... Read more

  • Musings and commentary

    9/17/2016 3:02:56 PM, by SERGEANTMAJOR

    Having spent more time out of my day than I should have watching the recent Summer Olympics and now being confronted with the so called "America'... Read more

  • Update

    9/13/2016 6:08:55 PM, by BBONET

    Thank God we were all evacuated from the school to city hall. There parents were redirected to pickup their children. All students were wonderful... Read more

  • Bomb Threat

    9/13/2016 10:15:24 AM, by BBONET

    We just had a bomb threat at our school and had to evacuated all our students! Most scariest situation I have lived making sure all my 31 student... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge Invitation

    9/7/2016 2:49:48 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Hi Fellow Sparkers, Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the Fall 5% Challenge! Team mem... Read more

  • Thickening Agent Carrageenan Very Unhealthy To Eat

    9/6/2016 8:26:12 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Published: 9/5/2016 By Dr. Weil One more thing for which to check food labels. Carrageenan is extracted from Irish moss, a red-hued se... Read more

  • WooHoo! Woh, oh oh oh!

    8/20/2016 9:17:58 AM, by JAZZEJR

    Time to celebrate with a laugh and a little dance. All the "wrinkled ladies" get up; let's dance our dance! http://vimeo.com/2702123Read more

  • Adding intervals to my walk

    8/19/2016 4:22:17 PM, by JAZZEJR

    I was walking along my route this morning listening to my ipod when the podcast came up that I used to use for going from the couch to running a ... Read more

  • Update on Mom

    8/14/2016 9:36:12 AM, by BBONET

    First and foremost I want to thank each and everyone of you that were praying for mom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Her... Read more

  • Tricks to combat metabolism slow-down

    8/14/2016 8:09:30 AM, by JAZZEJR

    My last blog on weight loss myths that turned out to be true evoked some head nods about the metabolism slow-down after weight loss which, of cou... Read more

  • 7 Dieth Myths That Are Actually True

    8/12/2016 3:27:01 AM, by JAZZEJR

    This is an abstract of an email I received from Hungry Girl today. Most of these we have alreadly learned about from Sparkpeople, but a couple w... Read more

  • Mom back in hospital

    8/11/2016 9:29:03 PM, by BBONET

    Today mom was sent to ER from the nursing facility because her feeding tube came out. So she has been admitted and scheduled for the procedure to... Read more

  • Mom back in hospital

    8/11/2016 9:29:02 PM, by BBONET

    Today mom was sent to ER from the nursing facility because her feeding tube came out. So she has been admitted and scheduled for the procedure to... Read more

  • First Day of School.

    8/10/2016 7:32:05 PM, by BBONET

    WOW! What an amazingly and exhausting day it was. 30 students and their supplies all eager to please. Thank goodness I was given an assistant o... Read more

  • Wrong Direction !

    8/6/2016 9:15:52 AM, by BBONET

    I'm so disappointed in myself today. I have no one to blame just me and my mindless eatin... Read more

  • Sister Time

    7/11/2016 1:13:41 PM, by BBONET

    WOW! I had forgotten what is like to be together with all your sisters. I grew as the oldest in a family of 5 sisters and 2 brot... Read more

  • New 21-Day Meditation begins 7-11-16

    7/10/2016 4:14:41 AM, by JAZZEJR

    I find these meditations to be so stress-relieving, and so empowering -- I try not to miss any. Each session can be streamed for 5 days, then it... Read more

  • Time to redefine FIT

    6/25/2016 11:54:38 PM, by JAZZEJR

    I've stopped measuring my progress so much by the scale -- it's just too stubborn, and ready to show every tenth of a lb. gained after a normal m... Read more

  • 5% Challenge and Trip

    6/25/2016 8:05:52 PM, by BBONET

    Ok so today we started the 5% challenge which I am very excited about!! However, tomorrow morning I leave for Myrtle Beach, SC with my husband... Read more

  • 26 years of marriage

    6/23/2016 10:06:42 AM, by BBONET

    Today I celebrate 26 years of marriage by the Justice of the Peace. We then had our church wedding on Nov. 23 of the same year so therefore we do... Read more

  • Thank you, Teddy Bear Team!

    6/20/2016 11:47:02 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Such an outpouring of love and good wishes for my Day in the Lemonade Stand! Thanks, Teddies. I've been given the food-fuel, the appliances to ... Read more

  • A Proud Mom

    6/20/2016 10:42:17 AM, by BBONET

    Here you were only 3 months! It seems like yesterd... Read more

  • I've had it!

    5/23/2016 1:51:33 PM, by COLUMBINE2

    Returned from a 3 month trip away from from home. Only gained 1#, but somehow my body "grew". So I started a determined routine of eating well an... Read more

  • God Give Me Strength

    5/7/2016 2:41:26 PM, by BBONET

    Have been dealing with my in laws health issues. In and out of hospital. Sister in laws that are only interested in what benefits them. The situa... Read more

  • Murphy,s Law

    4/29/2016 6:58:34 PM, by BBONET

    Lemon, lemons, lemons Things come in three. I don't need anymore lemons. I have enough to make lemonade a for all. I am dealing with h... Read more

  • Fitbit says Tidying up around the house can help you lose weight

    4/22/2016 9:14:02 AM, by JAZZEJR

    More suggestions for our week of decluttering in the 5% Challenge. We know that "Heavy Housecleaning" is included in SP's list of acceptable... Read more

  • Declutter All Aspects of Your Life

    4/17/2016 12:26:21 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Here are some of Deepak Chopra's thoughts on the advantages of one of our 5% Challenge activities this week: Clear Clutter and Enhance Your ... Read more

  • All set to lose baby fat!

    4/7/2016 10:59:39 AM, by APPOORVA

    Baby came with lots of joy and lots of fat!! How on earth was I supposed to diet during pregnancy?? All that glory of being like a princess is no... Read more

  • Spring Break

    3/29/2016 7:09:08 PM, by BBONET

    Yes! I am officially on spring break this week. The first two days were dedicated to mom at nursing home and to running errands. ... Read more

  • How I spent Easter with my family...

    3/27/2016 8:37:40 PM, by JAZZEJR

    Thanks to my sweet daughter, who always tries to include me when she and my son and his family are thousands of miles from me on holidays, and th... Read more

  • 5% Challenge - Day 1

    3/26/2016 3:11:08 PM, by BBONET

    Well here we are again! The weigh in today was the worse one yet! However, I am ready to go and g... Read more

  • Not Your Grandmothers Oatmeal

    2/28/2016 12:26:48 PM, by SERGEANTMAJOR

    Not being a fan of high carbohydrate high sugar breakfasts but being a fan of oatmeal I came up with this savory version. Not Your Grandmoth... Read more

  • 2016 in Review

    2/27/2016 11:19:34 AM, by BBONET

    You must be thinking how can someone review 2016 in just 2 months!! Well I feel like I have been run over by a steamroller! ... Read more

  • I must say...

    2/18/2016 5:54:51 PM, by JAZZEJR

    ... that I am humbled by your generosity of spirit in naming me a Motivator. I feel we all encourage each other, and I have benefited so much fro... Read more

  • Happy Birthday my Angel!

    2/17/2016 11:10:09 AM, by BBONET

    Today you would be 25 years old! Celebrate in heav... Read more

  • Mom - Back to the Nursing Home

    2/8/2016 2:33:15 PM, by BBONET

    Miracles of miracles! Mom is back in the nursing home and she looks great! She is not as alert as she was before but to look at her... Read more

  • Laugh if you want to be happy and healthy!

    2/7/2016 1:53:07 AM, by JAZZEJR

    In my 5% Winter Challenge, this week we are logging points for keeping our mood elevated. Research apparently shows that being happy helps us lo... Read more

  • Mom update

    2/6/2016 12:27:14 PM, by BBONET

    I'm so happy to report that mom has been upgraded to stable and improving. Doctors says if all continues this way she might be sent... Read more

  • Mom

    1/31/2016 5:47:37 PM, by BBONET

    Well once again stable but critical. She is swollen now from all the fluids. Still with pneumonia but coughing less. If all continues she might ... Read more

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